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June 8, 2015 5:18 pm

Sarkozy: There Are Schools in France Where You Cannot Teach the Holocaust

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Photo: wiki commons.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Photo: wiki commons.

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy told an audience in Israel on Monday that there exist schools in France where teachers cannot teach about the Holocaust.

“It’s true there are schools [in France] where you cannot teach the Holocaust,” Sarkozy said during an open discussion at the 15th Annual Herzliya Conference, according to a journalist from French BFM TV.

French law prohibits Holocaust denial in the classroom.

The former French president, who left office in 2012 after losing to current President Francois Hollande, apparently insisted three times during his 45 minutes of discussion that France is not an antisemitic country.

Recent reports have indicated that as many as three antisemitic attacks are committed against Jews in the country every day. The number of French Jews undergoing the immigration process to Israel doubled in 2014 compared to the year before.

And earlier this year, a lone gunman killed four hostages at a kosher supermarket in Paris, prompting the government to pledge $107 million to combat antisemitism.

The current chairman of France’s center-right The Republicans party, Sarkozy arrived in Israel on Sunday for meetings with Israeli officials and for the speaking engagement at Herzliya’s Interdisciplinary Center on Monday, for which he said he was not paid, according to French Blasting News.

He was also scheduled to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Coming on the heels of an Israel boycott controversy sparked by the CEO of French multinational mobile giant Orange, Sarkozy roundly rejected a French boycott of Israeli companies, calling such efforts “unacceptable.”

He said it was up to CEO Stephane Richard’s to visit Israel in order to explain himself.

“I know that Stephane Richard will come here to explain himself,” said Sarkozy, who many believe is gearing up for another run at the French presidency in 2017.

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  • Isaac Waterman

    If France can send back home all the Muslims they allowed to enter, Jews don’t have to leave anymore. If they think the Muslims are more important, France soon will be without Jews. It’s so simple. Who do you prefer?

  • Wm. J. Levy

    When Jews stop acting like GUESTS and cowards things might change.

    Netanyhaou spoke of the passivity of the Jews in the Holocaust and they still haven’t learned any lessons from that.

    Haters are cowards and they only fear strength and the fear of being hurt or killed.

    Jews sadly should learn how the blacks act and put the fear of God into everyone.

    • I think it is wrong to vilify those Jews of The Holocaust for perhaps looking out for the best interests of their Family’s. Who knows what a Parent thought! Better to die with the Family as a whole, rather than save one self at the expense of Children or Parents? Judge not lest you be judged. Please accept that 6,000,000 Jews of Europe were Murdered and it was none of their fault!


        Bravo! You are so right. Who could have imagined what they went through and the reasons they were unable to fight back. But remembering also, that there were thousands who did fight back- in the ghettos, in the forests, underground- thousands who died in that fight but many who lived to tell the tale.
        But now, we are strong and smart and it will not happen again.

  • Charles Martel

    I find it odd that he worries about Holocaust studies in France, when the French are pushing for a peace agreement that will end the Jewish state!

    Jew`s leave Europe now and let Europe drown in the wave of illegal Muslim immigrants.These people bring their Muslim hatred of Jews and others with them as their baggage.Do not be fooled again Christian Europe will not protect you.

    Let the Dark Ages again envelop Europe! This time they will not dig themselves out of the Dung Hole.Islam is retrograde as a religion.

    • Linda Golden

      Christian Europe is hardly Christian anymore. The church seems to have lost its moral compass. I see no future for Jews in Europe…it’s the 30’s all over again.

      • There will be no return to The Holocaust days. We have learned that lesson and know it will engulf more than Jews this time! We stand together. Jews cannot be asked to leave. We must insist they have every right to saty!

        • BRYNABABY


  • Yale

    Just think of the image of French impotence presented by announcing publicly that the government in this centralized-state cannot decide what to teach in its schools.
    And these folks want to dictate to Israel where it sborders should be?


      Why are schools in France not required by law to teach the holocause- whether they are Muslim schools or Christian schools or secular schools. It is History!!

  • Different strokes for different folks?

    How do you say that in French? Maybe you just don’t.

  • disraeli

    Sarkozy forgets that for 10 years minimum, during HIS mandate, thé Holocauste cannot be taught in some schools…

  • HaDaR

    Wasn’t HE President for a few years???
    I hope Jews REMEMBER all his BS against Israel and his crazy idea to create the current mess in Libya…and his SUPPORT FOR THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD IN EGYPT…even if NOW he is PANDERING FOR THE JEWISH VOTE, after contributing TO CREATE the current situation in France!!!

  • Ephraim

    Oh sure, Miss Richard will be right there, in, say, 2100. Nazis do not have to go to Israel, and she will be perfectly comfortable in Holocaust denying, Jew hating, France.

  • steven L

    But the same is going on in our country!!!

  • Shalom-Hillel

    Everyone knows which schools cannot teach Holocaust history. Schools with Muslim students. They disrupt such teaching. They learn this from their homes and community. We are told again and again terrorism and anti-Semitic attacks have nothing to do with Islam. Then why is it that wherever there is a Muslim community there is terrorism and anti-Semitic attacks?

    Muslims are for the most part a community at odds with their neighbors. They do not want to hear any criticism of Islam at the same time their coreligionists kill in the name of Islam. My belief is that if we had as large a percentage of Muslims in the US as in France the Jewish community here would be suffering the same fate as the French Jewish community. I have no reason to believe otherwise.

  • Mike P.

    Just another example of Europeans aiding and abetting Islamic anti-Semitism.

    Don’t worry, Europe…as soon as the Jews leave, you’ll be the main course.

  • Fred

    Sarkozy need a wake up call. Anti Semitism had a home in France since before the Dreyfus affair, France was complicit in the deportation of French Jews to death. France has never admitted its complicity, France with the admission of Muslim colonist to its shores has tacitly accepted the new anti Semitic waves emanating from these “migrants”. They feel free to murder & abuse Jews the law is impotent. Anti Semitism OK, Islamophobia not OK.

    • Wrong! Serge and Beate Klarsfeld have admitted French complicity, duplicity in The Holocaust for them!