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July 9, 2015 1:17 pm

Watchdog Warns Iran Deal is Smokescreen for International Iranian Weapons Program

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Iranian Khalij Fars missile on transporter.  Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Iranian Khalij Fars missile on transporter. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The Iranian nuclear agreement “has become an internationally-backed R&D program for Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs,” a pro-Israel non-governmental organization warned on Tuesday.

Responding to Iranian social media reports that details had been finalized for an agreement, the Israel Project’s Omri Ceren said the development “means the Americans may have collapsed on Iran’s last-minute demand that the United Nations arms embargo be lifted.”

“Instead of adding restrictions on Iran’s ballistic missile program, the deal will roll back the existing ones” by lifting domestic sanctions and ending the U.N. arms embargo that specifically restricts these weapons, said Ceren.

Critics of the Obama administration’s ongoing negotiations with Iran fear the U.S. has caved to each of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s recent pronouncements regarding Iran’s “red lines” for a nuclear deal, such as curbing its intercontinental ballistic missile program.

Khamenei even called on the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in May to “mass produce” these weapons, about a month after the Lausanne framework agreement announced in April by negotiators from Iran and world powers included no reference to the ICBM program at all.

On Tuesday, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-CA) noted that Iran has the Middle East’s largest ballistic missile program, and he questioned Iran’s development of these missiles, which are used mostly to deliver nuclear, chemical or biological payloads.

Hudson Institute senior research fellow and former Department of Defense official Michael Doran warned the committee that the nuclear agreement essentially meant the U.S. was “managing Iran’s rise” across the Middle East, as the country’s soon-to-be unfrozen assets can be funneled into its military procurement. Already, with sanctions in place, Iran and the groups it backs have destabilized several countries in the region, such as Yemen, Iraq and Syria. U.S. defense officials and lawmakers expressed concern on Tuesday that the conflicts in Iraq and Syria, where Iranian-backed groups are fighting the Islamic State and other Sunni groups, will ultimately destabilize security in relatively calm Jordan.

“As a literal bonus, the Iranians will get hundreds of billions of dollars to purchase and build their now-permitted weapons. And in the meantime, the build-up will be taking place under the international community’s protection,” said Ceren.

On Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the weapons embargo was the “last sticking point” facing negotiators in Vienna, though Russian officials said on Thursday that a deal could be struck by the end of the day. Russian companies could stand to rake in at least $7 billion in arms deals to Iran over the next decade, if international sanctions are lifted, according to Bloomberg.

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  • Sadly, our news are korntrolled by teh BORG. (Star Trek fans understand) We dont get NEWS today unless we are on the internet – and the net is a very weedy garden. Pull the weeds for truth and facts.

    FEAR NOT is a command we must keep in our heart and mind daily. Ha Satan is on God’s leash!

    Greece is gone – the USA crash may be days away – SERIOUSLY! Google – Americas golden calf is coming down – David Wilkerson – USA will be 2 weeks behind – GREECE. When you read his prophecy – he describes Greece tho he doesnt name the nation.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Most Americans today have not a single clue of what is happening thanks to their lousy education.

  • Reform School

    Riding a tank into Havana on defeat of Battista’s army, Cuban President-for-Life Fidel Castro’s shouts “I am a Communist. I have always been a Communist” shocked the West. Similar braggadocio by Obama may not be far away.

  • Jonah

    Breaking news! Breaking News! In America the eyes of the voting public are focused intently on John Kerry and the Iranian nuclear negotiations…..actually the eyes of Ametica are on a ruling which involves as to whether or not Bruce Jenner can have his Olympian gold medals changed to Katlin Jenner. But don’t worry America, your ally, will always have your back….you can count on Kerry when times get tough. Just trust this administration to do what’s right rather than what’s wrong in regard to Israel.

  • ben kramer

    What else would a pro Israel organization say?

    • Scott

      Would I would expect is that the USA should say – That there is no way we’ll ever agree to anything but crippling sanctions until you give up all your nuclear ambitions, stop exporting terrorism and cease your ballistic missile program.

      This is what I’d expect John Kerry to say. Anything else will put the road on to WW3
      just as Neville Chamberlain put the world on the path to WW2 (As Churchill called it…”the necessary war”)……

    • Ann

      What are you saying, that you’re a Jew who believes if you identify with those that want to kill you, they’ll change cause you’ve taken on the mantle of hatred for your own?