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October 27, 2015 3:04 pm

Stepped-Up Security Measures Keep Jerusalem Stabbing Attacks at Bay

avatar by David Daoud

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The Arab market in the Old City of Jerusalem. Photo: Wikipedia.

The Arab market in the Old City of Jerusalem. Photo: Wikipedia.

Stepped-up security measures in east Jerusalem, which include roadblocks in Arab neighborhoods, have kept stabbing attacks in the capital at bay, the Israeli site nrg reported on Tuesday.

For example, a temporary wall was erected between the Arab neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber and the Jewish neighborhood of Armon Hanatziv, the site of a multiple shooting and stabbing attack on a city bus. And Prime Minister Netanyahu has even hinted at revoking the residency status of many of the capital’s Arab residents — a move supported by some members of the opposition.

The stricter measures, particularly the threat of losing Israeli identity cards, appear to have succeeded in causing east Jerusalem to restrain themselves.

The report noted that, though the recent wave of Palestinian violence began in Jerusalem, for the last 10 days the capital has been terror-free.

Instead, Hebron, Gush Etzion and other areas in the West Bank have become the focal points of attacks against Israelis.

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  • Terrorism, with enough will and determination can be quashed
    Demonstration of a million people against terrorism is nice, but it is only the initial action. In the past generation terrorism has escalated and is now accelerating beyond control.
    The real demand by the masses of the free world is to call for, that immediate action with force and unrestricted international cooperation to fight, crush and eliminate terrorism. The terrorist infrastructure and financing must be eliminated. Let the terrorists know under no circumstances that terror and violence will not be tolerated.
    Let the leaders and politicians know that if they do not go after terrorism in earnest without personal political reasons, that they will not be elected again. This is no time for politicking, but actions and results, the future of the world as we know it, depends on it.
    Put all politics aside – fighting and quashing terrorism is a matter of world survival.
    The world needs to put together immediately an International task forces to fight terrorism and Muslim extremists. It needs to be a well trained force with substantial resources and manpower as well as
    an International intelligence cooperation with no restriction. It has to be a unified and cohesive battle to abolish terrorism at all costs. Let the terrorists know that there is no hole they can hide in; that the world terrorist task force and other law enforcement agencies will get them wherever they are. We must shut off all their resources, financing, financial institutions and any source that supply them with any kind of support; weaponry, economic, information, etc. whatsoever.
    I urge the world powers at large to take these terrorist events seriously with utmost urgency. The situation is at a critical stage and if immediate all out action is not taken in all parts of the world,
    terror and mayhem will take over the world and we will not be able to stop it.
    Just imagine if one of those terrorist got a hold of a nuclear suitcase bomb. Do I need to describe it any further.
    Is there a leader today (please stand up) in the free world who can take the bull by the horn and initiate this global war on terrorism.
    YJ Draiman
    P.S. Fighting terrorism is not unlike fighting a deadly cancer. It can
    not be treated just where it is visible – every diseased cell in the body must be destroyed.

  • Abbas the leader of the Arab PA is delusional as usual.
    The UN and the UNESCO are advisory only and cannot dictate to sovereign nations any of its recommendations – Check the Charter.

    If Abbas keeps pushing the envelope there is a warrant for his arrest waiting for him and Israel can exercise its legal right to arrest him for his conviction for murder. Abbas is a wanted criminal with a reward on his head. It seems many ignore these facts and treat these demonic terrorist as a normal law abiding individual, which he is not.

    The Area formerly known as Palestine aka Israel belongs to the Jewish people under International law and treaties.

    The UN or the ICJ are only in advisory capacity, stop citing them if they are the law of the world, they are not.

    I think when they are riots and killing in the US and other countries the UN should be able to post a force to protect the population, but I know that is against international law and the US and any other country would not permit such a move which violates their sovereignty.

    Israel should give a 90 day notice the UN and the world at large that it intends to exercise its historical and international rights under the international law and treaties post WWI which are still in effect and have not been superseded. Under those treaties all of Palestine is in effect belongs to Israel. Israel will no longer tolerate the deceptive term of occupation by Israel; it is internationally guaranteed Jewish land liberated by Israel. It is the Arabs who are the occupiers.
    YJ Draiman

    In Judaism, it states “If someone comes to kill you, beat him to the punch and kill him first”. That is the action every Jew must take. Anyone inciting to terror, violence and rioting, must be arrested and prosecuted and that includes Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen the leader of the Arab PA, he cannot hide in Qatar forever.
    YJ Draiman

    Abbas stated in the UN that he will not abide by the Oslo Accord, that makes it null and void.
    Israel should send its military forces and dismantle the PA and expel all the Arab troublemakers.
    YJ Draiman