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September 25, 2015 6:13 am

Brooklyn Court Backs Jimmy Kimmel in ‘Flying Rabbi’ Lawsuit Appeal

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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A Brooklyn court sided with Jimmy Kimmel in the "Flying Rabbi" lawsuit. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

A Brooklyn court sided with Jimmy Kimmel in the “Flying Rabbi” lawsuit. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

A New York City court on Wednesday sided with late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel in an appeal on a previous lawsuit, the New York Law Journal reported.

The appeals court upheld the original dismissal of the suit, in 2011, by Brooklyn resident Dovid Sondik — known on YouTube as “The Flying Rabbi” — who claimed Kimmel used clips of his without permission for a comedy sketch featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2010.

The clip in question, which played up news that professional basketball player LeBron James was seeking advice from celebrity Rabbi Yishayahu Yosef Pinto, showed Kimmel getting advice in Yiddish from Sondik. According to Sondik, Kimmel spliced a YouTube video of him in order to create the skit — and he sued Kimmel for using his image without consent and profiting from it.

Sondik hoped to recover damages from Kimmel or ABC, the network behind his hit show

The judge ruled that “the video footage in which the plaintiff’s voice, picture and likeness appeared was not used for advertising or trade purposes.”

Sondik’s lawyer, Robert Tolchin, called the ruling “unfortunate,” according to the New York Daily News. He said Sondik is “a sweet, earnest guy,” and that the ruling “was deeply hurtful” for his client. He added that they are considering their legal options.

“What happened here on a human level was not a fair thing — you take a guy who’s a little eccentric and make a joke out of him,” Tolchin said. “It’s a really sleazy thing they did.”


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  • jeremy

    This is just a case of antisemitism..
    Antisemitism specifically targets poor religious Jews, today,, because they can not get at the rich liberals.

    If this were ANYONE else of course the case is a no-brainer. A person beyond a million other reasons has a right to not be slandered, and Kimmel did make money it is called product placement, among other obvious reasons.

    The reason the Judges decided the way they did, is because of the charicature of a Jew dominant in the US.

    On a deeper level this is a product of the evil Jewish comedians, who have made billions off of turning the Jewish people into a unique joke. The court I have zero doubt, believed that, this is normal treatment among the Jewish world.

    It isn’t, antisemite infiltraitors do it, who often pretend to be Jewish just to abuse the Jews, and steal their secret power, and a samll minority of Jews in Hollywood’s industry have recreated the Jewish people as a product of the world. Something the most persecuted people in human history had not agreed to.

    The Jewish comedians who all make truck-loads of money off of antisemitism, are a temporary phenomena that will be replced with non-Jews doing the same thing, as already has become widespread. Ha ha, you need to laugh at yourself ha ha, likke the law Byzantium had that Jews must wear a special armband in public, and the law Poland had for 300 years until the early 1800s that Jews must wear special clothing in public, ha ha what a spectacle, ha ha.