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February 8, 2016 5:22 pm

Israeli Deputy Minister: US Preventing Closer Ties Between Israel, Gulf States (INTERVIEW)

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Ayoob Kara. Photo: Jusmine.

Israeli Deputy Minister of Regional Cooperation Ayoob Kara. Photo: Wikipedia.

The relationship between Israel and a coalition of Gulf states led by Saudi Arabia is being held back by US inaction in the region, an Israeli deputy minister told The Algemeiner on Monday.

“The United States is not looking at Israel’s and the Gulf states’ interests in the same picture,” Deputy Minister of Regional Cooperation Ayoob Kara said, adding that Israel “is looking for new relationships in our area.”

But closer ties between Israel and the Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, would not improve “if the US doesn’t push it,” said Kara, adding that the lack of pressure perhaps signaled Washington was not at all interested in fostering better relations among the countries of the Middle East.

Kara said he believes Israel and many of the Gulf countries have common enemies in Iran, Syria and Lebanon-based Hezbollah — an alliance which has been strengthened by Russian involvement in the Syrian civil war — as well as terrorist groups like ISIS.

Earlier on Monday, according to Israel National News, Kara told the 13th Jerusalem Conference that Israel could “have cooperation with the threatened countries around us, but the United States does not want this to happen, is interfering with it and continues to push us toward the situation with the Palestinians, which has no solution.”

Closer relations between Israel and the Gulf countries could actually “help us to find a solution for the Palestinian issue,” he told The Algemeiner, adding that he felt the “United States is not doing anything new here with the peace process.”

“The Saudis every day send me messages that they need a new relationship with Israel,” he said.

According to Israel Radio, Kara told the conference that the US did not want the Israeli prime minister to score politically from better relations with other regional countries — something he reiterated to The Algemeiner.

“They’re not going to give Netanyahu a benefit in this case and make him more popular,” said Kara, who serves as deputy to Netanyahu, who also holds the Regional Cooperation Ministry.

Kara’s comments came a few weeks after the Wall Street Journal reported that Israel’s Foreign Ministry, led by Director-General Dore Gold, had stepped up efforts to court Sunni countries in the region against a common Iranian threat.

These efforts were spurred largely by the July, 2015 nuclear deal signed between Iran and world powers, led by the US, which was labeled a “historic mistake” by Netanyahu and widely criticized by Gulf countries.

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  • Chris Rettenmoser

    Obama tries to strengthen the position of his Iranian masters…11 months and counting…

  • William C. McKee

    So Israel is looking over the short term and long term political, religious and economic landscape of their ME neighbors, looking for winners and losers and who to form better ties with (even if currently posed as enemies). A wise thing to do.

    More wise still is to look to your Bible and see if it is even actively giving you clues. [Supposedly Israel exists because long ago the Red Sea parted for Moses and company and then swallowed the army of Egypt that was following them. It would support your case to use modern GPS units, discriminating magnetometers, and bulk data storage devices to record any coin sized plus bits of metal that might be associated with that army. Positive witnessing evidence would support your claim. Lack of that might give you a reason to move to western Kansas. But lack of that would also void many words in your neighbors’ Koran.] Let’s assume that you do find what you set out to look for. Chariot bits and such were there. Then what?

    Then of course the next question is, if God was around and interested in us back then, might he also be interested in us in the here and now? That is a question that can be checked — by you — and your present interest in converting your enemies into your friends. With the Shea and the Sunni, it isn’t just a matter of resources — it boils down to the two trees in a mythic garden and the “Original Sin” question. God inspired Moses to adapt the powerful Epic of Gilgamesh story (containing many OT and NT themes). And to prominently include the two trees. But we note that Moses did not preach about the two trees. He in looking right and then looking left, and seeing no one killed (murdered) a man. A sort of “Original Sin” to his great story. His Adam and his Cain sinned. A loving God was present. Did anyone ask for forgiveness? How about Moses? In not preaching about the two trees that God [had] him include in his story, Moses might have sinned more greatly still than when he showed doubt and struck a seemingly ordinary rock twice that again God [had] him include in his story. Could not God forgive a moment of doubt? Likely so, if anyone bothered to ask it of him.

    So because of a famous speech of Moses, modern rabbi preach that there is no such thing as “Original Sin”. And learned men find no reason to believe in some tree of Eternal life. Or abstracting from Gilgamesh, any hope of that story’s at least stated goal of the “resurrection” of the perfect man that we would call Adam.

    The “angel of light” who called himself Gabriell provided the followers of Islam with a book that took as a central and all important goal to re-write all matters religious, so that there was no “Original Sin” teaching, and no need to call upon the agency of “The Lamb of God” as even in the Gilgamesh story. Gilgamesh calling upon that agency was able to take a trip to Hell and back — but failed to resurrect Adam. No means existed to do so. The Jewish prophet Jesus actually [became] this “Lamb of God” — and by his story [thus] had much greater success. If you use stronger spices, the flavor might be more enhanced. Trump spends his own money in running for office, rather than borrowed special interest money — so in some matters he is likewise more trusted.

    The Iranians (the Shea) were taught by Mohammad that there was no “Original Sin” but that there was a garden and that there was an Adam. And they kept the “resurrection” teaching of Jesus, that most Jew do not accept. The learned Sadducee of the Bible were quite explicit. They scoured the first five books of the Bible very carefully and found nothing. [I wonder what they did with the two trees? Hmm.]

    Well tentatively let us assume that there was no “Original Sin” in a mythic garden. Note the parallel. In the story God gave orders about two trees. Adam and Eve failed God. In the history of Islam, Mohammad gave orders concerning a man named Ali, that thousands were charged to protect and install as leader following himself. They swore an oath to God over the matter. And they failed. Ali was not originally installed as leader. But only later after someone else was murdered. This cheapened Ali’s ascension as a moral leader, because it looked like he benefited from the murder. A court test was proposed of the believed murderer. But Ali, said that insufficient evidence was available to conduct a trial. But the widow of Mohammad rejected the ruling. So a trial by combat was conducted by armies. 10,000 valiant soldiers died on the battle field, yet resolved no issues. And then Ali himself was murdered. Ironically warned ahead by a prophecy of who would murder him an when. People questioned why he obviously took no steps to protect himself. Maybe the lost lives of the 10,000 valiant soldiers weighed upon his conscience.

    The sum of all these matters is taken as an “Original Sin” by the Iranians. And whatever the words of Mohammad to one side, that they, no less than Adam of the old story, have personally let God down. Every last one of them. Thus they use whips and chains once a year as penance to God for failing him. The Sunni, never bothered to join in the original oath required of Mohammad, so do not consider that they have done anything wrong. The Shea believe that their failure has forever tainted any hope of God blessing a Caliphate. The Sunni believe that the Shea are thus guilty of a mortal sin, by not blessing their multiple attempts to bring Heaven to Earth in constructing Caliphates. The movement of ISIS merely this era’s most current bid for that ideal.

    So what? Well if you in Israel actually believe in your Bible and believe in your God then he has something quite powerful indeed to say about Iran and their brokenheartedness in failing him. Read in Jeremiah 49:34-39 about the prophecies against Elam. You of Israel might as well read what your own book says on this topic, since beyond any doubt the Imams of Iran are doing so. You are looking for a future friend, and here you might find one. The verses in question have both God and mankind severely punish Iran, and then God reverses course and restores Iran. Has that not already taken place very very prominently in the news? First the very painful Iran/Iraq wars over a mere island costing millions of young lives over a nothing volume of oil, with lands with seas of the same. We of America far from helped — generating not a speck of wise advice, and pocketing filthy money over weapon sales. Then there were the many sanctions over decades of time. Those things are past, and 150 billion of their bank money is now “restored”, as in the scripture. Yet to take place is the “breaking of Elam’s bow”, the nuclear weapon and missile programs. Reading your scripture, the Imams located these programs there. Why?

    They did so because your scripture says that, “Then I shall set My throne in Elam, and I shall destroy out of it kings and princes …” Part of that has already happened. To control their oil we installed a king over them. He is long gone and none will ever replace him. God would ultimately put his thrown in Iran, if he wanted to honor something heroic that they did for him and the world. Look ahead for that fulfillment of scripture. When you witness it, then for your own sakes return to pondering the two trees in the garden of life. Moses didn’t explain it, possibly because he didn’t understand it, but God had him write it down for the whole of humanity.

  • Afonso

    Do not understand why the interference of the US is so important.
    If the general opinion in the world is that the US’s foreign policy is not at its best.

  • Fred the bed

    Does the comment section even work

  • eve ben-levi

    Kara must be heard.
    Also has been vocal about seditious efforts of some Arab MK’s.

  • Jonah

    The gulf countries will be sacrificed for a higher purpose…..collateral damage for Obamas agenda. If the gulf states and Israel would join forces they could defeat a common enemy…the White House will go to the ends of the earth to prevent that from happening. The days of Saudis riding with cheetahs in their BMW’S are soon to come to an end. And the equivalent of the Arabic Empire State Building is about to be reduced to cinders. The honey moon is over and mayhem and destruction is the very near future for the gulf states. You know the Saudis lived the life of royalty playing the Russians against the U.S. And vice versa…all the while being protected by the U.S….but those days are over. Even though the average American can’t help but like the gulf state countryman and will be sad to see their demise unfortunately a tsunamis of terrorism is headed their way and this time it is being stoked by the one and only dark Vader. I will say a prayer for Israel and the gulf states. Let me give a word of wisdom to the gulf states…if you give a cup of water to the Israeli’s you will be shielded from what is heading your way. God will deal to you what you deal to them….soooo in Gods eyes…it’s your move.

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  • Ephraim

    Of course this is the case. If Israel develops true allies, it will impede our jihadist-in-chief from destroying it, not to mention create a potent alliance against Obama’s closest people, the terrorist republic of Iran.

    Whenever our terrorist-in-chief makes noises about being ‘Israel’s best friend’, this is the most extreme example yet of how much he hates Israel. It is not about peace, it is not about ending war, it is about jihad triumphing and the destruction of the sole Jewish state on earth. That is this golem’s goal, and his life’s work.

    Do not forget that if, G-d forbid, Hillary is elected, it will be more of the same.

  • stevenl

    This US Admi. clearly is playing a double game. Pushing Iran and undermining Sunnis/Israel. There is only partial community of interests btw Sunnis and Israel.

  • Peter Joffe

    With all the Shia Muslims in the White House we will have to wait until Obama is consigned to the scrap heap as the USA’s worst ever president. Perhaps Iran will will take him as an advisor in the future to assist in the defeat of the USA??

  • Without bothering about america let the tanks of Egypt pass through israel, jordan and saudi arabia to Bahrain. Let the port Eilat and sinai and aqaba have good roads. America will automatically follow

  • Mickey Oberman

    Surely you can not be talking about Obama’s United States of America, Israel’s closest friend.

    Can you??

  • jakob wasi

    Utter nonsense. Let the Palestinians have their own land back and a state of their own, then ties with Arabs would improve. Besides, Zionist Israel has backdoor ties with them.

    • rkris kristian

      Obama is the worst president in USA history.
      He hates Netanyahu, as does the witch Hillary.

      I only hope andbwill rule USA.
      But keep Clinton far away fro the WH. She has caused much trouble when she was Sec state, and not to forget her lies. She should be arrested for what she did to the US ambassador
      I would love to see her face when she is a looser.
      Obama is the worst “friend” Israel ever had.
      Hopefully, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Sttaes can build an alliance

  • Albert Richter

    I understand what the Israeli D.M., is saying, I just wish he’d place the blame where it is due & not on the entire U.S.A..
    Our Emperor-Obama, is the cause of Israel’s major problems, not the citizens.

  • Kastelain

    Rubio says that Obama wants America to be just another country, to back away from special roles. Maybe this is what he means.

    Seriously, who needs leadership? Left on their own everything will naturally work itself out, right? (That’s sarcasm, btw.)