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November 17, 2015 10:02 pm

Vandals Hang Banner in Poland Calling for ‘Islamic Holocaust’

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'Pray for Islamic Holocaust,' reads a crude banner over a highway in Polish city Poznan. Photo: Courtesy

‘Pray for Islamic Holocaust,’ reads a crude banner over a highway in Polish city Poznan. Photo: Courtesy

Vandals in the Polish city of Poznon hung a banner threatening a new Holocaust, local media reported on Tuesday.

But the Holocaust that was threatened was not against Jews, but Muslims, in the wake of the simultaneous assaults by ISIS terrorists in Paris last week.

“Pray for Islamic Holocaust,” read a banner, marked with the Celtic cross, a sanctioned neo-Nazi symbol in Poland (that is illegal in Germany), and hanging on an overpass over the Hetmanzka freeway through the city.

Law enforcement officers removed the offensive banner but had yet to announce any suspects, according to local reports. A police spokesperson said officers were looking for suspects.

Tensions are high across Europe after Islamic State carried out a series of attacks against civilians in Paris last Friday in what French President Francoise Hollande called an “act of war.”

Jonny Daniels, the founder and director of Holocaust education group From the Depths, which works mostly in Poland, called the hanging of the banner “deplorable” and called for further action.
“Whilst we are glad that the banner was removed by the local police, such a deplorable act, needs to be dealt with much more seriously,” said Daniels. “The fact that just 70 years after the Holocaust, where over 6 million of our Jewish brothers and sisters were brutally murdered, people could be calling to ‘pray for a Holocaust’ regardless of who the victims may be, is not something that should be taken lightly.”
“The people who put up this banner need to be brought to justice, the polish justice system needs to show that people can not get away with calling for a genocide. We are calling on the new justice minister to intervene and make sure these criminals see significant jail time,” Daniels told the Algemeiner.
Poland named the new government earlier this month, including Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro.

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  • Jozef

    It looks to me that whoever posted this sign was not polish but english speaking person.
    Most polish people will not even understand it.

  • Florres

    Remember in the first ever violent attack on an Olympics, it was the Euro-right who housed and supplied logistics, to the Muslim well-trained and educated, racists.

  • Max Genghis Cohen

    Terrorism on the scale of Islamic Jihad, as waged against Israel for decades and now in Europe, is an underground holocaust. Jonny Daniels ought to widen his focus to include the inhuman crimes of barbaric Islam whether under al Qaeda or Taliban or Isis. Mohammad was their inspiration.

    • Florres

      When its done to us, like all anti-semitism throughout history, and as always with the help, of the evil rich self-hating Jews (self-hating until they convert), it is reversed by the whole western Nazi EVIL EVIL EVIL worse than ISIS or anything else, BBC and NYT and AP, and AFC.

  • Pinchas Baram in Boston

    not in the best taste, but please Jonny Daniels, mind your own business and stop telling the Poles not to despise Moslems. That’s their right, and history shows they have reason to do so.

    • Ässet

      And the poles have a reason till despise Jews to.