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July 10, 2015 2:39 pm

Major Jewish Group Calls on Obama to Denounce Iran’s ‘Quds Day’ Rallies Featuring ‘Death to Israel’ Chants

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Millions gather in Iran on Al-Quds Day to chant "Death to Israel." Photo: Twitter.

Millions gather in Iran on Al-Quds Day to chant “Death to Israel.” Photo: Twitter.

Major Jewish human-rights group the Simon Wiesenthal Center called on U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday to denounce marches in Iran marking the country’s aggressively anti-Zionist international Quds Day.

“The SWC is urging President Obama to denounce today’s al-Quds Day demonstrations in Iran where chants of ‘Death To America’ and ‘Death to Israel’ could be heard,” said the Wiesenthal Center.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Center, said despite negotiating with Iran, the U.S. remained one of the country’s core enemies, along with Israel.

“The burning in effigies of President Obama and Israeli [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu along with the burning of U.S. and Israeli flags sends a crystal clear signal to the world, that whatever the outcome of nuclear talks, the U.S. and Israel remain the Ayatollah’s top enemies,” charged Cooper.

The American Jewish Committee meanwhile said the massive Quds Day rallies — millions of marchers, according to Iranian media — sent a “chilling reminder of Iran’s worldview.”

These “mass demonstrations across Iran against Israel and the U.S. [are] a stark reminder that Tehran remains implacably wedded to a hateful, fanatical ideology that threatens the region and the world,” said the AJC.

AJC President David Harris said the Quds Day demonstrations were a reminder why the U.S. could not afford to let Iran obtain a nuclear weapon.

Iranian officials and the military had called for massive representation for Friday’s rallies, where purported moderate Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said demonstrators would declare their “hatred of Israel.” Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard Corp released a statement in the lead-up to Friday’s ceremonies saying the destruction of Israel was the Muslim World’s top priority.

Though the unabashedly anti-Israel Quds Day was started by Iran to show support for Palestinians in 1979, it is observed internationally on the last Friday of Ramadan in Muslim countries around the world.

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  • Todd

    Can you imagine what the entire world would say if Israelis were in the streets chanting “Death to Iran” while burning the Iranian flag? Or Americans for that matter? As if he didn’t already have enough reasons to believe that Iran cannot be trusted at the negotiating table, how does John Kerry sit across from them knowing that their government at all levels supports the burning of the American flag and the Israeli flag while chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”. Obama said he “hopes” that this agreement will bring about change in Iran. Didn’t he run his first campaign on “hope and change”? When do you think we should expect that? (That’s a novel for another day.) There will not be change (for the better) in Iran until there is change at the top. Instead Khomeini calls us “The Great Satan”. Obama is concerned about his legacy, so he can say that he restored relations with Cuba and signed a nuclear deal with Iran. What he should have said to Iran is “If you want the sanctions removed and your funds released, you start by showing some f***ING respect, tell your people to stop with the Death to us and our allies bullsh*t, stop lying about your nuclear program, and start acting like you belong in the 21st century.” If not, then we have nothing to talk about.

  • Jon Gilbert

    They say things against the name of Israel when the Quran (19:58) mentions Israel (Jacob) as a prophet. Also, Children of Israel is mentioned over 80 times in the Quran too. If this was such a bad name, it wouldn’t be one of the most mentioned names in it. In other words, no matter how much they may want to erase this name, it exists in the Quran which they read and hear.

  • Moshe Akiva

    Good luck with this. Comrade Black Eagle would not denounce anything like this, for he like it, too.

    At best he will say: “There is freedom in Iran, and if some marginalized people demonstrate against Israel, that is not our concern.”

  • Joe Sompolinsky

    Pictures and videos of Obama being burned in effigy will do the trick! Black American Blacks have reason to be sensitive to images like that.

  • zadimel

    Where are all the replies?

  • zadimel

    During the anti-Israel Quds Day “celebration,” the Israeli Air Force ought to “celebrate” by a Tehran overflight after it dropped a nuclear device at the “secret” underground nuclear research center and another at the headquarters of the Shiite religious center. N

    • zadimel

      My computer suddenly went crazy. The “N” was the beginning of the word “NO.” Far too many innocent people in Iran would have perished. There is no easy answer for those who want to destroy the Jewish State,except to make the anti-Semitic Neanderthals pay a very stiff price for their ongoing efforts in nearby countries.

  • Paul Berman

    Really? Death to America? Death to Israel? Such a vile, dangerous regime in Tehran. Can you imagine their aggression level with a nuclear arsenal with which to threaten the world. Chilling. But still, the UN will find a way to blame the Jews.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    “Major Jewish Group” what a joke. The reason its so easy to hate Jews is that they have no leaders other than wealthy children pretending to be the King of the Jews.

    The WSJ just had an editorial about anti-Jew feelings coming from the leaders of Venezuela and S. Korea.

    Why? Because they can and no one is afraid of the Jews. If they were more like the blacks then they wouldn’t be doing the things or saying anti-Jew comments.

    Jews are doomed because of their inherent weakness and wanting everyone to get along. The Holocaust didn’t teach them a thing and Jews are being attacked on the streets of Brooklyn or in Brussels or in Paris and on E. 62nd St. in NYC and Jews do nothing about it.

    That’s why!!

    • Your’s is a hateful anti-Semitic comment. May you feel the sting of such vicious language.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Obama would like to be the Drum Major.

    • judorebbe

      Drum major?
      No, actually he seems to have a different job in mind … King.

      • Moshe Akiva


  • Al Quds is not just celebrated in Muslim countries, but in countries throughout the world.

    In Boston, for example:

    • judorebbe

      Thanks for bringing this to public attention.
      Keep up your great work.

  • Kris Kristian

    Look back in history.
    What a pity that the Iran Iraq war ended when it did.
    That war should have carried on for another few years.

    Pity that Israel did not take advantage of the millions of Iraniand shouting “death to Israel” death to America” and bombed them out of the world as they threated to do to Israel. Israel must get in first.
    The talks going on about Iran’s nuclear weapons ambition is the biggest farce ever.
    kerry and Obama know that Iran is building their bomb while negotiations continue.
    They are allowing Iran to build their bomb.
    They are idiots to carry on the talks. Once they said the cut off date was ??? they should never have carried on.
    Is Kerry and Obama giving Iran more time to build their bomb, so that they can drop it on Israel?

    Time now, for Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and USA to form a military alliance to attack the most eveil regime in history and wipe out the Iranian leaders and destroy their nuclear sites.
    If they leave it any longer, half of the world will be wiped out by the most evil country in history.


  • Jeff Blankfort

    Has the Wiesenthal Center ever publicly condemned the marches of right wing Jewish youth in Jerusalem in which they shout, “Death to the Arabs?”

  • susan

    You’re barking up the wrong tree. Obama will not do any such thing. His key advisor, Valerie Jarrett, was born in Iran.

  • David Goshen

    It is difficult to understand Obama’s superhuman efforts to reach an agreement with Iran
    There is no hope of diplomatic relations re-establishment
    The last say is not with the Spirutal leader who is kept in power by the Imperial Guard.
    The Imperial Guard has huge bussiness interests which the want to protect
    The Imperial Guard & the Spirutial know that they do not win elections and their wins are a result of manipulations in the ballot box-This Obama knows when there was a revolt after the
    ;last ellection whic Obama chose to ignore!!!
    The likelooh of hostilities against Isral and other ME Countries will come very quickly after any agreement if signed.
    There are too many vested interests eg Russia wanting to sell billions of $ of arms to Iran
    Whalst Iran continues to wage wars in the ME very unlikely that peace will ever come to the region
    All countries threatened should quickly start building Bomb Shelters
    David Goshen

  • Ken V

    Why ?

  • Ken V

    Don’t depend on Obama he is one of them.

  • steven L

    BHO will refuse to upset the Mullahs. In any case the Jews are powerless and liberals.

  • Cindy

    To the Jewish people of America – when are you going to understand that the Democrat Party and President Obama do not like you and have no interest in helping you in any way.

  • Bobby Beeman

    Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

  • BobCIl

    This continues to be insanity. Dealing with Iran who calls for America’s death and our best ally Israel’s death. Pure insanity.

  • Aurora

    Which movie do these people live in?
    Have they not noticed that Obama’s closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett, is an IRANIAN?
    Haven’t they noticed his total disregard and dislike toward Israel?
    Jews in America have certainly thick pastrami covering their eyes, or probably some old pork baloney or bacon, considering that 80% of them have voted for the guy, and they still appeal to him!

  • nelson marans

    While I respect the effort of Jewish groups to have President Obama condemn the repeated statements of leaders of Iran, asking for the destruction of Israel as well as death to the great Satan the U. S., certainly this will not occur as our president has done everything in his power to appease the rulers of Iran. Nothing short of a direct terror attack in the U. S. by Iranian surrogates could alter President Obama’s refusal and then perhaps not even that as he lays the blame on the intransigence of the Jewish state.

  • In 1967 for the first time since the Babylonian and Roman captivity, Jews liberated and took back ancient Jerusalem from the Jordanians. That has to be the most impressive fulfillment of Bible prophecy in 20 centuries. After planting the Israeli flag on the Dome of the Rock, Moshe Dayan did a strange thing, he decided to be conciliatory toward his Muslim captives and instead of keeping the site, he returned control back over to the Muslims (this was a big mistake). As a secularist Jew, Dayan thought it would help make friends of the Arabs, he succeeded only in making his friends angry. As the Arab neighbors outnumbered Israel 50 to 1, he knew that to not have done so would ignite a holy war. Some religious Jews still have not forgiven Dayan for his actions and rightly so.
    Since 1993, Israel and the Arab-Palestinians entered into various agreements utilizing land for peace. To date non of those land for peace agreements bore any fruits. If anything it increased more terror and violence and reduced the safety and security of Israel’s population. The Arab-Palestinians are of the opinion that one way or another they will get what they want, and that is all of Israel. We hope that sound minds will prevail and cooler heads shall win the day to bring about at least some kind of permanent truce.
    As impossible as it may seem in the light of the present crises, we can expect Israel and the Palestinians to hammer out some kind of peace accord they can all live with, one that is for their mutual good. After all, peace, even an undesirable peace should be in both countries’ best interest.
    That brings up the possibility that the agreement suggested by several of the leaders in the Arab world and seemingly endorsed by the various Presidents of the United States, to establish two sovereign states in Israel with governments committed to halt the bombing and violence and the agreement to live in peace, just might work. And it might be a fulfillment of prophecy. Whether we will live to see that happen is anyone’s guess.
    A true and lasting peace utilizing Israeli technology and know-how combined with Arab manpower and natural resources would bring about one of the most flourishing economy in the world. It would raise the Arabs standard of living substantially and bring about an enormous economic book. It would take time, patience and the building of trust. Hopefully this economic prosperity would occupy the Arabs in employment and advancement of their economic future. This should occupy them to such an extent, that there will be very little thought of conflict if any.
    What we need is that world nations stay out of this conflict and let the Jews and the Arabs work their differences without the nations of the world taking sides and meddling in the relations between the Arabs and Jews.
    Given my own personal experience in the Middle East. I know that the majority of Jews and Arabs want to live in peace. The key is to keep the extremists and troublemakers out, Stop inciting conflict and look for common goals.
    YJ Draiman

  • Michael Palmer

    So this is the group we are going to TRUST with atomic weapons?? How naive.

  • Eaualizer

    Fat Chance..Obama is a Muslim and will never support the Jews

  • President Obama, You must DENOUNCE what Iran is doing! Do it! It is filled with nothing but Hate for America and Israel!!! Do Something now!!!! Stuart Getz

  • David L Florence

    The Simon Wiesenthal Center urged President Obama to denounce today’s al-Quds Day demonstrations in Iran where chants of ‘Death To America’ and ‘Death to Israel’ could be heard. That’s counter productive. Allowing people to let off steam is good – it allows for the relief of pressure so we don’t go off half cocked and do something stupid that we’ll regret. Shouting slogans is better than shooting bullets!

    Aloha from David on the iPad

  • Ken V

    You really think Obama will do that do you? His a Muslim.

  • Ken V

    You don’t really think Obama will do that do you? He is a damn Muslim and sympathizes with them

  • Ephraim

    Dream on. Obama was joining in the chants.