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June 17, 2015 6:43 pm

BBC Interviewer Asks Israel’s Livni: Would You Consider Your Parents Terrorists? (VIDEO)

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Zionist Union Co-Chairperson Tzipi Livni on BBC. Photo: Screenshot

Zionist Union Co-Chairperson Tzipi Livni on BBC. Photo: Screenshot

A journalist for the BBC asked Israeli lawmaker Tzipi Livni on Tuesday if she believed her parents were terrorists because they fought for the Irgun.

Livni, a former foreign and justice minister, replied coolly, “no.”

“There’s a huge difference between those fighting an army, the British army, and between all these terrorist organizations in our region, that are looking for civilians to kill,” she said.

The interviewer followed up with questions about Israel’s use of “disproportionate force” during the Jewish state’s war with Hamas last summer in Gaza.

At one point, the journalist, Evan Davis, seems to be trying to get Livni — who mentioned that she has had to travel to the U.K. twice under diplomatic immunity over her role in the earlier 2008 war with Hamas in Gaza — to say the ratio of Palestinian civilian deaths to Israeli civilian deaths in last year’s 50-day war.

“I was minister of justice in the last operation, and each and every action of the Israeli army was supervised by the attorney general and others inside the army and outside the army,” said Livni.

“We have our own defense system. We have Iron Dome that protects us … The fact that [Hamas] did not succeed [in inflicting more civilian casualties], does it mean that we should live under this threat as an ongoing threat, when we are in a cabinet meeting or when the prime minister is speaking with the President of the United States and then we hear the siren and he goes to the shelter. Is this normal life to you?” she said.

She related an incident in which a letter was found on a Palestinian terrorist in Gaza that instructed him to find and stand near civilians if he is approached by Israeli soldiers because they will be less likely to attack.

“It’s unfair, it’s unjust,” said Livni, now the co-chairperson of the largest opposition party in Israel, the Zionist Union.

Watch the video of Livni’s interview below:


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  • Joseph London

    Davis asks the questions Brits are asking and her answers are quite reasonable. Once she mentioned her parents during the British Mandate, I’m surprised he didn’t ask about the King David Hotel and whether there had been a warning to vacate the hotel. Livni is a ‘dove’ but also a realist, accepting Cabinet resposibility for govt policies.

    • Fred Roberts

      Her father was part of the gang that dressed up as Arabs and carried milk churns full of explosives into the kithens of the King David Hotel. They murdered British army officers, their wives and other civilians.

      She herself oversaw the murder of over 500 Palestinian children in their beds in Gaza during the summer of 2014.

      And relative to the other Israeli politicians, people call her a dove…

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    The takeaway from this is that for the BBC, no matter how leftwing you are, you’re always a Jew. A Jew to be despised.

  • Hartley Macklin

    Can we be clear? The Irgun and other Jewish forces were fighting against the British because they were not living up to the international commitment of the mandate to facilitate Jewish immigration. They accepted that Mandate in 1922. Jews escaping certain death were turned away at ports IN PALESTINE. That was directly against Article 6 where they were required to facilitate Jewish immigration and encourage close settlement by Jews on the land.

    They had a responsibility to protect the Jews in Palestine, and were not full filling that trust.

  • I hope this wakes Livni up to the reality of anti-Israel hatred that has been stoked by Arab/Islamic propaganda.

    She has often been less of an advocate for her country, and far too soft on its enemies.

    It astounds me that she can sit with avowed enemies of Israel (and Jews) and act as if they are decent, honest and trustworthy. MEMRI proves otherwise, almost daily.

  • Julian Clovelley

    There is no such thing as fighting an army – you are fighting people, individuals

    I had a friend some years ago who as a member of the British Army was in the King David hotel when it was the subject of a terrorist(sic) attack

    Nothing heroic in the attack – That’s the thing about leaving bombs around. It doesn’t matter who does it – it is still terrorism

    King David Hotel Explosion – that was the Irgun – My friend lost many of his own friends and comrades

    91 innocent people killed, Army or not – that’s terrorism

    Of the victims 21 were Government officials, 49 were simple clerks,typists, messengers, hotel and canteen workers. Just 13 were soldiers, 3 policemen – and 5 were members of the public

    That is terrorism – and if you don’t recognise it you justify every rocket and mortar attack, every suicide bombing every kidnapping and murder

    I don’t.

    • David

      It is not terrorism,any more than the actions of the French Resistance or Soviet partisans were terrorism. Seriously, do you not see any difference between bombing a military and government headquarters and shooting rockets and committing suicide bombings in civilian areas? It is sad that a large number of civilians died, but it was a fully legitimate target.

    • Eitan

      The Irgun gave the British military ample time to evacuate. Terrorists don’t call in advance to say that there is a bomb in the building. Terrorists just blow up any building with or without civilians. You are wrong to call the bombing of the King David hotel a terrorist action. No one in the Irgun wanted these people to die.The blame lies with the British Command who refused to evacuate everyone inside.