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December 29, 2015 6:09 pm

Israel Foreign Ministry Compares Palestinian Cartoons With Nazi Propaganda (VIDEO)

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Caricature of a Jewish man sitting on a Palestinian who holds a sign that reads. "the Palestinian state"

Caricature of a Jewish man sitting on a Palestinian who holds a sign that reads, “the Palestinian state” Photo: Screenshot

A new informational video posted by the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry on Monday compares Nazi propaganda and Palestinian political cartoons.

The English-language video begins with apparent Nazi propaganda. One French image shows the Jew as being behind the Allied Powers in the US, Great Britain and the Soviet Union. Another one, in Polish, says “scourge of humanity” and shows a Jewish slave master.

The video segues to a Palestinian cartoon showing a boy with a toy car chasing a caricature of a scared Orthodox Jewish man, highlighting a common Arab stereotype of the fearful Jew and the many car-ramming attacks over the past several months targeting Israelis.

One cartoon shows a head with puppet strings in army regalia warning that “ISIS is threatening Gaza” while a crude caricature of an Orthodox Jew walks off with the Dome of the Rock.

The video also includes two cartoons by Hisham Shamaly, a cartoonist on Twitter with just 92 followers. One of his images shows a dagger with a handle fashioned like the Dome of the Rock striking a blue Chanukah lamp with a Star of David. Another shows a Palestinian man sitting on top of a Jewish man, strangling him with a knife raised and the hashtag #slay written in English, Arabic and Hebrew above them and a sign for Jerusalem on the side.

The video ends with real footage of some recent attacks against Israelis, including stabbing attacks and a car-ramming and stabbing attack in Jerusalem that killed a 59-year-old rabbi.

The Foreign Ministry video highlights Israeli concerns that incitement against Israel and Jews in Palestinian media — including social media and official TV — has played a major role fueling the current wave of terrorist attacks. Dozens of Israelis and Palestinians — many of the latter while carrying out attacks — have been killed since the beginning of October in violence related to the conflict, as relations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority showed signs of worsening.

According to the Jerusalem Post, PLO Secretary-General Saeb Erekat said on Sunday that PA leaders would meet in the coming days to discuss suspending some relations with Israel. Earlier this year, PA President Mahmoud Abbas told the UN General Assembly that the PA was “no longer bound” to previous agreements with Israel that laid the foundations for Israeli-PA ties.


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  • arne normann

    ..what should be ovious now after so many years, is that Europe has always represented graveyards for jews. To trust and reley on other peoples are hazardious, and so…it must not be done once more in Israel.

  • Mickey Oberman

    For every Pseudo Palestinian caricature of a Jew it should be easy to substitute a photograph of a real Muslim big shot with similar features of the ugly cartoon character and drop thousands of leaflets from an airplane or use other means of distribution.
    Ridiculing those who would ridicule us with real figures should boost moral on both sides. A little touch up to the photograph could add some humour.

  • Just as always, one set of rules for them and another for everyone else.

  • Unfortunately the world doesn’t care and seems to agree with the Palestinians, even those who should know better.

  • Naomi

    The video is too fast and not clear – surely it could have been done better!

  • steven L

    A reminder of the collaboration btw the Mufti of Jerusalem and the Nazis. The Pal of today want to finish the job if they can.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Josef Goebbels has been resurrected now as Saed Erekat, the chief propagandist.

  • LSK

    The Nazis were Amalekites who sought to destroy Judaism. However, not all enemies of Jews are Amalekites.

    Despite their vitriolic propaganda, generally Muslim enemies of the modern state of Israel these days do not want to destroy Judaism; they typically want to destroy Zionism. Clear headed dispassionate analysis helps us to see that Zionism is essentially a version of what, for the sake of brevity, I will oversimplify by labeling as “the philosophy the Enlightenment.”

    As such, from a halachic perspective Zionism is correctly seen as a pagan ideology which is the enemy of observant Jews and observant Muslims alike.

    In addition to their fervent hatred for Zionism, Muslims generally want dominion over the territory of eretz Israel. Of course this is not a recent phenomena. Muslims, Christians, and Jews have been vying for control of eretz Israel from the outset of their/our respective religions. In other words, as is the case with most wars, this particular war (an “asymmetric war” to be more precise) is a war for territory albeit for religious reasons.

    By contrast, Hitler, may his name be erased from the book, was not primarily interested in acquiring Jewish territory. Instead, he was interested in annihilating the Jewish people.

    Therefore, comparing current anti-Jewish propaganda disseminated by some groups of Muslims who are fighting against the modern state of Israel to anti-Jewish propaganda disseminated by Nazis is ironic.

    By linking the propaganda of the Muslim enemies of the modern state of Israel to that of the Nazis, a blatant attempt is being made to link those two groups. In other words, the attempt is being made to cause people to think, “Hey, just as the Nazis hated the Jewish people so too do these particular Muslims hate the Jewish people. Therefore, these particular Muslims are just like the Nazis.”

    Where is the irony? Just as those Muslims who attack the modern state of Israel often move from anti-Zionism to anti-Judaism, those who seek to defend the modern state of Israel often move from painting, say, the enemy de jour (such as Hamas or Hezbollah) as being “anti-modern state of Israel” to being Nazis.

    In other words, many on both sides are engaged in typical incendiary wartime propaganda. Take a look at, for example, the United States propaganda against Germany and Japan during World War II. After the war ended, most of the hatred and vitriol towards those two groups was redirected towards “the Russians” and “the Communists.”

    Of course, when propaganda moves from from hatred of Zionism to hatred of Judaism we must become alarmed. Yet we must also try to understand the source of the hatred instead of merely responding to its manifestations even if they are horrifically grizzly and evil.

    Lamentably this article is yet another example of Yellow journalism on the part of Algemeiner.

    “Avtalyon would say: Scholars, be careful with your words. For you may be exiled to a place inhabited by evil elements [who will distort your words to suit their negative purposes]. The disciples who come after you will then drink of these evil waters and be destroyed, and the Name of Heaven will be desecrated.” Pirkei Avot Chapter 1

    • Johanon

      Your comment conveniently ignores that the Koran and many modern Islamic clerics and terrorist organizations such as Hamas all declare that “the day will come when every rock and tree will shout here is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him.” Hamas’s charter specifically calls for the genocide of Jews worldwide. You, sir, are sadly living in a bubble of ignorance to say, among other things, that the dispute in Israel is over land given that your position ignores the stated objectives of the Palestinian Authority, Fatah, Hamas and most of the Islamic world. In reality, the dispute in Israel is about the right of the Jewish people to exist.