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November 1, 2015 2:30 pm

The Immaculate Conception

avatar by Mordechai Friedman

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The Immaculate Conception, by Mordechai Friedman.

The Immaculate Conception, by Mordechai Friedman.

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  • Priceless.

  • menachem

    most people know that this nuclear program agreement with Iran has potentially harmful consequences. Your cartoon may amuse many people and some may even find it funny, however- this kind of humour is in bad taste. There are many more less insulting ways to express an opinion.

  • T.C.

    A picture paints a thousand words. I loved it and am a devout Christian. To the self righteous, ‘Love doesn’t take offence.’ You nailed it bro.

  • The “V” seen in that is old, “Victory”,and not,”Peace’.
    Old tactic is treaty,as read in study,as a slyness. And the Hand gesture is ,”Fornication “,just as the middle finger seen used.
    And in time, the delivery of the, “pregnant moment”,will blast forth.
    The wine to celebrate the toast to the demise of enemies.
    But actually , The Wine of God’s wrath for doing so, will be birthed

  • Yitzchak Groyer

    I didn’t know Obama was gay! but I love the artwork

  • Sara Seldowitz

    I love this caricature, its “potty” humour at its best…a little disrespectful to President Obama though. Very daring.

  • Neal Jacobs

    The message is loud and clear….not a little crude and in poor taste though?

  • Levi martinez

    Way to go Algemeiner! that’s what I call “cutting edge” journalism.

  • Cheryl Fur

    Brilliant!! I think that Mr Friedman succeeds in expressing very clearly, the frustrations and sentiments that many of us are feeling…if this is a sample of what is to come, I will be following Mordechai Friedman’s column in the Algemeiner religiously!!

  • H.P.

    Antagonize ordinary patriotic American citizens?
    What Quatsch (Nonsense. Do we need your pompous opinion to protect us from manipulation?

  • Francis Figliola

    Perfect but for the omission of Slick Willy and his North Korean Nuclear “Treaty” partner!

  • Rachel Cohen

    A faulty analogy.

  • Dr. Howard P. Kenig

    I get the thought which this cartoon seeks to convey: that the religious authorities who control the Islamic Republic of Iran have, with the current nuclear arms deal, bamboozled President Obama and played him for a fool. As a matter of fact, I emphatically concur with that thought. To permit paranoid and hate-intoxicated religious fanatics to even come within reach of nuclear weapons is self-evidently foolish to the point of insanity.
    Nevertheless, I, for one, find the use of this vulgar, adolescent, crudely obscene image as a vehicle for communicating this – or any other – serious thought to be un-called-for, tasteless, and actually counterproductive. In The United States of America, its publication has, in my view, the potential to accomplish two very undesirable things: (1)With its implicit sneering disrespect for the office of The President of The United States, it is likely to antagonize ordinary patriotic American citizens, the vast majority of whom are supportive of Israel; and (2)In the minds of individuals not given to this crude and childish form of humor, it will promote a thought-association of those who object to the Iran nuclear deal with the kind of pathetic morons whose artistic productions more generally adorn the stalls of public restrooms.
    I think it is unworthy of you. –HPK

    • Paul

      Well said
      When this type of smear features Jews, we take it very badly.
      It also slams the Christian faith – the immaculate conception is an important concept for Christians, and using a holy concept to depict a degrading and very unholy relationship between Obama and Iran is not very clever.

  • Ephraim

    Says it all.

    • Yuan Lee

      Excellent illustration. This cartoon surely makes its point!