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March 13, 2016 3:40 pm

Major Jewish Group Says Sarah Silverman’s Hitler Impersonation ‘Most Outrageous’ Misuse of Holocaust Imagery Aimed at Donald Trump (VIDEO)

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Comedienne Sarah Silverman playing Hitler on Conan. Photo: Screenshot.

Comedienne Sarah Silverman playing Hitler on Conan. Photo: Screenshot.

A major Jewish human rights organization railed against the use of Holocaust imagery on a satirical TV sketch this week, calling it the “most outrageous yet.”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) took serious issue with Thursday’s Conan [O’Brien] show on TBS, during which Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman entered the studio dressed as Hitler – mustache, SS uniform and all – to talk about Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

This was part on an ongoing controversy surrounding two issues relating to Trump’s campaign. The first was the endorsement of the politician by white supremacist David Duke. The second was a claim that a pledge Trump elicited from voters in the lead-up to a recent primary caused them to raise their hands in what appeared to some viewers to resemble the Nazi salute.

Silverman, a supporter of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, performed a routine in the Conan studio that involved her speaking on behalf of an ostensibly miffed Hitler, slightly offended at being compared to Trump.

“Since our founding nearly 40 years ago, the SWC — which has never endorsed any candidate for office — has often spoken out when politicians, whether Democratic or Republican, and other public figures misuse the Holocaust and Nazi imagery,” SWC Associate Dean Rabbi Abraham Cooper told The Algemeiner on Sunday.

“Now Americans are subject to a campaign of comparing presidential candidate Donald Trump to Hitler. Sarah Silverman’s Conan is the latest — and for now, the most outrageous — incident. I have no doubt that there will be many, many, more such references,” he said.

However, he added, “Let me clear. Donald Trump has made statements that have angered and worried many Americans — by denouncing all Muslims and failing to immediately denounce David Duke’s endorsement, to cite but two examples. Mr. Trump left himself open to strong criticism — including from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.”

Nevertheless, Cooper stressed, “Entertainment figures accusing Trump of being Hitler-like is wrong and dangerous. You want to mock Trump, ok, he’s fair game. Take him on in every venue, including comedy. Denounce any statement he makes. But inserting history’s greatest criminal — who launched a world war that left 55 million people dead and who mass-murdered 6 million Jews — as a political prop in the 2016 campaign is beyond the pale. It demeans Hitler’s victims and debases history.”

Cooper concluded: “Americans deserve powerful national debate and discourse in this and every presidential campaign. The bombast being hurled across our national political and social divide is shameful.”

Watch Sarah Silverman as Hitler below:

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  • Boner Fantaski

    Other Jewish comediennes dressed like Hitler- Mel Brooks being one. Someone should come out dressed like Leon Trotsky and evaluate Bernie Sanders. I wonder what The Simon Wiesenthal Center would say then?

  • Bill Bunkum

    Dark humor is, well, dark, ladies and gents. I think Sarah Silverman is hilarious.
    On an unrelated note to comedy, dumbing down WWII by saying one man ‘launched it’ is a little nuts; that sort of simplification of history displays a gross amount of ignorance about history and lessons which should have be learned from it; it’s the kind of backwards thinking which propagates the ‘bombast’ ol’ dude is railing against.

  • Reform School

    Just when you thought “Jewish” (read “Socialist”) shtick got no lower than THIS bloomin’ excuse for a comedienne:, along come more stars, insisting they know better than us what’s best for us. How sad Steve Allen’s DUMBTH 2 wasn’t in video:

  • Kaycy Conley-Gay

    I refuse to watch this video or any other with Sarah Silverman involved in any way. She has always been an unfunny, vulgar person in the various skits and roles she has had over the years of her career. She keeps getting gigs but it must be her good looks and her willingness to do the classless roles in such a low-class way. Good looks fade, a good reputation is impossible to achieve without good character. She exhibits very poor judgment in her choice of roles and her portrayals. This one is apparently no exception. Ick!

    • Getreal

      I I agree. She is unfunny to me anywy.

  • Steve Zupcic

    To use supposed support for Israel as a reason to support Donald Trump is foolish at best. I do think that Sarah Silverman went way over-the-edge with the Hitler costuming and comedic portrayal. The recent actions and words (some rabidly anti-Semitic) by Trump supporters, however, mirror closely enough the actions and words of Hitler supporters during that German’s leader’s rise to power so as to justify universal Jewish community condemnation of him.

  • Carol

    These self hating Jews disgust me. This is not comedy. People have forgotten what comedy really is. One does not have to poke fun a t any individual, or group, at any time. In my mind, these people are in the same category as rappers who tell people to commit mayhem. Not funny at all.

  • Andrea

    Her judgment is often questionable. But her sister is a rabbi in Israel and I know she supports Israel; does she not know how horrible Sanders would be for Israel?? I know we often moan about how any given moment in time in our culture is the “worst,” but really this is pretty close to an all time low for America. #aliyah2017

  • To be critical about a Silverman activity is as useful as trying to teach pigs to sing. I don’t pay much attention to a pig’s grunt either. Silverman’s lack of sensitivity and mature judgement, however, speaks more of the despicable character of the host and his lame audience than the bad taste of his offensive guest.

  • Brenda Dales

    Funny???? I don’t think any rational person could laugh at this .
    NO it is not in any way humorous.
    Disgusting and shame on you.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    What is wrong with Jews acting like stupid idiots from Sasha Cohen saying in a movie “that he was going to kill Jews to this idiot Sarah Silverman.

    Would she ever have put on blackface and acted like a black?

    The entire Jewish community would condemn her and yet she gives comfort and aid to an enemy and worse yet to a monster.

    Mel Brooks, another Jewish idiot, when asked who did attribute the success of his show and movie, “The Producers” to answered, “HITLER”.

    Did the Holocaust really happen and did 7 million, not 6 million Jews die horrible deaths and instead of being furious we erect Holocaust memorials instead of getting angry at our killers.

    I am saddened that Jewish life means so little to Jews and so much to our killers and haters.

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves because the Jew haters know their enemy so well.

    Instead of them being terrified of us they gloat at us from David Irving, David Duke and all the rest.

    • allen reishtein

      Mel Brooks was mocking Hitler. The Producers was a movie about two guys trying to make a financial killing, over- selling what was intended to be a flop show, a musical about the rise of Hitler. See also Charlie Chaplin in Great Dictator. The Jews are still here, stronger than ever. Hitler is gone & not missed.

  • Michael Needle

    Did they reprimand Mel Brooks?

  • Unfortunately she is not the first Jew to misuse the Holocaust and it’s symbols and she won’t be the last. Israeli politicians, who should know better, invoke Nazis frequently in their rhetoric and vitriol. I know we believe in free speech, but responsible speech is preferable.

  • Ra’anan Elozory

    Sarah Silverman pushed Jews to vote for Obama for his first election. I personally think she was wrong then & probably wrong now. My only fear is that maybe all of the opposition from republicans & democrats may be part of a set up. So far, Trump seems to be the uncandidate, but it seems based on style and not positions.

  • Stan

    There will always be some idiot Jew that makes light of the pain and suffering that Jews have been through because they where Jewish, and usually these idiots hate the Jews that are currently fighting to exist as Jews
    Guess this idiot is suffering from some form of identity crisis

  • Isaac Gamiel

    this person is an embarrassment to Jews, the industry where she works and to her family. Bottom feeders to get laughs should be shunned

  • stevenl

    Just another form of antisemitism!

  • By broadcasting Silverman’s Hitler sketch on Conan’s show, TBS showed complete disregard for the evil done to European Jewry. Comparing Mr. Trump to Hitler proves how dirty American politics has become.

  • jack shnaier

    I think the whole production was a total disgrace.the producer,director,script writer &the actress should be boycotted.They are totally imbecilic

  • Natalie Gavora

    What does she have for brains? Not smart – and extremely hurtful to survivors and the memory of the millions of innocents who perished under the rule of this butcher – Hitler and his underlings. This idiot comedienne makes light of this……. shame on this Jewish lady….

  • i think is should be ban now.

  • Jacobite

    As funny as it might be to some, here are some obvious facts.
    Hitler was a Nationalist Socialist and hated Jews.
    Donald Trump is a Christian Conservative, and loves Israel.
    I would venture to say this confused comedian is a Socialist and much closer in ideology to Hitler than Danald Trump.
    At least Donald Trump has no trouble keeping the story straight.
    To have an expectation of people to have respect for law’s of ones country does not make you a fascist dictator.

    • Gary

      Hitler was not a socialist. In fact he hated socialists and communists. He was a fascist who used capitalism and a perverted socialism to support capitalist interests.

      • Dennis Richardson

        Very good Gary you are on top of it all.

  • Solidifies my resolve to never knowingly watch communist programs. These people have no honor. O’Brien has always been an overrated person. Silverman should hang her head in shame.

  • The message that the Holocaust was a unique event in history and that, to avoid its trivialization, no one or nothing should be compared to the Holocaust or to Hitler has not gotten through.

    Frankly, all of the candidates are objectionable in one way of another from a Jewish standpoint, whether we’re talking about slavish obedience to an ideological idol or to uneducated thinking or to lies and deceit in their Machiavellian pursuit of their goal.

  • Andrew

    She is naive with lots of ignorance thrown in there. Bernie the jew would show less support for Israel then Trump would.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    I fully agree with Rabbi Cooper, and yet I wish to expand on what he has asserted with an additional caveat for any and all discussions on the Holocaust: the suffering and pain associated with the Holocaust to the Jewish people should never be transmitted through comedy to teach something, should never be transformed into an analogical lesson as has occurred in different Jewish communities in the States, in Israel, and in Europe in order to impute evil characteristics on one or more key figures who act nefariously in contemporary situations or victim appearances to those who feel victimised as were the Jews in the ghettoes and concentration camps during the Holocaust. I contend that Sarah Silverman’s parody of Donald Trump and Mel Brooks’ “Springtime for Hitler” in the movie The Producers absolutely tear at my heartstrings with their mad attempt to extract laughs and should be held in contempt in the memory of those who were murdered in the Holocaust as well as those who survivors who still live among us.