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April 12, 2016 7:30 am

Israel’s US Ambassador Slams Sanders for ‘Disproportionate Force’ Comment, Inflated Gaza Casualties

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Ron Dermer, Israel's ambassador to the United States, called out Bernie Sanders for his incorrect figures how the civilian death toll during the 2014 Gaza war. Photo: Wikipedia.

Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to the United States, rebuked Bernie Sanders. Photo: Wikipedia.

Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer on Sunday night joined the chorus of those rebuking Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders for inflating the number of Palestinian civilians killed during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014.

“While those numbers were partially corrected, the claim that Israel acted with disproportionate force was not,” Dermer said. “That claim is just as libelous as the claim that Israel killed 10,000 innocent civilians. Israel did not act with disproportionate force in our war in Gaza…”

Dermer made the remarks during a keynote address at the annual gala of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA), held at Chelsea Piers in New York City.

Dermer also said that while Israel faced a barrage of Hamas rocket attacks from Gaza prior to and during the war, it “went to unprecedented lengths to keep Palestinian civilians out of harm’s way.”

“Israel has upheld values in a way no country has when faced with similar threats,” Dermer told the audience. “Instead of defaming Israel, the international community, and certainly anything who hopes to lead it, should be praising Israel. [And] in light of the comments said this week, and in memory of the 67 soldiers who paid the ultimate price in that war precisely because our army did not act in the way we are accused of acting, let me say it again, the IDF deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for how it acted during the war in Gaza.”

Dermer was addressing comments Sanders made during a meeting with the New York Daily News‘ editorial board last Monday. During the interview, Sanders accused Israel of using “disproportionate” force in the war between Israel and Gaza’s terrorist rulers Hamas, which resulted in the deaths of “over 10,000 innocent people.”

“Anybody help me out here, because I don’t remember the figures, but my recollection is over 10,000 innocent people were killed in Gaza. Does that sound right?” Sanders said.

According to the United Nations’ Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the Gaza civilian death toll in the 2014 war was 1,423, while Gaza’s terrorist rulers Hamas cite a similar number of 1,462.

The Israeli government, in its own report, said that 2,125 Palestinians were killed in the war and at least 44 percent of the fatalities were confirmed to have been armed members of Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

A number of major Jewish organizations responded sharply to Sanders for citing the exaggerated figures, and Israeli Immigrant Absorption and Jerusalem Affairs Minister Zeev Elkin described Sanders’ numbers as “loony.”

As reported by The Algemeiner, the Sanders campaign swiftly responded with a statement of its own, asserting that the outcry was a product of “distorting the truth,” and that Sanders — unsure of the actual number — had only suggested the figure of 10,000 innocents dead, and he subsequently “immediately accepted” a correction from the Daily News editor.

Speaking on MSNBC on Friday morning, however, Sanders again cited an incorrect figure — though far less inflated this time, The Times of Israel reported. Acknowledging that he hadn’t known “the exact number” when he spoke to the Daily News, Sanders said that, “according to the United Nations, over 2,000 civilians were killed” in the war.

Then, on Sunday in an interview with CNN‘s Jake Tapper, Sanders got the statistics wrong a third time. “The number was I think 2100,” he said.

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  • Leo Staschover

    Nobody asks why Sanders chose to bring up, right now, Israel in Gaza, an old story not of particular current interest. Why not comment, instead, on the loss of lives due to the recent stabbings and car-ramming by Palestinians? The probable answer: a need to pander to his left-wing anti-israel supporters.
    Sanders would be bad news for Israel. Vote for Hillary!

  • Michelle Kahn

    The worst anti Semite us a Jewish anti Semite = Bernie Sanders. Bernie has to go and while I have the opportunity to say so ….. and Hilary had to go too. May G-D bless America with the “right” candidate for President. A person who understands the Middle East and who will defend Israel’s right to statehood.

  • Lauren Goldman

    I had thought of voting for Mr. Sanders, but his constant demonizing of Israel has put a stop to that. He may have been born a Jew, but he seems to have left the tribe.

  • jerome

    Watching and listening to Bernie Sanders gives me the heebie jeebies.He is such a consummate socialist and he panders shamelessly to the anti Israel crowd who are at best totally ignorant of any facts concerning Israel and the conflict between them and the hapless ‘palestinians’ and at worst do not give a damn about the truth as long as they ramming the hatred down gullible anti semitic throats.
    The rising tide of anti semitism , which includes anti zionism and those who just hate Israel and do not want it to exist , is in direct proportion to Sanders popularity, because were it not for that impetus , he would garner very few votes.
    As always the most powerful super glue is anti semitism , it unites all causes no matter how disparate. And Bernie knows this very well.

  • jakob wasi

    Dermer should talk. Brazil didn’t think very much of him. Nor should we. He’s a blowhard and a know nothing and steals land that does belong to him. He’s a shanda foe di goyim!

  • Al Talena

    As in the Haggadah, the Evil Son has removed himself from the Jewish community.

  • robert davis

    The problem with sanders is not just his last attack against Israel about gaza but his numerous attacks and his evident position as a jewish antisemite who are the worse of all antisémites. He is not fit as a candidate to become a POTUS and in fact he is unfit to become anything anywhere except in a psychiatric hospital. He surely is not far from alzheimer on top of everything else.

  • stevenl

    For the connoisseurs of human history, while Jews participated (as usual) in the birth of socialism/communism, they quickly became ANTISEMITIC worldwide political organizations/philosophies.
    What a surprise!!!

  • Howard Hoffer

    Sanders is a tool of the the PLO and Hamas. Given half a chance he would espouse the BDS anthem. He is a Jew Non-Jew. He is a JINO; Jew In Name Only. a lot like the German Reform Jews. Gimme a break. All the wannabees want to head to NY for fame and fortune. What does Bernie do, he leaves the Big Apple for fame and fortune in, Vermont? He’s an angry, old man, pitching pie aon the sky to gullible young’uns. Let him stay in the Senate and sit on tne fence and pick and choose. Give him credit where credit is due. He’s put on a hellova campaign, but he should be a Democrat if he wants to carry the Democrat banner.

  • fred

    He may have got where he did, but alas he takes pride in his ignorance at public speaking. He is carefully demonising Israel & Jews by lies in accordance with Hamas wishes. No wonder Hamas declared : He is the kind of Jew we like. I am a survivor it saddens me to see & hear virulent hatred comming from a Jew. For shame..

  • Coward Hitler bunker movies watcher did become ultra communist without he been aware of it, when Nazi German top military man Marshall Paulus was taken prisoner by Soviet solder at the end of WW2, Hitler did want him to commit suicide saying that individuals must die anyway one day. Saying those words on the road trough ruined Europe. Germany does exist to day in peace! Did Israel force any one to commit suicide at war? No! Has Israel not the right to live in real peace? I mean in peace time the task of any country leader is harder than in war times. What Israel did in Gaza was a peaceful action which was a hard task! If Israel went to real war against Hamas , Israel army did behave differently and no one on earth could say a single word! EU is drown in boredom who need fresh blood of the refugees to have something to be busy about and criticize halfway around Israel as Mr. Sander does, to have something to work one, otherwise they will have noting to do, they must create chaos and than try to solve problem which EU and USA of Obama did create self. Both got the Nobel Peace Prize for what only god knows laughing on earth civilization, fixing some brains on earth to travel to other planets for creating more chaos out of boredom. It is about time for man to face the truth! In fact after the Arab Spring when Egypt came back to normal stability under Sisi, he proposed land to the Palestinians for not only peace between Israel and the Palestinians but also peace for Egypt. The Palestinians did rejects the proposal because they have been told not to accept the proposal by coward hided people who wants war going on for ever and are the same people who did stand for the planning of the Arab Spring driving the whole global world into political conflict where politicians do blame each other for something which was cowardly planned not by all politicians but by hided people who does control few politicians in EU and in USA who were infiltrated into politics without been real politicians but guided dolls saying this and meaning something ells which did create the unpredictable minds which anything can happen, your friends become your enemy making space for looking for new friends in Asia and Africa, the circle goes on and on, but the world is very small and limited, and yet the dissimilarity between man and man did become bigger than the dissimilarity between man and women. Who many gays are in Hamas? Man – made gays and lesbians from outside of Gaza did create a gay club in Gaza. White women’s who are man – made lesbians where staged to be raped by refugees for creating chaos movement within the move of the refugees for Mr. Bush and Obama sign on gays and lesbians marriages ceremonies parties to mix the entire world where no person in the future will know if he is a man ore a women. Are politcians man – made gays and lesbians to day? There is a difference between a naturally born gay and lesbian and man – made gay and lesbian! The cause of what Mr. Sander did say!

  • Barbara SHABO

    The news reported that Sanders asked CNN not to ask him any foreign policy questions early on in the Democratic debates. And James Zogby is his advisor on the Middle East.

    This doesn’t sound like a guy who takes foreign policy seriously.

    • SteveHC

      “This doesn’t sound like a guy who takes foreign policy seriously.”

      – CORRECT. Sanders is focused almost *exclusively* on domestic issues and thus is NOT qualified to become the US’s Comander In Chief.

  • Stan Elias

    Everyone seems to forgets to mention the very pertinent fact that Hamas failed to provide bomb shelters for their civilians in any form whatsoever even though they are master builders of tunnels and subterranean structures
    This fact alone indites them of using human shields to protect military personnel and equipment and is a crime


    I watched Sanders on the news last week and from how he inflated the death toll informed me immediately that I was listening to an IDEOLOGUE…..Once recognized as such, he no longer interests me as an honest broker. He is informed by ‘group-think’ making his ideas and plans for a better USA just second hand stuff. Useless in a crisis, uncreative without the blessings of common sense. Goodbye to a fool.

  • Michael Fox

    Bernie is a Communist. He understands even with the overwhelming support of the shiftles millenials,there is no way he would be taken as a legitimate presidential candidate, even by the most liberal of American voters.
    He may be genetically Jewish but in his heart of hearts, he is just another cowardly anti-Semite embarrassed by his Jewish heritage.

  • Bernie Sanders Blames Israel’s Existence for 60 Years of “Hatred and Conflict” in Mideast – Breaking Israel News | Israel Latest News, Israel Prophecy News
    Bernie Sanders is a self hating Jew, a self hating American, and is definitely anti-Israel. He is a liar and an evil man. Someone running for President of the United States just doesn’t make a mistake about how Israel murdered 10,000 Gazans and bombed hospitals, even with the qualifiers he used.

    A serious candidate cannot speak these great lies about our most important ally, and then just say he misspoke. This is much worse than anything that Donald Trump has ever said, and the Democratic Party should immediately announce that Sanders is no longer a viable candidate in their party. That is the only response that the Democrats and Hillary Clinton can make in order to resolve this issue and remain serious to American values.

    In addition, I say this as someone who knows a great deal about children who had a parent that was an immigrant from Poland before WWII.

    I consider myself somewhat of an expert on this subject because all of my parents’ friends and relatives were either Holocaust survivors who came after the war, or Holocaust survivors who came to America before WWII–just like Bernie’s daddy, and almost all lived or started their lives in Brooklyn, NY.

    Bernie’s father was somewhat abusive, as he admitted in a recent tv show (he said difficult, but I say abusive because I can read between the lines). Also, Bernie is a socialist because his daddy was a socialist and a total failure, never having succeeded in America–always living in a rent controlled apartment. This is highly unusual for Polish Jewish immigrants.

    Out of all the Holocaust survivors and Polish Jewish immigrants I knew, and I count approximately 367 different families, every one was somewhere between successful (having a house, 2 cars and relatively nice/fine/moral children), to extraordinarily successful, including numerous billionaires. Only 3 families had a father who was a failure like Bernie Sanders’ father, always looking for how they would pay the next telephone bill. Those 3 families had the sickest, craziest children that I have ever seen.

    No wonder Bernie Sanders is a total meshuganah and socialist.

  • Lia

    Poor Mr Sanders suffers from severe cognitive dissonance, exacerbated by severe ignorance re the world around him.

    • citizenstat

      True. Plus whatever ideological position he espouses. I can’t figure out what it might be.

  • Lammie

    Sanders is advised by JStreet on Israeli matters. JStreet is supposed to be in favour of Israel, but it is really pro “Palestinian”. JStreet does everything it can to demonize Israel. They give much pleasure and encouragement to the terrorists who are running about Israel currently killing Jews indiscriminately – young, old, men, women, children – anyone is fair game for their knife attacks and their car rammings. Sanders also has no idea for how many years Israelis ran to bomb shelters to protect themselves from the thousands of rockets fired at our homes and our kindergartens – small children – in particular, day after day after day. Most of the residents of Sderot near Gaza – and other places in the south suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome after years of running to shelters with only 15 seconds to make it to the safe rooms before the missiles hit. Children began wetting their beds again even at age 8 or older. Many families sleep together in the (usually quite small) safe room so as not to have to get up and run about to get the family gathered together into the safe rooms on time when the rockets fall at night. Day after day it went on for years before Israel reacted and now Sanders has the gall to say that our self defense was disproportionate”! I hope his grandchildren and great grandchildren never have to find shelter from falling missiles in 15 seconds. He should be ashamed of himself for not knowing why Israel attacked Hamas in the first place. Such abysmal ignorance does not bode well for a Sanders Presidency.

  • A Simple Jew

    Sanders is a typical leftist Jew. He identifies with the enemies of the Jewish people. He is addicted to “radical chic”, meaning he romanticizes leftist dictators, strongmen, and warlords, and other tyrannical leaders. He has no compassion for innocent Jewish children, nor for the Jewish people who face an Islamic onslaught. Don’t get Berned by Bernie. Jews, vote Republican!

  • Scott Rose

    As misguided and/or despicable as Sanders’ remarks about, and position on Israel are,people need to think about what his “thinking” implies for protecting the U.S. and its allies other than Israel from global jihad.

    In his Daily News interview, Sanders actually said that “to the degree that they” meaning Israel — “want a good relationship with us, they are going to have to improve their relationship with the Palestinians.”

    Considering that the Palestinian have armed units called Islamic Jihad and al-Aqsa Martyr Brigades, Sanders might as well tell Iraqis that to the degree they want a good relationship with us, they are going to have to improve their relationship with ISIS>

  • Emanuel

    The problem with Sanders is; he’s a Jewish antisemite; someone who cannot appreciate Jewish culture and prefers to believe he is better for being atheist while defaming Jewish people. He parrots the Hamas narrative as far as I’m concerned Sanders is in Hamas. Hillary at least parrots the narrative of Jewish antisemites max and sydney blumenthal BUT Sanders goes right to Hamas for his info!

  • Yaakov

    The main lesson here involves not what he said but understanding how and why he arrived at his misunderstanding. Being Jewish protects against making this kind of error.

    • rachel robinson

      This was not an error. This was a deliberate slander and an ugly lie. I do not know who he thought this will give him more supporters for his quest for the presidency, but lies ultimately are discovered, and most people will think that if you lie once you will probably lie many more times.

      • jerome

        Looks like all thinking people have seen right through old Bernie and his bs!
        Good to know that there are not just young unthinking sheep around. And of course his ‘error’ about the 10 000 palestinian deaths was deliberate.

    • robert davis

      This was NOT a misunderstanding and the proof he never apologized. It evidently is part of his politics and thinks the best way to get to the WH is to be anti Israel. He does not cqare for the conséquences to Israel, jews, christians or anyone except HIMSELF. I think that even to himself he would not do a favour to go to the WH because he would be hated by everyone but even that he does not care; He is arrogant, selfish, a vanity fair by himself. A trash man, vile and of a very low quality. Even the students with a mental age of 8 will hate him if he got to the WH.He is a calamity all by himself.

  • “loony.” Yes it is! The entire USA political campaign is a loony one in the eyes of the entire world. Everybody notice it! A primitive uncivilized campaign which the Nobel Peace Prize has no value, never had value, was given to Obama for what nobody knows. Therefore no need to ever mention anymore the Nobel Peace Prize for whatever political case is! The Nobel Peace Prize is dead long time ago just as the words spoken by Mr. Sender!
    Senders brain do exist in a space which has no connection with reality, he is not even able to remember numbers. He only remember one but him self in a world of a forgotten past. It is a sham that a man who goes for leading a country is not able to remember numbers including his culture roots.