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January 17, 2016 1:00 pm

Israeli Group to Accuse Mark Zuckerberg of ‘Closing Eyes to Facebook Terror Incitement’ in Massive Billboards Across From His California Home (VIDEO)

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, with incitement pages in the background. Photo: Shurat HaDin/YouTube/Screenshot.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, with incitement pages in the background. Photo: Shurat HaDin/YouTube/Screenshot.

An Israel-based lawfare organization is launching its latest campaign against anti-Jewish incitement on Facebook, The Algemeiner learned on Sunday, as the group posted an explanatory fundraising video clip on YouTube.

Called “[Mark] Zuckerberg don’t kill us,” this is the most recent effort on the part of Shurat HaDin-The Israel Law Center to combat the ongoing calls on various sites to attack Jews and Israelis. It involves conveying to the Facebook founder that “if he ignores all the complaints, we will put them in front of his face.”

The money being raised will go to producing billboards to be placed in the area of his house in Palo Alto. Already in touch with American advertising agencies, Shurat HaDin says it will need an initial $30,000 to get started.

As The Algemeiner has previously reported, Shurat HaDin has been in both a literal battle against Facebook – in a US court – and figurative one, conducted in the global arena of ideas against social media outlets that are enabling the very incitement that has purportedly contributed to, if not completely fueled, the current wave of Palestinian terrorism in Israel over the past four months.

This, said Shurat HaDin in a statement, takes the form, among other things, of “pages that illustrate the most effective way to kill Jews, including detailed instructions and encouragement of the murderers.”

According to the statement, one can find tips on Facebook about covering a knife in bug spray before stabbing a Jew, for example, or “directions on the best place on the body to stab for the greatest effect.”

Shurat Hadin says that in spite of the class-action lawsuit it filed against Facebook on behalf of some 20,000 Israeli signatories, and tens of thousands of requests from users to remove the antisemitic content from its pages, the social media giant often continues to offer its standard reply: that, after looking into the complaints, it has found that such pages do not violate “community standards.”

On its Headstart fundraising page, Shurat HaDin wrote (in Hebrew):

The only time that Mark Zuckerberg actually did intervene where hate-filled content was concerned was in a post he wrote in support of Muslims. And in so doing, it was the first time he expressed a political opinion.

And we say: If Mark Zuckerberg opens his eyes – we won’t let him stop there. We are calling on you to help us erect a giant billboard across from Mark Zuckerberg’s house, for him to see the incitement on Facebook. We must not continue to allow Mark Zuckerberg to ignore us. Together we will stop incitement on Facebook.

Shurat HaDin founder and chairwoman Nitsana Darshan-Leitner added: “It is amazing to discover that, after the murder of nearly 30 Israelis since October, motivated by wild incitement on social media, Facebook continues to ignore the incitement to violence against Israelis, while simultaneously showing that it is capable of removing incitement when it decides to do so. We demand that Facebook begin to be proactive in preventing Palestinian incitement to terrorism on its pages, and use its advanced technology to locate and take down calls for the murder of Israelis, and monitor the photos and video clips that encourage acts of terrorism against Jews. We will do everything to protect the citizens of Israel.”

Watch the clip for the campaign here:

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  • Larry A. Singleton

    Seems like Algemeiner is as much into censorship as Facebook. I could have sworn I posted a comment here.

  • elana

    I will stand outside with signs. I live here.

  • How many has Face Book killed?
    How many more to come since Face Book enables, and thereby even encourages incitement to murder of Jews and other non-Muslims and even not-extreme-enough-muslims?
    Mr. Zuckerberg, you may feed the crocodile so as to be eaten last, but eaten you will be.

  • Don Gleason

    Better to plant a billboard in front of the Facebook campus in Menlo Park. Thousands of cars pass every day.

  • blackeyespleaseno

    ’bout time

  • Great Idea

  • D Cripps

    I would have liked to make a donation, but too many irrelevant-seeming details were required, and I am somewhat careful over privacy. If the project does not receive as much funding as hoped, perhaps consideration could be given to requiring less information (e.g no telephone number; no address for those who do not want to receive a letter).

  • Feather

    This is a fantastic initiative but having given their short film English subtitles it’s a shame that their Headstart fundraising page is not available in an English version .
    I would like to help but can’t manage to navigate around the Website

  • Mike P.

    In my opinion, Zuckerberg cheated the Vinkelvosses and cheated Eduardo Saverin.

    He appears to me to care about being proclaimed as a left-wing darling.

    He does not appear to care at all about Jewish lives or about upholding his own anti-hate rules when Jews are the target.

    I speculate that he cares only about the potential for over 1 billion Muslim Facebook users, even if it means Israelis are murdered by incitement against them on his website.

  • stevenl

    Liberal America at war with Israel. What a SHAME!

  • Mickey Oberman

    For once I have very little to say.

    Neither Zuckerberg nor his Facebook are worthy of even the most obscene words of condemnation.

  • TOV

    A woman was killed today in front of her 6 kids
    do you feel anything Mark?
    are you Num ?
    you allowing theses horrific sites on FB it only encourages others to copy the acts
    and today is not the first one
    I leave you in the hands of God that you do not believe in anyway ?
    he gave you the tools to do good to his people i leave you to his judgement

  • Lynne Marton

    I have reported many posts and pages that were blatantly antisemitic, anti-Israel – and VERY graphic, and I was told that they do not go against FB TOS. Meanwhile, I have had friends have their accounts suspended, and many other ridiculous “punishments” for posting the TRUTH about moslem terrorism.
    So I am wishing you all the best – and I am truly sorry but at this time I am unable to donate to help you – I KNOW this is the BEST cause to help!!

    MarkZ., you just can’t keep ignoring the FACTS in favour of not “offending” moslem terrorists!!!

  • Chuck Rogers

    I don’t believe Mark Zuckerberg gets it! He is Jewish, and no matter how much, or how hard he tries to get the Muslim terrorists to like him, they never will. If they get a chance to kill him they would just because he is Jewish. Ironically because he said that Facebook wouldn’t silence Muslim hatred, most likely those that would continue to run Facebook would probably continue with the same rules because it’s what Mark Zuckerberg would have wanted. Therefore the terrorists would have nothing to lose in taking him out. It’s amazing what the greed of popularity and money can do to someone. That someone could care less about what a religious culture is trying to eradicate one’s own people, just to have more.

    I read how Mark Z. said his parents taught him to be nice to everyone. That doesn’t mean you become ignorant enough to invite a child molester into your house to watch your children while you go out for the evening duh.

  • Just because he’s Jewish doesn’t mean he loves Israel. Shlomo Sands, Gideon Levy, Amira Haas and others wouldn’t do anything in this case so why put the blame on Zuckerberg?

  • Naomi Weinberger

    Best of luck.
    Mark Zuckerberg should be shamed into doing the right thing

  • …..Mr Mark Zuckerberg is our Virtual God! He opened his very, very loving eyes to us_to all our world!He made the world happy! He never differents nationality, especially his nation, who gave two God to our wonderful world!Who gave very many percents geniuses to our wonderful world! But it isn’t easy in today’s tense political situation!!!