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February 8, 2016 8:28 am

A Question for Jewish College Students in America Who Side With Israel’s Enemies

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Israeli Apartheid Week, which takes place on campuses across the world. Photo: wiki.

Israeli Apartheid Week, which takes place on campuses across the world. Photo: wiki.

Here’s a question for those fearless Jewish college students, in groups like Jewish Voice for Peace, who have made common cause with Palestinian crusaders, given to the incessant chant of “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free.”

Do you know what you are chanting? Have you figured what it is actually between the river and the sea? And what happens when Palestine is free?

We live in a world where knowledge is being dumbed down immensely, and the lethal combination of unswerving commitment and unpenetrated ignorance, is running wild. So, it might not actually occur to the Jewish progressive youth of America that their taking up the banner for the afflicted Palestinians makes them complicit in the Final Solution.

Strong stuff? Yes, but the logic is unassailable. The Palestinian “river to the sea” mantra is not a call for equality,  for a negotiated end to hostilities, for a two-state solution. This is not the cry of a Nelson Mandela or of a Martin Luther King. It is the cry of supersession, of banishment, and, if need be, of genocide.

The Palestinian Authority, like most of the Muslim countries surrounding Israel, have no interest in peace; their interest is in piece(s); specifically all of the pieces that constitute the current state of Israel.

So why aren’t we asking our Jewish youth who profess to be pro-Israel, though they have never uttered a pro-Israel position or sentiment: how do you handle that chant?

Here’s another one, the excuse for anything and everything: “It’s the occupation.”

Do our progressive Jewish youth know that the occupation includes all those hot night clubs in Tel Aviv they have read about? Do they know that “the occupation” is code for “the existence?” The existence of what? The existence of the state of Israel.

Frankly, I am sick of the effort to find the secret sauce to appeal to spoiled, entitled and morally bloated young Jews with the faint hope of getting them out of their perma-snit about Israel.

Here is the hasbara (public diplomacy) I favor: Let me ask you, young Ryan, Brett or Ashley, how does it feel to be finishing Hitler’s work? How does it feel to be dishonoring the memory of your ancestors by making common cause with those who would have been killing them if they had had the chance, and who will be killing your remaining distant relatives, if given the chance?

How is it that you are so certain in your conviction that Israel is evil that you are embracing those who seek its destruction? How does this fit into your moral universe?

It is high time we call the question, that we demand a reality check, that we hold those who, in their self-righteousness, seek to punish Israel, to be accountable for their own convictions.

Progressive American Jewish youth do not realize the fire that they are playing with. First there is the fire of the damage that they could cause to Israel, deliberately or otherwise. But the stronger fire is the one that might consume themselves, for in their ignorance Jewish progressive youth are empowering those who will happily destroy them.

Do these young people really think it all stops with the end of the “occupation?”

Douglas Altabef is an Executive Board Member of Im Tirtzu as well as a Director of the Israel Independence Fund. He and his family made aliyah from Westchester County, NY in 2009.

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  • Howard Mallinger

    Remember, in the 1930’s Germany, the Jews for the most part thought they were “better”, then the Jews from the east. They thought they were more enlightened and yes, better. In the early thirty-s a large number of of the German Jews voted for A H.History repeats sadly.

    • Mickey Oberman

      In the early 2000’s a large number of Jews voted for Obama – twice.

      A clone of the actions of the Jews of the 1930’s.

      They can only be considered to be self hating, self destructive, Jews.

      The Jews of the world will be well rid of them and the Muslims of the world will be ecstatic to do the ridding.

  • Naftali

    The fact is, none of these kids has experienced the vicious physical bloody anti-Semitism that we and our parents did (My late Mother survived Auschwitz) They think that there is logic to life and that our behaviour leads to actions against us.

    However, when the Germans were shovelling the Jews into gas chambers, they did no stop and ask “Exuse me, are you a progressive, social justice seeking Jew with strong Jewish values, of Tikun Olam?” “Oh, you are, please forgive us, you can go home now” Same for all the Jews murdered in the towns and forests and ravines and cattle cars.

    Jihadists and anti-Semites don’t care what kind of Jew you claim to be. So, these kids think they are smart and have all the answers, but they are as clueless as possible. Yet, they have the chutzpah, to tell the Young Israeli living in a sea of butchery and hatred what he or she should do.

    The Jews of Europe are waking up, will the Jews of America? Doubt it, unless it’s a very very nasty one.

  • Alexandra

    It boggles my mind too how Jewish students can go against their people. But, since the campus climate is as it is, they are treated like heroes for going against the Jewish groupthink and “standing up for what is right.” They genuinely believe the occupation is of Judea and Samaria only, but don’t realize the ethos of those who use the word occupation who believe all of Israel is occupied. They are also historically ignorant, they don’t realize that before the so-called “occupation” of 1967, the Arabs still attacked Israel in the same way. They don’t realize that all their arguments are red-herrings.

    Want to get inside the mind of an antizionist Jew? Here goes:

    1) look how much trouble we go through to keep Israel. It’s not worth it.
    2) we just went in there and antagonized a bunch of Arabs, it was needless. Caused more violence than it could have prevented, why did they have to destabilize an already unstable region?
    3) we went through the holocaust why did we have to go and subjugate a group of peaceful Arabs? Never again means for everyone! (They have no idea about longstanding presence – we are all taught that Jews stole the land from the Arabs who were living there).
    4) we don’t need Israel, look how successful Jews are all over the world, look at America how disproportionately powerful we are, it creates a lot more trouble for nothing! We are doing just fine over here, antisemitism is just a figment of paranoid Jews’ imagination.
    5) even if there was antisemitism there is no reason to conquer a people over it, two wrongs don’t make a right, we need to be better than that!
    6) single out Israel? Well duh. I’m Jewish, they speak for me, so I have every right to tell them what to do and help them become better.
    7) BDS singles out Israel? Well of course there are a lot of countries that do horrible things but we might as well start somewhere! It’s better than nothing!
    8) I’m interested in other social justice causes but won’t be taken seriously if I support Israel, so I’ll either be quiet or, because I’m Jewish and they suspect Zionism by default, prove to them my devotion to social justice and join JVP.
    9) I prefer having friends to the future of my people.

    • Very good article and description of the anti zionist mind. The Palestinians are laughing their heads off at the site of naive young Jewish youth chanting “from the river to the sea”.