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October 26, 2015 1:12 pm

Analyst: Russian No-Fly Zone Over Syria Keeping Israel Air Force at Bay

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Russian warplanes in Latakia. Photo: Wikipedia.

Russian warplanes in Latakia. Photo: Wikipedia.

The Russian no-fly zone over Syria protecting the regime of President Bashar Assad has also stripped Israelis of one of their most crucial access points to Syrian and Lebanese skies, an analyst writing for Business Insider said on Monday.

“Russian activities on the diplomatic field suggest that the Russians have intentionally established their own no-fly zones, creating anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) bubbles in Syria through which no aircraft, unless stealth capable, can travel,” wrote Eli Ran, a self-described son of an Israel Air Force veteran in the military analysis website SOFREP (and reprinted by the Insider).

This no-fly zone has created new challenges for the IAF, which has been known to make runs into Lebanese and Syrian airspace, mostly in apparent attacks of arms convoys headed for Israel’s regional arch-foe, Hezbollah.

These Russian-monitored areas “have endangered the IAF’s favorite corridor of flight into Syria,” Ran said. “The IAF has no stealth capabilities to circumvent this anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) bubble, nor any other Air Force in the area.”

Additionally, Russia is sending a massive guided missile carrier, named Moskva, from the Black Sea to the Syrian port of Latakia in the eastern Mediterranean. The ship carries an estimated 64 S-300 missile defense systems.

The Russian movements may compel Israel to report its regional activities, which is an uncomfortable reality for the Jewish state, especially as the Russian-backed Assad regime is also closely allied with Iran, which has traditionally supplied Hezbollah with training and weapons through Syria.

The author said the Russians managed to do in a few days what the U.S. administration has failed to do in the three years since the Syrian crisis erupted — to create a no-fly zone over Syria. It is a move President Obama resisted, even after the Syrian army crossed his red line of using chemical weapons several years ago, and in spite of coalition air strikes against ISIS positions in the eastern part of the country.

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  • Econdemocracy

    Yet again the idea that the chemical attacks of 2013 were by the Syrian army is presented as “fact” when the number of independent investigations pointing at rebels has grown larger and larger over the years.

    First there is LOGIC: it would be stupid of Syrian government use chem gas given the West’s looking for an excuse to do a “Libya” style “regime change” against the Syrian government.

    It would be doubly stupid for the Syrian Government to do it when they were (by multiple Western media reports) GAINING. IT would be triple stupid to do it on the DAY and quadruple stupid to do it at the TIME of a visiting U.N. group of inspectors in the country..we’re to believe that the Syrian government chose that TIME and that PLACE to use chem weapons? It would be quintuple stupid to do it one day from the exact date of the anniversary of Obama’s “red line” speech…but that’s the date of the Ghouta gas attack, we’re supposed to believe that the Syrian Government chose that date??

    Then you have intercepted ‘rebel’ communications by pro-militants journalists Piccinin and Quirico had pointing directly at rebels. Piccinin himself is ultra pro rebel, and was tortured by Syrian soldiers, and even he said it loud and clear: it was rebels (he was also tortured by rebels, but hey, just keep saying “moderates” enough time and keep saying “Assad Regime” instead of Syrian government and you can forget all facts, right?)

    Then you have Pulitzer prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh, who exposed the My Lai massacre…on top of that he was key in exposing the abuses at Abu Ghraib everyone now admits..and more. Hersh says: it was not the Syrian government, but rebels.

    Just the other day two Turkish opposition leaders held a press conference (Oct 21) Eren Erdem and Ali Seke, they are actually not just opposition leaders, but two MPs from the main opposition…“Holding up the 190-page file, Erdem said that the prosecutor’s office had conducted detailed technical surveillance and wiretaps, and added: “It’s all in this file. All the details and audio recordings are here, on how the sarin gas was manufactured in Turkey and delivered to terrorists. Their phone conversations reveal all the details, even their addresses.”

    Too early to know if this is true of not, but that’s yet another piece.

    Then there is veteran journalist Robert Fisks’s ” Gas Missiles ‘Were NOT Sold to Syria’” analysis you can find.

    As if that’s not enough, there is the fact revealed after Ghouta that Germany secretly recorded the conservations of Assad with his top military leaders…secretly…what did they find out? That President Assad said no every single time the military heads asked him about possible use of chemical weapons.

    Gosh, I wonder who had everything to gain and who had everything to lose from using chemical weapons, on exactly the days of the UN visitors at that place too?

    All of the above still isn’t everything..I suppose out of extreme caution we should not conclude yet that it was “definitely and without any doubt” militants…such caution is one thing – pretending it’s “definitely” the opposite, because of either ideology or because western media suppress the actual facts outlined above, however, is, now that you have the facts you can verify online, no longer someone that one can excuse.

  • brenrod

    netanyahu should not keep such important and dangerous news from Israelis. He is known for doing nothing and letting everything get worse. best to let Israelis decide if they want to end all intelligence flights and interdictions of russian systems to enemies.