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March 27, 2016 2:08 pm

Israeli Military Ranks 9th Most Powerful Globally on Defense Site List

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An Israel Air Force F-16I. Photo: IDF Spokesperson.

An Israel Air Force F-16I. Photo: IDF Spokesperson.

Israel’s military is the 9th strongest in the world, according to the international defense site Global Firepower (GFP), which released its annual list on Friday.

In its rankings, GFP said, it only took conventional military capabilities into account when compiling its list, which includes a total of 126 countries. It also factored in 50 other criteria, such as natural resources, geographical size and economic strength.

The United States topped the list, followed by Russia and China in second and third place, respectively. While Israel was outranked by countries such as India (4th) and South Korea (8th), its conventional military strength exceeded that of other countries in the region, including Iran, Egypt, Syria and Jordan. The Jewish state also ranked higher than some European countries, including Germany (14th) and Italy (16th).


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  • Robert Schwartz

    The GFP website showed that as of March 23, 2016, Israel was ranked 11th and Germany ranked 8th.

  • Jonah

    And that my friends is exactly why Obama released 150 billion for Iran and greased the skids for the nuclearization of that country regardless of their spin to the contrary. Israel is a big fish and it will take the Arab Spring, Isis armed through Bengazi, and the release of Iranian assets along with the destruction of Western Europes civilization and all the deceptive spin Obama, Clinton, and Kerry can come up with in an attempt to take her down. The supposed finishing of the task will be a Hilluary, hummus, controlled administration. The Jews in the world will then be on the run, Israel will be in the throes of Armeggedon, and Christians and Jews will be slaughtered worldwide until the return of the messiah. The ground rules with the Clinton foundation are…you must pay to play and according to those rules….Israel is out gunned from the get go….by Islams oil money. God will even the playing score and that my friends is someone the leftwing lunatics do not believe in. But they soon will.

  • Stephen Franklin

    If you click on the list it appears that Israel is 11th on the list not 9th.

  • M. Otero

    how do you include morale, morality, superior minds, imagination,cunning, veteran US and other Zionists

  • tiki

    Strong Jews? That’s not done!

    But….better strong & hated than weak & looooooooved!

  • Joel

    This article is in need of serious editing. The link provided in the article shows Israel at 11th behind Turkey and not 9 ahead of it. Additionally, Egypt is 18th and Iran 23td (not 14th and 12th respectively, as the article contends). I did not bother to fact check the rest of the article. I saw enough.

  • Matthew Karlovsky

    And that’s only counting the conventional weapons Israel discloses. Only weapon Israel has that the others don’t and for which we should not take for granted and pray daily is GD’s Will and Divine assistance.

  • We must thank G_d for Israel’s impressive military power.

    Thank You, G_d!

    But that military power is not relevant, because 57 Muslim nations want all of Israel to be permanently wiped-off-the-map, plus the entire European Union, plus the back-stabbing Obama Administation, plus the United Nations, plus the news-media on three continents, plus numerous Liberal Arts university professors on three continents.


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  • Z

    And its taken that mighty military how many decades to remove the few jihadistani strongholds in judea samaria and gaza? That’s right, we’re still waiting. What a joke. What a sad joke.

  • Eric R.

    I doubt that the US Military is the most effective any more, since the Marxists in the Obama Administration seem more concerned with sensitivity training for “Unconscious gender bias” and “acceptance of transgendered individuals.”

    The US Army seems more concerned these days with being politically correct than being militarily competent.

    My guess is that if they went head-to-head now with the Russians, Putin & Co would kick their ass. The Russians would be attacking while our troops would hold hands and sing kumba-ya and trying to get in touch with their inner feminine side.