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October 23, 2015 4:38 pm

Israeli Arabs Demonstrate for Israel at Tel Aviv U: ‘I’m a Muslim and I Have No Other Country’

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Tel Aviv University. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Tel Aviv University. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Several Muslim students gathered for a demonstration at the University of Tel Aviv, waving Israeli flags and holding banners with slogans against terrorism, Israeli news website 0404 reported on Friday.

One of the signs read, in Hebrew, “You are Palestinians — so you’re my enemy.” Another read: “I’m a Muslim and I have no other country.”

Another held a sign that read: “We are against violence and whoever supports violence doesn’t represent me, even if they’re a Knesset member,” referring to Israel’s parliament.

One of the demonstrators told 0404: “This is where we live and it’s good for us. We live together with our brothers the Jews.”

“There are those who seek to destroy and we won’t give them a hand,” he continued, “also not to the members of Knesset who incite. No Arab in the world has got a place better to live than Israel.”

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  • Liatris Spicata

    I would very much like to know what are the essential characteristics that distinguish Muslim Palestinians who reject the hatred of their brothers and, courageously even, stand up for their nation in the face of that hate. After all, these Muslims too were nurtured on the ideology of hate and deceit from the time they were born, but somehow they managed to rise above it. My proverbial hat is off to them- I do not know that had I grown up in their environment, that I would have done likewise.

    TIA (thanks in advance) to those who respond to my inquiry. Secular gentile that I am, I find myself praying for the Land and People of Israel.

    • Kineret

      The israeli arabs consider themselves israeli and not palestinian. they are proud israelis and also proud arab muslims.

  • z.s.

    I really like how they expose the fact that the Arab Knesset members incite violence…!

  • G.M. Ben-Nathan

    In answer to NuritG’s question above, “What does it mean, I am a Muslim and I have no other country……”

    It means that Israel, although populated by a Jewish majority, is nevertheless a country in which minorities can live within it in peace. Israel is a plural country.

    There are more and more conciliatory noises coming from the Muslim community. They should be taken in good faith and very much welcomed.

  • Mahmoud Abbas is proud of his role in the Munich Massacre.
    Palestinian President Abbas: Paymaster of 1972 Munich Massacre Terrorists
    Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas financed the Abu Daoud/Black September terror call to murder 11 Israeli Olympic athletes in Munich in 1972. Read the reports, then decide.
    What a delusion and irony – Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen the murdering terrorist of innocent civilians and creator of fiction and delusion.
    Arab-Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas financed the Abu Daoud/Black September terror cell to murder 11 Israeli Olympic athletes in Munich in 1972. He has a warrant for his arrest in Germany and a murder conviction in Italy with life in prison for the hijacking a cruise ship and killing an wheel-bound elderly man. . Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen the head of the Arab-Palestinian Authority is also the master mind of the Achille Lauro hijacking, on 11 October 1985 they thru a wheelchair bound Jew in to the ocean to die. There is a reward on his head by the United States and Germany. This is the person you want to make peace with – how delusional can people be.
    Former PLO official Muhammad Daoud Oddeh published in France in 1999, Abu Mazen was involved in the hostage takeover at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, which led to the death of 11 Israeli athletes.
    Oddeh, known as Abu Daoud, wrote that he was the mastermind of Munich, which was carried out by the so-called Black September organization. He recalled that the plan was concocted in Rome at a meeting he held with senior PLO official Salah Khalaf, better known as Abu Iyad, and another colleague. Soon after, Abu Daoud began planning the operation. The only people he dealt with on the matter were Abu Iyad and Abu Mazen, who, Abu Iyad said, was to secure the funding.
    It was the “real” Black September, set up by Abu Iyad, Abu Daoud, and Abu Mazen as a tributary to Fatah, that was responsible for Munich.
    YJ Draiman

  • Charlie

    Two questions:

    1. Is there any reliable way to determine what percentage of Israeli Arabs have positive feelings about Israel?

    2. Why does the comment section indicate 35 comments but I can only see 9?


    • Rose Younger

      A recent poll found that 52% of Israeli Arabs living in Jerusalem and The West Bank do NOT favour the 2 state “solution” and prefer to keep the status quo.

  • Liora

    I support people who want peace in the world no matter what colour, nationality or religion. Thank you to all the brave people in the world who speak up for peace and a humane way of being in the world.

  • Vivienne Havalant (Leijonhufvud)

    More Israeli Arabs make your voices heard, of course no other nation under Islam will treat you better than Israel. In Israel you have freedom, education, the chance to do well and become a thriving member of a vibrant country. Well said.

  • Emily

    Well done however we need more.

  • Brian

    Beautiful! They give us hope that not only are there Muslim friends in Israel, but they have spirit to tell everyone.

  • It is nice to see those types of positive feedback, however there are still too many Israeli Arabs that are the opposite. However at least it is a start.

  • Coddmeister

    No Israeli Arab in his right mind would want to live in Gaza or the Palestinian Sate

  • Elisheva

    It is well known that the majority of Muslims are not violent and many Israeli-Muslims are pro-Israel. We need to help these people to get their voices heard. Unfortunately, if they go public they receive death threats. They are the true silent majority who can be tomorrows leaders.

  • Israeli Arabs need to show loyalty to Israel. I don’t know how many were involved, but they need to make more noise and be heard by a Jewish population which wants to accept them, but is frightened by the Arab MKs and other who are not loyal.

  • There are a minority of Israeli Arabs who love Israel and appreciate living in a Jewish state. They should be citizens. All other Palestinian Arabs should leave the country–and the country isIsrael–from the river to the sea.

    If you don’t like that, too bad!!!

  • Marty Erann (Hamanslayer)

    I have submitted several comments in reaction to articles published, but have no way to know whether or not they were approved for posting by the editor (or whoever monitors them). Or if anyone replied, if they were printed.

    Until I am able to read comments, I will decline to submit any more. My comments have been positive and in the spirit of what Algemeiner is doing. On two occasions I did access some comments; one time it was 7 — while the note under the headline said there were 21 — and the other time I think there were 4 or 5 displayed. One of all of those was a negative one — by “William.” I replied, but was my reply carried?

    With this article — on Israeli Arabs demonstrating FOR Israel — It said there were 12 comments, but I could not access them. So while I have something to say, and an anecdote to add, I will refrain from doing so until I can read posed comments….

    • Eptha Benjamin

      Muslims and Muslim ARABS should leave ISRAEL ,cause it is meant exclusive for the JEWS , G-d’s own people.
      The nation is meant to be enjoyed by the Israelites and no one else.
      Kindly look for other nations to move too. Leave ISRAEL

    • Atilla

      Interesting, I too have the same problems. Some articles I see comments and can always post a reply, or even if I can’t see the posted comments.

      However, I can never access comments after the fact. The best would be to contact Algemeiner direct, I will also do the same.

    • Sonia Willats

      I have had the same problem with comments on Algemeiner, and I used to value them – most were positive and informative and added further interest to the interesting articles. I, too, love Israel and would support this precious country in any way I can.

      Good to see comments this time, for a change.

      For another Arab Israeli who supports Israel and realizes that life is much better there than elsewhere in the ME, look up Lucy Aharish on youtube.

    • Mikey P

      Good point, Marty.

      Algemeiner, where are all the other comments?

      You are now saying there are 28 comments and I can see only a few.

      There is no “more” button.

  • Loran St John

    Ps 91
    Stand wit Israel, not because of Me, but because of what God has done!

    • atilla

      Interesting, I have the same problem, some articles I see comments, others I don’t and have been unable to access comments at all.

      I think the best would be to contact the Algemeiner direct, I will do so as well.

  • brenrod

    how many?

    • Bobby

      very few which doesn’t even constitute as a minority

  • NuritG

    What does it mean, “I am a Moslem and I have no other country?” Does it mean that my country is the nation state of the Jewish people, Israel or it means I want to destroy this Jewish state, Israel, and make it my Moslem country?

    • Betty A.

      Are you really serious? It was plain that the person meant his country Israel which does not have just Jews as citizens.

    • David

      They were at a demonstration FOR Israel, so why would you question what was meant? I’m pretty certain that they will be in some danger in their community for their support of Israel, which makes them heroic. So, why don’t you show them some support?

    • Sonia Willats

      Nurit, I think it means like the Catholic priest in Nazareth who encourages all the christian community to serve in the army and publicly states loyalty to the State of Israel at great personal risk. His son is serving in tsava now. It is a risk but they honestly stand up for Israel.

      כל הכבוד להם!

    • Marcella Wachtel

      It means that I live here, I work here, I worship here and nobody disturbs me when I do so, This is the Jewish State, and a Muslim can get along fine here; It is my country also, and I have the same rights as all other citizens of Israel. And in no other Arab state do I have as much freedom to speak my mind and to do as I please.

    • A Zionist

      IMHO, I think these Israeli-Arabs should be commended and supported. They are exposing themselves to the hate and malice of their Arab “brothers”.

      While I do not know what is in their minds, I think they are saying, yes, I am a Moslem and yes, I am an Israeli and yes, Israel is a Jewish State in which I can freely live – unlike elsewhere.

      There are supportive Israeli Arabs and we do not do enough or acknowledge them enough. What about Mohammed Zoabi, whose cousin is the vicious Hanan Zoabi who prefers Hamas and Hazbollah and has done nothing to help “her people”. Mohammed wrapped himself in the Israeli flag and posted 3 videos in Arabic, English and Hebrew to “bring back OUR boys”, z”l may their names be for a blessing. He was forced into hiding as a result. He was originally hidden by a Jewish womean before going to the US. His mother is also a Zionist, so too Anet Baskia who joined Bayit Yehudi.

      Or Lucy Aharish, whose polemic against her Muslim Arab “brothers” has gone viral. There are Israeli Arabs who join the IDF. We must NEVER put all Arabs into one group as this is against the very things we, as a Jewish people, believe.

      Praise these students. Welcome them. Embrace them. Ask them to enjoy Shabbat. Ensure they know they are wanted and we value them as our “brothers”. It is only through education and our example that we can try to show the hatred and propaganda of the PLO/Hamas etc.

      They may be few in numbers because many are too fearful of being murdered.

      We must honour their courage.

    • Elka

      Nuri–read the article, they support Israel! It is clearly stated by their words.

    • It as a commitment of these students to support Israel against those, whose loyalty belongs to foreign Arab rulers, such as the Arab members of Knesset that sing to the tune of Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran.

  • Marlyse Henchoz

    Brave kids. One of the best news in a long tine. They all need our support.

  • Tabitha Korol

    It was heartwarming to read the demonstrator’s comments. Bless him for speaking up

  • Ephraim

    Beautiful. I will bet that not a single lame stream press example will print that!

    • Jack Bresler

      So far, you are, unfortunately, right.

  • Cherie Morris-Tafatu

    I highly commend anyone or efforts made, to destroy the hideous and abominable acts of violence regardless of the status of the perpetrators; all acts of terror needs to be strongly condemned and countered by everyone who advocates for peace of all nations and peoples.

  • Ellen

    This is a wonderful article. I welcome the support of the Israeli Muslims.

    • Bless these students, one & all. Am Yisrael Chai!

  • Eileen roaenfeld

    Wow! I’m impressed with their honesty and bravery to express what they really feel

  • Alfredo Raphael Hay Dawan

    I hope they are sincere. If yes is a beautiful thing and hope all arabs to follow to leave together in peace

  • June Getraer

    I hope they will be safe.