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March 9, 2016 8:24 am

Israeli Arab Diplomat’s Lecture at UC Davis Disrupted by Chants of ‘Long Live the Intifada,’ ‘Allahu Akbar’ (VIDEO)

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George Deek. Photo: YouTube screenshot.

George Deek. Photo: YouTube screenshot.

A talk by an Israeli diplomat at the University of California, Davis on Monday was disrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters, The Algemeiner has learned. After unfurling a large banner across the room, the demonstrators chanted “Long live the intifada,” and other slogans, then exited the premises.

George Deek, an Israeli Arab Christian, was speaking on “The Art of Middle East Diplomacy,” when some 30 people moved to the front and sides of the room, according to witnesses and video of the event.

Completely obscuring Deek from the audience, they unfurled an enormous banner across the front of the room that read “1948=1492,” referring to the years of the Israeli War of Independence and the year in which both Columbus discovered America and the Jews were expelled from Spain.

They then began chanting anti-Israel slogans. Upon their exit, they yelled “Allahu Akbar!”

Someone present at the event told The Algemeiner that “there were roughly a dozen uniformed police … They were inside the room, guarding the doors leading in, and patrolling the area around the building. They also escorted Mr. Deek and the pro-Israel students back to the UC Davis Hillel, and waited until everyone had a safe way of getting to their next destination.”

The group responsible for the disruption later issued a statement that reads, in part:

Today, UC Davis students, alumni, and members of the broader community came together in response to the presence of George Deek — a so-called “Arab-Israeli” diplomat — on our campus…

We felt a responsibility to reject the Zionist agenda that George Deek furthers — a settler-colonial agenda that is xenophobic, Islamophobic, and anti-Black … We did not participate within the established framework of the event because we are aware of how discourses about “dialogue” and “democracy” function to silence anti-Zionist voices. We recognize that Israel’s voice is already over-represented … and refuse to provide the State another platform through which to normalize colonial violence. We have no more “tolerance” for Israeli propaganda.

George Deek, a self-identified Israeli born to a Palestinian family, perfectly embodies the project of Zionist liberal-democracy, which seeks to assimilate Palestinians into non-existence …

We, therefore, are opposed to entities that impose or directly enable these injustices to persist, and we will not tolerate or allow for such people to have a platform to speak on our campus, nor will we engage in pseudo “dialogue” with them.

Deek rose to prominence as the Deputy Chief of Mission at Israel’s embassy in Norway from 2012-2015, where he was also chargé d’affaires through much of 2014. As the highest-ranked Israeli diplomat in Norway during Operation Protective Edge — Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza — he was responsible for telling Israel’s side of the story there, often to hostile audiences. Shortly afterward, he began sharing his personal story more widely, presenting his perspective as a Christian, an Arab and an Israeli. He was profiled in 2015 in the Jewish periodical Tablet, and was selected by The Algemeiner as one of the “top 100 people positively influencing Jewish life” of 2014.

His talk at UC Davis was sponsored by the student group, Aggies for Israel, which promoted the event as follows:

[Mr. Deek] talks about a lot of things — geopolitical history, current events, etc. — but the overall theme is why he identifies as an Arab Israeli and not as a Palestinian refugee. He uses his family’s history to weave a story through generations of Arab-Israeli history, ending in present day with what he thinks is possible for the next generation.

When reached for comment Tuesday morning, Mr. Deek, who hails from Jaffa, responded, “Right now my thoughts and prayers are where it matters — with my family, friends and neighbor’s in Jaffa, after another tragic stabbing attack.”

Tuesday in Jaffa and Tel Aviv a Palestinian terrorist killed an American tourist, and wounded 10 other people in a stabbing spree, as reported by The Algemeiner.

The Algemeiner reached out to the UC Davis administration and security services to inquire whether disrupting public lectures was permissible on campus, and whether any disciplinary action would be taken, and received this response from their media relations department:

Aggies for Israel invited the public to this meeting … While there was an interruption at the beginning of the meeting, the group disbursed within a few minutes without incident, and the speaker was able to deliver a talk without interruption. Security was present at the meeting. The safety of our campus community is always our highest concern,  and at no time did it appear that any physical altercations occurred … There were no further interruptions or incidents…

Watch the video of the disruption of Deek’s lecture below:

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  • Aaron

    He wrote on the board “I came here to have a conversation. Our ability to have a dialogue and not a monolgue, is the only way to reconciliation.” – George Deek

  • Why are there no consequences for disallowing the audience to hear the speaker? Is this not obstructing free speech? Shouldn’t these radical students be fined? punished? sent home??

    • Gregory Lewis

      That’s what I’d like to know. The administration dodged Algemeiner’s question about punishment or consequences. I guess there are no consequences to bullying at UC Davis.

  • One would ask of the UC Davis authorities and administration how they would respond if an Islamic speaker was interrupted by a Jewish group threatening and chanting at an address by the cleric.These BDS and SJP folk are ignorant and completely delusional.

  • walt kovacs

    it is against california law to do what these campus terrorists did

    but till now, the only da who has acted on that law is the one in oc, in regards to the irvine 11

  • LucyM

    Love the massive irony completely lost on these BDS bozos – chanting about “apartheid” while disrupting the talk of an Arab-Israel diplomat. Boy the UC system is pumping out a bunch of imbeciles.

  • SeeGG

    Anti-black? They’re reaching awfully far to enjoin blacks to see the Palestinian struggle as similar to their own. Talk about confounding the facts.

    • Gregory Lewis

      I noticed that, too. When in doubt about the legitimacy of your own cause, call the other guy “anti-Black”. That will magically make you the good guy.

  • Larry

    Why does the audience just sit there passively and quietly. i know I would be chanting right back at them!

  • Edward Devotion

    Guess only some are entitled to a “safe space” and it’s often those that deny others the same entitlement.

  • Charlie in NY

    The years on the banner have a potentially different meaning but one that places Arab history at its center, not European or Jewish.

    1948 = the “dispossession” of the Arabs from “Palestine”
    1492 = the dispossession of the Arabs from their last stronghold of Grenada in al Andalus (Spain)

    If this is what they actually meant, and maybe they wanted Arab and Western audiences to have their own but different interpretations, a strategy followed by Arafat and Abbas, it’s a pretty chilling and aggressive message, albeit consistent with what many Islamic teachers hold, that once Muslims conquer land it remains Muslim land forever, and if they lose it, they have the obligation to reconquer it. This interpretation also does not allow for the Palestinian Arabs to appropriate the story of the Native Americans, since the Arabs themselves arrived in what is today Israel as imperial conquerors in the 7th century. If they were at all intellectually honest, they would have to admit that the Jews would be the Native Americans.

  • Alex Margolin

    These demonstrators are a disgrace. What message does the school send by allowing these people to disrupt a public forum with impunity. There message is full of lies. The Etheopean (90,000 of them), Yemeni, and Druze black population that are Israeli citizen may would beg to differ about the comment on Blacks. Thes demonstrators call Israel an appartied state? This is simply not true. I am sure that most of them are misinformed, misguided, and are not realizing that their cause contributes to killing people in Israel. Then again, the comment that resistence (which in this case is a call to murder) is ok which makes them monsters who who support the killing of innocent people. Either way, people with such hate and demise can not be swayed from their agenda but they should not be allowed to snuff out a lecture and they should not be supported by University dollars. Hate groups like this should not be allowed to exist at any University.

    • Dani Renan

      Alex, Yes, they are largely misinformed and misguided, but they fully realize that they contribute to killing people in Israel. That is their goal and they say it proudly.

      Calling them pro-Palestinian is also a mistake. They have done nothing to help any Palestinian, and definitely not the collective in anyway. If there is ever a choice to help a Palestinian or hurt or kill a Jews, they will always pick the latter. That is not a smear, but according to their own writings.

  • a yid

    Were they arrested? Were they charged? Was there group banned? Fined? Are there no consequences for the violation of free speech and incitement to kill Jews?

  • Arthur Normanson

    What is the most tragic aspect of this is how the protestors depict themselves as being a more ‘authentic’ Palestinian Arab voice than an actual Arab from the land itself. This new fascism of the left is deplorable and should be condemned by the university.

  • Michael

    If this is a campus group, then they should be banned.

  • Michael

    If this is a campus group, they should be banned.

  • howiej

    Why were the demonstrators allowed to disrupt the meeting for so long? Why didn’t the police there immediately stop them? Why were the police there? Were they ordered to do nothing? What actions were taken against those disruptors? Is an anti-Israel climate art of policy for UCD? What did Amb. Deek write on the board?

  • Jonah

    Kerry infused obamanittes.

    • Gary Allen

      I was wondering the same thing. The campus security should have ‘escorted’ them out.