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October 24, 2015 7:36 pm

Jewish Group Warns Islamists in France May Seek to Emulate Palestinian Stabbings After 3 Wounded in Antisemitic Attack in Marseilles

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A French police vehicle. Photo: Wiki Commons.

A French police vehicle. Photo: Wiki Commons.

A rabbi and two others were wounded in an antisemitic stabbing attack on Saturday morning near a synagogue in Marseilles, France, local media outlets reported.

According to the European Jewish Press, one of the victims, a woman in her fifties, was stabbed twice in the stomach and sustained serious injuries. Doctors say her wounds are not life-threatening. Immediately after the assault, the victims fled to the nearby synagogue where their wounds were treated.

The assailant, a North African man in his 30s, was heard shouting antisemitic slurs during and after the incident, and was arrested near the scene of the attack shortly afterwards. According to French daily Le Figaro, he was known to police and was found to be heavily intoxicated. He was also reported to have a history of mental illness.

French antisemitism watchdog the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Antisemitism (BNVCA) thanked the police for their swift response and said that the perpetrator should in no way be granted any leniency due to his mental state. The group pointed out that the attacker had the presence of mind to identify Jews, attack them and shout antisemitic slurs.

BNVCA also warned that Islamist extremists in France may seek to emulate the wave of stabbing and car-ramming attacks now sweeping Israel and called for extra vigilance within the Jewish community. The call for attacks, championed by Palestinian leaders and Islamist preachers, has spread widely in social media circles also frequented by French Islamists, the group said.

France has seen a rise in antisemitic attacks in recent years, including a hostage and shooting attack in January that left four dead, and another deadly attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse in 2012.

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  • jeremy

    Warns ? That is the sole reason the French brought them there, to commit a genocide of the Jews, the what? 450th full genocide of the Jews in French history?

    Of all the billions and billlions of starving non-Muslims they bring in only anti-Semite refugees, and as usual make a big deal about how holy they are for doing it. Only Euro former right new left anti-Semites can think in that obsessive way.

  • Eric R.

    As far as the Nazi Froggies go, anything that gets us lowly Jews out of France and into Israel quicker – so that their beloved mullahs in Iran can do a more complete job in a second Holocaust – is a good thing.

    Make no mistake about it – French across the political spectrum applaud these stabbings.

    • Boris

      You, Schmuck, don’t understand that the mullahs will “have” you as a second course instead of frog legs.

  • Stork

    Hardly a word in the French media today.

  • Amy Sheneman

    Islamists should all be sent back to the rotten holes they came from – throw them out of France as they will never assimilate into French culture – they are parasites on society – what heve they given to the benefit of the world????????? nothing

    • pale

      What a disgusting, juvenile attitude you have. Your Jewish. Act like it. Never give into the blind hate that has been perpetuated against us for millennia.