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April 20, 2016 4:00 pm

‘Netanyahu Left With No Choice But to Fly Back and Forth to Moscow,’ Russian Political Activist Says

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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Russian chess giant and political activist Garry Kasparov addressing the Gatestone Institute. Photo: Raymond Hamlin.

Russian chess giant and political activist Garry Kasparov addressing the Gatestone Institute. Photo: Raymond Hamlin.

Berating the West in general and the United States in particular for leaving a “vacuum” now being filled by pernicious global forces and Vladimir Putin’s Russia, international chess icon and political activist Garry Kasparov told The Algemeiner that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been left with “no choice but to fly back and forth to Moscow.”

Kasparov, whose open opposition to Putin has made him a target of the Kremlin, made this remark on Tuesday, while addressing an event hosted by the Gatestone Institute — a conservative New York-based think tank specializing in strategy and defense issues — and promoting his recently released book, Winter Is Coming: Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the Free World Must Be Stopped.

“Netanyahu has to [meet with Putin] to talk about security issues, because Russian planes and troops are now a few hundred miles from the Israeli border,” said Kasparov. “There is also an issue of Russian missiles getting into the hands of Hezbollah,” the Lebanon-based Palestinian terrorist organization that has been fighting in Syria on behalf of the Iranian and Russian efforts to keep President Bashar Assad in power.

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“But [such missiles] don’t have to go from Putin directly,” he said. “They could go via Iran.” And, in the wake of the “disastrous deal” Tehran reached with the P5+1 countries, “It’s only a matter of time before Iran becomes a nuclear power.” This he attributed to an earlier American administration, that of former President Bill Clinton.

“Who helped Iran build its nuclear program — Mars?” he quipped, answering his own rhetorical question: “Few people remember that it was in 1995, when the US Congress passed a bipartisan resolution giving Clinton the authority to give an ultimatum to [Russian President] Boris Yeltsin to stop the first transfer of Russian nuclear technology to Iran, threatening to cut off financial aid. But Clinton, fresh from his ‘success’ in North Korea, decided it was unnecessary. So 21 years ago, when an American president could have stopped an Iranian nuclear program, he failed.”

Returning to the topic of Israel – and asked about the sense in the Jewish state that Putin, unlike many of his cronies from the former Soviet Union, is not an antisemite, Kasparov claimed, “Putin’s interest in the region is very simple; he needs a bigger war, because his lifeline is high oil prices. And what could be better for pushing oil prices up than a big war in the Middle East? True, he’s not an antisemite. But he doesn’t care. If Arabs and Jews kill each other, that’s fine, as long as it helps him to stay in power. It’s convenient for him now to actually play with Israel, but if he has to sell more weapons and supplies to Iran’s friends, he will do so — not because he’s antisemitic, but because he’s a brutal dictator who doesn’t care how many people are killed if it helps him stay in power an extra day.”

He also scoffed at the notion that Russia has withdrawn militarily from Syria. “It announced it was pulling out,” he said.

Kasparov currently resides in New York, after being subject to alleged arrests and beatings by Russian authorities. His book, he pointed out, has been translated into 40 languages, but Russian is not one of them. He said that “the day it can be sold there is the day it will no longer be necessary.”

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  • Mig

    He said 14 languages for Winter is Coming, not 40.

    Re Putin, he said “Maybe he’s not an anti-Semite,” point being that nobody knows and that it doesn’t matter since Putin always and only acts out of self-interest.

  • shloime

    while i can understand mr kasparov’s focus on putin and russian involvement in the middle east, why does he seem to be tap dancing around assigning almost any of the blame to obama? surely, if bill clinton could have stopped iran’s nuclear programme, obama provided american guarantees to protect it. is kasparov going easy on the government because he fears retaliation?

  • Jonah

    Enemy’s of the free world! Obama destroyed Europe and with his Arab Spring has the entire world in a state of chaos. Putin is taking a defensive posture and saying you can destroy the whole world but you will not destroy Russia. It’s up to Israel to defend itself in this Obama mire of caliphate madness. Putin has the wherewithal to defend Russia and that he full well intends to do. Israel has God covering it offensively and defensively but if you read scripture it appears Israel will be forced to nuke its neighbors in order to survive. Scorched earth is what scripture seems to indicate. Laser guided neutron bombs will be the weapon of choice. Russia is not stupid they know what Israel will do when cornered and Russia full well expects Israel to take whatever measures it needs in order to neutralize those that threaten them existentially. Russia is waiting on you to make a stand against those forces Obama has armed militarily to take you out. If Putin steps out of line or crosses red lines in the sand…parameters drawn by God he will be severely dealt with and his country will suffer horrendous God like calamities. Israel will be up for sale to the highest bidder if the Clinton’s get in office as Islam makes billion dollar contributions to the Clinton foundation. Bush sold out Gaza for Saudi drilling rights. When is Israel going to say enough is enough. Scorched earth that’s what Russia is waiting for, it will benefit them, it will benefit the Christians who are being slaughtered worldwide, it will slow the caliphate down, it will keep Obama and the Clintons from bringing the wrath of God down on the U.S. If that is at all possible, it might save what’s left of Western Europe. And what Putin should read to his fellow countrymen in order to calm their souls is revelation 18 and make it very clear that scripture depicts the absolute and complete destruction of America because they have turned their back on Israel, on God, and sodoms immorality paled in comparison to America.

    • What stopped the arabs buying selected liberals last time was

      What stopped the arabs buying selected liberals last time was Netanyahu who is supported by the Orthodox and Evangelicals. Last time Putin was not in office during oslo and Israel did not have Africa and India as allies. Israel has had 25 years to build for the next arab-bought liberal wave in the West. The average Westerner has had enough of the arab-bought liberal lies.

  • Reform School

    Great article, Ruthie. When will you interview Pat Condell?

  • Haha Even though smug Gary is Half-Jewish I’d rather be an Israeli than an Armenian at this time in history

    Haha Even though smug Gary is Half-Jewish I’d rather be an Israeli than an Armenian at this time in history