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January 18, 2016 2:54 pm

Anti-Israel Fanaticism on Oberlin Campus Creating Hostile Environment for Jews, Says Active Alumnus

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Oberlin College. Photo: Wikipedia

Oberlin College. Photo: Wikipedia

Pro-BDS activists are largely responsible for creating a hostile environment for Jewish students at Oberlin College today, a 1986 Oberlin alumnus told the blog Legal Insurrection. 

“Over the last few years, I have been hearing reports of anti-Semitism at Oberlin, primarily related to an active and hostile pro-BDS student group, ‘Students for a Free Palestine’ …. I began to engage with pro BDS students and alumni on an Oberlin Facebook page, where I personally experienced hostility in response to my views on Israel, including anti-Semitic attacks,” the student told Legal Insurrection.

“On the same site, I established contact with Oberlin students and alumni who were also troubled by the hostility of the pro-BDS members of the group. I began to gather information on specific pro-BDS occurrences at Oberlin through personal accounts from former students, from the campus rabbi, and from news reports,” said the alumnus.

The comments came after the alumnus organized signatures from more than 200 Oberlin alumni, mostly having graduated between the 1970s and 1990s, on an open letter to Oberlin President Marvin Krislov and the college administration, calling on them to launch an investigation of antisemitism and form a panel for the victims of antisemitic abuse (specifically by BDS activists) to share their experiences and a task force with the Hillel rabbi to make a “plan of action to address the current crisis.”

“At the beginning of December 2015, I decided to create an online forum for Oberlin alumni who shared my concerns, including former students who had authored the newspaper articles describing anti-Semitism at Oberlin that I had read,” the alumnus said. “We drafted an open letter to Oberlin President Krislov and the Trustees ….Today, we have 209 signatures.”

“We have also begun to document all incidents of anti-Semitism at Oberlin by collecting testimonials from alumni and current students. As of today, that list is 5-pages in length and includes physical intimidation, verbal harassment, and vandalism. I will be meeting with Oberlin President Krislov on January 26 when I will be presenting that list to him,” the alumnus said, according to Legal Insurrection.

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  • Carla S. Byrnes

    You have echoed the words and thoughts I have been sharing very loudly with my Jewish friends and congregation for several years.
    They still cling to their liberal democratic voting patterns, with zero understanding. They think the churches that DO love us are the danger and that we should be working with the “mainline churches.” They pray for peace in Israel and equate that with the Democratic party, with no idea of the realities. Their hearts mean well, but their heads are in the 60’s. We need a MAJOR education campaign. Lone voices are just treated like Jeremiahs.

    • Tabitha Korol

      Much of it begins with the liberal professors who are providing some incorrect history lessons, that begin with Common Core. Instead of learning the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the Ten Commandments, they’re learning the Five Pillars of Islam. CAIR is getting through to the professors and to the Muslim kids on what to do, how to do it, and provide the finances to support the anti-Semitic literature and programs. This is happening throughout the campuses of America, where Islamists are supporting such programs and almost own the schools with their financing.

  • Daily discoveries and inventions come out of Israel to SAVE people’s lives and make their lives better. Aside from Algebra, the only thing the Arab world has given the world, is rape, murder and mayhem from the time that Mohammed invaded Medina and beheaded all the Jews. The only conclusion one can make is that the BDS is EVIL and these kids are either stupid, too lazy to learn the facts or evil themselves. Another questions is why aren’t parents yanking their kids out of this school?

  • jakob wasi

    Don’t shed too many crocodile tears, please. Recall that say Jews students and outsiders did the same at Columbia when a Muslim professor spoke. So guess what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    • Tabitha Korol

      that’s not true.
      that’s taqiyyah.

  • helen

    Thank God for people like this alumnus who take action.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    When we become overly assimilated the world reminds us that we are a people that ‘dwells apart’ however much we contribute to the wider community. The Muslim world consists of 50+ Muslim countries including 24 Arab countries.75% of the Mandate for Palestine was given to the Arabs to create the Kingdom of Jordan on the East Bank of the River Jordan with an understanding that the West Bank would be the area of the Jewish national home. 800,000 Jews were pushed out of Arab countries post WW2 and made new lives in Israel and Britain. 700,000 Arabs left Israel in 1948 and their fellow Arabs have kept them 67 years in refuge camps inside Arab countries!

  • DockyWocky

    The legions of spoiled brats occupying most of our institutions of “higher learning,” have been recruited into the next greatest scam of the ages – the making of islamic terror into the reactionary pablum of the late teens of coddled American youth.

    The poisoners of young minds did it easily in the late Sixties and it is no great challenge to whip them into a frenzy today, because there is little substance to the gray matter filling those countless cabezas.

    This can be seen by simply looking at the legions of the stupid who fawn over the arch criminal Hillary Clinton and her cohort, Bubba Clinton.

  • wm. j. levy

    Jews stop being such cowards.

    These anti-Jew students are all cowards and your weakness only encourages them.\\Start organizing and arm yourselves and threaten them.

    Have you learned nothing from the lesson of the Holocaust when Jews could have killed Hitler and his Nazis in the 1920’s.

    Tikun Olam sucks because it doesn’t work.

    Would you rather be strong than weak?

    Contact the Israeli consulate and get advice before its too late.

    • Charles Martel

      I agree stop being victims.Hit the SOB as my father taught me and the bully backs down. Learn how to fight and stop whining.

      Also disrupt their meetings and learn your history so you can refute these fools.

  • I am not shocked to read this. It’s happening all over the USA. Please be brave, continue to sign petitions, make a fuss, call the local papers, and write to all alumni. You are fighting an important fight. Do not get disappointed too easily.

    I’m old and I’ll, cannot fight anymore. Youth needs to carry the banner of proud Jews, and anti-anti-semitism. Bullying and despicable acts must be revealed and castigated.

  • Paul Cerar

    Cease all donations to your college, and any other college that tolerates the fascists! Let the fascists pay their colleges’ expenses!

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  • I have devised a program “CAMPUS” Concerned Alumni to Monitor and Promote Unbiased Schoos…that organizes alumni of any school to self organize and email their protests to the admins and advancement office..telling them they will withhold all financial support unless and until the MSA,SJP< and BDS is controlled so as to promote a safe learning environment for ALL students. In addition, left unchecked, the admins are in violation of Title lX.

  • Gale Goldstein Tucker

    I would like to be kept advised of developments regarding this issue.

    My late husband is a graduate of Oberlin, as is my stepdaughter. I have funded a scholarship in memory of my husband & have a provision in my Trust for Oberlin; if anti Semitism is at Oberlin, I will change my will & leave them nothing.

    President Krislov is a Jewish man; I find it disconcerting if he is not doing something to stop this anti Semitism

  • Benjamin Simhon

    The Pro Palestinian must go to Hell.

    • Benjamin Simhon

      Palestinians are Dreamers

  • Oberlin’s actions are reprehensible, shocking and shameful.
    Sanne DeWitt

  • stevenl

    This is not a new story for Mr. Krislov. He must have a plan of action ready to go! But I doubt very much! I wait anxiously to hear from the Jan 26 meeting.

  • Eliza Howarth

    I fear there is an upcoming generation of those who will be in power in this country who will make it anywhere from difficult to impossible for Jewish people to live in security and freedom in this once great bastion of Jewish refuge, the United States. They are being indoctrinated and groomed at American liberal universities. At the same time, there is an undercurrent of anti-Semitism in the population at large, especially those who are under-educated and economically vulnerable.

    I hope that Jewish Americans will take note of this trend and not be in denial, but will seriously consider making aliyah. Certainly, some non-Jewish Americans will stand up for you, especially in the churches that love their Jewish roots, but not among those many large denominations that have turned against Israel and not among the mostly unchurched population in general.

    Many of you vote Democrat and have liberal social views. You hold that man is basically good, you are generous and help others, and it is beyond your comprehension that people could ever turn against you here.

    It is already happening. Take a hard, long look at American universities such as Oberlin. Listen to the calls on c-Span and radio call-in shows. Read the threads on Facebook that involve Israel.

    We said “Never again,: but I fear, yes, it is going to happen again, and not just in Europe.

  • Myron Slater

    Good for him! The only way to combat this flagrant antisemitic problems on campus, is to get the school administrators to help put a stop to it!