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December 7, 2015 2:44 pm

Ethics Committee Clears Jewish Student Who Confronted Anti-Israel Demonstrators on Michigan Campus

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University of Michigan student Jesse Arm confronted fellow students who put up an anti-Israel display on campus. Photo: Twitter.

University of Michigan student Jesse Arm confronted fellow students who put up an anti-Israel display on campus. Photo: Twitter.

The student government’s ethics committee at the University of Michigan unanimously voted on Sunday not to take disciplinary action against a Jewish student who was under investigation for challenging anti-Israel demonstrators on campus, The Algemeiner has learned.

The Central Student Government (CSG) Ethics Committee released a report concluding that sophomore and CSG representative Jesse Arm “did not engage in unethical behavior or engage in conduct unbecoming of a representative.” The decision was made after the committee heard testimonies from all involved parties and reviewed footage of Arm confronting the protesters.

Arm was caught on video last month arguing with students who assembled an anti-Israel display on campus. The demonstration took place on Nov. 19, the day that 18-year-old American-Jewish student Ezra Schwartz was killed in a Palestinian terrorist attack in Israel. The incident resulted in the Ethics Committee launching its first-ever investigation, after Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE), the group responsible for the display, called on the committee to dismiss Arm for what they claimed was abusive conduct.

Arm defended his actions in an interview with The Algemeiner earlier this month, saying he acted for those who felt “marginalized or unsafe” by the anti-Israel demonstration.

The Ethics Committee stood behind Arm’s freedom of speech, saying, “Just as SAFE had the right to peacefully assemble in the Diag [quad], Representative Jesse Arm had the right to voice his opinion.” The committee said it encourages students and student government representatives to “passionately and respectfully” advocate for causes they believe in, and that Arm should “not be penalized because he is passionate and cares deeply about this issue.”

“Representatives should be held to a higher standard than the average student,” the Committee said. “However, while Representatives of the Assembly do represent all of their constituents, we do not shed our own personal opinions and beliefs when we decide to run for office. Representative Arm has the right to engage in discourse.”

The committee concluded that it is “incorrect” and “not appropriate” to issue Arm with a warning.

Arm told The Algemeiner on Monday that he is happy with the committee’s decision, and hopes the CSG can now “get back to work” on making the University of Michigan campus a better place for all students. He said students should recognize how critically important freedom of speech is, and he hopes that in the future, all students will be able to “engage in respectful dialogue freely without fear of repercussions for their ideas.”

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  • marlene

    The Jewish student should be taking against the unethical Ethical Committee for their mistake in putting him through this in the first place, instead of turning the issue upside down. Sure, they cleared him, once they realized their mistake would come back and bite them in the behind.

  • Reform School

    Where are the expulsions of S.A.F.E. members and advisors for abusing America’s democratic institutions with the goal of destroying them?

    • I read this young man, Jesse Arm’s comments to the
      situation at the time and I found them absolutely
      sound and full of common sense which is a rare thing in
      this crazy ‘politically correct’ world, where all real values have been turned upside down.
      The Bible predicts that in the last days,’ black will be seen as white, and white seen as black’.(Book of Revelation’.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    The First amendment allows hate to be allowed.

    Try doing that to blacks and see what happens.

    The First Amendment should not allow anyone to defame or want to kill Jews.


  • Sherlock Holmes

    ‘No case to answer’ is the only correct ruling and the U of M Ethics Committee should be commended for its common sense. Just as many Islamic states have no respect for human rights and free speech those who vociferously support Islamist views also have little respect for others’ opinions. Israel has a judiciary modelled on Britain, while Islamic countries with Sharia practise beheading, amputation, stoning, up to 1,000 lashes, throwing people off high buildings or hanging from cranes. No surprise that most East Jerusalem Arabs prefer to be governed by Israel!

  • steven L

    The liberals are destroying the American education system when they promote PC.

    • Mother Nature

      Yes, regressive liberals who have eschewed the ideal of anti racism are full on racists against Jews. The massive antisemitic propaganda about so called Palestinians, Arabs like all Arabs, has given rise to the new Nazi movement among so called liberals/leftists who are blind to truth and seriously lacking in critical thinking skills. This has been going on on campuses for over 30 years, courtesy of Muslim Brotherhood syllabi. SJP is a racist group that should be banned from all schools for spreading Jew hate. All the journalists and professors who graduate from Hate U are now using their pulpits to demonize Israel and Jews.

  • Zev

    In regards to things on US college campuses here is a must publish for Algeminer.

  • Paul Cerar

    Good! Mr. Arm should have skipped the silly “ethics committees”, and laid hate-crime charges, and sue for slander, the fascist terrorist sympathizers who falsely accused him!

    Do it now, Mr. Arm!

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  • nelson marans

    The original charges should have been brought against the anti-Israel demonstrators for refusing the Jewish student his right of free speech. The unfounded charges against an Israeli supporter were a sham but used by Arab groups with frequency on college campuses. For once university administrators acted properly, in contrast to those at California State Universities.

  • Francis Figliola

    Why would you subject my comment to moderation? Are you that afraid it might offend someone. If so, you don’t merit having a comment section!

  • Francis Figliola

    A good man with spine, something the Obama administration lacks. The Obama administration however is islamofascist, unable to decouple from its destructive course. The result, a country floundering, searching for equilibrium. This young man is evidence a germ of reason might be growing in the millennial generation. Pray it does!

  • Carol

    Well, this should have been self-evident, that he had the right to free speech to people that were exercising theirs. This is the type of PC garbage mindset we are dealing with in this country, that Arm should have ever had to deal with this.

    Having said that, it is perhaps good that the precedent has been set by this ruling. Arm deserves a standing ovation all around for having the courage and knowledge to stand up to this kind of bigotry and racism. I wish him much success and safety.

  • harri

    christmas cancelled all over the country so muslims aren’t “upset”??? this young man did the right thing in standing up. had then censured him he could have sued them all the way to the Supreme Court thus giving U of Mich “dhimmie” status

  • JANE

    Well done, Jesse! This also shows how anti-Israel voices on campus want to make sure THEY have free speech, but want to deny this right to others. They also will try to intimidate Jews on campus, who must remain strong and vigilant always!

  • MH8169

    There is some sanity at this university. Thank G-d.