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April 28, 2015 2:30 pm

British Ethnologist Richard Dawkins Declares ‘Jew’ is Not a Race

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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British Ethnologist and Author Richard Dawkins. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The British ethnologist who invented the idea of a “meme” long before the term applied to images floating around the Internet offered his two cents on Tuesday as to whether the Jewish people constitute a race or not.

Speaking through his Twitter handle, Richard Dawkins said that “statistical concentrations of genes in geographical areas” meagerly supported the notion that race in fact exists.

“But ‘Jew’ is not a race,” he contended.

Drawing a parallel to Jewish linguistic categorization, namely being a “Semite,” Dawkins wrote in a separate tweet: “I’m doubtful that ‘semitic peoples’ (e.g. Jews, Arabs etc) means anything more than ‘speakers of semitic languages’. ‘Jew’ is not a ‘race’.”

Both messages drew over 200 ‘likes’ and retweets.

The discussion of whether Jews are a race or not has understandably emotionally charged roots: Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany contended that not only were Jews a race, but an inferior one deserving of extermination.

But in the 1980s, a U.S. Supreme Court ruling designated Jews as a race to provide protection against discrimination.

The obvious distinction is that it is possible to convert to Judaism, to become a Jew, while becoming the member of a race is perhaps impossible.

Responding to Dawkins’ post, some users brought up the notion of Jews as an ethnicity, rather than a race, in which the genetic language encoded in the individual is not the only dividing line.

Another user drew a parallel with being Hispanic in the U.S.: “@RichardDawkins same goes for #Hispanic in the US. Hispanics are not a race.”

Dawkins, who was University of Oxford’s Professor for Public Understanding of Science, also responded to one user who asked: “Would this finally give merit that Jew culture and not Jew race is the reason for so many contributing Nobel Prizes?”

“I suspect so, although the possibility that genes play a role is compatible with the view that ‘Jew is not a race,'” wrote Dawkins.

Interestingly Dawkins has commented on this issue before. Speaking to the New Republic in 2013 on what he called the “phenomenally” high number of Jews winning Nobel prizes in science, Dawkins said: “Race does not come into it. It is pure religion and culture. Something about the cultural tradition of Jews is way, way more sympathetic to science and learning and intellectual pursuits than Islam.”

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  • bud389 .

    There’s also the fact that a lot of those Nobel prizes weren’t earned, and had to do with politics.

  • 1abcde

    Being a Jew is a religious identity. Period.

    When someone say being a Jew is an ethnicity, please tell me what ethnicity? Does a Jew from Spain have anything in common with a Jew from Poland? Different culture, language, food and traditions. The only thing in common is their faith.

  • shiksa goddess

    oh please.. the ethnicity is called ashkenazi.. we all know it when we see it and it’s not freaking chinese.. though, many jewish people have a similar eye shape.. ps. judiasm is an ethnic, not a universalizing religion, so converts make up very little of what is already a small demographic….

  • shiksa goddess

    ever heard of ashkenazi? when i find jewish men attractive, they don’t look like regular, corn-fed white boys.. with the exception of a few converts, it’s funny how they look jewish despite it not being a race.. by the way, converts account for so little, seeing as judaism is an ethnic, not a universalizing religion.. look it up.. how dare you call someone else stupid, when this was taught in 7th grade public school..

  • ummm

    Ashkenazi is the the ethnicity people are referring to — not how technically anyone can be Jewish.. however, unlike Christianity and Islam, Judaism IS an ethnic, not a universalizing religion..

  • Züriach

    religious fanatics will allways make these excuses. pride, ego and a sense of nationality is one large factor for people to wishfully wanting to belive that their “religions” is an ethnicity

  • Jake

    Jews may or may not be a race, but they are obviously a genetically definable population. Ancestry DNA offers a saliva test that estimates your genetic breakdown. I’m a Jewish guy of European decent, and when I received my genetic test result from Ancestry DNA, they were able to determine that I’m 96% European Jewish. From a genetic perspective, Jews are closer to a “nationality” than a race. They’re a population with many shared genes, but who also share some DNA with other populations.

    • Lukas S.

      How is a religion a race? I think you mean “ethnically jewish”, which is not equal to the umbrella term “jew” or “jewish”.

    • 1abcde

      Jews are not a nationality. A DNA study recently showed that Ahskenazi (European Jews) had DNA more closely related to the pre-historic indigenous peoples of Europe than the Levant, through the matrilineal line. The theory is a few Jewish men migrated to Europe and proselytized. Many women converted (thousands back then).

      You’re nationality is your country of origin Italy, Poland, France, etc.

      Some people say Jews come from Judea. I’m still waiting to meet someone with family from Judea.

  • Robert Dawson

    Richard Dawkins is a professor of biology.

  • Grant Cribb

    Dawkins is an ethologist – *not* an ethnologist!

  • Jewry is a nation whose members are drawn from various families of the world beginning with the families of the ME who at some point in history became worshippers of the YHVH and then gradually the religion spread to Europe and some of those Whites who converted to the faith married with ME Jews while the rest of the White Jews married among themselves. As for Jews winning a large number of Nobel Prizes, the trend gathered momentum after WW 2 when the Holocaust prompted widespread sympathy for the community which resulted in all sorts of concessions, awards and favors given to them as a way of making up for the guilt of massacring millions of them – a case of politically correctness at work.

    • NYGal

      Jewish religion did not ‘spread’ to Europe; Jews migrated to Europe, just like I migrated from Europe to the US, and may at some point migrate elsewhere. Jewish religion, while allowing conversion, is not proselytizing religion. For that reason, Jews from Marocco and Jews from Poland are distant cousins, while next door Maroccans and Poles are total strangers.

  • Jim Powers

    I believe genetics has something to do with it. Jews [well most] are apart of various ethnic groups. However they share little in common today with biblical jews. Anyone can convert to Judaism. He should have said it is strictly as religion however with some tribal aspects to it. Overall european jews genetically have more in common with europeans than middle easterners and the same for various jewish groups living in africa [they share more relation to africans than european jews or biblical jews]. I do believe various races have genetics linked to DNA but it wouldnt solely be genetics that determined intelligence abilities, but also the environment and culture. Politically Correct science makes claims that genetics and intelligence have no connection but I believe that is false.

    • NYGal

      Wrong. Jews may have lived in Europe for more than millennium and became culturally European but are not ethnically related to the local population, at least very few are.
      Historically, until the 20 century, intermarriege had worked only one way, by a Jew converting to Christianity and he or she and their descendants ceasing to be a Jews, melting into the general population. Conversions to Judaism for the most of the time were not permitted, often punishable by death and only done surreptitiously, thus rare.

      The European Jews are genetically close only to Italians, but not to Germans, Poles or Hungarians among whom most of them had lived. And yes, European Jews are genetically close to Sephardic Jews.

      To understand that you need to realize that Jews in Europe had historically lived in separate, self governed communities, with limited interaction between Jewish and non-Jewish populations,

  • Jews not a race ?

    Wish he’d been around to tell that to Hitler !

    • rj smith

      So Hitler was an authority on anything but crazy?

  • Peter Sanders

    Since this is such an interesting topic, I think this lecture will interest all who commented.

  • Steve Smith

    Ah, the false prophet of Atheism, declares Jews aren’t a race because God picked out Abraham from a fallen, pagan world, as his allotted people to bring forth the Messiah, the seed that would bless all nations, as promised in Genesis 3.

    He can’t handle the real history, so he suppresses the truth in unrighteousness.

  • Race discrimination laws. The USA Court defined Jews as a race with regard to such laws. In Britain the Jewish community objected to being defined as a race so Parliament stated that for the purpose of anti-discrimination law Jews are covered without being defined as a race. The entire concept of dividing people into races has a whiff of 19th Century German racial theory of inferior and superior ‘races’and inferior and superior religions. Post WW2 we should replace the concept of ‘race’.

  • ‘Jewish culture and religion is more sympathetic to science and intellectual pursuits [such as winning Nobel Prizes] than Islamic culture! I hope he has 24 hour police protection. To say that Jews contribute more than Muslims to the academic world is a criminal offense. Just as well that few Muslims read The New Statesman!

  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    race, the word was invented in Italy to distingish among peas. I am marveled that eminent people earn money about if we are or not among these green peas!

  • Larry Robins

    The word Jew comes from the word ‘Judean’, meaning tribe of Judah. Judah was one of the 12 tribes of Israel and the Jews today come from the tribe of Judah. Of course, there was intermarriage amongst the tribes, as well as the increase in population during the Assyrian conquest of the ten northern tribes of Israel, but all Jews today, are of Judah and Israel.

    Our laws and rituals have been followed diligently throughout. Remember the prophets in the bible who ensured the continuity of the Jewish(Israelite) people by refusing to acknowledge the inter marriage after the Babylon conquest in order to ensure the sanctity of the Jewish race.

    Few races are more distinguished than Jews or Judean.

  • Francis Deutsch

    In UK Discrimination law “Jews” are a racial group, because the Act provides that “ethnic origin” is one of the options for defining a racial group. S.2 of the Race Relations Act 1976

  • Frank Messmann

    A race is simply a large, highly in-bred extended family. Jews trace their identity through the female line. Mitochondrial evidence in females goes back Italy and nearby areas. This was the founding region for the Jewish people. Genetic evidence does not trace Jews back to Palestine.

    • Cynthia

      Frank i will take issue with your comment: Firstly the Jews are the descendants of the tribe of Judah, one of the 12 sons of Jacob. In that they were given a good amount of lands which is occupied currently by Jordan and almost all of the region that is currently considered Palestine (note: Region). So your argument falls flat. Now, there were migrations of the tribes when they were taken into captivity during the times of Jeremiah, some went south, but the vast majority migrated north into the areas now called Europe and even moving further into the nordic nations. You can find the historical information on the 12 tribes in a website which is a bit on the simplistic side of things, but does draw an accurate picture of the origins of the various tribes of Israel: I hope this will help you understand that much of what you hear these days cannot be supported by documentation or historical writings. Dawkins may have a PHD, but he also has an agenda, so take lightly some of the comments he makes.

    • 2Pac

      This “reply” made absolutely no freaking sense……

  • Moise

    Repeat it often enough and most people will think it’s true. The writer states that Hitler contended that Jews were an inferior race. You will be pleased to know that this is not in fact true. You could quite easily postulate that he thought that they were really superior. He didn’t think that the Germans, and by extension other Europeans, had the ability to successfully compete with Jews. He saw them gaining more and more financial and political dominance. That is why the Nazis implemented the policy of trying to remove them from Europe.

  • Lynne T

    What we are is an identifiable group, whatever the degree of religious observance or lack thereof, and hence offered some protection against hatred and discrmimination under Canada’s Human Rights Code.

  • Penny

    Just goes to show you, book smarts has nothing to do with having Saechel! Or common sense! Who died and made him the “expert”? We will be here long after he’s dust!!

    • Grace

      Actually, common sense is required to realise the obvious fact that Jew is not a race. Clearly, you have none, or books smarts, hehe, which he does and this makes him even more of an authoritative subject on the matter. Who made him the expert? common sense, lady.
      So long as you personally are lumping individuals into group- let me retort by saying that Science will be here long after you, and your stupidity are dust.

    • Gold

      He’s not lying though. Tell that to a Chinese Jew.

      • NYGal

        You mean all 10 of them?
        The majority of the Jews are genetically related. It is so because we migrated as a group, usually officially ‘invited’ by the local ruler, who wanted to develop local economy and trade. There is a beautiful document listing all rights and obligation upon bringing Jews to Poland. read it and you will realize that Jews in Europe were treated as a ‘nation’ and apart. Jews did not get citizenship rights and become a part of a general community until 19 century in France and late 19, early 20 century in the rest of Europe and completely assimilated after W W 2. As a matter of fact, my Jewish/Polish grandparents barely spoke the Polish language.
        Conversions to Judaism were rare, since they brought no benefits of any kind.
        At the other end of the spectrum, you may find many Europeans carrying Jewish genes due to conversion of Jews to Christianity and disappearing into general local population, hence occasionally you will find Europeans with prominent noses or dark curly hair. Yes, we did look different than our gentile neighbors.

        • Züriach

          your comment just proves his point though. the only reason you dont find jews to be as diverse because of this “isolation”. but that doesnt mean judaism is an etnichity.
          you could use ANY other example of religions that mostly conists of a specific selection of races.
          christianity is diverse because it agressively/actively tried to convert larger parts of the world,. and convertion usually DID benefit those who converted.

          Judaism itself does not deny convertion.

          • shiksa goddess

            it’s call hinduism, and many of the other ethic religions around the world.. judiasm may not be an ethnicity, but being a jewish person of european descent, aka ashkenazi is!

    • 2Pac

      Amen girl 2pac is proud

  • Shalom-Hillel

    I’d feel a whole lot better if people just stopped writing about us and propounding theories about us. It sounds to me like another thinly veiled attack on Jewish peoplehood. If it was not meant that way that’s how it will be received. The fact is that culture going through the generations has a profound effect on genetics because it determines a people’s values and therefore whom they marry.

  • Monty Pogoda

    We are a race, a religion,an ethnic group, and we Via G-D gave the world the Ten Commandments.

    • Cynthia

      actually, God first gave the 10 Commandments to Adam and Eve in the garden. I can say this because next in the bible comes the account of Noah, Abraham, and he knew them, Isaac then Jacob all 12 of his son’s, the major and minor prophets, and then with God made flesh in Christ the “salvation” being given to all of us by him through the law which he wrote, then the Jerusalem church and then Paul, and then…so on and so on….

  • Jew is a type of soul, but I don’t think he believes in souls. In fact according to the book Tanya, which he should definitely read before professing to an expert in Judaism, it is two different types of souls in each Jew. And According to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who understands what a Jew is better than anyone, a Jew also has a different type of body…. which entitles them to raise from the dead. Strange…. incomprehensible but true! This is one explanation why Anti-Semitism is ubiquitous and defies time ….. and logic.

  • Lauren Goldman

    Let’s see; a people who values books, knowledge and education for everybody. Then there is a people who has been marrying first- and second-cousins for 1400 years, and whose religious/government leaders are hostile to secular knowledge. Of course that is only for males, women generally are not even entered into the equation.

  • Even the author admits that one may embrace the Jewish religion but cannot become a Jew except by birth.So what does it mean? it is a separate family like malvaceae, fabiaceae, rubiaceae of the plant kingdom. The family of Abraham has produced the arabians and the jews. Their mothers are different. One mother has thrown out the children of the other mother. That hatred still goes on. Jesus asked them to unite by having a second birth. that is by receiving the holy spirit. Also by marriage alone one can become the member of the family. So he told that there would be a marriage in heaven. Any way these things are of religious aspects. So jews are a seperate ethnic group.

    • NYGal

      Not true. If one converts, one becomes an authentic Jews, no different than other Jews, except more committed and with somewhat shorter Jewish roots.
      The Grandmother of King David was a convert to Judaism and a great and beloved figure in the Bible. You can join the tribe, but a tribe it still is.

  • Will Thompson

    One of the reasons that there are so many Jewish Nobel prize winners is possibly selection. Jews have been able to survive hundreds and possibly thousands of attempts to wipe them out. the ones that have figured out a way to survive in hostile climates by evasion or being useful to the hostile society are the survivors. It seems to me that history shows that the Jews were originally a banding together of a group of tribes who have fought consistently bravely against all attackers. For a while they were subdued in ghettos where they managed to multiply and get their stuff together again.
    I believe that the main reason for persecution is that they are different and have been able to hold their faith and customs almost constantly for some 5,000 years with some relatively few variations and interpretations compared to some other religions.

  • Peter Sanders

    And a small followup, if
    “…Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany contended that not only were Jews a race, but an inferior one…”
    this seems like a good reason to avoid the term, along with “master race” and “chosen people”.

    • Grace

      Yeah, hence the reason to avoid Religion.

      That was the entire point of Dawkin’s (correct & obvious I hope) quote.
      We aren’t racially superior to one another, our environment influences our outcome and success.

      Religious people like to believe they are better, even some of the commenters here, hilariously.

      • Peter Sanders

        Hello Grace, the term “racially” presupposes the concept of race, which we agree is misleading.

        I prefer “varieties”, but you probably realise that there ARE varietally superior people, depending on what the criteria for superior are.

        For example, Kenyans are superior long distance runners. Recent Africans, having enhanced melanin, are better at long term survival in Africa. People from strains adapted to high altitude living function better there than sea level strains, with genetically more effective O2 systems. (Hence the Sherpa being used to carry heavy packs etc.) Innuits conserve heat better being dumpy etc etc.

        A more immediate effect, rather than a genetic one, is the educational environment. There will have been hugely talented mathematicians who never achieved their potential in countries all around the globe.

  • Peter Sanders

    Of course he is correct. Humans concentrate genes in bodies which then pass them into the future or not. I would suggest “variety” or even “strain” in comparing phenotypic variation within our species.

    It’s interesting to consider that if the land masses were not spread out North to South, but were in a band, say in the tropics, we would all have the same skin colour, and have been spared the whole drama as a point of difference and discrimination.

    The Nobel Prize point, which is itself a meme by the way, is more related to the pernicious effect of Islam on science, which once flourished in the Arab world.

    After all, if you have a book which contains all knowledge worth knowing, why bother ?

    Jews have a culture of valuing education and achievement which has strongly contributed to giving us the modern world.

    This of course says nothing about the validity of any theistic claims made by the religious among them.

    One of the survival features of religious memes is the degree to which they can occupy a part of the mind that can simultaneously hold conflicting beliefs.

  • As in the 19th and 20th centuries, talk about “race” is now still somewhat bedeviled by the different ways “race” is used. Specifically “race” can be used to characterize a particular “nation” — i.e. a specific, named “People in history” — or it can be used to point to an obsolete racialist typology for the classification of the world’s human population.

    Modern geneticists and anthropologists mostly reject the 19th and early 20th-century racialist or racist theory that the world’s population is divided globally into several distinct “races,” principally differentiated by skin color or otherwise. Thus, in genetic and cultural terms, there exists worldwide no such thing as a single, distinct “White” race; just as there is worldwide, no single, distinct “Black” or “Negroid or “African” race.

    By contrast, there is the largely separate matter of using “race” to point to a named, “People in history.” For example, it is perhaps possible to see “Black Americans” as a specific, named ethnic group or “People in American history,” without accepting the discredited racialist proposition that globally, there is a single, distinct “Black” or “Negroid” or “African” race.

    Linguists theorize about a proto-Semitic language which perhaps suggests some kinship among prehistoric Semitic-speakers, long before the birth of the Hebrew language (Biblical Hebrew: יהודית “yehudit” ) and of Arabic more than a millennium later. But peoplehood is always about much more than just genetics. It is also a complex sociological phenomenon and, as such, an abstraction — and mostly a cultural invention. Nonetheless, peoplehood is undeniably one of the principal motors of world history.

    Opting to self-identify consistently as a specific People, a human population importantly takes a particular name (e.g., יהודים”Ž Yehudim = Jews) and shares a variable range of relatively distinct civilizational features, for example — ancestors, history, homeland, territory, language, literature, religion, culture, economy and institutions. And in addition to such subjective identity, a People normally attracts objective identity in the eyes of its friends and enemies, who from each succeeding century provide us with valuable historical evidence about its existence and characteristics.

    Critical is this reference to subjective and objective evidence from each successive period. For example, a People cannot today claim to be aboriginal, solely by virtue of some recently alleged genetic descent from a culturally remote or unrelated ancient People with a different name. Today turning to antiquity to make an aboriginal claim in its own name, a modern People needs to show not only some credible genetic roots, but also a continuing socio-cultural identity that, without a break, reaches back across each century to the relevant historical time.

    Logically, a current People cannot now make an aboriginal claim in its own name with respect to historical periods before its own ethnogenesis, i.e. when it did not yet self-identify as that particular named People. By the same reasoning, a distinct People’s right to national self-determination cannot be claimed in its own name so as to retroactively apply in an historical period prior to its own ethnogenesis.

    And to be sure, human populations sometimes rebrand with new self-identifications that are normally politically meaningful. Thus a new, named People emerges from time to time; while an older People may significantly subdivide or disappear — in most cases, with some genes and cultural characteristics partly persisting in populations of one or more other Peoples.

    The extent to which a given, named People shares some special genetic characteristics not so easily found among some other populations practically depends on rates of endogamy and exogamy over time. An old, named People with a long history of endogamy is likely to develop some special genetic characteristics.

    The sociological reality of being a named “People in history” is large enough to encompass the myriad cultural factors governing courtship, marriage, procreation and child rearing. Thus, it is unlikely that there could be any named “People in history” without any genetic correlate. But, because historically there are newer an older named Peoples and also higher and lower endogamy rates, the extent to which characteristic genetics might relate to peoplehood is obviously not the same in each instance.

    For example, the genetic component embodied in longstanding Jewish peoplehood is likely to be greater than in Canadian peoplehood. The named Jewish People was born around 600 BCE; while the new “Canadian” People emerged via self-identification under that particular name, in the century after 1867 CE.

    Since a new People is born via self-identification with a particular name, it is clearly possible to witness the birth of a new, named People whose genetic commonality lies more in the future than in the past. However, that is not necessarily so for the specifically named “Jewish” People, the genetic correlates of which have been intensively studied by geneticists for the last thirty years.

  • Abbushuki

    Clearly he never heard of the Cohen gene. Yes over the millennia there were some intermarriages but the teleological question must be asked: if x% of a population are genetically descendants for 3000 years, how large must x be for their cohort population to be considered a race? How does he define a race? Can a Mulato choose identification with one of his genetic parents? Is Obama then not a black?

  • Frankie

    “Race does not come into it. It is pure religion and culture. Something about the cultural tradition of Jews is way, way more sympathetic to science and learning and intellectual pursuits than Islam.”

    Anyone who believes this must reject mutli-culturalism and advocate for all peoples to behave more like Jews.

  • BarakIII

    Technically, he may be correct. In practical terms however he isn’t. Semite is too broad. While Jews and Arabs may have Abraham as a common ancestor, they became two separate people. Also while Jew is technically a religious term, and before that perhaps a tribal term referring to Judah(?), it’s been in use in reference to race so long I think it’s fair to use it as such.

  • steven L

    However many use the notion of “race” to justify their hate of Jews. Otherwise it is difficult to find a concept that would allow them to despise genocidally the Jews.

  • bissel essen

    The Jewish people, like the Christians, are of many Races.
    It often takes a singular mind seeking and evaluating the tenets of Judaism, that is willing to cast off the comfort of their ‘mother’ culture, to embrace Judaism. Such a person often thinks outside the box. And so I believe their ‘brains and fortitude(chutzpah)’ is passed down through generations. Perhaps that is one of the reasons so many Jews are leaders in their fields of discovery and endeavor, some becoming recipients of the Nobel Prizes etc. They are of the Jewish Faith no matter what their race or mixture of race is. And they can be any degree of Orthodox , Conservative, Reformed, Atheist, Agnostic or a ‘plain’ Secular Jew, but they are of many races.
    Of course, Scripture tells us that the Jews shall be blessed and
    they shall sit in the gates of the Nations and through them the Nations shall be blessed. And it is true to some degree today, Israel has contributed greatly in all fields of Science , Medicine, Education, etc.which is being spread to many nations.

  • Defamation
    Documentary film (Complete)

    What is anti-Semitism today? In this provocative hour-and-a-half 2009 documentary, Israeli filmmaker Yoav Shamir travels widely in search of modern manifestations of the “oldest hatred.” In this irreverent quest, he talks with professional anti-anti-Semites, and joins a group of young Israelis on a pilgrimage to Auschwitz. His implicit point: Anti-Semitism, at least in Israel and the U.S., is more smoke than fire. Conditioned to see Nazis in every shadow and behind every corner, Shamir suggests, Jews in the U.S. and Israel often manufacture an anti-Semitism that they perversely want to find.

  • Marshall Schwartz

    I have only three words for Mr. Dawkins: Cohen Modal Haplotype. Google it and see for yourself.

  • Ira Kasper

    The fact that 22% of Nobel Prizes were won by Jews should be looked at in the contex of the 40% of prizes won by Americans. Although the difference in population makes it different, there is little doubt that the cultures which both prize education and individual thought have driven many to reach their potential.

  • Regina A. Buitenkant

    Hello, as a Jewish woman i habe always heard and learned that we are the Jewish people and not the Jewish race. Jewish race was Nazi terminology and used as such

  • Dante

    If races do not really exist, it is obvious that there cannot be a Jewish race. There is nothing new about it.

  • danny kid

    DNA of Cohen males show they share one “father” some 3600 years ago. Jews do not just constitute a race or a nation, Jews are a family. Nature as well as nurture at work. Islam on the other hand is hampered by 1400 years of first cousin inbreeding and a tribal culture of honor and pride. Nature as well as nurture at work.

  • NuritG

    I once argued with a man who thinks he is intelligent and told him Jews are not a race, he told me I disagree…WELL…British Ethnologist Richard Dawkins confirms my opinion and declares ‘Jew’ is not a race. There are 4 races in the entire world: the white, black, yellow and red (skins)

    • Borsi Lagani

      What about the human race, professor?

      • Ted Crawford

        Blacks, whites, yellows, and reds(yes, and Jews) are all members of that race. There are people who are trying to make a given group’s distinctive characteristic(s), i. e., skin color, a racial delineation. That would make Richard Dawkins and “NuritG” members of the “mistaken scientist” race. But one thing Richard and “NuritG” are right about is “Jew” being a separate race; they’re not.
        The Creator Of All That Is called them His “family”.
        Choke on it, boys. Stun ya!

  • The common gene all Jews share makes Jews biological relatives, ergo a race. Dawkins should brush up on his biology.

  • Abu Nudnik

    There are grey areas Dr. Dawkins is clearly not comfortable with.

  • rachel robinson

    Why is it that we never get to see the comments to these articles? what is your objection to putting them where everyone can read them?

  • judithg

    I guess the dna thing is not good news to this guy. i mean, goy.

  • Moe Mahendran

    Dawkins is right on. A Jew is a person of Jewish faith only and belongs to a tribe of people who lived in that location.
    The present day Jew (90%)is of European origin(Russian, German, Polish, French, English, Romanian, Hungarian, Dutch tribes etc), and this vast and extensive Gene pool infusion during there 2000 years in diaspora, produced the brilliant minds of the present day persons of Jewish faith. This is the opposite of inbreeding as with the monarchies. They are not semitic peoples.

    • NYGal

      Are you aware that Russians didn’t allow Jews into their borders, until they got them when they grabbed half of Poland? Even so, Jews were restricted to the area of Pale- Ukraine and Belarus. Very few Jews were given residency permits in Russia. It would be difficult for the Jews to get all those Russian genes, unless you suppose that 90% of Jewish women were raped and impragnated by Russians on fairly consistent basis during pogroms.

  • Chris Moyler, Kent, UK

    In truth whether a Jew has the correct genes or not is actually of little importance in the final analysis. This may sound immediately offensive to Jewish ears, but is it not true that the inner devotion to the God of Israel is far far more important than mere ethnicity?
    Why after all was the Jewish nation called into being in the first place? Was it not to represent the God of Israel to all mankind. Therefore a Gentile may have such a deep vision of Israel’s purpose.
    Were not Ruth and Rahab both ancestor’s of Israel’s great king David. Was not Caleb, son of Jephunneh actually of Gentile origin? After all, he has no ancestral line in 1 Chroncles does he? Yet he is chosen to represent Judah, and is deeply commended for his authentic faith, is he not.
    Conversely, the Tanakh makes no attempt whatsoever to cover over the deep sin of many of Abraham’s descendants, according to the flesh. Is this not the truth?
    As a committed Christian, I am one of untold millions who has an increasingly deep appreciation that my faith means nothing apart from its connection to the Jewish people and the God of Israel.
    I therefore do not want to belittle ethnicity, but their comes a point when all perspective is lost and the need becomes urgent to return to the deep oily roots of Torah, which alone are able to define Israel’s purpose with brilliant clarity:

    “All the families on earth will be blessed through you.”

    Does not that promise also include me; a once “foolish Gentile” who is now learning to trust his heart and life to the God of Israel?

    I wish you all at Algemeiner, Shalom, Shalom. Chris from the UK

    • PermReader

      The appreciation of Jewish role for Christianity and the comparison to Christian historical actions toward Jews -mainly persecution, does not this demand to Christians to activly resist the further persecution all over the world,though it is not so bloody today?