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August 6, 2015 7:56 pm

The Moral Members of Congress Must Oppose the Iran Nuclear Deal

avatar by Ben Tzion Krasnianski

President Obama delivers his 2014 State of the Union address. Photo: Screenshot.

President Obama delivers his 2014 State of the Union address. Photo: Screenshot.

It’s a rare and historical event when the victor surrenders to the vanquished enemy, and it’s an even rarer event when the victor surrenders unconditionally.

We have been at war for 5775 years in a pitched battle between good vs. evil; truth vs. lies. Just when we are at the verge of victory, when evil is on the ropes and being treated like the pariah that it is, when the Arab world is repulsed by the unbridled evil unleashed by extremist Muslims in the name of Islam, when Iran is on the verge of bankruptcy, our representatives have projected weakness and shame while apologizing to the enemy.

We are tired of war, we are tired of fighting our diplomats declare; what other alternative do we have, they cry out, but to surrender to evil? Incredibly America has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

This is truly the stuff and the makings of a legacy. A thousand years from now historians will be wagging their heads in dismay and disbelief wondering whether this was the day that America lost its collective mind.

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Truth always wins out in the end, but truth needs a little help; it needs us to have the courage to stand up for it. To oppose Hitler in 1945 was no big deal, to visit a Holocaust museum today and to swear ‘never again’ doesn’t take a lot of wisdom or courage. To oppose Hitler in 1933 when things were fuzzy and blurry, even to stand up to Hitler in 1938, which could have saved the lives of 70 million people, that would have required courage and strength of character. Is there anyone today who doesn’t acknowledge the total debacle of America’s 1994 deal with North Korea? Hindsight is always 20/20.

To have signed a deal, however, in 1994 with North Korea with the full blown knowledge of what we know today in 2015 would be criminal and treasonous. Had Chamberlain signed the deal in Munich knowing what we know today, and to add insult to injury had he given Hitler $150 billion to help build his Nazi war machine, he would have been despised.

For America to make a deal with our implacable enemy while they are chanting ‘death to the USA’ – does anything more need to be said? Of course you make peace with your enemies not with your friends, but not if they remain your enemies. We have fallen so low that the United States didn’t even have the dignity to request and to insist on the release of the four Americans who are languishing in Iranian prisons.

I have one question to the very smart and sharp businessmen who were initially opposed to the deal and then, as a result of one political meeting with Administration officials, have come out in favor. Would you run your business this way, would you allow your own child to risk $1,000 based on some ’read my lips’ type of assurances; would you invest your hard earned dollars, would you endorse a trust fund based on politically motivated, glib and slippery half- truths?

When the people most affected by this deal, both Arabs and Jews, are shouting from the roof tops that this deal is dangerous, whom are you going to believe? Has everything become political? Have we stopped caring about anything? Does life means nothing, does truth mean nothing, does honor, and dignity mean nothing at all?

The world is not only shaking, the world is trembling to its core. Any politician involved in this treacherous treaty will not walk away unscathed, it will stain their political careers until the end.

In the annals of human history it’s hard to find a similar example of weakness parading as strength, treachery parading as breakthrough, and foolishness parading as cleverness.

What happens after year fifteen? Chairman Mao Zedong was once asked what he thought of the American Revolution. He responded that it’s too early to tell. The Jewish people are the most ancient people alive today, more than 3,800 years old; Persia is a thousand years younger. Fifteen years is a blink of an eye, and when the President will long be gone we will be left to pick up the pieces.

I credit the President with one genuine accomplishment. He has single handedly brought an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict. This deal with Iran is so egregious that he has driven Egypt and Saudi Arabia to unite with Israel in their opposition to Iran and the Shiite fundamentalists.

The skeptics argue that it’s a lost cause, so why protest? The fence sitters in Congress are debating whether to put politics over life, while every fiber of our beings and every bone in our bodies shouts out that this deal is evil plain and simple. Honestly it’s not too encouraging; what’s there to study? What’s there to deliberate? Any five year old child could clearly see that the emperor has no clothes.

Nevertheless, when it hurts, you cry out without any calculation only because it hurts so badly. When you’re in Sodom and Gomorrah you protest not because you have any hope of influencing and changing the mind of those who are way too far gone to the other side, but to ensure that you should not become corrupted as well.

Congress stands at a crossroads. We may dare say that this vote is one of the most important votes in American history. It will tell us all we need to know about what kind of country we are and what kind of country we have become. The Congressmen are the true representatives of ‘we the people of the United States of America.’ By both houses of the Congress resoundingly rejecting by a veto proof majority this reckless and dangerous deal engineered by the radical fringe of the Democratic Party, they will be redeeming our honor and the Democratic Party’s honor and the honor of Congress, which has been so shamefully trampled upon by this Administration by first taking the deal to the UN.

After the proverbial 120 years we all have to answer to a higher authority to the one vote that matters. Dear Congressmen and Congresswomen we beg you, redeem yourself with this one vote. Don’t let America give up the good fight. Perhaps this is your Divine mission, the one purpose why you were sent to Congress in the first place for this one fateful vote. We are watching, your voters are watching and the world is watching. May G-d bless these great United States of America.

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