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November 1, 2015 3:18 pm

‘It’s Best to Keep Jews Under Control,’ Says Italian Football Federation President

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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Italian Football Federation President Carlo Tavecchio. Photo: YouTube/screenshot.

Italian Football Federation President Carlo Tavecchio. Photo: YouTube/screenshot.

Italian Football Federation President Carlo Tavecchio is under attack for making antisemitic remarks, Football Italia reported on Sunday.

Tavecchio, known for his tendency to utter racist slurs and then deny he said or meant them, was caught on tape using a derogatory Italian word for Jew – “ebreaccio” – during a conversation with a representative of the sports web site Soccerlife.

Discussing Italy’s umbrella organization for amateur soccer, Tavecchio complained about the involvement in the Lega Nazionale Dilettanti on the part of real estate mogul Cesare Anticoli, a prominent Italian Jew and proud Israel-supporter.

Segments of the audio were released by the Italian daily il Corriere della Sera, in which Tavecchio can be heard saying about Anticoli: “I don’t have anything against Jews, but it’s best to keep them under control.”

He then proceeded to go after gays. Speaking about a predecessor in his position, Tavecchio said, “I have nothing against homosexuals, but keep them away from me; I am perfectly normal.”

When faced with the backlash from his comments, Tavecchio went on the offensive. “I am clearly the victim of a blackmail attempt,” he said. “I don’t remember the exact words I used in that conversation, which could have been manipulated. I have excellent relationships with the Jewish community and any attempt to discredit or slander me by illicit means, by these methods which are nowadays so common, will be countered within the appropriate institutions.”

Last year, before Tavecchio took up his post as president of the federation, he came under fire for talking about African players as less professional and unworthy — and referred to them as banana-eaters.

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  • Reda

    This guy is representing Football & Sport & Peace & Antiracism proclamed
    By the Fifa ?
    This being said, the word Ebraico is not negative ( I think) as in French we do say ” Ebraique ”

    No To Racism !

  • enufizenuf

    Tavecchio is, however, presently being sued by his former gay Jewish lover.

    • Paula Goldman

      Poor Tavecchio, must be very mad/sad that he has been dumped by his Jewish lover. Thus, all his ranting about Jews. May he plotz sooner than later.

  • Michelle

    I have no experience with the organization and I don’t follow European Football, but I have heard about this man and his antics a few times in recent weeks. I heard on the news that there are recent questions and concerns regarding the management of the organization – that would be his job. Now I learn of his bigotry. Why is he employed with this football organization? Why is he allowed to represent them in such a public manner? I am loathe to question the beliefs of a board of directors that would allow such a man to retain his position. Clearly he is well aware of his message. I have no doubt that his open attacks on Jews and others is purposeful. And why not? He has done it over and over again with zero consequences other than those that he seeks. He hates Jews and Gays and who knows who else. He and possibly the board should be terminated.

  • carlos is a b*tch

    carlos is a b*tch

  • Eliot

    We should urinate on Carlo Tavecchio!

  • RobiMac

    Carlos needs to keep his big mouth under control

  • he needs to go to confession and speak to Jeezus.

  • David Levavi

    A literal definition of “ebreaccio” would be helpful so non-Italian speaking readers can Know exactly what this fascist greaseball said.

    • Chanan

      It means “Hebrew”.

      • Linda Golden

        It means Hebrew

      • Francis Figliola

        “ebreaccio”: Literally it means Jew face. Definitely not complimentary! If he is a Mary do you think he hangs around the showers?

        • Francis Figliola

          …or Hebrew face.

    • Ebreo is the proper term. -accio is a suffix which makes any word derogatory.

    • paddy

      The best I can do is “drunkenjew”. I don’t think you’ll find it in an Italian dictionary, thank God.

      • Reconquest of italy by Israel

        Reconquest of italy by Israel let’s make it happen and dump these chumps

  • Joseph levy

    Jew haters have anti-semitism in their DNA! We can only be on our guard and when possible destroy them before they push us into the gas chambers AGAIN!
    Dr. JL

    • Original Alghemeiner progressive

      Before who does? The next Hitler,or the next grand mufti? Thanks 6 million, Bibi!

      • Dante

        The next Hitler, of couse. The next grand mufti will prefer more “Rwanda-like” ways to murder Jews.

  • zorka

    Here is another walking, talking, filthy subhuman, may the devil embrace all those with nefarious mindset. swines

  • Rachel Cohen

    Anti-Semites need to be kept under control.

  • steve

    a simple roman with the brain of a bird … coward tries to reverse (italy)

  • VictorMc

    Sounds like an old drunk to me….

  • Molly Bloomerang

    Jews have said less benign things against Italians, in fact the Jews of Hollywood have made fortunes degrading Italians as gangsters and tough bullies without compassion or feelings.

    • Paul

      Does being so stupid HURT ?

    • Jews only see their own suffering !

      • Mickey Oberman

        Take a good look at the numerous Jewish hospitals in Israel and throughout the world – where they are permitted.
        You will find a high percentage of those being treated are non Jews.

      • Dante

        No. It’s the Jew-haters who only see their own suffering – or, more precisely speaking, they only see the suffering allegedly caused by Jews.
        None of them would ever care about Arab Palestinians however much they suffered under Arab tyranny, for example.

    • Kenneth Paul

      Let me see if I can explain. Hollywood makes movies that are make believe. The head of the soccer makes rules and decisions that affect people.

      Hollywood – make believe.
      Soccer – real.

    • Mickey Oberman

      Many of the actors playing the parts of tough Italian gangsters and bullies are Italian.


    • RickW

      Yes, like the Godfather, a movie based on a book by an Italian, written and directed by Italians, starring mostly Italians. Oh, and James Caan and Abraham “Abe” Vigoda, so obviously a Jewish conspiracy.

  • Bernard

    Isnt that typical of a fascist pig ? Il Duce on the rise again?

  • steven L


  • Eliot Rabin


  • italian army jokes

    like the french, the italians are the plotters of the european peoples, never the fighters

  • rbockman

    Criminal Record, Tavecchio has been tried and convicted five times since 1970:
    1970 sentenced to four months for forgery of credit title
    1994 sentenced to twentyeight months two days for tax evasion and VAT
    1996 sentenced to three months for failure to pay social security deductions and insurance
    1998 sentenced to three months for omission or falsification of reports
    1998 sentenced to three months for abuse of office for violation of anti-pollution regulations

    • Sally

      Wow! Looks like Taveccio should be kept under control!
      And what does Taveccio mean by “the Jewish community” since Jews are assimilated and don’t live in any one community. Jews don’t even get along with each other! We are Hasidic, Haredi, ultra orthodox, orthodox, modern orthodox, conservative, reform, reconstructionist, secular. They say you get 2 rabbis together to argue a point of law, you get3 opinions. Taveccio has to wake up. There is no universal Jew and he has to stop stereotyping.

      • Dante

        It’s useless to point out tbe self-evident. Homo Sapiens already knows it and Homo Postsapiens Antiiudaicus will not get it into his skull.

    • paddy

      He sounds perfect for the job; we are talking about Europe here.

    • ilan

      Interesting he is clearly well qualified to run a major European footballing body.:-)
      It would currently appear that having a criminal record or criminal intent is a significant advantage in this regard.
      Its not without cause that the FBI is using the RICO act to investigate FIFA. The international soccer oversight body that the IFF is a member of. Obviously not all members of FIFA or officials of FIFA are corrupt……

    • serge Vinograd

      can somebody in Europe ,especially in Italy, find confirmation of these violations ?
      and send a letter to Fifa on both : the criminal record and the anti semitism .
      A copy to WSJ in the USA will help too (I can do that )

  • Eric R.

    The guy is not prejudiced. He hates everyone equally.

    • Chanan

      Too true.

    • RobiMac

      I suffer no love loss for him either