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July 8, 2015 3:34 pm

NYU, Rutgers Top List of Schools Jews Choose

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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New York University. Photo: Flickr.

New York University. Photo: Flickr.

Twenty-seven percent of New York University’s undergraduate student population is Jewish, and the Manhattan private school was also the top choice for Jewish students nationwide, a survey by Hillel International of the top choices for Jewish students among private and public schools revealed.

At the top of the public schools list was Rutgers University, in New Jersey, where the 6,400 Jewish students made up 19% of the undergraduate population.

Next on the list of public schools was University of Central Florida, making the school’s 6,000 Jewish students 12 percent of the total undergrad population. The University of Maryland (5,800, 22%), Pennsylvania State University (5,000, 12%) and University of Florida, Gainsville (5,000, 15%), rounded out the top five choices among Jewish students in 2014, according to the list.

A full 29% of the undergrad population at CUNY, Brooklyn College, was Jewish.

Among private schools, Boston University was the next most popular choice, after NYU, with 3,500 Jewish students. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 100% of Yeshiva University’s 3,076 undergraduate population was Jewish, though only 20% of its graduate student population belonged to the Jewish faith.

Cornell University (3,000, 21%) and Washington DC’s George Washington University (3,000, 29%) rounded off the top five choices for private schools.

A full 40% of the all-women’s school, Barnard College (also in Manhattan) were Jewish students — 1,000 of 2,500 students.

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  • Student

    Alas, most Jewish students do not (at least openly) support Israel. There is a Facebook page for people to discuss things in “secret”, and almost every post about the Arab-Israeli conflict has 80% support for Palestine and maybe 15% for Israel.

  • Mireille Mechoullam


  • Reform School

    With so many ‘Acadaemia Nuts’ infesting our top university faculties, is it surprising J Street’s self-hating Jews so dominate the political landscape of the 21st century Obamanation known as Obamerica? The empty “Yiddisher Cup” characterizing today’s ‘Unhidden Yidden’ speaks volumes to why good jobs have fled U.S. shores in droves. Unlike Yeshiva University, “attending NYJew” is not a compliment.

  • LJ kimor

    SUNY Binghamton has an enormous Jewish Student population. I suspect somewhere between 20-30% of the undergraduate students are Jewish. The school closes on all major Jewish holidays

  • steven L

    That does not imply that these students are supporting Israel!!!
    Most Am. Jews do not care about Israel, like the majority of the world, but they care about what IL bring them!!!

  • Jane S. Gabin

    Please note that many Jewish students enjoy a very rich Jewish life at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA; Franklin & Marshall, in Lancaster, PA; and Brandeis, in Waltham, MA.

  • Dr Rosenberg speaks out – YouTube

    5 min – Feb 28, 2012 – Uploaded by BernhardRosenberg

    BernhardRosenberg … but will tell there students that most of you will get bad grades, Too Bad …

  • Dr Rosenberg speaks out – YouTube

    5 min – Feb 28, 2012 – Uploaded by BernhardRosenberg

    BernhardRosenberg … but will tell there students that most of you will get bad grades, Too Bad

  • molly levy

    Boston Univeristy? The same Boston University that now has a course in its Education Department that FORCES Jewish students to role-play being Hamas/PLO members so that they may “empathize” with them?

    If you are not a self-loathing Jew, you really need to BDS Boston University.

  • Dan

    What happened to Brandeis?!