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August 5, 2015 1:38 pm

US Reluctance to Help Mideast Christians ‘Unjust,’ Says Syrian Archbishop

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Syrian Archbishop of Aleppo Jean-Clement Jeanbart called America’s reluctance to give asylum to Middle East Christians “unjust." Photo: YouTube.

Syrian Archbishop of Aleppo Jean-Clement Jeanbart called America’s reluctance to give asylum to Middle East Christians “unjust.” Photo: YouTube. – Syrian Archbishop of Aleppo Jean-Clement Jeanbart said that America’s reluctance to give asylum to Middle East Christians is “unjust,” while calling on the West to help provide aid to Christians fleeing persecution from Islamic State and other terrorist groups.

“If you like us, help us stay in Syria and Lebanon and Iraq and continue to be a presence of Jesus Christ in that part of the world,” Jeanbart said in a news conference at a gathering of the Knights of Columbus in Philadelphia, the Associated Press reported.

Bashar Matti Warda, the archbishop of Erbil in Iraq, appealed to Americans to “speak for the Christians in the Middle East.”

“They have been subject to all kinds of violence because they are Christians,” Warda said. “It is your responsibility—it is your duty to speak for them. This is part of being an American.”

Warda said Iraq’s Christian population has declined from 1.3 million to 300,000 during the last decade; 80,000 Christians have fled Aleppo in the last five years, Jeanbart added. Warda said that many Christians, who have been able to successfully gain visas in Australia and Canada, are frustrated by the U.S. visa system, which they accuse of pro-Muslim bias.

According to the Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System, the U.S. has admitted 727 Christians and 4,205 Muslims from Iraq, as well as 23 Christians and 812 Muslims from Syria, since the beginning of this year.

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  • Joseph Feld

    Although the USA has a separation of Church and state, the country has alway followed a Judaeo-Christian tradition based on the Old and New Testaments. Muslims have never been part of the American tradition, so why is the USA giving preference to Muslim immigrants over Christians? The EU is being flooded with Muslims coming from North African seeking to escape from the mess of the Arab Spring. There are 50+ Muslim countries including 24 Arab countries, and these countries should accept Muslims seeking asylum. Any Jew in the world can apply for asylum in Israel, and any Muslim should be able to seek asylum in another Muslim state.

  • If anyone still thinks that the US and European Governments will help so called religious “minorities” and yes Jews are in that category also in the Middle East,I am afraid that you are sadly mistaken.

    The secret wars of religious attrition started years ago.

    Ultimately you, the minorities, will be “resettled” this time perhaps not in the East!
    The final solution this time covertly proposed and not publicly admitted to by these Governments is to create a homogeneous religious population (Islam)around the Mediterranean (read Bat Ye Or).Islam and Sharia law does not favor a State with Western Democratic principles even though these new states try to convince the public at large that they will be following the principles of Democracy as we know them in the Western world.

    A territory with different religions is too hard to control(UN Agenda 21) thus Alawites, Yezidi, Christians must be eliminated by all means possible; famine, war,upheavals etc. The only real religion defending THE WEST and their democratic values will ultimately be Greek/Russian Orthodoxy that is why the West bombed Serbia into submission, created the Ukrainian conflict and economically brought the Greeks down.The Roman Catholic leadership is covertly Marxist and interested in hearing their voice in the UN next month.Jews are kept busy with the candy deal and nobody watches the backdoor through Turkey with IS supporters galore.

    Americans that accept the ‘sickening demagoguery in Obama’s speech at the American University in Washington DC where he equated the Iranian Death to America shouters to the Republican Caucus are beyond any help, especially if you are a Democrat voting Jew.Watch the Democratic Party Progressives slowly pushing Sharia law in the US over the next years.