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March 29, 2016 10:01 am

Mayor of Brussels: EU Capital Can Never Go Back to ‘Normal’ Again

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The Brussels airport, following one of the explosions. Photo: Twitter.

The Brussels airport, following one of the explosions. Photo: Twitter.

The mayor of Brussels, holding special meetings in Paris after deadly attacks on his city, says the European Union’s capital can never go back to “normal” again.

Yvan Mayeur met with Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo in the French capital’s neo-Renaissance city hall Tuesday for discussions on how Paris reacted to the November attacks.

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  • Jonah

    At least they have the sense to admit it. It’s the rest of Western Europe who still live in denial. As the Stones said: once bitten twice shy…evidentely Germany has a hard time dealing with that seems when they are bitten they turn around and wade back intio a pit of vipers. In fact in this regard Europe has lost its mind and its soul. Obama the piper is leading the lemmings over the cliff and Cameron is playing a flute right behind him. As gruffly as Castro looks the man has the cahones to call Obama out for what he is. But the over educated, European elite sucuumb to his finesse. The Pope is on the run and refuses to admit it…Isis is nipping at his heels and breathing down the neck of all his priests. And believe me those white full bodied shorts the Mormons wear are not going to protect ther missionary’s. The game is over and none of them seem to realize that. They are blinded by Obama Hilliary warship. The world has finally joined together to fight against its greatest enemy….Trump. Trump refuses to have a hook put in his nose and be lead over a cliff. He refuses to drink Obamas Bruce Jenner koolade and that enrages his enemy’s, he is attacked on all sides, by Europe, the conservatives, the liberals, the radicals, the elite, late hour jesters, the Muslims, Islam, Isis,’s as if Trump is surrounded on all sides….something similar to Israel. No matter how good he gets or how many good deeds he does they all surround him and attempt to put a knife in his back. Well so much for the worlds last savior…how can you save a western world intent on going for its on throat. It seems it’s a futile attempt to get between them and their last act of futility. But don’t tell Trump that his last stand gives us ,in the know, some hope.