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October 21, 2015 10:26 am

Petition to Sack MSNBC Reporter for Anti-Israel Bias Gathers Momentum (VIDEO)

avatar by David Daoud

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MSNBC reporter Ayman Mohyeldin reporting from the scene of an attempted stabbing attack in Jerusalem. Photo: Screenshot.

MSNBC reporter Ayman Mohyeldin reporting from the scene of an attempted stabbing attack in Jerusalem. Photo: Screenshot.

A private petition calling on NBC Universal News Group, which owns MSNBC, to fire a reporter covering Israel has been gathering signatures and momentum, Israeli news website nrg reported on Monday.

The petition, launched by New Yorker Ben Lieblich, is demanding Ayman Mohyeldin’s dismissal from the network, due to his coverage of a terrorist attack in Jerusalem last Friday.

In his report, Mohyeldin claimed that Israeli police had killed an unarmed Palestinian man.

In fact, police had responded to an attempted stabbing of Israeli Border Police officers guarding the Damascus Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem.

When 20-year-old Hebron resident Basel Bessam Sidr charged at the soldiers with a knife, he was shot on the spot.

Reporting from the scene of the attack, where he claimed his crew had perfect visibility, Mohyeldin essentially asserted that the Sidr had been unarmed. Even Jose Diaz-Balart, the anchor in the MSNBC studio receiving the live report, challenged Mohyeldin’s account, as footage emerged of the attacker wielding a knife.

Mohyeldin then stammered as he tried to explain that what he had meant was that no weapons were found on Sidr’s body after he was shot.

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  • Chaz

    I was watching MSNBC LIVE as this guy was reporting… As he was going on and on, I was wondering to myself why he was going out of his way to CREATE a scenario that was OBVIOUSLY FALSE. I mean if I could tell, from what I was watching and hearing, the circumstances, how could this reporter, PAID FOR HIS TALENT IN ASSESSING NEWS not get this correct? I mean the youth ran DIRECTLY past the reporter HOLDING A KNIFE!
    What was GREAT was that the newscaster at MSNBC’s home base caught the guy lying and called him out on it… Politely. He should have politely ADMITTED that he AT THE LEAST JUMPED TO CONCLUSIONS… Instead of stuttering his way to a cover-up…
    I really do not care to be FED news, whether it be from MSNBC or FOX… I choose to make up my own mind…
    Shame on American news dishonesty aAND A HUGE BRAVO TO JOSE…

  • a soudry

    not enough to sack the liar, he will go to another network and peddle his falsehood. he must stand trial for defaming an innocent nation.

  • a soudry

    NBC? what do you expect? truth? forget it, it’s not the first time, will it be the last? keep hoping.

  • David

    If you can’t tell the truth, not your vision of the truth.then get another job, reporters must be unbiased.

  • NuritG

    Fire the liar

  • There are enough lies about Israel without reporters(who are expected to tell the truth) telling lies too. Demand a retraction and fire him!

  • Francis Figliola

    Yes, try to make the region a better place to live, but shoot perps on the spot while we wait for this miracle transformation.

  • Andrew Vallender

    This so called journalist should be immediately dismissed for bias

  • Eptha Benjamin

    Good bad ugly is not the issue.

    What originally belongs to Israel and its people has to be given back. Agree on the same and i sure we can stop bloddshed.
    It is because people who have robbed all that belongs to Israel are un willing to give up , we have this issue.
    In the right spirit kindly study the history,get into the details are come to a conclusion . I am sure we can stop the whole episode .

  • I agree, Cat Max. How does one go about it as long as Hamas’s charter calls for the extermination of Israel & as long as Mr Khamenei clings to his 9-point (or is it a 10-point) plan to obliterate Israel? How can we change those Jew-hate-inducing arab textbooks and the videos on how to kill Jews? How can we change the years-long inducement of arabs to kill Jews in any possible way? How do we get arabs to grasp that the entire Abbas & Hamas rhetoric to kill Jews is simply to keep the arabs from scrutinising the wealth & waste of their ‘rulers’?

  • Brig Youngworth

    Cat, that’s a lovely, over-simplified, utopian idea. But as you are in the middle of peace attempts and negotiations with your neighbor and they and stab and ram cars into you and have already built tunnels into your home to kidnap, maim and murder, at that moment, YOU remember that you’re at fault for being attacked and for being an impediment to peace. Come on!!

  • Calling for the firing of this reporter seems an over-reaction for the following reasons:
    though the reporter did say that before the shooting “he [the perp] did not look particularly armed,” the reporter did state that he saw the body “after being secured” by Israeli security and forensics teams and the perp had no knifef or gun visible. He did not see the young man or body immediately beforehand. There was an immediate clarification by the anchor of the story that what appeared to be a knife is clearly seen before or during the shooting of the perp. The reporter further clarified that a distinction must be made between what he saw after the perp was secured (with no knife) and prior, which he did not see by his own admission (allegedly holding a knife). The last thing we need now are wild accusations of “anti-Israel bias” based on this flimsy, if not exaggerated, “evidence.”

  • Reform School

    Al Arabiya, Al Jazeera, ABC, BBC, NPR, ASSociated Press and Rioters reporters and their Lamestream Media komrades essentially practice the same taqiyya Pallywood’s Mohyeldin admits at the 01:30 minute-mark of this clip. NBC execs need not fire him from Muslim-Stooge-NBC. Reassign Ayman (with this video clip) to live coverage of ISIS behradings. Islamic State saves special treatment for ‘collaborators.’

  • Sara Springer

    Shall we not equate murdering Aeabs with Jews who are simply living their lives? Shall we understand that the murdering blood lust ONLY comes from the Arab side? Shall we read “from Time Immemorial” by Joan Peters, a Liberal who discovered the very ugly truth about the lies and fabrication of a made up “Palestine”. There is no such thing. The Arabs were given land now known as Jordan and the Jews were given land now known as Israel. ALL of the land was Jewish land as the Muslims didn’t come until thousands of years later. Let’s get a dialogue going for the truth. Then peace will follow.

  • Rick K

    yes there are good and bad people on both sides, but the Palestinians are making a national crusade to kill Jews. Unlike the Israeli government that jails Jews for hurting or killing Arabs.

    This has nothing to do with accurate reporting. If reporting would not be so biased then the Palestinians will have less of an incentive to terrorize Jews. there are many problems in the area, but trying to solve it with terrorist attacks will always fail. It’s been many years that terrorism is occurring, will someone wake up and realize there is no gain doing it this way.

    However it does gain a lot if the terrorists are labeled heroes and receive compensation and are made martyrs, etc. it is a never ending story.

  • Michael Mayben

    Does it surprise anyone that MSNBC has bias news coverage from their reporters? They have established a solid foundation of supporting the liberal agenda and everything Obama, as well as his Administration does, even though it’s usually anti-American and pro-Muslim.

  • He works for PMSNBC. Case closed.

  • R.M.Fickler

    These outrageous lies masquerading as live reporting, inciting more anti-semitism; hatred and extreme prejudice towards Israelis and Jews in general, fanning the flames of hatred, must not continue to go unpunished.

    Too many such pseudo-reporters– pawns of fear mongering propagandists –have gotten away with this and have made a mockery of the word “journalism”. NBC, twice in as many days, has proven it cannot in good conscience be allowed to call their made-for tv mini dramas — news.
    NBC, you are the laughing stock of intelligent thinkers.

    As with Brian Williams… this ‘reporter’ made a travesty of the word ‘Reporter’.
    There is no place for a propagandist in ‘news programs’. He and all others with their secret agenda must go!

  • Corey New York

    At first I had pity on him. A young reporter carried up in the confusion and discomposure of a man being shot; maybe he had a bad angle or whatever.

    However, after reading his Twitter feed ( ), ” …. I just witnessed the shooting of man running down the stairs towards Damascus gate before being gunned down…” , Gunned down??? He didn’t even delete this tweet (yet anyway)
    it’s clear that he has lost his objectiveness. He may want to look for work at Al Jezeera where he would fit in better.

  • Cyberats

    “Dialogue for Peace” has been the corner stone of Israel since 1948. At times imposed on by USA despite better knowledge.
    Since then, territories that historically belonged to the Jews have been given to Arabs pouring through the borders from surrounding countries. So Israel had 8 Wars that the United Arab Nations declared against them, won them all, then retreated. Constant terrorist attacks killing Jewish civilian population in Israel, making them live in fear in their own country for 67 years.
    They don’t show you that on CNN/BBC daily, doesn’t mean it doesn’t take place. After 2008, USA smashing the defenses of Israel by forcing them to concede even more strategic land to Arab Fanatic Zealot Genocide maniacs, who proceeded to barrage populated cities with Katyusha rockets.
    Meantime, it is USA that is stealing petroleum and USA that occupied their countries and USA that bombed 2mil. Arabs to death on the pretense of terrorism, while creating 3 such by-proxy armies themselves. Who is the true enemy of Arabs ?

  • Amy Sheneman

    thuis reporter is obviously very biased and anti Israel – he needs to be removed from TV forever p- he misrepresents the truth –

  • Dear Cat Max

    You say that not all Arabs are terrorists and that there are good and bad on both sides.

    Mr. Max…

    Routinely, the Palestinian government treats Arab terrorists as heroes… streets are named in their honor and their names are eulogized.

    No Arab has ever been put on trial for killing a Jewish victim.

    Contrast this with the Jews who condemn hate and killing

    A Jew who kills someone… be it Arab or anyone else, is indicted , tried and punished.

    Stop using phrases that are totally worn out… like ” “there are good and bad on both sides ”

    It simply does not apply.

    Alan Bernson
    Boston, MA

  • Cat Max

    Actually I think more accurate reporting will show what the world already knows. There are good people on BOTH sides and murderers and thugs on BOTH sides. Both Israel AND Palestine deserve justice. BOTH sides have lost much and to perpetuate hate on BOTH sides is disgusting. May we all follow the path of Dr. Roni Berger who works with Arab and Israeli youth to make the region a better place to live tomorrow!!! All Arabs are NOT terrorists and not all Israelis are good Let’s get a dialogue going for peace, shall we?!?!?

    • wsg

      Sure Cat. Just far more “murderers and thugs” on the Arab side.

      Seeing the difference yet?

    • martin krams

      FACT: The Jews (Israel) face genocidal foes. A bunch of schmucks chose to ignore this fact. You are just one of them dear Cat and your obscene moral equivalence between the Jewish victims and the bloodthirsty Arab terrorists confirms what precedes

      • Ariella M

        Well said Martin.

    • Conrad Nadell

      Although both sides have good guys and bad guys we rarely hear from Arab good guys and the Arab bad guys vastly outnumber the Jewish bad guys.

    • steven L

      Moral equivalence is not the way to go. Blissful ignorance is FATAL.

    • Wake up! Muslims revere a sociopath named Muhammad who personally decapitated 600 – 900 unarmed Jews. Muslims consider this conduct “perfect”. It is sociopathic conduct identical to the criminal conduct of Mengele, Eichmann and Heydrich. There is no equivalency here. Jews do not revere a sociopath who was a mass murderer of Muslims. You have Muslim criminals and Jewish victims. Just like Germany in the 1930s and 1940s.

    • Chaim Birnboim

      What a wishy-washy response to a dreadful situation! Of course there are good people and bad people on both sides. But neither the Israeli public nor the Israeli government was responsible for inciting the case of a Jewish terrorist attack on a poor Arab man. Contrast this with the daily incitement by the Arab public, the Arab school system, and the Palestinian Authority on these misguided youngsters. For example, I just saw a television report on the father of one of these Arab youngsters who expressed pride in the action of his son. Another commentator pointed out that these kids may be motivated by IS, using knives to attack people’s necks.

    • Jacque

      Address what the article said it was about lying by a reporter to make Israel look bad. Not about good people versus bad people.

    • Z. Gross

      What an idiotic comment.of course not all Germans were Nazis but they still killed six million Jews.
      Show me more then one case of Jews indicrimately hunting to kill any Palestinian.
      Your moral relativism is disgusting.

    • Andria Switzer

      The above comment is really ignorant, the facts are directly below this story. There is NO EQUIVALENCY between Jews defending themselves, in uniform or not, and the terorists aiming to maim and kill Israelis. The facts are very clear; PA and the Imams are practicing what ISIS practices and preaching that Arab Muslims should kill Jews.

    • ART

      Cut the crap!! Stop equivocating You do not see roving gangs of Jews throwing rocks or stabbing people you do not see Jews assaulting with intent to kill You do not hear Jewish leaders extolling murderers of encouraging them

    • In Whitten

      Your words are very sweet, but they will not comfort Israelis who are being attacked by knives,cars, guns, fire bombs, hatchets, and concrete blocks. When someone comes up to you on the street and tries to stab you, it’s your choice to try to start up a dialogue. I personally, would prefer to shoot him. All arabs are not terrorists as you say, but in Israel right now, all the stabbers and drivers of cars that run people over ARE arabs.

    • Mickey Oberman

      Cat Max,

      Your little diatribe has nothing at all to do with this topic so save your preaching for another subject.

      Your comparing Israelis with Arabs as you have is blatant anti Semitism.

    • logdon

      Total rubbish!

      Your moral equivalence ignores every fact going.

    • Andy

      What you said has absolutely nothing to do with the point of this article. No one is saying that “all Arabs are NOT terrorists” is not a true statement. The issue at hand here is that sloppy and biased reporting that demonizes Israel, which is routine in the Arab world, is becoming far-too-common in mainstream media, and that this incident is a case-in-point. Journalists like Ayman Mohyeldin are a huge problem. His sloppy and biased reporting, in which he came to the hasty and erroneous conclusion on live, international television –that the Palestinian attacker was supposedly unarmed, when he, in fact, he was clearly armed with knives that he tried to stab Israeli police with, led to the broadcast of an untruth on MSNBC, one of the largest news networks in the world. If Ayman Mohyeldin were a true, unbiased professional journalist, he would have simply waited to review the video of the attacker before making the statement that the attacker shot by Israeli police was “unarmed” and broadcasting that statement to the world, especially in light of the fact that he is himself an Arab of Palestinian and Egyptian descent. His behavior was very unprofessional and he should be fired if MSNBC has any integrity at all. MSNBC should issue a public apology for this careless error.

    • Shalom-Hillel

      You are doing just what the media attempts to do, create a “balance” where there is none. Yes, we know there are good Palestinians. We don’t need to be told that. Israelis were for years prepared for peace. Palestinians, however, inculcate their hatred in media and schools, celebrating terrorist murders like these stabbings, paying salaries to terrorists, and lying about Israel to a world media eager to disseminate their lies.

      It’s good to work for peace, but you do not help it forward by starting with a false premise and muddying the waters. Your moral equivalency is part of the problem.

    • steve

      Hey Cat, you left out Rodney King’s signature line, “can’t we all just get along”… remember that, before he beat the crap out of his girlfriend.