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September 6, 2015 3:19 pm

Alan Dershowitz on Iran Nuclear Deal: ‘I’m Furious With President Obama’

avatar by Dovid Efune

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Harvard University law professor and best-selling author Alan Dershowitz. Photo: Facebook.

Harvard University law professor and best-selling author Alan Dershowitz. Photo: Facebook.

Long-time Democrat, Israel defender and famed law professor Alan Dershowitz told a synagogue audience on Saturday night that he was “furious” with President Obama over the Iran nuclear deal.

Speaking at Manhattan’s illustrious Park East Synagogue on the Upper East Side to a crowd gathered for the pre-high-holiday Selichot prayer service, Dershowitz implied he had been betrayed by the president he had formerly championed.

He recounted being invited to the Oval Office before Obama’s reelection in 2012, where the president had committed to being vigilant on the Iranian nuclear issue. Obama has now crossed many of his own red lines, said Dershowitz, who backed Obama in two elections.

The international law expert, who just published The Case Against the Iran Deal: How Can We Now Stop Iran from Getting Nukes? –– a book he completed in 11 days — went on to point out that not a single senator who announced support for the deal was of the opinion that it was a good agreement.

He also asserted that the P5+1 powers have entered into an as yet unseen secret side deal with Iran, which negates the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action’s central premise: that “Iran reaffirms that under no circumstances will Iran ever seek, develop or acquire any nuclear weapons.”

The former Harvard scholar said the deal was worse than Russian roulette, because there is a “more than a one-in-six chance under this deal that Iran will develop nuclear weapons.”

As someone who knows the Israeli prime minister, he insisted that Benjamin Netanyahu is “not going to preside over a second Shoah [Holocaust],” and if it came to the “terrible tragic choice” of allowing Iran to go nuclear or taking military action, the premier would chose the latter.

The current battle in Congress over the upcoming vote on the nuclear deal will by no means end the issue, Dershowitz added, saying, “The small battle has been lost; the big battle is just beginning.”

His remarks followed those of Park East’s senior rabbi, Arthur Schneier, who called for Jewish unity on the Iran issue in his annual “State of World Jewry” address, preceding the Selichot prayers. The prestigious gathering, led by Chief Cantor Yitzchak Meir Helfgot, has been described as “a major occasion for the city’s most prominent socialites, a must-attend event for the wealthy and powerful.”

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  • freedomlover


    What Pres. Obama does not want us to know: Iran’s Khamenei has just published a book confirming his supremacist ideology and laying out a strategic vision for achieving all his objectives.

    8-1-15 Iran’s Khamenei publishes a new book on how Iran will outwit and destroy US, destroy Israel, and more. His plans include destroying India and taking parts of China, Russia and Philippines for a Shia caliphate.

    8-2-15 Obama silent regarding Iran’s Khamenei’s new book describing his “caliphate” which requires destroying not just Israel. Iran’s caliphate “…. means India also must be wiped off the map. Parts of Russia must be under Muslim rule. Several European countries should not exist as such, and China can kiss good-bye nearly one-third of its land mass. Ditto for parts of the Philippines and Thailand.”

    8-2-15 Obama silent: Iran Promises to ‘Annihilate’ Israel in New Book

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vows to introduce ‘Israel fatigue’ to the world, drive out Israeli Jews through fear in new official publication.

    8-4-15 Has Obama read Khamenei’s new book? Khamenei confirms Iran’s “death to America” and “death to Israel” ideology and lays out strategic vision for its fulfillment.

    9-3-14 Khamenei’s new book: “…book not only makes clear the Palestinian people are to be returned to the land Israel now holds—a goal to be accomplished by that nation’s destruction—but it also mandates America’s destruction. President Obama may tell us the mullahs’ calls for “Death to America” are for domestic consumption only, but the book tells us Khamenei is a man with a plan to make the chant a reality.

    • Ray Arye Cohn

      I noticed, you like others,Steve B, being just one example, DON’T SUBMIT a REAL ALTERNATIVE!

      Unfortunately, I, a Sabra, born to German Jews, in October of 1945, in Tel Aviv, under what was then PALESTINE UNDER BRITISH MANDATE, need you RIGHT WING REPUBLICAN DEMAGOGUES to give us an ALTERNATIVE that is feasible and get the REAL SUPPORT of the American PEOPLE.


      It’s easy for the JEWISH RIGHT WINGERS, who usually are about 20 to 22 percent of the vote, but grow larger when Israel is threatened.

      Your problem is tat least two thirds and usually up to 80 percent of the Jews in the USA would not vote for Benjamin Netanyahu if the could vote in an Israeli election.

      I think the overwhelming majority of American Jews are in line on foreign policy/national security issues with what was the right wing of the LABOR COALITION.

      They were represented by such Israeli politicians/military heroes as Moshe Dayan and Yitzhak Rabin. My father was a banking official in wat was then Bank Yaphet and managed Dayan’s account and he was also involved in the account of Rabin.

      We immigrated to the USA in November of 1957 when I had just turned 12 and I became a naturalized US citizen in 1964 since I had to be 18 to do so.

      Actually, Obama, and I proudly worked in his re-election campaign — Obama
      for America in Las Vegas (OFA, followed the same policy EVERY PRESIDENT (Democrat or REPUBLICAN has since Lyndon B. Johnson).

      LBJ was for “RECOGNIZED and SECURE BOUNDARIES for ISRAEL. That is what the UN SECURITY COUNCIL, I believe it was RESOLUTION 242 adopted at LBJ’S INSISTENCE. THE ORIGINAL RESOLUTION after Israel’s victory in the SIX DAY WAR, sumbmitted by Israel’s enemies, including the Soviet Union called on Israel to WITHDRAW to the pre 1967 borders.

      LBJ said the USA would veto such a resolution. Every president since 1967 has adopted the :secure and recognized boundaries.” That includes Barack Hussein Obama. And its not an easy decision. Because if iran goes nuclear so will likely Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and probably Libya.

      You can demagogue this all you want, but was is your REAL ALTERNATIVE?

    • Dr David Uri

      So prof Dershowitz feels betrayed and is furious !!! It shows that even the celebrated intellectual Professor has fallen for the rhetoric and “dark” agenda of Hussein Obama and the Democrats. Even the celebrated Professor has either forgotten or ignored (at least on this occasion) the historical truism that “we are on our own and should ultimately trust no one”. The fact that he is by history and accident an American citizen is a mere temporary status in time. His ultimate loyalty and allegiance should be towards his own people of which he is a respected member.

  • Paul Winter

    Dershowitz should not be furious with Obama. He should instead be furious with himself for blinding himself to what was obvious to anyone not blinkered by ideology; Obama is an enemy of Israel, and enemy of the USA and an enemy of Western values and democracy. Obama’s only accomplishment is lying and anyone who thought otherwise after his 24 hour reversal on the indivisibility of Jerusalem – before he was elected – was fooling him or herself.

    So Alan baby, if you want to make amends, think of a good legal reason why Obama’s double cross of the US is illegal.

    • Peter

      The president has made a good deal. Any American who supports Nutteryahu against of their president is a traitor. Polls show most Americans including American Jews support the deal. You have lost get over it.

      • Sandy

        Your Mr. Obama is a traitor to the American people. Anyone with half a brain would not make a deal with a terrorist nation that has continued to threaten the very existence of both Israel and America. Since when can a nation such as Iran be trusted to abide any deal? Once they have our money in their hands the sky’s the limit for their terrorism.

      • freedomlover


        In the Obama Administration’s own words, terms it once said would constitute a good Iran deal, and what it is saying now. 1) On decoupling nuclear negotiations and sanctions relief on nonnuclear items. 2) On the possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear program and disclosure of past activities. 3) On shuttering the secret nuclear facility at Fordo. 4) On suspension of enrichment. 5) On ballistic missile development.

        The Iran Deal, Then and Now

        Jul 6, 2015 • By STEPHEN F. HAYES

        Link above for full report.

      • joseph truman

        It really isn’t a good deal. Giving Iran 150 billion dollars while they terrorize our allies is irrational. It isn’t as if they are buying off Iran, like they did with Sadam Hussein. P5+1 members are flocking to do business with Iran. Meanwhile there is growing boycott of Israel. It is so transparent.

        Disagreeing with the President is not being a traitor, it is being a Patriot. The Founding Fathers of America did not create a Democracy by agreeing with the English King. They overthrew tyranny so the the people can determine their own future through a Democratic process. It is our obligation to defend such freedom by never allowing someone to label it unpatriotic to have an opposing opinion. This is not Iran. Obama is not an anointed King. He was elected by the people for the people, and the people can impeach him if it comes to that.

        It will be most interesting to see who he goes to work for after he leaves office. I don’t think it will be a Jewish law firm!!

        • Ray Arye Cohn

          I noticed, you like others,Steve B, being just one example, DON’T SUBMIT a REAL ALTERNATIVE!

          Unfortunately, I, a Sabra, born to German Jews, in October of 1945, in Tel Aviv, under what was then PALESTINE UNDER BRITISH MANDATE, need you RIGHT WING REPUBLICAN DEMAGOGUES to give us an ALTERNATIVE that is feasible and get the REAL SUPPORT of the American PEOPLE.

          An invasion of Iran will require at least THREE MILLION AMERICAN TROOPS and $6 to $9 TRILLION. tHAT WOULD TAKE a NEW MILITARY DRAFT and HUGE TAX HIKE FOR EVERYBODY!

          It’s easy for the JEWISH RIGHT WINGERS, who usually are about 20 to 22 percent of the vote, but grow larger when Israel is threatened.

          Your problem is tat least two thirds and usually up to 80 percent of the Jews in the USA would not vote for Benjamin Netanyahu if the could vote in an Israeli election.

          I think the overwhelming majority of American Jews are in line on foreign policy/national security issues with what was the right wing of the LABOR COALITION.

          They were represented by such Israeli politicians/military heroes as Moshe Dayan and Yitzhak Rabin. My father was a banking official in wat was then Bank Yaphet and managed Dayan’s account and he was also involved in the account of Rabin.

          We immigrated to the USA in November of 1957 when I had just turned 12 and I became a naturalized US citizen in 1964 since I had to be 18 to do so.

          Actually, Obama, and I proudly worked in his re-election campaign — Obama
          for America in Las Vegas (OFA, followed the same policy EVERY PRESIDENT (Democrat or REPUBLICAN has since Lyndon B. Johnson).

          LBJ was for “RECOGNIZED and SECURE BOUNDARIES for ISRAEL. That is what the UN SECURITY COUNCIL, I believe it was RESOLUTION 242 adopted at LBJ’S INSISTENCE. THE ORIGINAL RESOLUTION after Israel’s victory in the SIX DAY WAR, sumbmitted by Israel’s enemies, including the Soviet Union called on Israel to WITHDRAW to the pre 1967 borders.

          LBJ said the USA would veto such a resolution. Every president since 1967 has adopted the :secure and recognized boundaries.” That includes Barack Hussein Obama. And its not an easy decision. Because if iran goes nuclear so will likely Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and probably Libya.

          You can demagogouge this all you want, but was is your REAL ALTERNATIVE?

    • Steve B.

      @Paul Winter
      Well said.

    • Truth

      Anti-semite Democrats rejoice! You have guaranteed the burning death of all Jews in a nuclear firestorm. Remember when the bombs start going off in 2 years, the Tea Party and conservatives tried to save you. RIP all Jews 2017. (Though Iran said they would hold off for 25 years before destroying Israel. Why wait when they can buy several nukes from Korea with 150 billion?) The Democrat KKK backing is alive and well again. Barry has condemned you all to death. Don’t want it to happen? You better get of your butts and go force the senators to declare this the treaty that it actually is before it is too late.

      • Ray Arye Cohn

        The so called “moderators” — a fine term for the CORPORATIST CENSORS — are SILENCING ME AGAIN!


        But I have been around — see previous FB posts for full details and that, unlike what most of you sleazy folks are doing, will let you fully judge my opinions and prejudices you thinK I have — and I will get my opinions out.One way or another.

        My question to all of you is WHAT IS YOUR ALTERNATIVE? Do you favor INVADING IRAN? Three million or more US troops and military personnel? A new military draft? A cost of $6 tO $9 TRILLION with a Huge Tax Hike for EVERYBODY?

        Of course, we also have to recognize what doing NOTHING will do. A nuclear Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and possibly Libya?

        The choice is difficult, but don’t blame it on Barack Hussein Obama. He has followed the same policy every US PRESIDENT since Lyndon B. Johnson. Israel must have “SECURE and RECOGNIZED BOUNDARIES.”

    • Tony

      Paul you said what I wanted to post when I read this article several days ago when there were no comments. I waited to see what the responses were and most of them have made the exact points I would have posted. I knew back before the first election when Obama distanced himself from his pastor that baptized his children. How many Jews would sit in synagogue and listen to the Rabbi disparaged the USA. They might make it through two services but by the third the Rabbi would be unemployed. I wonder if it was hubris on Mr. Dershowitz part that blinded him so he could sit with POTUS. Mr. Dershowitz has a fan club like Obama, and those fans can’t see his faults.

    • Paul you are right on. I used to be a big fan of Dershowitz and considered him one of our most articulate speakers. But after he helped get Obumbler elected twice I lost all respect for him. He is as two faced as any politician.

  • Laura Berman

    Sorry Mr. Dershowitz is so angry at our president.
    I understand his point of view. However, I disagree.
    I believe Israel will be safer with a deal that for the
    least will delay Iran’s neuclear aspirations. Without
    an agreement Iran will probably have the bomb in less
    than one year. Laura Berman

    • Jay aaron

      You’re blind faith statement that Israel will be safer with this deal is completely negated by if additional statement that this deal only delays iran from having a nuclear weapon. Do you think your children will be safer or your grand children will be safer by an iranwith nuclear weapons led by fundamentalist Iranian Mullas

    • Without money (i.e. all the sanctions we just took away) they can’t build anything…if we make the sanctions worse their government will one day collapse

    • Steve B.

      @Laura Berman
      I doubt that you would lend mpney to someone with a track record like Iran’s – duplicitous, breaks agreements, bent on your destruction.
      Lend money to a person whose history demonstrates that they will not repay you?
      But you want to give Iran the benefit of the doubt that they piny swear not to build a nuke?

    • Pat

      What is wrong with you supporters of this deal? It was kept secret from legislators as well as U.S. Taxpayers. Why hide anything if it’s so damn great?

      Now, as of today Iran said Israel will be off the map by its a destruction before 2025. Then, the deal says we the U.S. Agrees to fight Israel with Iran.

      All you libs who oppose war, you think this is ok? Fighting another war?

      Wake the hell up and realize you have an enemy as potus. He’s Muslim and hes fulfilling a promise.

    • Ray Arye Cohn

      But you are leaving out the key part. The fact of the matters is their NUCLEAR MAKING FACILITIES are just about all UNDERGROUND and DEEPLY EMBEDDED in MOUNTAINS.


      If you favor that have the BALLS to SAY SO. Cost? Three or more US TROOPS and PERSONNEL and this WILL REQUIRE a NEW MILITARY DRAFT. The financial expenditure is like $6 to $9 TRILLION. That means a HUGE TAX HIKE for EVERYONE.

      It’s easy to blame Obama. But don’t forget those who are doing so got us involved in the Wars in Iraq that STRENGTHENED the SHIITE TERRORIST GOVERNMENT in Tehran.

    • Adam

      If you read this, it seems that in practical real-world scenario, deal only extends break out time from 3 months to 5 months.

  • Dershowitz is a complete and total fraud. Like most American Jews has his head up his ass voting for the Muslim in the Whitehouse not once but twice.

    • stuart cooper

      excellent comment, The Jews who voted for Obama should be ashamed of themselves especially after his relationship with the Racist and anti Semite Reverend Wright was revealed.

  • salomon

    You should be furious with your fellow liberals Jews not with Obama…Your president is accomplishing his predictable game..With the support of the Democrát Jews. ..Alan Dershowitz are really so naive?

    • TANIA

      When you backed Obama twice I knew you were making a mistake. Why didn’t you, Mr Dershowitz?
      For a smart law professor to be taken in like that, I can only say liberalism was more important to you than common sense and the US’s and Israel’s fate.

  • Michelle Kravitz

    What I don’t understand about someone as brilliant as Alan Dershowitz is why he ever believed Obama in the first place and why he would back him in 2 elections. His behavior as a President has been extremely disappointing but not surprising to those of us who were paying attention before the first election.

  • Harvey Jacobson, Esq.

    Surely it is refreshing to hear a man like Alan Dershowitz

    Esq. admit his error in supporting Barry Obama ! On the other hand, one wonders that with tons of evidence having been shown about our Socialist,Islamist,Faux Christian, anti-Semitic, anti-American President——how in Gods’ name—–did a highly intelligent man allow himself to be fooled for so long ???

  • Elle

    Obama’s actions have been entirely predictable to anyone who paid attention to his upbringing and associates, including-but not limited to-Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Bill Ayers and his Muslim father, step father and Muslim education.
    Mr.Dershowitz allowed his Democrat Party bias to obscure his usually good judgment.

  • Leonard S. Feinman

    I can appreciate the remarks Mr. Dershowitz has made. I supported President Obama’s bid for office as well. That was then, and was based on promises made up till that time. During the second term, it became clear that Obama was changing his tine and looking at things contrary to my beliefs in this country.

    Mr. Dershowitz missed an opportunity last week. Powerful holdout on the decision was in the hands of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The longer she held out support for the deal, it became apparent she would support it. Last week, she addressed her followers, along with Vice President Joe Biden, who, using simplistic terms, explained why this “Deal” was a good idea. She sat just to his right hand. If Mr. Dershowitz had been there, there might have been a challenge to his words. This would have been his perfect opportunity to tell us all just how angry he is. And people respect his word, more than a simple politician.
    Mr. Dershowitz has the perfect intelligence to understand what is going on. He is very well respected in the Jewish community. He is also an avowed Democrat. I think his words would have been heard at that meeting. So, I for one, am angry he did not appear, to voice his own disapproval.

  • Jim VanTassel

    Doesn’t anyone see the ruse that Obama is orchestrating? His goal is to leave Israel out high and dry and expose them to the threats from Iran. Meanwhile, he comes out smelling like a rose, because he just wants to make peace. I’m not Jewish, but even I can see an anti Semite when I see one. Wake up. There will be a war and it will be because of Obamas snake in the grass policies.

  • Mike Schwarzer

    Sad to see the level of Zionist infiltration, in both partier. The ‘No’ voters will be marked men. The US is not a puppet of Israel, and the voters will have something to say about that. The republicans clearly have demonstrated they have learned nothing and are happy to frame the next war.

    • Leon

      Mike, the last I heard the American public was 64% against this “deal. The Republicans clearly are with the people while the Dems don’t care about anything but proping-up their faltering leader. People be damned; the only thing that counts is Obama’s legacy, getting election funds from the party, and getting re-elected.
      Just kick the can down the road. The stupid electorate won’t remember how this happened. The media will cover their behinds. And that can will surely explode in our faces.

      • Leon


  • Robert Lubowitz

    b.o. has secured his place as the worst U.S.President ever. The damage he has done to America’s reputation world-wide may be irreversible. There is not a country on this Earth that respects the USA any longer. Putin and his ilk know we have a “leader” that will tolerate any outrageous action. b.o. has demonstrated his not so latent anti-Semitism at every opportunity. b.o. giving Israel Iron Dome and “Bunker Bombs” is like asking Prime Minister Netanyahu to shake hands with a leper; the only difference is that someone afflicted with that terrible disease did not seek it out. b.o. was suckled at the teat of the venomous Reverend Wright and America’s “liberal”Jews should have known better than to support him. This “deal” w/Iran is Munich x infinity and must be stopped at all cost.

  • He just changed my Mind about opposing it , Since he just a Big Scumbag !

  • HaroldT38

    Well Alan, what are you doing about the Jewish senators that back Obama ?

  • Bruce Waxman

    Dershowitz expertise is U.S. constitutional law and criminal law, not international law, although he may fancy himself as an expert on many things.

  • Marion Abramowitz

    Dershowitz being surprisingly betrayed. Wow! Why should he feel surprised? With all due respect to Mr Dershowitz a constitutional scholar, hasn’t he seen the President ignore the boundaries of the Executive Branch in total contempt of Congress and the will of the Nation. Oh, that’s just politics say some Democrats. Mr Dershowitz should not have needed another term of Obama to see his level of betrayal, treacherous The President has misstated issues over and over in both domestic and foreign affairs, this time the Iranian Deal affects the survival of Israel, Christianity and perhaps survival of Western Civilization.
    We as a nation, have been made unduly vulnerable due to the likes of Mr Dershowitz and many others. When Mr Dershowitz had the opportunity to have an impact, the 2012 election he was mute, I guess most of Pres Obamas policies up to that period must have been good for our nation. Yes, we do agree The Iran Deal is a catastrophe.

  • Richard Davison

    are we supposed to respect the opinion of a man who got O.J. off on a murder charge?


      This comment is unfair. It was his duty as a defense lawyer to do the best he could for O.J. Guilty or not. Just unfortunate that the D.A. did a poor job.

  • Lou Adams

    Great support putting a gun to our heads, defend it time and time again then claim betrayal, i don’t even want to say I told you so to the leading defender of israel with his lips on obama’s ass.


    for sure we are not allowed a new shoah

  • Michael Mann

    Worse than no deal, this deal is in fact a smokescreen behind which Iran will acquire nuclear weapons either sooner by cheating or later with P5+1 imprimatur.
    In the present it will result in unfrozen cash and the conventional weapons embargo bolstering Hezbollah and other Iranian proxies.
    Since Syria is the source of most of the region’s displaced people, the deal will guarantee illegal migration to Europe for years to come as Iran continues to destabilize the Middle East. That’s the price the Europe will pay for colluding on this deal.
    The ultimate in venality is that the U.S. is now partnered with the planet’s most homophobic, misogynist, racist state.

    • Ray Arye Cohn

      Why don’t you offer a REAL ALTERNATIVE. Assuming the censors will finally publish them, they should be up soon. If not they are in FB posts over the last month or so.

  • willy epstein

    the democrats knuckle under to this, in my opinion, racist anti-Semite, because they do not want to be labeled racists. so they, especially jewish congressman, vote for this Neville chamberlain accord.
    Obama is adept at playing the race card to get his way.
    we will take the words of terrorist and rely on them to inspect their own sites and report back to us?????????
    who are the “crazies” now.
    what about the four Americans held hostage in iran?

  • Michael OConnor

    I do not understand why so many Democrats along with the P5+1 are Deaf Dumb and Blind to this deal, when so many politicians as well as the aforementioned are HELL BENT on doing this crazy deal with the most notorious evil country in the world, this is beyond anything i have ever come across in my lifetime, we are gaining nothing and giving everything have these people gone MAD.

  • avi leiman

    God bless you, Alan Dershowitz.

  • same old bs from dershowitz

  • Larry

    Alan D. can go and suck Obama’s big, big black cuckaloo

  • andy

    Mr. Dershowitz

    You voted twice for Obama and for years you have shown your total support for your president. Millions of us saw even before the elections how un-trustworthy this man is. At the 2008 AIPAC Convention he gave his full support for Jerusalem promising to make it the permanent capital of Israel, for eternity. Within 24 hours he rescinded his public statement. This man destabilized the entire middle east and cow towed to the muslim world. This is the liar that you supported. Now you object to the Iran deal. Most of us have been afraid of the passage of this agreement but do not have the forum that you do. Where have you been for the last year and why are you still supporting this president? Why did you not speak out and why are you still supporting Obama?

    • Freedomlover

      Thank you for bringing up what those of us not blinded by Obama in 2008 knew: he lied at AIPAC regarding Jerusalem being united, said it should be united to AIPAC audience and next day in media, and after that before all Muslim audiences, said the opposite.

      Hope you archived some of the articles that covered the flip-flop at the time, or can do a search and fine at least one or two.

      Prof. Dershowitz needs to make a full mea culpa for his blind Obama sycophancy. His appearance at Park East synagogue is not sufficient.

  • Peter Katz

    I’ll take the thoughts of the Ex head of Mossad and Colin Powell when it comes to matters of security and nuclear proliferation over those of a Harvard Law professor any day.

    Call Dershowitz if you want a criminal defense, hang up the phone if it’s about nuclear weapons.

  • Ilbert Phillips

    President Obama is a man of his word. He promised change (without defining it) and Mr. Dershowitz bought it. The president believes that he was “vigilant on the Iran issue.” He looked at it very carefully and thought that rather than have no agreement at all (meaning that rather than enforcing current treaty to which Iran is a party where it promised not to develop nuclear weapons) he would give Iran an opportunity to violate a new agreement (without a realistic method to verify if Iran is keeping its promise) with a $150 billion payment to Iran. He thought it to upsetting to get Iran to agree not to support terrorists in its proxy war against the United States and Israel.

  • All due respect Professor Dershowitz didn’t Obama’s friendship with the Rev. Wright give you a clue that he was anti-Semitic? I am Jewish and I knew he was dangerous.Please use some of your anger for the treacherous Jewish Senators. They received foreign money.

  • Tony craig

    Too little, Too late!! Dershowitz and Ed Koch at the time motivated American Jews to vote for Obama, not once but twice!! As a Canadian Jew I was tearing my hair out not believing how two supposedly “smart”Jewish leaders could be hoodwinked by Obama. Elie Wiesel, also was apparently fooled by Obama. Why could these men not see Obama’s goal, his history, his friends (Jeremiah Wright Khalidi etc.? Why could they not see that his legacy was not to do good for America and possibly the Jews but his legacy was to promote Islamism and the minimization of Jewish power in the world. It boggles the mind that a supposed “scholar” like Dershowitz feels betrayed by Obama.

  • robert davis

    It was absurd from the start to put one’s faith in a liar such as Obama who lied all of his life to get what he wants and what he wants is to show how a skinny moslem negro can bring America and Israel to its knees. Dershowitz played with fire and now he finally understands it! Likewise for all those democrat senators who support Obama just to keep their privilèges which they will lose faster than they think. Opportunism does not pay off every time.They will be held personnally responsible for the consequences as well and held to account not just by History but also by present populations.

  • All due respect Professor Dershowitz, didn’t Obama’s friendship with Rev. Wright give you a clue that he was anti-Semitic? I am Jewish and I knew he was dangerous. Please use your anger on our Jewish Senators. Traitors! Taking money from foreign sources.

  • Arthur T. Dallas

    Alas, but there is no Israeli monolith on this Iranian deal issue; Herein I address the weekend TV Leon Charney Report featuring one of Israel’s top security advisors, Helit Barel, who advocates for a more pragmatic view by Israel on the Geneva agreement; i.e., “It would be premature at this stage to call the agreement a fatal mistake. One would have to wait until the process of the pending negotiations develops in order to make such an assessment.” Then too, we must account for numerous Jewish Congressional John Kerry supporters, PLUS the UN’s overwhelming approval. Those in opposition may ultimately be correct, but at this incipient phase, objectors, regrettably, find themselves very much alone. I feel strongly that the prime motivation here is the promise of vast financial opportunity by those endorsing this P5+1 agreement, much like the Administration’s Cuban gamble. The US got nothing up front for opening relations with the gangster regime, so it appears obvious that something else was the actual driving force to reestablishing former ties and that seems to be commercial ($) trade.

    Respectfully submitted,

    • joseph truman

      Mr. Dallas,

      I think you are exactly correct: this deal was made by the P5+1 for financial/commercial reasons. One should boycott the products of those companies dealing with Iran.

      I also think the nuclear issue is just a cover up to make giving 150 billion dollars to Iran palatable to the American people and other nations.

  • Jan

    I wonder if Dershowitz is also furious with the significant number of former Israeli intelligence and foreign policy officials who publicly stated that they backed the deal and that Israel could live with the deal. I wonder if he is furious with the heads of Jewish organizations, including former AIPAC director, Tom Dine, who placed a full page ad in the New York Times supporting the deal. Is he furious with the 29 top American nuclear scientsts who have also publily supported the Iran deal?

    • Adam

      These Israeli intel figures of whom you speak stated that they back the deal because it is a “fait accompli” and not fighting it would “restore trust and reinforce security and diplomatic cooperation with the American administration.”

      That’s not truly “backing” the deal. It’s fear that in criticizing the deal, they will worsen Israel’s security by further hurting its relationship with the United States.

    • Adam

      Also, Jan,

      The 29 “experts” to which you referred signed a text by their colleague, R Scott Kemp, which was an exercise in extreme salesmanship and cited no actual facts in support. It referred to the deal as “unprecedented” and having “more stringent constraints” when every expert for-or-against deal knows that this is not true, and arrangements with Libya & South Africa were WAYYY more stringent.

      Kemp also showed his tendency in extreme salesmanship by telling twitter “I would only move to Israel if the #IranDeal were implemented. Without it, life would be terrifying!”

  • Rosieo

    HEY Alan,
    you voted for it, you empower tyranny and oppression then wonder why you have to live under tyranny and oppression! all the history jews rightfully hold onto and MOST don’t even notice that they (among many other religious people) vote against their own values!

  • Steven Katz

    Prof Dershowitz has now learned the lesson that is taught in (our) Jewish liturgy – “put not your trust in princes, in mere mortals”,

    We can only trust G-d to be unwaveringly true to His word.

    Israel (similarly) cannot trust anyone but G-d, and must not kowtow to the demands of a world gone mad, and must follow the words of G-d for the safety of Jews in Israel and worldwide.

  • Paul Kessler

    Since Obama came to power every action or pronouncement has been anti Israel, especially on the Palestine issue where he has always espoused the Arab position. Of course when he was lying to Jewish audiences that he supports Israel. One needed to only read his “Dreams from my Father” to know he disdains what America stands for and prefers Muslim Brotherhood.
    He negotiated the Iran deal for their side. It is his way of destroying Israel as he knows the American people will not support a direct American attack or policy. Shame on the CAPO Jews who to this day support this anti-semite, anti-American.

  • Shelly

    Perhaps Mr. Dershowitz should rethink who he supports in future elections. It seems that the Republicans have demonstrated their support of Israel time and again and the Democrats, although in the past were friends, now seem to be political sycophants and support the President without knowing or caring what in in this agreement.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Dershowitz is the weakest of Jews famous for Drivel and Ranting but no strength.

    He said he would defend Hitler because everyone is entitled to a defense.

    We got the Holocaust because he like so many other Jews are so pathetically weak instead of being strong and proud.

    If Jews had not voted for Obama he wouldn’t have been elected the first time, let along twice.

    Jews who don’t care about Israel and blame the Jews for the Arab problem are the real problem and it won’t stop.


    bravo mr. Dershowitz thi from former inmate auschwitz 38526.we’ll survive this Dthis one too

    • Susan

      In memory of my father Shlomo-Meyer who survived the horrors of Dachua an evil is upon Germany. Every refugee in turmoil is coming to the ‘pure’ people. Israel will figure it out with Iran.

  • Wyn Harter

    It seems to have taken an awfully long time for many to see the ‘harm’ to Israel the presidents brings to surface in this dangerous bill….joining an enemy that is recorded as declaring the destruction of our friend
    Israel is now an anathema to this nation. God have mercy on the United States, for the president has poked
    his finger in God’s eye. It is too late for America to

    ‘simply said’

  • Jeff Saddlemire

    Professor Satan will deceive even you!

  • Francis Figliola

    Why can’t I read the 50 comments?

  • Francis Figliola

    Addendum: In addition, Mr. Dershowitz should have factored into his support for Mr. Obama the associations Obama had developed over a long period of time. They are four “reverends”: Sharpton, Jackson, Wright, and Farrakhan! All are Jew and race baiters. Sharpton is on speed dial at the WH!

  • Francis Figliola

    It is a sorry fact that Mr. Dershowitz supported Mr. Obama in two elections without any more information on Mr. Obama’s background than I had, which was either sequestered from view or negative, and questionable at the very least. His two books only showcased Obama’s lack of bona fides. Pure fluff. Ed Klein’s “The Amateur” was prescient and a primer for Obama’s subsequent maladroit, incompetent bumbling!

  • Fred Ward

    But gee, Al, when we told you he was and anti-American, anti-Semitic communist, you said we were a bunch of ignorant racists. I sure hope we don’t see a mushroom cloud over Jerusalem because of your thick headed partisanship.


    graet comment

  • Emanuel

    Be more ashamed at the race war soros is funding at home killing cops and black people and the fact that the whole continent of Africa is burning he’s a loser and a waste of space probably not american either.

  • Bernice Pattow

    Alan Dershowitz might be a good lawyer, but he for sure is a lousy politician..(Re:Obama!~Dershowitz did WHAT????

  • Fay Shatzkin (I prefer to see my name as Ms Fay.

    Thank you and than you again.

  • I agree totally with Alan .
    I never expected anything good. I hope that we are able to overcome this very difficult time with the help of Hashem.
    Shalom from Rav Di Mauro

  • Ray Arye Cohn

    What Alan Dershowitz — like many critics of the deal — DON’T OFFER is a REALISTIC ALTERNATIVE.

    The nuclear making facilities in Iran are pretty much UNDERGROUND and/or are DEEPLY EMBEDDED in mountains. So realistically, the ONLY SURE WAY to PREVENT IRAN from HAVING NUCLEAR WEAPONS is to INVADE that COUNTRY.

    Given that Iran is THREE TIMES the size of IRAQ and our experience in invading and keeping ORDER in a short term occupation of such a MIDDLE EAST COUNTRY it would take at least 3 million American troops and probably more. This would take a NEW MILITARY DRAFT.

    Such a military adventure would cost at least $6 TRILLION and probably more than $9 TRILLION. This would make a HUGE TAX HIKE NECESSARY.

    This is why such as a great general — as Colin L. Powell — has said President Barack Hussein Obama’s nuclear deal is the best possible.

    But let’s make no mistake — I am an October 1945 native of Tel Aviv, a naturalized US citizen since 1964, a retired political reporter (see previous posts on Facebook for details)– letting Iran have NUCLEAR WEAPONS will be costly. Countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Libya will like GO NUCLEAR.

    But PROFESSOR DERSHOWITZ — unless you come up with a REASONABLE ALTERNATIVE, I and most Americans will NOT LISTEN to YOU!

  • Joseph Feld

    The Alm-ghty told Abraham, you are above the stars and the normal laws of history, lest we forget ‘Put not your faith in Presidents nor your trust in princes . . . .The Guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.’ The P5+1 can rise and fall but they cannot defeat Divine Providence. If the Senators do not act, salvation will come from elsewhere and they will be remembered for their failure. We should remember the Book of Esther and Haman in Iran of old.

  • Arthur Cohn

    I’m glad that Prof. Dershowitz has finally realized what a liar Obama is. A man who will say any lie that wIll advance his agenda.


    Rarely we can find a “Pen” that can write about the future …. and in the present plenty of “Erasers” trying to scrub the past for their own political advantages! Iran WAS, IS and with Mesbah Yazdi and Ali Jaafari will continue to be a TERRORIST state linked to narco-terrorist organization such as the ndrangheta and los zetas in Mexico.

    Classifying ‘ndrangheta and the drug cartels they control in the same manner as al-Qaida, the Taliban or Hezbollah would make them a higher priority for law enforcement agencies and would subject them to counter-terrorism laws that target their finances and networks worldwide.

  • I told A.D. a few weeks ago that he woke up to the real Obama too late, as did all the American Jews. The Jewish Democratic politicians, at least most of them, will support Obama because of party loyalties and for fear of being told they have dual-loyalties. The Jews haven’t learned that we must look after each other before we worry about the goyim.

  • Mordecai Ben Natan

    Why have so many senators supported Obama on this deal?
    Are they crazy? Or do they vote with their mids closed,but support the Dems, no matter what.
    Time for Americans to vote for a person, not the party.
    What would they do, if Stalin or Hitler, was standing for USA President and acted in this manner?How any Jew could support this deal, which is giving the evil of all evil nations,Iran, the support to destroy Israel and cause another holocaust. and they were members of the Dems? Would they vote for him?

  • Irmgard Gesund

    Sooner or later all the adoring Jewish supporters of Obama will be forced to realize that they have been played for fools by the man who hated them and has arranged their demise. History repeats itself and laughs at the sick joke. May G-d yet have mercy for the righteous remnant in Israel.

  • Pj doherty

    There must be legal recourse to Obamas
    Ill conceived actions. I can not believe that
    This is a zero sum game. There has to be recourse
    For an outlaw president.

  • mattis kantor

    The Iranian ‘deal’ (‘surrender’) is, at the very best, based on mind-boggling naivete.
    A naivete comparable only, to the support of Obama for a second term. (How could anyone not have seen the patent pathological side to Obama’s numerous untruths.)
    Mr. Dershowitz now suffers from the result of his prior naivete. Unfortunately the suffering from the naivete of the ‘deal’ looms as an incomparably huge suffering.

  • Charles D Coleman

    I am happy that someone of Dershowitz’s reputation has come out against the Iran nuclear treaty. Not only have our politicians betrayed the people of Israel, but all of the people of the United States. I regard these politicians as the scum of the earth and totally undeserving of any respect or deference. No decent human in this country who has any regard for life and the security of Israel will ever tolerate any more excuse these jackals put forward. Perhaps they should all go to Israel at gunpoint and live in a country that has a constant fight to ensure it’s survival.

  • Uncle Sam

    A.D. supported Obama through two elections and then feels betrayed? What’s his opinion of the constitutionality of the Obamacare personal mandate? What’s his opinion of Obama’s oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution? What’s his opinion of Bill Ayers, Rashid Khalili, or Reverand Wright? Even Queen Elizabeth is warning of the threat of radical Islam to the world.

  • Francis Hunter

    when Bad Deals are made with Bad People
    the result is Disastrous.

  • Leonard Bustin

    f you re-frame Obama as an Islamist, the Iran deal makes sense.

  • Leonard Bustin

    Iran is so blatant with their anti-Israel and anti West behavior with a national holiday for each; Death to America Day and a Death to Israel Day each year that it has nothing to do with Iran but everything to do with Obama who is an Islamist traitor. Two weeks ago, he intervened for the Palestinian Authority in court against a claim they terrorized and murdered Americans. He secretly arranged an exchange of 5 Taliban commanders for a US deserter. He knows Iran will continue to fund terror but he releases money to them anyway. He is a traitor. There is no other explanation.

  • David Hes

    Obama has failed civilization by allowing Iran to squeeze the life out of America and the west. it has given Iran the means to strike Israel and the USA and Europe with a terror that is unimaginable. Obama’s legacy may well be a Third World War.

  • Max Genghis Cohen

    Alan Dershowitz continues to be a testament to the the power of intellectual delusion. His I.Q. cannot curb his inexhaustible fantasy of socialistic virtues from Democrats. Only delusion can account for his support of Obama in two presidential elections. How many more like Dershowitz can Israel and the Jewish world withstand?

  • David

    I read that Obama looked Dershowitz in the eye and made a promise which he broke.

    I couldn’t stop laughing. Obama made a promise to the American People to uphold the US Constitution and as an aside, it would be assumed that he is a fiduciary for the American People.

    He has been a total unmitigated disaster and has largely trashed the US Constitution.

    That doesn’t bother Dershowitz?

    He has spent money like it’s water and has no demonstrated that he has no concern for the American People, its values and traditions.

    That doesn’t bother Dershowitz?

    He has wracked up a National Debt which will be impossible for our children and our childrens’ children to pay down or live with.

    That doesn’t bother Dershowitz?

    What Dershowitz is mad about is that Obama lied to him, not that he lied to the American People!

    Dershowitz should return to his Ivory Cloud.

  • martin

    May I presume to comment. The decision to be made is approve the deal or do not approve the deal. Let me speak about how to make a decision under uncertainty.

    About the Iran deal, listen, I don’t care about the details, about the inspections; I don’t care about who may cheat or lie, I don’t care about how many centrifuges Iran has; I don’t care about the 140 billion Iran will get; I don’t care about “snap-backs”, and so forth. I don’t care about any term or condition in the deal as negotiated. All I care about is the risk and regret of having made the wrong decision!

    A decision has to be made. A decision –if rational –is made with a rule. That is, how should one make a rational decision? The rational rule is so to decide such that the regret of having made the wrong decision is a minimum–hopefully — zero. That depends on the level of risk you are willing to assume in the event you made the wrong choice and have regrets.

    Example. Your pretty 5 year old granddaughter is standing at the curb with you. You want to cross the street. She begins to step off the curb to walk across. Many people cross all the time against traffic with no problem. No big deal. They assume they will make it to the other side, and they usually do, with no regret, . Now let us assume the risk is only one in a million chance that she will be run over. Since the probability of getting run over is so small, virtually impossible, why not let her cross? Will you let her proceed or do you grab her hand and pull her back.

    There’s no way in hell you will let her cross–even if the risk is one in a trillion–or a quadrillion– or a googolplex — so even a virtually impossible occurrence of harm is a risk you absolutely will not take – she does not cross, period!. Had you let her cross and she is harmed would you have regrets? Not letting her cross your regret is zero

    Now to Iran. What the worst –absolutely the worst -event that could happen. What risk are you willing in assume? Suppose Iran does gets a bomb, it’s probable and if the risk, say, is Tel Aviv is vaporized in 24 hours sometime within the next 5 -10-15 years — are to you willing to take that risk? If you don’t care about the risk — that that risk – or worse – is not that important to you, then approve the deal. No tears later, please. If the risk is too great, and the deal is not approved, you have minimized regret to zero — for now!

  • Well, you voted for him. Why, I’ll never understand. Now we are left to pray for Israel’s safety. Iran made it abundantly clear during the “negotiations” its plans to destroy Israel & the USA.

  • Steven Zwillman

    Dershowitz sounds like Cornel West.Another nothing “betrayed” by the President. This may not be “good for the Jews”, but it’s good for the world. If Netanyahu so.much as touches Iran, Russia will incinerate Israel

  • ART

    I salute Prof Dershowitz but wonder what took him so long. Looking at Obamas advisors,Rashid Khalidi, Powers, Freeman, Malley, Rice, Wright, Ayers etc his hatred for Israel and Jews was/is obvious. Obama has spent most of his administartion undermining Israel. The shame is that the Jewish community has been so caught up in its delusions that he has gotten away with it. Time for American Jews to wake up. We have to unify and block Obama from further attacks against Israel

    • Ray Arye Cohn

      Tell us what is “your alternative”?

      Invade Iran?

      You need — based on our experience in Iraq that greatly strengthened the TERRORIST SHIITE REGIME in TEHRAN — three or more US troops and military personnel and $6 to $9 TRILLION.

      This would require a NEW MILITARY DRAFT and a HUGE TAX HIKE for EVERYBODY.

      Unless you offer an alternative to the Iran deal that you say is so bad, we should not consider your criticism.

      It’s as simple as that.

  • steven L

    Dear Alan,

    The only red lines the president has are ALL TRANSPARENT.
    Just like his administration!!!
    He owns the Muslim tsunami that is invading Europe even if Bush II initiated the 2nd Iraqi war.

  • enufizenuf

    How come only we mouth-breathing Neanderthal right-wing Jews knew that in his second term the dope head, afro-centric, crypto-muslim socialist creep in the Oval Office would do everything in his power to screw Israel? We must really be stupid or something. Over the last seven years Jews who worship the Democrat Party have all proven themselves as dumb and gullible as Charlie Brown who keeps going to kick the football which Lucy pulls away. Look what you have done to your Jewish brethren in Israel! You are a bunch of foul, deluded lunatics!

  • You have no credibility Alan. Twice you told us how great Obama would be for Israel, and twice you voted for him. Obama is Vichy and you are Vichy’s Gertrude Stein.

  • Irving D. Cohen

    As usual, Alan Dershowitz has shown himself to be very consistent and still possessed of the tremendous intelligence that brought him to the fore among the best legal minds in the country.

  • nelson marans

    I am surprised that Professor Dershowitz did not realize what President Obama’s views on Israel were beforehand. Mentored by virulently anti-Israel Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Rashid Khalidi, now the holder of the Edward Said chair at Columbia University, many observers knew from the start that Obama was bad news for Israel.

  • Mr Glenn A Altman

    If the “side deal” is secret, and “as yet unseen” how does Professor Dershowitz know that it ” . . . negates the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action’s central premise: . . . ” or, is he just guessing? I know of no one who supports the agreement because it is perfect, but, rather, because it is better than the current alternatives . . . war. As far as I know, the agreement does not keep the Israeli Prime Minister from doing whatever he believes is in the best interest of the country he was chosen to govern, but he was not chosen to govern The United States.
    And, as much as I admire, enjoy and like Prof. Dershowitz, he was not elected to govern either country.
    Few agreements, or laws are passed in Israel or the United States with the 100% agreement of everyone, legislators, or citizens. I’m not even certain whether any Prime Minister has ever been chosen with 100% agreement of the Israeli population. I also admire and like Prime Minister Netanyahu, however, many in his own country disagree with him.

    If Professor Dershowitz believes that his support of President Obama during his campaigns for election and re-election, somehow granted him (Professor Dershowitz) absolute final right to approve all bills, treaties or other decisions, he needs to reread the U.S. Constitution. I am certain, that in his long and distinguished careers as an attorney, professor, political advisor, etc. etc., he has later discovered that he has changed his opinion based upon facts come to light after he had formed his initial opinion. Perhaps his ire is overstated and premature or, perhaps, merely the result of personal pique.

  • While I agree with Alan Dershowitz’ unhappiness with Obama, I’m surprised at his disappointment with same. The President is to put it bluntly a wimp. Anyone who is surprised by this hasn’t followed his presidency. Obama’s watchword is this: “I appease whenever I can.” This is worse than Chamberlain, who appeased because he thought he had no other choice.

  • michelle kahn

    Be’ezrat HaShem the Jewish nation worldwide is protected and the Holy Land is guarded by the guardian of Israel WHO never slumbers nor sleeps.

  • Diane Hewitt

    The way I heard it, there was no mere implication that Obama had lied out right to Dershowitz – it was made very clear that on more than one occasion he had done just that.

  • dante

    the very smart and very great attorney, Alan Dershowitz, allowed himself to be deceived by obama. if Dersh had applied any of the intelligent skepticism that he routinely applies to a problem to the administration’s position on iran, he would have known what obama had in mind.

    Dersh was flattered that he had “face time” with obama and allowed himself to be charmed, misled, by obama. and, one can say in Dersh’s defense (?), that he didn’t think that obama was capable of such mendacity. surprise. surprise. fasten your seat belt, Dersh, there’s more where that came from.

  • Jack Nisen

    Well Dersh, you bought the snake oil, now drink it. How did you get to be so successful being the dupe that you clearly are?

    • Ray Arye Cohn

      You Republicans keep calling us “dupes’ and you have the CORPORATE CENSORS — AKA “moderators” help you.

      But just in case, they let us “critics” ask LEGITIMATE QUESTIONS for once, here are some key ones:

      1. Under what administration did 9/11 occur?

      2. Who receive an Aug. 6, 2001 CIA memo saying, “Bin Laden Determined to Strike Within the USA” and did nothing, refusing to end his vacation and those of his key NATIONAL SECURITY/FOREIGN POLICY AIDES?

      3. Who was the head of the George Walker Bush Counter Terrorism Task Force — and despite repeated warnings from Richard Clarke, who monitored al Qaeda for Republican Presidents Ronald Wilson Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush and Democrat William Jefferson Clinton — did not convene that panel until 9/10? Hint his initials RBC. And I call him Tricky Dickey II.

      4. Why would George II and Tricky Dickey II not testify before the 9/11 Commission unless they were allowed to TESTIFY TOGETHER and — even more revealing — NOT UNDER OATH?

      5. Why did the panel CAVE INTO THEM and gave them EVERYTHING THEY SOUGHT?

      6. If this is not a COVER-UP, nothing is. Can anybody dispute this?

  • Melvin Shapiro

    Why is it that so many Jews think that Obama is The Next Coming? Why is it so many Jews could not see what Hitler had in mind for them …. in the 30s?! Why did so many Jews support FDR while he arranged for the round-up and deportation of so many Jews from South America … sent back to Germany for extermination in exchange for American Hostages? Why do so many Jews identify with the Democrat Party… in spite of the fact they were the core of the KKK?

    I do not get it.

    • Ray Arye Cohn

      I knew the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Kitchen Cabinet member, Edward F. Pritchard,Jr. who was involved in that decision. Unfortunately, Republican Jews have for years LIED and DISTORTED FDR’s position on this.

      “Pritch” has repeatedly said FDR did not let Jews in ships to New York enter the US because he feared it would generate a backlash that WOULD PREVENT the USA from entering World War II.

      Pritch was NOT JEWISH, but he was the LAW CLERK for one of the FIRST JEWS on the US Supreme Court, Felix Frankfurter.

      Think FDR’s fears were unjustified? A Catholic priest from Louisiana, who was an anti war ISOLATIONIST and an OUTRIGHT ANTI-SEMITE had an audience of 36 million people. You know how large that was in the 1930s?

      In fact, I attended a lot of parties that Pritch was at. And he loved to tell a story that he swears was true.

      On the day FDR gave his OK to supply England with the ships under the “Land Lease Agreement,” according to Pritch, Roosevelt had both sides come in.

      First, came the opponents and they argued that this would involve us in a major war with very bad consequences. FDR told them, “I couldn’t agree more.”

      Then the pro Land Lease people came in and said, if we don’t help Great Britain, we will have to fight German Nazis on US soil. FDR said, “I couldn’t agree you more.”

      Finally, Pritch, said Eleanor Roosevelt came in and said, “Franklin, shame of you. How could you?” And FDR replied, “Eleanor, I couldn’t agree with you more.”

  • How can you trust Barack Obama’s don’t have a sneaky deal with the Iranian’s? When Obama held an 8mos affair with my wife who’s remarried now with our two teenage kids, but from Oct 2001 – June 2002 he was regularly sneak over to my home about 20 blocks from his home, wait until I
    left out for work and slither into bed with my wife and two toddler! Sounds
    absurd? I have proof and he’s no dam God, not God sent just a man with too much power.

    My wife would hide our home video camera and record them having mad sex, I possess the aftermath of her failed attempt to delete copy of their last night together. A full 90 minutes digital media of Barack Obama behaving lewd and lasciviously in the presence of toddlers and another adults who are supposed to be upholding the law. For over the last 13 years I’ve been
    subjected to endless threats, attacks and even four documented Chicago Police
    brutality cases. The most severe came in Apr 2, 2009 during my second attempt
    to bring 18 U.S. Code § 2252 to light which my ex had created on May 29,2002 of
    her giving Obama a private adult orgy while our toddler was home alone with
    her. The media she captured is very clear and contain highly sexually graphic
    content especially surround the toddlers and minors participating in adult activity
    carry the highest decibels. Everyone has identified themselves unknowingly to the to the hidden camera, such Information as this could and should carry a death
    sentence maybe a stray bullet or possible I could suddenly be crushed by a car in an
    accident, but I truly believe God protects me and with my untimely death would
    no doubt bring an investigation into play. Obviously I’m limited on what I can
    reveal here, but for anyone who’s interested Barack Obama has made several
    mistakes the first keeping me alive, plus 18 U.S. Code § 2252 – Certain activities
    relating to material involving the sexual exploitation of minors cannot be
    destroyed as he and his cronies are currently doing and preventing the
    “Due Process” of this material during an opened court proceeding will not last forever in darkness. He really screwed up during the 2007 Presidential election race and during his inauguration by committing treason. Case in point the 44th President was sworn into office Feb 2009 Public records indicate in 2006 – Oct 2007 after several continuances court still refused to address, entertain, analyze and make child sexual abuse material discoverable this issue was presented to Judge Veronica B. Mathein she had ordered the discovery expenses be paid by me ($10K with my SSI) of course I couldn’t afford that, before the court issued to divorce decree on Oct 1, 2007 threats of suicide by cop suddenly was offered to me if I attempted to returned to court and didn’t leave the state of Illinois immediately. So I left Chicago and returned Feb 9, 2009 to file for Modifications of Custody the discovery that the court previously ordered was about to fulfilled. When on Apr 2, 2009 Barack Obama issued his 1st executive ordered (how do I know this it was made known) to ambush and attack whistleblower before court discover forensic facts related
    to 18 U.S. Code § 2252.

    I am only one man trying my best to bring forward what
    occurred to my two toddler who were too immature to know what they’re mother had done
    to them was a horrible thing

    I’m not all that smart when it comes to clever and conniving politic leader, all I know I can do is continue to file formal complaints (investigations are deny, material destroyed and endless referral’s), come to places like this because returning to Chicago to make a
    third attempt in court on my own without the proper protection and legal representation would
    surely be a death sentence for one or both of my children! Please follow me on
    twitter @rogerdgriffin and please if you don’t have any positive feed keep all
    other comments to yourself, thank you for allowing me to share

  • Jere Ellis

    you voted for the turd so you should be furious with yourself

  • Avigayil

    What teshuvah (repentance) can he do for leading others astray, by supporting this horrible person twice?

  • simon

    The distinction between intelligence and wisdom was missed by Alan. He was hoping his selection of the current president was an attempt to validate Alan’s view of the world. But bringing Harvard Law to the jungle only exits on planet Dershowitz. For sight was clearly not in Alan’s judgement 8 years ago, now Jews ask for unity.

  • Azriel Berkovits

    Unified Jewish opinion? Like what? Support this “agreement”? In spite of President Obama’s circumvention of the United States Constitution? Or support it in spite of the clear possibility of the deadly danger for Israel and also to the United States? The only reason to support it, is the loyalty to Obama, regardless of his evil intention and hatred of the Jewish State. Not to mention his mohammedan origin and anti-colonialism Marxist education background. More roughly, any Jew supporting this pro-Iranian anti-Israel agreement is: a Jewish traitor.

  • Laura

    Dershowitz can’t yet admit to himself that he was one of many influential Jewish Democrats used by Obama in his 2012 re-election charm offensive. Obama was sucking up and lying through his teeth to paper over the disgusting way he had treated Israel and her elected leaders during his first term. Perhaps some day he’ll admit he was suckered.