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August 2, 2015 8:41 pm

Report: New ‘Khamenei’ Book Outlines Slow, Painful Strategy to Destroy Israel

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Photo: Screenshot.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Photo: Screenshot.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei outlined his excruciating and patient strategy to annihilate the State of Israel in a new volume entitled “Palestine,” New York-based think tank the Gatestone Institute revealed last week.

Rather than wiping Israel off the map through conventional warfare, Khamenei recommends an everlasting chain of low-intensity attacks that will ultimately make life unbearable for Israelis, who would largely respond, the supreme leader hypothesizes, by packing their bags and relocating themselves out of the country.

Ultimately, the international community would address the conflict whereby some mechanism would be implemented that transforms the “cancerous tumor” of Israel and, ostensibly, the Palestinian controlled territories into another single entity under Muslim rule where the Jews who cannot prove “genuine roots” in their old home country would have to leave and the rest would have to remain as a “protected minority” in the new state of Palestine. The Gatestone Institute, which obtained a copy of the 416-page edition, did not explain the criteria necessary to prove “genuine roots.”

The supreme leader’s top three reasons for wanting to destroy the Jewish state include: its occupation of Jerusalem, its unflagging belligerence against Muslims and its intimate relationship with the “Great Satan,” the United States.

Khamenei also argues that if Jews would begin to leave Israel as a result of sustained and growing threats, the U.S. may withdraw its support for the Jewish State.

Lucky for Khamenei, President Barack Obama is already responsible for a massive rupture in U.S.-Israeli relations, the worst in a decade according to the Gatestone Institute.

In the new book, Khamenei also abhors the fact that the Jewish state was established on lands once under Muslim control — most recently, Ottoman — and he wishes to undo that wrong. Planning ahead, he also hopes to liberate large swaths of Europe, about a third of China, all of India and parts of the Philippines and Thailand. It is unclear what he would do with property once owned by Muslims in the United States that has since been sold to non-Muslims.

Khamenei’s latest iteration of his plan for Israel was published on the heels of an agreement Iran signed with world powers from China to the United States that will lift international sanctions in exchange for some restrictions on and monitoring of its declared nuclear program, which Iran largely developed in secret. The country has intercontinental missiles apparently capable of striking Israel, and past intelligence has indicated that Iran had researched fitting one of those missiles with a nuclear warhead.

Iranian leaders regularly and openly call for the destruction of Israel. The ideas outlined by the Gatestone Institute that appear in “Palestine” echoed an article linked to by the English Twitter handle widely attributed to Khamenei himself, called “9 key questions about the elimination of Israel.

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  • Here is something that has not been mentioned and I hope never will be. Taqqiyah.

    It is a Moslem concept and when googled is defined as “not showing one’s faith openly by means of pretense, dissimulation or concealment, a special type of LYING which is taught and used by SHI’A MUSLIMS.

    Iranians are Shia.

    The examples provided would indicate a Moslem’s OBLIGATION to use it when in the presence of enemies of his branch of Islam in order to save his life.

    Many quoted examples, including from Ayatollah Khomeini, seem contradictory and leave one in doubt. They may all be open to various interpretations.

    But considering the “DEAL” reached between the Iranians and non Moslems, what is one to make of the following quotation:

    Shaykh Muhammad al-Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him)was asked about the ruling on mixing with the KUFAAR (unbelievers)and treating them kindly in the hope that they will become Muslim. He replied in part:

    “Undoubtedly the MUSLIM IS OBLIGED TO HATE THE ENEMIES OF ALLAH and to disavow them, because this is the way of the Messengers and their followers.

    Based on this, it is not permissible for a Muslim to feel any love in his heart towards the enemies of Allah who are in fact his enemies too.”

    And how does one make a deal with such people and how reliable can the results be? Remember, we are talking atom bombs, matters of life and death.

    Is it not better to neutralise them so that one is not left vulnerable to any treachery when they cannot be trusted?

  • Isaac Semaya

    We all know that there is a cancer in the Middle East. The great Satan is Iran itself. Khamenei is blowing gas out of where the sun don’t shine. He has nothing better to do than continue until Congress Kills this Iran Agreement He is looking for it to fail.

  • schm0e

    Who would have thought he would have the President of the US helping him?

  • nelson marans

    Unfortunately without international backing and particularly from the U. S., Israel can only act defensively against Iran by combating both Hamas and Hezbollah and intercepting the flow of military equipment to those two terror groups. Sinking of Iranian ships supplying military equipment to Hamas and Hezbollah will bring international condemnation. Hoping for regime change and encouraging it in Iran seems dubious but the only real avenue after the abject bowing of President Obama to the wishes of Khamenei in a miserable Iranian nuclear deal. May it be 165 degeees F in Khamenei’s house

  • Dean

    The fascist leeches in Iran and their Islamo-Socialist supporters like Obama, Soros and the UN cabal, really do want the world to fall under the control of Islam – and it does not matter which faction, they are all the same and their supporters just want Western civilization (which they consider to be “the occupiers”) to fail.

    If the US and Europe do not wake up NOW, there will be no hope because the Russians and the Chinese just care about doing business with fascist regimes, they do not care about individual rights and freedoms which have about as much import as they have in Iran.

    Like Iran, Russia and China are willing to lose several million people in war as an acceptable risk to enriching their regimes in the present. For Obama, no “risk for peace” is too great – even if it includes America’s destruction.

  • good joke
    slow and painful
    against israel
    nothing gonna happen

  • Martin Solomon

    There is only one way to deal with Iran, REGIME CHANGE.

    • William C. McKee

      Martin, in the heart of the hard case clerics, they might in fact agree with you. Some of them were around in better days, and might wish those days could return. But they have endured three decades of very punitive sanctions on their country. [Until the other day anyway.] And they may have resigned themselves to be as implacable as their foes. Remember Ronald Reagan and the Iran/Iraq dispute over oil rights to a certain island? Reagan, rather than being a peace maker, seemingly encouraged the dispute to ignite into outright war. Reagan could have pointed out that both nations are on top of seemingly endless seas of oil, and that the reserves of that island didn’t matter as much as a wad of spit to either of them. But the often deified president (recall his issuing an “11 th commandment” to keep people in his party aligned with its puppet masters — my take) issued poison gas, and maybe bio-agents to Iraq. Let me disregard his 11 th commandment and speak ill of him. That was an incredibly evil thing to do.

      However the details of the war evolved, we wound up selling armaments to both sides, and probably making a good profit on it. What happened then, did not likely escape the notice of the clerics of today, nor the millions in the street that hold us in great rejection. Our poison gas plus other stuff, very likely got about 2 million Iranians murdered. Not merely killed as in a normal conflict. But “murdered” by a planned conflict, over matters of truly insignificant merit.

      Evil begets evil. People observe and remember this object lesson.

      Having been severely (and quite wrongly) burned by us, the Iranians quite naturally took some offense. Possibly Ronald Reagan, to sleep more comfortably at night, rationalized to himself that all this wickedness would bring about REGIME CHANGE. But it didn’t. Anymore than the deliberate and complete destruction of Iraq’s water treatment and distribution system did for REGIME CHANGE in the Second Gulf War. Mr. “I feel your pain” Bill Clinton, failed in 8 years time, to earmark Iraq’s oil revenue income to either repair the water works, or to allow needed medicine into Iraq. The result: according to “Doctors Without Borders”, this directly lead to the preventable deaths of about 1 million innocent people. Their only crime, if any, was in not overthrowing Saddam. That was eventually done. But is the world better for it?

      And finally, let us not forget that it was outside driven REGIME CHANGE that gave to Iran its despotic king and evil police state. This when they had a decades old democracy somewhat modeled after our own. To all of you, these things are sin, and they are written large. The clerics are right, God would be against them. Of course, in the evil begetting evil equation, Iran, like King David’s example in scripture, also has blood on their hands.

      The cure for such a sorry state, would start with honest from the heart apologies — and confessions of sin. As King David, the great sinner himself did. But idiots that we are, we place overmuch regard to those like Henry Kissinger, that offered the wisdom from on high statement, “that America can never admit to doing wrong”.

      If this is totally beyond the moral fiber of America or Israel to accomplish, then the sad and unnecessary final vision of the prophet of a beautiful, but perhaps empty temple may be all that is left of even the world. And yet. And yet. The revelation of the prophets speak of a day that we all hammer our swords into plowshares, and spheres into pruning hooks. [Not such a difficult matter, as I could give you details of how and why this may come to pass.] God put before you the choice of life or death. Moses, the prophet not allowed into the promised land, instructed you to love your neighbor (your fellow Jew). But a prophet more associated than Moses to that “Living Water” incident, is walking with you into the promised land. His instruction, calls for greater Godly conviction, in that you are to even love your enemy. With that wars might end before they began. With that no one would have to break the “bow of Elam”, that place spoken of in Jeremiah 49:34-39, where Iran has its nuclear and missile research conducted. Seeing the handwriting on the wall, and looking into their own hearts, and desiring the final promise of God’s grace upon their souls — the Iranians could break their own bow. It would be a better ending to the story. And all of you have the freewill to write it if you wish. That temple at the end of days could have plenty of visitors.

  • William C. McKee

    The clerics of Iran have sound reason not to hush the public condemnation of America for a full century of wickedness on our part in regard to primarily the control of their oil revenue, and even their very form of government. Israel, despite the common public mantra, might not have been the only democracy in the Middle East, had we not destroyed Iran’s version of that. They too had their experiments. But when I say “America” did such and such, I should focus a bit. It was corporate powerhouses, oil related, that put pressure on US Administrations to use CIA money to accomplish these matters. Congress and the public were largely left out of the “Love of Money” mix. Someone said, I wonder who, that the love of money was the root of all evil. How true does something need to be proven, before it is accepted?

    The solution (to that) is simplicity itself. There are Google page after page reference to the US Navy developing, in a peer reviewed engineering process, a means to produce gasoline from seawater at a cost of between 3 to 6 dollars per gallon. The price limiting is governed by using electrical energy from a nuclear reactor. The conversion efficiency at about 33%. For the most part, the lion’s share of the gasoline’s cost comes from breaking down water into hydrogen and oxygen. The 1000 degree heat from a molten salt thorium reactor can directly produce hydrogen and oxygen at about 1/3 rd the cost of electrical energy. Hence, gasoline costing at between 1 to 2 dollars per gallon. The piled up wealth of certain billionaire brothers trying to buy the souls of lower polling Republicans, would go up as smoke if just everyone in the world could make their own naphtha at less cost than pumping it from the ground.

    China wants to sell such a reactor to the world, because it would make them rich. Certain brothers wouldn’t want that because that is not where they put all their investment chips. Rather they would develop tar sands, the side effect would be to produce mercury and sulfates. And these leading to the production of methyl mercury compounds — which are super toxic. But making limitless amounts of toxins in some other people’s country, not a concern as long as its not in ours. The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I wonder who said that?

    Oh, and we discovered that magic reactor, but did not market it, because the Cold War otherwise would make certain people super rich. Considering what the Cold War offered, the potential to end all life on the planet hundreds of times over, was there not a saying for that by a certain someone? “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but at the cost of his soul?”

    Would the supposed Holy men of Iran trade their current nuclear technology, which conveniently allows for the “safe” and effective production of [stealth] type nuclear weapons for a technology not allowing for any such merits of safety, effectiveness, or stealth delivery nature of like weapons — using the complications with U-233 to do so?

    All of the above are to be credited to the sin list of America, but not Israel. However only Israel is in a position to do anything about it. The next crop of politicians not owned body and soul by corporate powerhouses could make this perfect reactor. And make carbon-neutral gasoline from Thorium, at a lower cost than hydrocarbons from the ground. And considering that Thorium can be easily proceeded from common sand — make even millions of years of such fuels. But only if Israel and Iran barter for what they truly want and need — and do it with souls that are clean to God. The alternative is the prophetic end time vision of a really beautiful temple, but with something of a question about it. The war proceeding the time of the vision, was described in terms of our potential level of death dealing (to both sides), it being both very brief and absolutely deadly. Thus, it is possible that only ghosts and angels would be left around to see to the service of the temple.

    No one can possibly argue against what the molten salt thorium reactors could do. The least impediment would be if there is some dreaded reactor safety concern. Earthquakes wouldn’t bother it. If it overheated, a salt plug would melt and drain its contents in a chamber designed to radiate heat away — without the needs of electrically driven water pumps. [The later a problem for three reactors on Japan of course.] But it was water from the sea that was the real challenge.

    Here is a solution. When the molten salt flows into the lower container, then drop a flow of lighter weight molten metal on top of it. Canning it like a farmer’s wife would a can of preserves. Any water trying to get in, would freeze up the molten metal first — and seal everything, with something doing the same job as wax with the preserves. Heating elements could help in reversing the whole emergency procedure. There aren’t good negative arguments that don’t have simple and trustworthy solutions.

    Finally Jews of Israel. The cleric is wrong for hoping that you would flee your land. True enough, you would find welcome in such places as Western Kansas. Agriculturally based religious people, who favor black suits and black hats, would likely fit in without so much as a ripple. I know that I would greet you with a hug and welcome basket.

    The cleric is wrong for a number of reasons. First and foremost if we were to take their Koran (the gift supposedly of an angel of light), one such angel that Saint Paul had warning words concerning — and simply line out all references to Christians and Jews. Then there wouldn’t be a lot of it left. If there is no lore concerning Abraham, then there would be no lore about them. It makes as much sense as ISIS, self-hating as I would assert, destroying all records of ancient cultures and God. They in turn would assert that they are doing as you should do from words brought down by Moses. But from the very beginning early Jews who witnessed even the parting of the shallows of the Red Sea dared to give question to Moses, of if some saying came from him or from God. They were in the right to ask questions. Unlike some of them, Moses, not even his bones were allowed into Israel. He fell short. But by the “Living Water” doubt?

    Moses related that “God was a jealous God that would have no other Gods before him.” Is that a truism? Can people even question it? Jewish researchers have established that the Ten Plagues of Egypt could well be explained as the side effects of volcano eruptions. Other researchers have used the science of hydrodynamics to establish that a consistent strong wind, as described in the Bible could separate the shallows of the Red Sea (The “Sea of Reeds”). And although it hasn’t been worked out, a really major sized volcano, such as one near to Greece might even cause a firestorm effect from cubic miles of ejected lava, enough so to even make the Bible’s recorded winds.

    The King of Egypt and his advisers (much as in a recent movie about The Exodus) were on solid ground to assert that Egyptian science could explain most of what was happening. That the events were matters of nature. They were quite unimpressed with these great events, since they could explain them. But for thousands of years they had lived with the miracle of the Nile River, that even the Death God of the desert could not beat. A new God didn’t do much more that momentarily taint that river. He did his thing, and as far as Egypt was concerned, then moved on. They went right back to several more thousand years of building great monuments to their Gods, no matter what Moses brought down from his mountain. As far as is known they wasted little ink on their walls to even record these matters.

    Now as to the God of Moses being a jealous God, that would have no other Gods before him. Maybe in the little camp of Moses that was true, with the ground opening up to swallow people that objected the issued rules and the like. But the special effects of the God of Moses, and this stuff about being jealous of other Gods. And memorializing essentially the creation of a new religion based on the God provided events of the Exodus story, were not patented by the God of Moses.

    Almost certainly, the very same volcano that started the Jewish religion, started the religion of the Greeks. It was said that the new God on the block Zeus, was so “jealous” of the proceeding Gods, called Titans, that like with the God of Moses, that he too opened his mouth and swallowed them. But being Gods, they were immortal, so resided in a sort of dimension within Zeus — forever.

    My point? That if ISIS or other such groups had their way, we wouldn’t know what the OT and NT owed to such stories as “The Epic of Gilgamesh” or “The Laws of Hammurabi”. Even in the Bible recorded story of Abraham, there is the meeting with the priest/king Melchizedek. That Abraham recorded him to be a true priest of the Living God, should give pause to zealots who think that their religion and it alone, be they Christian, Jew or Muslim, contains all of the truth concerning a God that gave us 13.7 billion light years of stars to count. And those only in the range that we can know of them. Many, though certainly created, we can not yet see.

    What of the Palestinians? Is it not obvious? If Israel blesses the Palestinians, then quite clearly the clerics of Iran will bless them. How to do it? The Bible told you what to do. Go out to the Sahara Desert and bring rain rivers and gardens. The prophets of the God of the Exodus said that you could do as much. And that would in a fair and square way beat out the bragging rights of Zeus, or any of the other Gods now residing in retirement villages. Additionally, Jesus in the NT said that the poor would inherit the land. The cleric in the article could agree with that, if it were a prophecy concerning the land of Israel. But Israel isn’t all that big, so that wouldn’t be much of a miracle anyway. How would something so trivial be much of an honor to God. But if Israel were to help the Palestinians to convert the 10 million square kilometers of the Sahara Desert, into a productive garden and farming communities, that would be entirely another story. And with imagination and faith, of course it can be done. In the OT you had the idea of God importing “righteousness”. In the NT God gave “grace”. But he always was additionally a source of “inspiration”. And he has always told you, though usually we seem to doubt him, that there just isn’t anything too much to ask of him, that he can not grant. Have but the faith of a mustard seed and take him up on it. Don’t be too humble to actually test him. His job is Creator God, let him create. He likes to do that. He is pleased to do that.

    • Julian Clovelley

      Mr McKee’s tirade is wrong on so many levels – including scientific in that he seems to have very little actual knowledge of the state of Thorium research – that there is little point in dealing with it line by line

      But i feel he needs to be put right on one matter. He says:

      “Moses related that “God was a jealous God that would have no other Gods before him.” Is that a truism? Can people even question it?”

      The answer is “yes” because I have no doubt that the entire events of the Torah are mythological in nature and that the characters therein had no historical existence in the form they are presented. In this I find agreement with the whole of modern progressive Christianity which also uses and researches the same material

      There is no solution to the problems of coexistence in the Middle East to be found in a Fundamentalist reversion to Biblical texts nor in conspiracy theories about energy sources. They are to be found in rational modern secular political, scientific and economic thinking. All nonsense does is make people understandably angry. Look at the Jewish reaction to much of the material put out by Iran if you doubt that provoking of anger

      Israel’s greatest danger at the level of thinking and analysis lies in Zionist attempts to create a separate Biblical based “Jewish” History. Politely put as a statement of fact rather than as mindless attack, most of the world regard this as almost pure invention verging on being rubbish

      • Lynne T

        Who are you — Julian Cloveley posting under a new alias.

        • Lynne T

          or Clovelly’s sock puppet?

      • William C. McKee

        Your arguments Julian, are as effective as those insults given against Trump. Where is your expression of fact one about Molten Salt Thorium Reactors, actually not being an answer? Moreover, you set yourself up for egg on your face, if you review the professed plans by China to market to the world these reactors within ten years time. And that would be only to iron out very long term material problems with corrosive salt. God gave the world engineers to solve such problems. Finally why didn’t we do these things. Simple. The Chinese are smarter at business than we are. They grabbed up an idea that we developed — and let fall to the ground — because we were after weapons much more so than energy. Prove otherwise.

        And Julian, your reading abilities are limited, or else you love setting up straw-man arguments. I pointed out that the statement attributed to God, of being so jealous as to have no other Gods before him was hardly patented by the God of Moses. Zeus, a competitor God, swallowed up the Titans (rival Gods of his own), AT EXACTLY THE SAME HISTORIC MOMENT (to get rid of them) as recorded in the Greek religion. What was the point here that you were waving your hands in the air about? My point was that central to these matters was a volcano and its side effects.

        But when you dismiss totally these events of thousands of years ago as merely being mythological — YOU ARE RIDING ON YOUR OWN HORSE. For two reasons: (1) the probability of motivating many thousands of people to head into the wilderness, abutted by an uncrossable sea (even if shallow), and having that sea recede as described (and by hydrodynamics affirmed by researchers) is so remote as to by definition be a miracle. Provided of course that it happened. If we were to use magnetometer technology over any possible route taken by the Israelites, then we would likely find or not find bits of left over metal. As three major world religions involving several billion people (believe) these metal bits are at the bottom of the sea — then wouldn’t that be important? The results being in one direction or the other I think are very much worth seeking. But do you, who favor seemingly science over myth, find excuse not to conduct the experiment? And finally (2) only arrogance dismisses the truths to be found in mythologies. Most mythologies, like the super old story of Gilgamesh relate to moral conduct. Those things that we (ought) to do. Science doesn’t touch the word (ought), but confines itself to what we (might) do.

        Science (allowed) for us to develop the Cold War and 3000 tons of highly enriched U-235 and Pu-239. Much more than sufficient to destroy all life on the planet several hundred times over.

        But science also (allowed) that we might subdivide this material into 15 kiloton bombs and explode them underground at a depth of 1 km forming 50,000 cubic meter chambers. With a surface lake, and these underground voids, a pumped back hydro energy storage battery might be formed governed by the super simple equation Energy = (mass)*(acceleration of gravity)*(depth below ground) or E = m*g*h.

        If you look into the research done in several thousand “Project Plowshare” studies (during the Cold War) you will note the complete absence of anything remotely concerning pumped back hydro energy storage. The closest thing to that, is compressed air storage. But that is at the best 60% efficient, and with unavoidable sound pollution, and quite non-linear energy storage. Whereas pumped back hydro energy storage is potentially upward of 90% efficient, having no sound or any other pollution effects, and is very simple and linear.

        Now with thousands of scientists engaged in these studies Julian, how did they possibly miss E = m*g*h as a potential way to store energy? If it wouldn’t work, shouldn’t they have made a study simply to point out the problems with the idea? Certainly that didn’t stop them with the serious problems and noise pollution of compressed air storage. That if used, takes some rather high end physics formulas — that may or may not involve serious matters of heat transfer (both from air and water vapor). All of that did not deter them. Pumped back hydro deals with a simple incompressible fluid and no significant heat transfers.

        Now one obvious problem presents itself. All of their many ideas (usually) involved sending a nuclear bomb down an 8 inch diameter bore hole. The friction loss with a gas passing through an 8 inch bore hole may work out to be much less than a fluid doing the same. So for that excuse, pumped back hydro may have been excluded from all those thousands of studies.

        That said, pumped back hydro storage has a well established civil engineering history. There are good rules of thumb for determining the tunnel diameter to connect our high lake with the nuclear cavity such that 90% efficient energy storage is easily obtained. So why did no one use those equations, and at least compute a cost estimate, so as to include E = M*g*h in the Project Plowshare studies?

        Making say a lined tube between water reservoirs of say 1 meter diameter or so, may involve a serious expense. But Germany and other nations have used depleted coal mines to do this. So it does have solutions. Furthermore, were there not the desired ore to dig out of the ground then there would be no free lunch with creating such voids. In the case of Project Plowshare, the expense of the void was paid for by the nuclear explosion (within sandstone). Getting rid of the nuke would make it for free.

        To get neatly and cheaply around the cost of a lined tunnel of length “h” and arbitrarily determined diameter, we can look up something produced in the Los Alamos labs. Basically some of the very same people doing the Project Plowshare work.


        By a trivially scalable method, one can use electrical heat and a Graphite Molybdenum Thermal Penetrator Drill to form a thick walled glass (or ceramic) pipe at an exceedingly low cost. The electrical energy derived from the same power grid that we want to form an energy battery for.

        Now pay close attention here Julian, and check out closely with your own computations everything that I am saying. You have placed your trust in science, but have looked down your nose at the so-called prophetic myth of scripture. Am I wrong that you think that God is a myth? If you found that not the case would you go to your knees and try seeking him out? Not by my way, but by ways that make sense to you. If honest in asking, he might be honest in answering.

        These nuclear bombs are 20% efficient in converting Uranium’s energy into thermal energy. The rest of the Uranium not used. The ideal total nuclear content of Uranium (and Plutonium) is 8.21E13 J/kg. 1 kiloton of TNT has 4.184E12J/kt.

        The available energy from 3000 tons of U-235/Pu-239 is:

        E = (0.2)*(8.21E13 J/kg)*(3000 tons)*(1000 kg/ton)

        E = 4.926E19 J

        The effective energy of a 15 kt bomb is:

        e = (15 kt/bomb)*(4.184E12 J/kt) = 6.276E13 J/bomb

        The number of possible bombs from 3000 tons of U/Pu:

        N = E/e = (4.926E19 J)/(6.276E13 J/bomb)

        N = 784,895 bombs

        The total energy that can now be stored by N units of pumped back hydro devices:

        E(hydro) = N*m*g*h

        m*g*h = [(1000 kg/m^3)*(5E4 m^3)]*(9.81 m/s^2)*(1000 m)

        = 4.905E11 J

        E(hydro) = N*(m*g*h) = (7.84895E5)*(4.905E11 J)

        = (3.85E17 J)*(2.778E-7 kWh/J) = 1.07E11 kWh

        Pay attention Julian, the World Electrical Production/day:

        = (2.313E13 kWh/yr)/(365 day/yr) = 6.34E10 kWh/day

        As is painfully obvious the pumped back hydro storage battery stores just slightly more than one day’s worth of energy. So it now becomes entirely practical to supply all of the earth’s electrical energy from wind and solar sources. That would be Hillary Clinton’s energy idea.

        Donald Trump is on record as favoring nuclear energy. And he might like the idea of getting our own high end nuclear power plant idea, back from China: The Thorium Salt Nuclear Reactor.

        As is trivial to show, the heat energy from the 1000 degree C reactor can produce a naphtha (or gasoline) like product for between 1 and 2 dollars per gallon. Basically ending the fossil fuel industry, while saving vast amounts of money while doing it. And ending forever people fighting over energy. And there is enough Thorium in common sand to do this for millions of years.

        Julian, I knew that these (and other problems) would have moral and workable solutions, because, and only because of the inspiration of a Book that you write off as a complete myth — and that includes rains in the deserts.

        Now having pointed out that so-called myths, that tell us what we (ought) to do, are equal (at least) to what science tells us that we (can) do. The thousands of scientists that did the the many Project Plowshare studies, used your philosophy — and dared not to say what we (ought) to do. In some sense, a part of them evidently did not want to get rid of the nuclear weapons. And if we had not super-sinned to such an unimaginable degree, thanks to Satan, then we wouldn’t have come even close to ever developing an economical battery system for the solar and wind energy projects. God saw all of this (and more) in advance. Can I get an “Amen” Julian?

  • t.c.

    Someone no doubt, will offer him a Nobel Peace Prize too.

  • Dan

    There is a common belief that “history doesn’t repeat itself but it rymes”. Based on the history of the Jews, it is quite likely that there will be an attempt at another Holocaust. The difference this time is that with the strength of the IDF, nuclear capable submarines, attack satellites, and a Cyber warfare division, second to none, it will undoubtedly be a Holocaust for the aggressor’s also. With luck they will become smart enough to realize this. Our only choice is continued strength.

  • Error:

    Please change Khamenei ‘have’ to Khamenei ‘HAS’

  • Khamenei has ONE big problem.

    He assumes Allah wishes His Jewish state to be destroyed.

    If Allah had wished this, surely He would have used the past century to engineer the downfall of Jewish Nationalism (Zionism) and the Jewish state itself recreated in 1948.

    Allah has not so acted. The Jewish state thrives obviously
    WITH Allah’s approval and not AGAINST it.

    Ayatolah Khamenei has to answer WHY Israel has not yet been destroyed ? So does every other Sheikh, Imam and Muslim leader.
    Israel progresses instead from strength to strength obviously WITH Allah’s approval.

    Khamenei and his ilk are doomed|!

  • Peter Mehler

    The Jewish Community wastes far to much time worrying about the thoughts of the Supremeless leader of Iran, iyitola what’s his name. Much more thoughtful antagonists of Israel have plotted our destruction and failed. We would be more productive looking at the real threat to our future, by this I mean, the disintegration of commitment in the Jewish community. Studies have show the ongoing and consistent loss of commitment to the welfare the Jewish community at every level. From the local Synagogue, to the National interests of the Jewish community, right on up to the needs of the State of Israel, apathy has become our greatest enemy. Our enemies are not those on the outside who curse us and call for anihilation but those who don’t care about their brothers and sisters and the future of the people of Israel. Make no mistake about it, apathy is our enemy and also our new and greatest challenge.

    • Joel Loeffelholz

      Listen to Mr. Mehler. His argument makes plenty of sense! For future generations survival and the survival of our Religion, culture and way of life, listen to Mr. Mehler!

      One last comment, become active and vocal. The giants in Jewish teaching and leadership for the past 150 generations seem to have been forgotten, at least here in America, only to be replaced more and more by self-hating Jews symbolized by “organizations” such as J Street whose genesis was David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel early on when the truly Major American Jewish Organization’s rejected Mr. Obama’s anti Israel/Jewish true agenda.

  • sidney sands

    Did we think when Hitler made his threats to kill the Jews, that he did not mean it and it was only words, here we have the Mad Mullah Khamenei, with the same message to not only kill Jews but to also destroy Israel, he still calls the USA the Enemy, I wonder if Obama thinks it is only words and not his wish, after all in spite of Obama the USA is still the “Great Satan”, and what is the Mad Mullah’s real intent for the future, they have tricked the world with the treaty they will use to their advantage.

  • martin

    I got a better idea why don’t all muslims go back to Saudi Arabia the jews were in Israel 3000 years before there ever was a muslim
    if all muslims went back to were they came from they should all get along after all they all believe in mohamed

  • Joseph Feld

    This declaration of Iran’s intention to destroy another UN member state violates a UN treaty and should result in NOT lifting sanctions on Iran. From our own Jewish perspective, ‘Put not your faith in presidents nor your trust in princes, for the Guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.’ The Qur’an itself acknowledges the Jewish claim to Israel and alludes to the Return, Qur’an 5:21 and 17:104. See also Shaykh Prof Abdul Hadi Palazzi, ‘What the Qur’an Really Says’.

  • Lyone

    “Barack Obama is already responsible for a massive rupture in U.S.-Israeli relations, the worst in a decade according to the Gatestone Institute.”

    Much more than a decade, I would say………….maybe the worst EVER!!

  • No wonder Mr Khamenei doesn’t like Mr Netanyahu! Is there an English translation of the book?

  • rachel robinson

    This has been my repeated comment, and it apparently is not doin any good. I see that there are a number of comments to this article and yet we are now allowed to see any of them. I wonder why that is. So far I have never received a response other than that my comments needs “revision”. This is not a good site if you want real information.

  • Arnest. Mekvan PhD

    Let me remind Khamenei that Ismiles’s descendent are the Muslims shia-Sunnis to whom the God addressed them as’ junglee Ass’where as the Isaac’s descendent considered as the God’s people. Nobody can destroy the Chosen people of the God. It is better to abstain to have such a dream to destroy Israel. Even USA or Russia can not wipe out small Israel. It is better to establish democracy in Iran and see what you all authoritarian people experience the hate towards you all. You have suppress the entire population under your sever punishment and threat of death penalty.

  • During 1970s they tried to use petrol to alienate Israel from the west. of course England went away from Israel but USA helped israel. Now England is viewed as a colonial power by Argentina and iran because of falkland and palestine. So when England and israel consolidates economy, no Ayotullah can do anything to israel

  • Peter

    It’s not going to happen. Israel is well established, recognised and very strong. Israel needs to decide on a one state with equal rights for all or two state solution along the already recognised borders and carry it out. The limbo situation doesn’t help anyone.

  • rachel robinson

    the Jews who cannot prove “genuine roots” in their old home country would have to leave “. To whom would they have to prove their roots? They already proved their roots in the last century and the one before that, so this is just nonsense. I am happy to see that, for now, he does not wish to remove Israel by conventional weapons, that is if nothing else a breather.

  • Michael Mayben

    The UN is required to sanction any nation, Iran, that threatens other nations, Israel and America, without just cause. Iran is doing this openly without reservations or reason. The United Nations should, by their agreement with members of the United Nation, immediately warn Iran the threat they have made against Israel and American will cause the military might of all UN member nations to be deployed to detour Iran’s threat by all actions necessary.

  • But the world didn’t believe ‘Mein Kampf’ so why should it be any different this time. When I see this report in The New York Times and The Times, then I know the world is interested in the truth, until then your e-paper is preaching to the choir.

  • enufizenuf

    Considering the non-stop threats to destroy Israel from these turban wearing pieces of dung, Israel would be perfectly justified in relieving the planet of Iran’s
    military bases and nuclear facilities. They’d be doing Western civilization a great favor, of course, though we can expect to see “President” al-Obama breathing fire afterwards. While it is true Hezbollah will then start a war on Israel’s border, this time Israel can wipe them out with impunity because most of the world will be so grateful that Iran’s fast run to the nuclear bomb will have been stopped.

  • David

    To its shame and undoubtedly, its eventual regret, the World ignores the new Hitler, just as they ignored the old one.

    At least for the US, it may not be too late to elect a President who is a genuine American, who actually has the country’s best interests at heart.