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May 9, 2016 4:03 pm

Rutgers Professor Again Accused of Antisemitism for Remarks Made About Israel During Panel Discussion at Dartmouth

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Rutgers University professor Jasbir Puar. Photo:

Rutgers University professor Jasbir Puar. Photo:

A Rutgers University professor who infamously accused Israel of harvesting the organs of Palestinians is the focus of controversy yet again, The Algemeiner has learned.

Professor Jasbir Puar was accused of making antisemitic remarks at a Dartmouth College event on April 30, the school’s paper, The Dartmouth, reported. Puar made her comments during a panel discussion — sponsored by the Gender Research Institute at Dartmouth (GRID) — related to feminism and the environment. According to the report, Puar devoted parts of her speech to criticizing Israel.  

In March, Puar — an associate professor of women and gender studies, with an emphasis on queer theory, feminism, globalization and diaspora studies — made headlines when, at a Vassar College lecture, she accused Israel of a host of crimes against Palestinians, including field executions and medical experiments involving the deliberate “stunting” of bodies.

Sergei Kan, an anthropology professor at Dartmouth, told the student newspaper that Puar’s statements were “academic antisemitism.” He reported witnessing a Jewish student present at the panel visibly distraught, as well as others troubled by Puar’s remarks, because their religion “was being covered in dirt,” he said. 

“This is hatred,” Kan said. “This is the kind of scholarship that wants to provoke, wants to offend and does it without any concern for accuracy.” He added that Puar’s accusations against Israel are a “deliberate maligning of Israel that has no factual or almost no factual foundation.”

Student Matthew Goldstein, co-president of Chabad at Dartmouth, was allegedly threatened by GRID’s director, Annabel Martin, and asked to leave the room in which the panel was taking place, when he attempted to videotape Puar, who had asked that her remarks not be recorded, the report said. Following police involvement and threats of arrest, Goldstein willingly left the premises.

Goldstein told The Dartmouth, “It was made to seem like the speech was not going to be explicitly about Israel and if there was anything that was mentioned, it would be sort of an ancillary component, not really the full thing. The entire speech was about Israel.”

According to Goldstein, GRID is “sponsoring antisemitic rhetoric, because it kept fully in line with what [Puar] has said before. Not only was it antisemitic, it’s also not academically honest — garbage scholarship, really.”

In a joint statement issued on Friday, Dartmouth President Phil Hanlon and Provost Carolyn Dever said Puar’s “remarks do not represent the views of the college.”

GRID’s director issued her own statement on Monday, challenging The Dartmouth’s reporting as “yellow journalism at its best.” Martin said her interaction with Goldstein is part of “a series of misrepresentations.”

I repeatedly insisted that he [Goldstein] turn off his camera and engage as a student. Unfortunately, he refused. I did so to abide by the wishes of our guests, but also to prevent Goldstein from committing an illegal act,” she said.

Martin further defended Puar, saying sometimes humanity must “face uncomfortable truths.”

“Conscientious academic work involves respectfully debating conflicting visions. It does not mean full agreement or even consensus. It should leave us scratching our heads,” Martin said. “It should be duly noted that had a single antisemitic statement or accusation been made at our symposium, GRID and its director would be the first in line to condemn such language and hostility.”

The Algemeiner reached out to Martin to obtain an official Dartmouth-sanctioned copy of the panel discussion to verify the claims made against Puar. Martin informed The Algemeiner GRID did not receive permission to post the discussions publicly and the recordings are “only for in-house use.”

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  • Richard Sandler

    Whatever happened to those small inconspicuous video cameras that many sneak into rock concerts?

  • Pearl

    Unfortunately the Arabs are a strong vocal group in every university in the USA. They push their Jew hatred to new levels. Sadly we aren’t as good as they are at PR. They are also becoming the majority in schools that once boasted a large Jewish population. They shout loudly. I guess the louder one is the more people think the truth is being broadcast. These disgusting individuals, who want sharia law in this country, and a caliphate in this country are becoming the majority. There will come a day Jews will not be welcome in America. Sad commentary on our country.

    • Mike

      Was Puar driven to the symposium by a male relative and accompanied by a male relative to give her speech? Did she wear a hijab or veil? Did she mention the Muslims chopping off Christian heads which is well documented? Was any of her accusations documented in even the slightest degree? Was this a conference on fiction writing? Is Dartmouth or Rutgers a university or part of the PLO? Is Puar part the of Department of Propaganda at Rutgers?

    • Mike

      I don’t understand why my post was removed as it was less inflammatory or not even inflammatory as compared to accusations of experimenting on bodies, executing people in fields and harvesting body parts. How will I get only questions answered if you refuse to show them?

  • Dan Anbar

    What happened to the academic tradition of freedom of speech and open debate? Martin”s excuses for not making Puat’s presentation public is a dangerous and reprehensible precedence. If Puat wanted to self-censor her comments she should have made them in private and not at an academic symposium. One cannot adorn oneself with the aura of assumed objectivity and fact-based research without making their work available to critical review. Dartmouth beware! You have a glorious reputation to protect. Stating that Puat’s views do not reflect the institution’s position is an empty statement with letting the public see what you distance yourself from.

  • The Arab terrorist propaganda machine rolls on. Cowardly University administrators allow it.

  • nat cheiman

    Rutgers must be a second tier university to allow lecturers to speak in this manner

  • daniel sebold

    An Orwellian mixture of feminism and antisemitism: celebrate diversity!

  • Lia

    GRID and its ilk should simply be banned at all universities and colleges that wish to be known as ‘academic’. Puar is simply a liar and there the blame falls on Martin and the others who enable the liars. Where are the parents, alumni, state governors and businesses that donate to Rutgers? Stop the money.

  • Rick

    On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves. (Zechariah 12:3)

  • dov

    Well, what did anyone think, that she was going to change her strips? She hates Jews and Rutgers seems to be to afraid or timid to show her the door. Maybe Rutgers receives large donations from Arab countries?

    • Pearl

      There you go! You hit the nail on the head. Money is what influences and the Arabs have loads of it!

  • betty k. schneck

    Puar obtained a cheap degree where feminism not valued at all in her birth country. If Rutgers and other universities allow this type of slander then intellectual and decent discourse is in trouble. Her degree was passed by someone who must have recognized her original intention.
    Send her back to her family’s birth place.

  • Linda Golden

    Until parents of students, alumni and big donaters tell universities that they will not tolerate these hateful, anti-semetic incidents, they will continue. For Dartmouth to claim that she does not represent them is specious at best…cowards for sure. Academic freedom does not give you a pass to lie.

  • Dr. Jane S. Gabin

    And today ‘garbage scholarship’ gets tenure!
    And why are we surprised that academia is in the forefront of anti-Semitism? The only way to counter this is to be ever-vigilant and LOUD.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    Keep on exposing them! If they had nothing to hide they would release a transcript. Unfortunately, Muslim faculty and students drive the most rabid anti-Semitism on college campuses. Their free ride is coming to an end. They have been supported by “progressives” but too many people have gotten wise to their lies and intimidation.

  • Ellen Green

    Is there no lie too egregious for the haters to spew? It seems not. And it also seems that academic freedom is no more if it only admits one point of view and shuts down any other. Our university campuses no longer have academic integrity, our university administrators now guardians of this new normal.

  • Jean Stevens

    If the discussion onen shouts of Islamaphobia, CAIR would have sued, and the panelist making the reference would be fired. Anti-Semetic remarks? The usual statement, “remarks do not represent the views of the college.” Nobody shouted her down as they do when pro-Israel or pro-Jew comments are made. A double standard that is turning our country into Europe.

    • Jean Stevens

      My comment was misprinted. I said that if the topic of feminism and the environment had referenced Islamic countries and their treatment of women, the reaction would be different.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Get her fired!!

    Only the Jews can be attacked because they do nothing to prevent it.

    Stupid Jews!

  • Paul Golden

    Martin further defended Puar, saying sometimes humanity must “face uncomfortable truths.” Except that Puar’s words were not true because if they were truths, why didn’t she state where she got the information. Puar is like many of the professors in universities and colleges that have a grudge against Israel and use the schools as platforms to spew their hatred. Why are so many afraid to call it what it is. Don’t we have more than enough spewing of hatred around the world? It is your responsibility to stop this.

  • Dave

    Martin is right about “facing uncomfortable truths”. The “uncomfortable truth” here is that Puar is a totally dishonest antisemite and by giving her a platform to voice her lies, GRID makes itself complicit in racism and bigotry. No hope for Puar, but shame on GRID and on Martin.

  • enufizenuf

    I thought New Jersey was full of mobsters.

    • Pearl

      And anti-Semitic Arabs!

  • Ron Millen

    As a graduate ot Rutgers , please terminate Puar’s employment. There is no place for her. . unsubstantiated and outright anti-Semitic comments.

  • Ani

    What is it with these so-called professors of so-called subject areas such as gender studies, gueer theory and the like? Obviously from what she is spouting, those areas of “study” can’t be too rigorous. I don’t understand why Universities such as Rutgers even employ people such as this, nor why students are paying good money to study such nonsense.

    I for one am getting tired of the acceptance in academia of the spouting of such evil in their classes and talks. If white-supremacists wanted to slander blacks, would this be allowed? Only when it’s about Jews I guess.

  • Alana Ronald

    So it’s ok to be anti-Semitic off camera? This is so vile, so inverted, and so despicable. NOTHING to do with academe.

  • Kimberly L

    If this is truly legitimate scholarship, why the secrecy? Why not share the content – written or video – and allow for scrutiny? This is what gives universities a bad name for indoctrination of their students in accordance with the agendas of the professors. What does Dartmouth have to hide?

  • Linda

    Phew! Miss garbage does what it usually does. SMELLS!

  • tiki

    In some universities spreading lies is allowed, reporting lies is not!

  • Why doesn’t this black widow go back to arabia where she may find it more congenial

    Why doesn’t this black widow go back to arabia where she may find it more congenial