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January 4, 2016 3:08 am

Why the World Blames Israel for ISIS and All Other Problems

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An ISIS terrorist. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

An ISIS terrorist. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi recently turned his threats towards Israel. In the war against ISIS, while other countries are perceived as victims of radical Islam, Israel is perceived as its perpetrator. So when ISIS sets its eyes on Israel, the world is more likely to sigh in relief than in concern. Fortunately, Israel is the only country that can land a lethal blow against ISIS.

Europe’s greatest fear today is fundamentalist Islam, and many Europeans openly proclaim that their problems are Israel’s fault. Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom, Dutch Socialist Party leader Jan Marijnissen, and Albrecht Schröter, the mayor of Jena, Germany, are a few of the many who blame Israel for Islamic terror.

Another visible example of the global mindset concerning Israel is the grossly one-sided media coverage of the current wave of terrorism happening in Israel. Imagine the uproar if the headline of a respectable newspaper reported the San Bernardino massacre like this: “16 people die in gunfire episode in San Bernardino, California.” Or in traditional anti-Israeli media style: “Police shoot dead two people in San Bernardino, California. 14 others are hurt as well.”

So why do otherwise sensible, enlightened people become almost blind fanatics when it comes to Israel? Clearly, reason has nothing to do with it. It is a gut feeling that tells people that they are right to blame Israel and the Jews for everything, even if they can’t explain it logically.

But Jews aren’t natural-born murderers, and every statistic in the world proves it. Jews donate to charity per capita far more than any other ethnic group, and many donations are unrelated to Jews or Israel. Jews volunteer more, and Israel helps more than any other country when a natural disaster occurs. Take the April 25, 2015, earthquake in Nepal: the Israeli delegation of medical personnel was the largest, most active, and almost three times larger than that of the second largest delegation, that of Taiwan.

To understand why everybody blames us for everything from ISIS to Ebola, we need to look into our roots. Everywhere, from the Talmud, through The Book of Zohar, and down the line of Jewish sages, we are told that we are chosen in that we have been given the tenet, “love your neighbor as yourself,” and that in projecting this we become “a light unto nations.” In this, we are a chosen people, and in nothing else.

Sages such as Rabbi Moshe Chaim Ephraim of Sudilkov, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, Rabbi Nathan Sternhartz, Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag, The Book of Zohar, and many other sources write that the word, “Israel,” derives from the Hebrew words Li Rosh (my head). They explain that humanity is a single system, and Israel is its Rosh (head). Judging by the blatantly harsher standard by which the nations judge us, it is clear that the nations expect of us what they do not expect of any other nation. This makes us leaders by example, or in a word, the Rosh.

Just as the head thinks and the body executes, what Israel thinks, the world necessarily executes. When Jews think badly of other Jews, it is reflected in bad actions among the nations. The nations may not feel it but they still blame us for everything that’s wrong with their lives, because they sense (!) that we are causing it. As individuals, we are not worse than any other civilized nation. Our only problem is our connections, our attitude toward fellow members of the tribe.

We cannot be like everyone else. The world will not settle for it. We have to nurture and display exemplary connections among us that will inspire the world.

Because we are the Rosh, when connections among us are altered for the better, they will transform human connections throughout the human system. In this way, we will eventually eliminate violence throughout the world, including fundamentalist Islam. And just as now the world blames us for the existence of ISIS, when we mend our connections, the world will praise us for creating beauty and love.

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  • Jonathan

    Jews lead in everything else, why not in the realization of “love your friend as yourself”? I think because that’s quite obligating. It means looking one another in the eyes and asking ourselves, “Am I truly realizing this tenet towards my fellow Jews?” It doesn’t cost anything to try it, but it’s even more obliging than giving donations and other worldly possessions. This is probably the real reason we “give” more than other people, to charity and so on.

  • Michael Laitman joins a long line of Jews with the self-destructive trait of searching amongst Jews for a reason for the bigotry & prejudice we have consistently faced for millenia. This is terribly wrong headed. As Laitman says, as individuals we are little different from any other human beings but he then states that we have flawed connections within our community that somehow justifies bigoted & hateful attitudes & behaviour against us. This theory suggests that we could decrease hatred & enmity against us by being nicer to our fellow Jews. This is simply wrong. It is the Golden Rule by another name and as such has proven wrong time & time again. It makes absolutely no difference how well Jews behave….our enemies don’t care as their hate is mixed into their developing brains as they grow up in the cesspool of intergenerational Jew Hatred of other faiths, political parties, ideologies & leaders. Jewish History conclusively demonstrates that Jews cannot maintain a low enough profile or contribute enough to society to eliminate Jew Hatred. Individuation from one’s “parent” group often involves rebellion, denigration, distance & an immovable belief that the “parent” knows nothing, doesn’t understand us or is just too committed to the status quo to acknowledge our differences as worthy and our novel thinking or actions as legitimate and praiseworthy. Islam had a vested interest in mandating Jew Hatred, namely the desire to mobilise & manipulate these feelings in the service of providing a scapegoat for Muhammad to use when his supporters became too critical or restless. Muhammad’s successors, who eventually put the Qur’an into writing, ensured that the command to hate & demonise Jews was repeated over 134 times! Similarly, Christian scapegoating of Jews, blamed for killing Christ, was the norm. Hitler differed from other Jew Haters in the extent of distillation of his ideology afforded to him via his incarceration in the early 1920’s. His reason for murdering Europe’s Jews & his plan to eliminate all Jews in the world arose from his bizarre belief that all human morality & ethics developed first in the Jews & was spread by them. This, Hitler lamented, disrupted what he considered to be the true “natural way” of nature, survival of the fittest, Mano v Mano, until only one victorious racial group survived to dominate & enslave lesser humans. Both Hitler & Islam, which Hitler greatly admired, demanded the total annihilation of the Jews to be certain that ethics and morals would never again be seen and come to reality. Jew Hatred must be unacceptable and must be rejected by all human beings desirous of an ethical and free world. As we say to the abused, “it’s NOT your fault! And it’s not the Jews’ fault either.

    • It’s good to see that some (Jerome Gelb) recognize Michael Laitman’s contention that Jews have it within their power to eliminate antisemitism by behaving better in the eyes of goyim. This is at best arrant nonsense, with deeply offensive implications. In Laitman’s benighted view, Jews are not only the victims of antisemitism in all its forms, including the most horrific ones experienced individually and collectively over hundreds of years in a great many places (e.g., the Inquisition, pogroms in Eastern Europe, the Holocaust, etc.), but they are the cause of their own suffering. That his case is self-evidently illogical and exculpatory of evil is indisputable, but he doesn’t get, believing himself to be speaking righteously.

      Does the Algemeiner think Laitman’s crap (that’s a generous characterization of it) is worthy of publication? If its editors do, then perhaps they should invite Netueri Karta “Rabbi” Dovid Weiss to use it to expound on his view that Jews “provoked” Hitler and were responsible for the Shoah. Or Gil Atzmon, who hates Jews as intensely as did the most earnest Nazis.