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September 10, 2015 8:17 pm

AJC, AIPAC Express Disappointment in Dems Filibuster of Iran Deal Vote

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David Alan Harris.

David Harris.

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) expressed disappointment in a successful filibuster by Senate Democrats that blocked a vote on President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran on Thursday.

AJC Executive Director David Harris lamented the Senate’s failure to vote on the agreement despite its “historical and global importance.”

“Forty-two senators blocked the effort to hold a vote and, in doing so, prevented members of the Senate from going on the record as they should, and as American democracy would expect,” he said, noting that public approval for the deal has been polling as a low of 21%.

Pro-Israel lobby AIPAC, which like the AJC opposed the deal, said the “American people deserved a direct up or down vote on the resolution of disapproval,” which until now has been the focus of opponents of the Iran deal.

AIPAC and the AJC urged the Democrats who filibustered to “reconsider” in the coming days, with AIPAC continuing to cast doubt on the viability of the deal the White House maintains effectively blocks each of Iran’s pathways for nuclear weapons. The Senate has another chance to vote before the end of the congressional review period on September 17.

Other Jewish groups on Tuesday called the filibuster a  “horrible idea” that undermined the American process. Jewish groups, pro-Israel lobbies and GOP hawks have been the loudest critics of the Iran deal, which was negotiated between the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, Germany and Iran.

Republicans meanwhile have refused to hand President Obama an easy victory, threatening to erode the Iran deal in budget wrangling for a Sept. 30 must-pass spending bill, putting another government shutdown on the horizon.

And in the House, GOP lawmakers threw together three resolutions at the last minute, one censuring the Obama administration for failing to comply with the congressional review act by withholding side-deals between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency, another approving the Iran deal, which will almost certainly fail, and a final measure meant to prevent the removal of sanctions until after a new president is sworn into office in 2017.


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  • Iranian deal: whose victory is it?
    Democrats, who support the Iranian deal, are greatly mistaken. They think and call it “Obama’s victory”. But it is Putin’s . Such a deal victory, and we all will soon be witnessing what happens next. Such a deal is good for a normal (soverign) country, but Iran is a puppet of Putin’s Russia now. The Deal matters for them (Russia and Iran) only regarding $150 B thar would be released with lifting of sanctions. All other is trash, and the talks ideed were just lies and masquerade. In the nearest future, the events may be thought like this.
    It is known that Russia has been involved in the Syrian war since it started in 2012, but it was mostly military advisers sent to Assad. By the way, Russia has never fought or even paid attention to ISIS: Al-Baghdadi is a Putin’s man.
    Now, Russia has recently pulled into Syria a huge arsenal of heavy weapons, tanks, infantry, aircrafts and of course powerful anti-aircraft systems. A big Russian military base is going to be built there, and Russia will make a strategic alliance with Iran and Assad. It will be a serious challenge for NATO and the USA, unless Putin is stopped. And dangerous confrontation with the USA is inevitable. Also inevitable is a new big and devastating war, even after signing the Deal. It’s now too late. Atomic bomb will be created rather soon ( sooner than in 10 years) and … who knows! Especially when Iran discovered a high reserve of uranium, and in Tehran rallies under the banners “Death To America” (and of course, to Israel) are continuing, and tests of new intercontinental ballistic missilesbegan there. Russia already outright the Deal, when its Defense minister made a secret deal with his Iran’s counterpart on supplying Russian anti-missile systems S-300 to The (July’s) Iranian deal provided that that embargo on weapons trade would be lifted from Iran only after 5 years.
    Then, Putin’s aim is to make its way to Mediterranean and then to Europe. And I think it is a joke, John Kerry’s “forecast”: “Russia is no more a threat”. Unfortunately, Jon Kery,-the worst politician in our Government,- was the main negotiator in Iranian talks.
    Russia is the worst evil in the world. And the world must understand it.

  • Irmgard Gesund

    It goes without saying that the present Democratic Party, represented by the Democrats in Congress, is responsible for this travesty of blocking the Senate vote on Obama’s Iran Deal through a filibuster. But let’s not neglect to mention that Jewish Democrat members of Congress share the guilt.

    Additionally,it is my opinion that we have been ill- served by the majority of our main stream Jewish leaders, most of whom supported Obama in the first place. They have failed miserably to educate American Jewry of the dangers this president’s agenda has posed towards Israel right from the start. They failed miserably to stand up to Obama’s arm-twisting and hypocrisy and hold truth to power. And if they weren’t intelligent enough to see through Obama’s smokescreen, or too concerned with their own standing among the so-called intellectual elites, they don’t deserve to call themselves Leaders of American Jewry.

    Lastly, it seems to me that the Jewish Democrat Left has been engaged in an all-out effort to destabilize and destroy the government that the Israel public voted in, i.e. Bibi Netanyahu’s coalition. They have the unmitigated gall to arrogantly think that they, sitting safely in the US, have the right to demand that Israel give in to all of Obama’s demands, elect a Labor government and commit suicide. But even this would no longer satisfy the demands of our American Jewish Democrat Left, since Israel’s Labor Party is as horrified by Obama’s betrayal as are the Israeli Right-wing parties.

    Have our American Jewish Leaders been complicit in this Democrat Party agenda, as well? Is this why they have done so little to educate and expose the agenda of J-Street and other like-minded, so-called Jewish organizations? Have they sacrificed Israel’s survival on the alter of American Jewish unity and their own standing among their colleagues of the Left?

    And at this late date, do they finally comprehend the upheaval and danger, caused by Obama’s anti-Israel, pro-Muslim foreign policy, advancing too close to Jews all over the world–even to all of us in the US?

  • Mickey Oberman

    As a Canadian I have to wonder why Obama who very openly has taken numerous steps to destroy America is still the president.

    What am I missing?

    It appears to an outsider that Americans just don’t care about their country, once the foremost champion of liberty and democracy and morality

  • Hershel Barg

    The only good which might result from this debacle is that Jewish voters will realize that the Democratic Party is not worthy of their votes or support.

    Or is that too much to hope for?

  • Mickey Oberman

    “White House maintains effectively blocks each of Iran’s pathways for nuclear weapons. ”

    Yet another blatant barefaced lie. Something that the Obama administration considers its specialty.

  • DockyWocky

    Apparently, the infection of our government with the virulent islamic virus is much more involved than that infecting our so-called president. How any patriotic American could vote to allow Obama’s traitorous deal with the Iranian ayatollahs remains a singular proof of the extent of the infestation present in the halls of Congress.

    Supporters of Obama’s Iran Deal should not only be investigated for their blatant stupidity, but also have brain biopsies to check for the presence of prion disease.

    I want my country back, and if they all have to go, so much the better.

  • But we will still keep supporting the Dems. Even Hillary. What is the matter with the American Jew? We voluntarily march to the box cars we ourselves build.

  • Greaseberg

    Throughout my lifetime I have heard the term “Jew bastard” used by Jew-haters. For the Jewish members of the U.S. House and Senate who support Obama’s Iran deal, I say the term has found new, true meaning.

  • ted weiss

    We should remember in November. I remember the times when Jimmy Carter was president and the new York Jews outraged with jimmy Carter comments (which pale in comparison to what Obama did and is doing )voted in masse for Ronald Regan .Not that Ronald Regan was great for internal policies or its pro corporate antiunion agenda . He was not .We all still reeling from the antiunion mentality today But he was a staunch Israel supporter that we took for granted. And now we have a muslim that pursues policies that are polarize 180 degrees

  • If democrats behave like Stalinists, are they still being democratic?

  • Eliot Schickler

    How ironic that these same Democrats decried the filibuster when they were the majority party and Republicans prevented a vote, which I disagreed with! I also agreed with a vote here too and these Democrats are gutless hypocrites!

  • Peter Joffe

    Jihad in the Senate. The USA is sinking into Islam able encourage by Democrats, Can they not see that this so called deal is a surrender to Islam and that the future of the world is going down the tubes to extremism able assisted by Obama who is undoubtedly a radical Muslim.

  • Reform School

    Has Gowdy drafted the House’s Articles of Impeachment yet?

  • Isaac Semaya

    A question never asked and never answered is ‘WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF THE SENATE SAYS NO TO THE AGREEMENT”? Do not forget that the 15 members of the Security Council has approved the Agreement. Anyone have an answer??

  • Paul Grad

    The anti-democratic Democratic Party. These Senators are a disgrace to our Jeffersonian Republic. Just a bunch of Fascists.

  • hank Scheinberg

    Let’s remember who backed the terrible Iranian agreement at election time when they come around looking for votes and financial support. Look elsewhere.The worst foreign policy blunder since Munich.Bad for America and bad for Israel.

  • marlene rosenberg

    Thank you for letting us know up to the minute information so that we can post on our timelines and pray.

    The opposition we’re experiencing seems to be other worldly and that not being good. Don’t people look down the road and realize where this leads?

    It’s beyond disappointing to see that our officials are so selfish and short sighted. What’s going on is as plain as the nose on their faces, but they refuse to do the right thing.

    I could go on and on, but I do know that those voting for the deal are going to be responsible for for the nightmare that will follow. I pray that I’m wrong.

  • steven L

    A minority has shut off the majority in the congress but also the majority of the American people!!!

  • steven L

    These are socialists drifting the EU way. The US could even get their “Eurabia” dream with these socialists who are supported by US Islamists.

  • Ephraim

    Expecting the Demagogues to give in would be a huge insult to their core value of antisemitism.

  • nelson marans

    it is a disgrace and an insult to our democratic form of government that a senate majority will not be able to express their opinion and vote against a one-sided Iran deal. The question to be asked “Is whether we are a democracy or a presidential dictatorship. The decision not to allow the Iran deal to go to a vote indicates the latter.