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November 17, 2015 2:00 pm

In Wake of Paris Attacks, Ex-Mossad Chief Says Time for America, Europe to Adopt Israeli Security Model

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Security guards in Jerusalem. Site: Wikipedia

Security guards in Jerusalem. Site: Wikipedia

As New York City ramped up security in the wake of last Friday’s deadly assault by ISIS in Paris, a former Mossad chief told conservative site Breitbart that deploying armed guards at cafes, theaters and shops, as is done in Israel, would be advisable for the US and European coutries.

Stationing guards at these types of soft targets — including public transportation as well — is part of what Shabtai Shavit called Israel’s three-pronged approach to combating terrorism.

The other two are intelligence-gathering and an offensive strategy, which in this case would involve targeting ISIS strongholds like Raqqa in Syria, the group’s self-declared capital that France has been bombarding since Friday’s attacks.

Still, Shavit was adamant that good intelligence-gathering was the first and most important step, because “the more intelligence you have, the smaller the threat you will have to face.” Next, it is necessary to find the right balance between offensive and defensive measures.

He said the Israeli defense strategy “consists of guards at each and every mall, train station, and so on and so forth,” though occasional Israeli reports have indicated that this is not always followed. Israel stepped up security at soft targets, especially in response to their particular vulnerability to suicide bombers during the Second Intifada.

Shavit also told Breitbart that the West has not done enough to arm the Kurds, whose people inhabit an arc of land from Iran through Iraq, into Turkey and down through Syria. He said they could serve as the boots on the ground willing and able to confront ISIS.

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  • C. Bruce Richardson Jr.

    As I mentioned in another posting, in Texas as well as some other states, there could be any number of customers in a business that are licensed to carry a concealed handgun. The criminals or terrorists wouldn’t know who they are or how many there are. There could to be “sheepdogs” among the “sheep.” That is probably the reason that most if not all of the mass murders have been in what are laughably referred to “gun free zones” such as schools. Silly public officials think that a “gun free zone” sign would keep someone intended to commit mass murder from entering a school with a gun.

  • jakob wasi

    Is there any sense in adopting Israel as a model for more security? Stuff and nonsense. If anything, the Zionist smash ’em in the face approach, if anything, has not made Israel one whit more secure. If anything, furthermore, seeking a military solution has made the climate in Israel and its 67 year occupation of the Palestinian lands on the West Bank more perilous. The reach for the gun has engendered more violence. And if that’s not enough, it has hollowed out any claim the Zionist elite that Israel is the only ‘democracy’ in the Middle East. Au contraire, it has turned Israel in an autocratic regime similar to its Arab neighbors in the Arabian peninsula. Zeev Jobotinksy’s imprint on the right-wing parties of all stripes has pushed Israel to mirror the proto-fascist face of pre-war Poland. As Ben Shalom, a former Shin Bet head, said in the film ‘The Gatekeepers’ that the military solution so favored by Shavit, was a failure. It cries out for a political solution, something Israel eschews and in consequent, war is the future and the threat to Israel for its Samson-like blindness which threaten to bring down the state of Israel.

    • allen reishtein

      Jakob. Your reference to a 67 year occupation by Israel of Palestianian lands shows that you reject the State of Israel in its entirety and therefore your comments are not worthy of consideration

    • Noel Eliscu

      They have given land away twice for peace. You cannot reason with animals that have only hate and destruction in them. They lie to get their way. Eradication or expulsion is the only cure for this cancer.

    • James

      Palestine is not and should never be a country so there is no occupation only spoils of war others started. The security would not be needed in any form if there were a live and let live agree to disagree adoption by islamists. Allah is a fictitious God and Muhammad was a plagiarizing messenger who copied forms of Judaism and called it macaroni.

  • Robert Davis

    Shavit may be a good security specialist butas usual a very political adviser : his job was and is not even any longer the security of Israel not that of france or other places which is none of his business. Does this idiot not understand that giving his adice to other nations he takes the risk of looking arrogant dragging Israel in his Wake? Who cares how France takes care of its security? let France go down if so it wishes. His problem and ours is to convey the message that supporting “palestinians” against Israel is not only an antizyionist and consequently antisemitic stand but also it gives a WRONG SIGNAL to all terrorists and France should not be surprised if those terrorists take on France. It is the french POLITICS which are to be blamed not the way they take care of themselves.

  • arne normann

    What I do fear the most…is rightwing powers, who of cours have been in Europa at all times…now will expand and make life here more complex. The fact that Europa must use israeli metods to secure places is nothing compared to the fact of having rallies simular to those of the 1930…

  • Lauren Goldman

    The FBI has been telling us, for years, that they are ‘keeping an eye on’ radical imams who promote and incite violence in our country. Consider this; imprison them as terrorists and close down their mosques. Seems simple and fair-handed.

  • Hilltop Watchman

    Quite right rexthe Kurds. We have acted shamefully toward d them while turning a blind eye to a potential genocide being conducted on them by the Turks in a rerun of the 2million Turkey slaughtered in the Armenian genocide.

  • steve epstein

    Not sure why I bother to write, I never get a reply.

    I do not want to leave a comment, I want to read the comments that others have left. But I never get that option. Please call me at 914-522-6532 to discuss.

    • steve epstein

      No it show 4 comments but all I can see is that the one I just left (not intended for publication) is waiting for moderation.

  • Charles Martel

    Not yet. Unfortunately the US is not ready for this model. It is politically incorrect, and the forces if evil have been mining and debilitating the fabric of our society for more than four decades.

    Many more thousands will have to die before the US population is ready for this kind of radical shift in thinking, and therefore in policy.

    May God protect us all.

  • speak the truth

    We know Israel is now training our police officers which is why they have become so brutal against US citizens. Now that the American people are becoming more aware of the scourge of Israel upon American citizens the blowback will be huge…

  • Max Genghis Cohen

    Before the West can dream of an end to terrorism, the American voter will have to elect a Republican president to lead a Republican Congress. Far too many voters still cherish the delusion that their chief enemy is Wall Street.

    • David

      How is that delusional? Who profited from the mid-eastern wars? The US opened the Pandora’s box in Iraq and is now watching Europe paying the price for it.
      Central European politicians indeed seem delusional about the threat they allow to walk in against all laws now, but which god-fearing person would refuse shelter to war-torn refugees?
      The law forbids asylum seekers entering from safe third countries (like Turkey) to be given refugee status. An infamous European head of government put herself on top of the law and invited all Syrians to come. Instead of instructing her administration to apply the existing law, she tries to sweet-talk the Turkish president to keep the refugees in Turkey, offering visa facilitations for a group of immigrants who have not been able to well integrate for decades.
      Ingnorance will be no excuse.