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September 9, 2015 1:27 pm

Poll: Support for Iran Deal Plummets to Lowest Level Yet

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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A rally against the nuclear deal. Photo: Facebook.

A rally against the nuclear deal. Photo: Facebook.

American support for the nuclear deal between six world powers led by the U.S. and Iran has dropped to an incredible 21 percent low, staining what the Obama administration hoped would be its crowning foreign policy achievement in the second term.

According to Pew Research Center, nearly half of Americans, or 49 percent, disapprove of the deal meant to curb Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief, up from 45% a week after President Obama announced the landmark accord in July.

And the share of Americans who support it has dropped from about a third, 33%, to just over a fifth, or 21%. Additionally, the percentage of Americans who said they were unsure rose from 22% in July to 30% in September.

Not surprisingly, Republicans are far more likely than Democrats to disapprove of the deal, though support was down among Democrats as well, dropping from 50% in July to 42% in September. Since its announcement, several prominent Democratic lawmakers, such as senators Chuck Schumer (NY) and Robert Menendez (NJ) — and also reps Eliot Engel (NY) and Lois Frankel (FL) — have announced their rejection of the current deal. Among Republicans, only 6% supported the agreement, slipping from 13% in July.

According to a poll by conservative foreign policy group Secure America Now, which questioned Republicans, Democrats and Independents on a number of issues pertaining to the Iran deal, there is wide bipartisan support for legislation that would ramp up sanctions against Iran, despite Tehran’s threat to walk away from the deal if additional sanctions are imposed. Nearly 80% of Republicans, 48% of Democrats and 72% of Independents felt that Congress should boost sanctions over Iran’s support for terrorist groups like Hezbollah.

And more than a third of Democrats (36%) said Obama ought to retract the deal if his support base is limited to some members of the Democratic party, with others joining Republicans in the opposition.

Meanwhile, two separate rallies to demonstrate opposition to the Iran deal were planned in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. Hillary Clinton began her day at the Brookings Institute, publicly endorsing the deal while speaking extensively of the need to ensure Israeli security, and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump — who opposes the deal — was expected to weigh in on the issue at one of the D.C. rallies, as well.

Congress is set to vote on approving the deal later this month.

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  • Michael Fox

    “God Damn America!!!” passionately shouted the hate filled reverend Jeremiah Wright over and over from the pulpit of his church. And an impressionable young Barack Obama who adored reverend Wright and saw him as a mentor and father figure, took the words to heart.
    Today, President Obama with his inflamed narcissistic ego, has been working tirelessly to implement his hero’s message.

  • Michael Fox

    “God damn America,” passionately shouted President Obama’s mentor and father figure, Reverend Jeremiah Wright over and over from the pulpit. And President Obama with his God like narcissistic ego flaming heard the message and has been diligently at work implementing the reverends words.

  • One can fool people only up to a point and OBAMA pushed it once too many times and that is why their is such a large number of Americans that are opposing the deal as they:
    1) Realize that not all the negative facts of all the “DEAL” have been revealed.
    2) If it was was such a good deal, why does OBAMA and Clinton need to defend it?
    3) Iran continues to call out DEATH TO AMERICA.
    4) Iran is a terrorist regime that only seeks to dominate the world.
    5) Iran CANNOT be trusted.
    6) Iran promotes and supports terrorism all over the world.
    7) Iran is developing long range missiles to be ready when they have the nuclear capabilities.

    In Short Iran is a major threat and one cannot make a deal with the DEVIL. KILL THE DEAL!!!

  • judorebbe

    Question: What is the term which describes a political leader who imposes his agenda despite the overwhelming objections of those who elected him into office?

    Answer: Dictator.

  • nelson marans

    Obama has won. May his victory be short lived as he enters our history as the worst president on foreign policy ever.

  • Ephraim

    Opposition could be 100% and it would not matter to our jihadist-in-chief. His goal, first last and always, has been the triumph of jihad. Support of the American people has been relevant just twice in the past 6.66666 years, election day 2008 and election day 2012. Other than that, the people of this country are nothing more than an irrelevant footnote to the evil for which our terrorist-in-chief and number one antisemite lives.

  • steven L

    For the elected democrats it is an oath of loyalty to the President regardless of what it may do to the country.
    N-Korea did it and Iran will do it. Taqiyya is on.

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  • Ben Kramer

    Polls are misleading. Questions can be posed a certain way to get a desired response. The 21% number is a lie. Most Americans support the president on this.

  • Yale

    It would be really interesting to see the results of a poll sorted along lines of how much respondents actually know about what the deal will do. My guess is that those who still support this deal will turn out to know next to nothing, perhaps nothing more than that Obama supports it.

    That said, the notion that any Democrat will take part in a filibuster to prevent he Congress from having its say is admitting that what they really want isn’t a democracy but an Obama dictatorship. If the deal is implemented in the wake of a filibuster, then democracy is dead in America.

  • ben kramer

    Poll numbers are misleading. You can ask questions many different ways to get a desired response. The 21% number is a total lie. The majority of Americans support this deal.