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June 9, 2016 5:11 pm

In Robust Response to Tel Aviv Terror, Trump Rips ‘Uncivilized’ Palestinians Who Praised Attack

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Donald Trump. Photo: Twitter.

Donald Trump. Photo: Twitter.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump harshly condemned on Thursday the recent bloody terror attack in Tel Aviv, citing the teachings of anti-Israel hatred rampant in Palestinian society as a driving force behind the violence.

“I condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the outrageous terrorist shootings that took the lives of at least four innocent civilians and wounded at least twenty others in Tel Aviv yesterday,” he said in a statement. “The Israeli security forces’ investigation is ongoing, but some facts have already emerged — and they are grim.”

On Wednesday, two Hamas-affiliated terrorists, dressed in black business suits, entered the popular Max Brenner chocolate bar/cafe at the Sarona Market shopping complex. After sitting down and ordering food, the terrorists — who it was later determined hail from the village of Yatta near Hebron — opened fire. Before being neutralized by security guards, they managed to kill four people — two men and two women — and wound many more.

Trump slammed Gaza-based Hamas for its celebration over the attacks and the terrorists themselves. “Just as fast as the condolences arrive from the civilized world is the praise arising out of the uncivilized one. Hamas praised the attack, calling the attackers ‘heroes.’ Reports out of Hebron indicate that residents of the terrorists’ hometown lit up the night sky with celebratory fireworks,” he stated, adding that it was “despicable” that one Palestinian “news organization” called the attacks a “Ramadan treat.”

Trump said the world understands “all too well the unspeakable horror that terrorism unleashes.” To address terrorism — “and address it we must!” — the real estate magnate called on the world to “recognize the parallel horror of the culture of religious hatred that permeates many Palestinian quarters. From schools that indoctrinate toddlers to grow up to kill Israelis to the daily menu of hate that spews forth from various ‘news organizations,’ change is long overdue in the Palestinian territories.”

The presidential hopeful said he hopes to forge a “future where peace can take root and terror finds no refuge.”

“The American people stand strong with the people of Israel, who have suffered far too long from terrorism. Israel’s security is a matter of paramount importance to me and the American people,” Trump said. “I express my deepest condolences to the families of the four Israelis who were murdered, as well as my wishes for a speedy recovery to the wounded.”

Also on Thursday, presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton issued her own condemnation of the Tel Aviv attack, saying in a statement, “I condemn the heinous terrorist attack in Tel Aviv today. I send my deepest condolences to the families of those killed and I will continue to pray for the wounded.”

“I stand in solidarity with the Israeli people in the face of these ongoing threats, and in unwavering support of the country’s right to defend itself,” she stated, adding, “Israel’s security must remain non-negotiable.”

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  • Michael Kadish

    You guys know that Hillary beat him by like four hours when she said how horrible Hamas’s actions were, and consoled Israel, right?

  • If Americans are looking for perfection, then your quest is without end. If, however, you are tired of having your leaders in an shameless act of indecency, continue to blame victims for their own deaths, then the choice is simple.
    Trump, at least, sees reality and isn’t beholden to the enemies of the Jews. He is not afraid to speak without considering “consequences.”
    kudos to him, and shame to all Jewish-Americans that continue to cling to the bankrupt and two-tongued ones, unable to take that step that leads to honesty and dignity.

  • Ani

    Although I have no sense that Trump himself is in any way antisemitic, I am troubled by the rabid antisemitism of some of his followers. I’d feel better in many ways if he were to distance themselves from them and make it known that he doesn’t share their sentiments.

    • Bruce Gril

      He may not be anti semetic – but he sure is a bigot and a racist! There are differences in all 2 terms, I do not doubt he and Hillary are on the side of Israel but the hate that comes from Trumps mouth is unconscionable!

  • Inge Johnson

    For the first time, I have heard Trump saying something that eased my fears if he becomes the president. Until now, I heard so much about his bigotry, now, I am less afraid if he is actually elected.

  • Marc Rosenblatt

    Hillary was forced to say something, as Trump had already made his statement. He made it very clear his feelings toward the heinous Muslim terrorist attack that was perpetrated against innocent Israelis. Her statement was generic at best. Although Trump has his issues, we will be in deep sh-t if Hillary, the polical whore and habitual liar is elected.

  • Andrei Vincenzo

    I read Mr.Trump’s reponnse to the heinous attack by the Palestinians. I am a supporter of Mr. Trump and we need more US politicians to speak as plainly as he does on issues that matter to most Americans. What I would like to see from a Trump administration is more of this plan talk that are converted to action.

    I would like to see the US strongly support putting cameras at the Temple Mount so the palestinians cannot hide behind the assaults on people of other faiths. We would have a record of the instigators form either side.

    I would like to see the citizens of Israel be allowed to pray at the Western Wall. With US Backing, we can reverse the appeasement treaty and return the rights of the Jewish nation that were conceded over to the Arab states.

    I would like to see the US provide Israel with stealth bombers. The Middle east has nothing to fear from Israel unless they have committed an injustice to the only state in that region that truly embraces Democracy.

    I would like to see the Israeli government allow it’s citizens more opportunities to acquire concealed weapon permits to arm themselves just as we are here in the states. The security forces are doing a marvelous job of keep Israel safe, but they cannot be everywhere when attacks of this nature break out.

    This is the hope I have under a Trump administration. No more PC double talk, more leadership and a restoration and strengthening of our relationship with great state of Israel.

  • Larry Andrews

    On this, Mr. Trump “trumped” Ms. Clinton!!

  • Alan Weberman

    Trump goes after the judge in his case on a racial basis and I turn against him. Then he makes a statement like this and hear nothing from Clinton or Obama and I feel like voting for him. It is confusing.

    • Shari Goodman

      The Hispanic judge is a member of La Raza Lawyers. It is a sister organization of La Raza (The Race)and while the elite claim they are seperate entities, they have the same mission. They seek open borders, preferential treatments for Hispanics, and amnesty for illegals. Trump was correct in his analysis.

    • But the judge has a history and supports causes of Mexican-Americans. Trumps past comments would not endear him to the judge of Mexican-American heritage. Doesn’t it stand to reason that a man with this background is unsuitable to judge Trump and should have recused himself from this case?
      Why is it that a judge, of Jewish background, who handed down a light sentence in the case of rape by the “starswimmer” is vilified for his decision, the decision that is being explained in the Jewish press, in particular, as a man who acted out of a “sense of white privilege.”
      Jews and “white privilege” go together as fire and gasoline, but that doesn’t stop the purveyors of this new morality and our present chaos of trumpeting it from the rooftops.

    • Avraham Cohen

      He’s actually a rational and prudent man, beyond the coarse, brash loudmouth that he depicts in some of his public pronouncements. Take a look at his book, “Think Big,” written ten.years ago. He displays sound judgement, intellectual honesty, and firm pragmatism. His character flaws come out there too. But on the whole, he’s very reasonable, lucid, and articulate.

  • nayfeld eugenia

    I Hope Americans will understand that Donald Trump is the best for your contry,I love him the way he acts

  • yves souvenir

    Well spoken, I stand in solidarity with the People of Israel.

    Also the European commission condemned strongly the attach.

  • I prefer Trump’s condemnation to Clinton’s.

    Hers is less forthright. It also appears to be an afterthought in response to Trump.

    But caution – it’s one thing to say something OUT of office, quite another IN office. But Trump is getting off to a good start.

    • Quite true. I notice that not a word seems to have come from Obama. His hatred is palpable.

  • RW

    Thank you for speaking the truth. It is a rare commodity in the world today.

  • Tony Trenton

    These Muslims are PRIMATIVE, GENOCIDAL KILLERS !!!

    Islam is a demonstrable Cult of Death that we have to illuminate !!!

  • robert davis

    It’s evident to all that Donald Trump is a staunch Israel ally even if he cannot yet be too explicit on his stand for evident reasons as a candidate. It’s difficult to undersztand why so many American jews prefer hillary who is a friend of arabs to Trump a frien of Israel! Who do we want ; those who want to destroy Isqrael pror to exterminate jews or those who stand with us? TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT.

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    Well done Mr.Trump! No wonder Obama,the Democrats and the New York Times hate him.Good that he brought up the Hamas celebrations over the attacks so that the world may know what sort of savages Israel has to deal with.Quite correct too that Mr.Trump calls the Palestinians “uncivilized”.

  • Dear Mr. Trump, there is no such thing as Civilized Islam. It is medieval barbarity that is supported by suicidal Western Civilized nations. Politically Correct is a buz word for self destruction. Please do not let this stupidity get any worse in the USA. The Democrats will not do this and they will sit idly by and watch as their great country gets Islamisized and sinks into the bog of barbarity.

  • nat cheiman

    Good attitude from Trump

  • sorry. typo. cbs, not cbc.

  • whaddya know. the only commenter who got the story right, where nbc cbc bbc dodged it, and hillary gave a US State Department comment. with the rider from the real state dpt, dont do anything about the terrorism that might upset the diplomatic surreal apple cart, please. (implication: and if you do, the rest of the media will blame israel for disproportionality and bibi for having gone right wing and lieberman for something nasty ….)

    so 3 cheers for Mr Trump!

  • Tone Lechtzier

    Shalom, Hillary is an Arab, et al influenced puppet. Accepting “donations” in countless millions from Arab sources. Think they just give it away expecting nada in return? Same with the Chinese Gov. go figure.

  • Rosa Lopes

    My condolences to the family of the the innocent murdered people .may They all rest in peace,

  • Enough is enough! Stop being such nice Jews and eliminate the cancer waiting to destroy you next door. Carpet bomb the animals into oblivion! No more loss of Israel blood by barbaric animals!
    Dr. Joseph Levy

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    The world expects Israel to give those savages part of the eternal capitol of the Jewish state.

    They want Israel to move back to the 1967 lines, which would make Israel a defensive difficulty, and put Tel Aviv. Ben Gurion Airport, Haifa, Jerusalem, in the firing line.

    I HOPE THAT PM Netanyahu tells the world to “mind their own business”
    we now have the terrorist leader, Abbas, claiming that the Bible says that the Muslims were in Palestine a few thousand years before Abraham, and that there were no Jews, that the entire land belongs to the Muslims.

    Which bible is he referring to?

    The terrorist attack in Tel Aviv yesterday, should show the world that, unless the Palestinians get rid of that terrorist leader, there can be no peace.

    PM Netanyahu, has held out his hand many times for Abbas to sit an talk peace, but Abbas refuses to do so.

    Before that, PM Ehud Barak and PM Olmert offered the Palestinians 98% of the west bank, and parts of Jerusalem as their capitol, but instead this led to war and more murder.

    The reaction to the murder of Jews in Tel Aviv and the celebration, naming two street after those savages,
    must convince the world that instead of demanding that Israel give into every demand of Abbas, that Abbas should be arrested as a war criminal

  • Thank you Mr. Trump.

  • Louis Sacks

    I’m used to the NY Times avoiding the use of the word “terrorism” when it’s Palestinians supposedly “resisting occupation”, but even The WSJ does it now. Yesterday’s headline was “Four Israelis killed by Palestinians in Tel Aviv” (from memory). No mention of terror. Just a local police concern I suppose. Palestinians have been on and off terrorists against Israel for many decades longer than that word found itself in use in the U. S. or Europe. The world should have paid attention back then.

    Also, why are the children and grand children of the Arab refugees from the 1948 war kept in special refugee camps around Israel just waiting for Israel to disappear? Why haven’t that been treated like ALL other refugee groups since WWII? Refugees, including the hundreds of thousands of Jews forced to flee Iraq and from all the other Arab lands where they had lived peacefully and constructively, sometimes for thousands of years, until recent times. Like other refugees, the Jews left everything behind and started anew somewhere else. They’r not asking for their old homes back. But for some reason the so called Palestinians aren’t allowed to do that. NONE of the many rich Arab countries help them find homes or in any other way except supporting terrorism. Somehow only Israel is held responsible for all their problems. It’s UN BS politics run by 27 Arab countries who still cling to the Ottoman and Nazzi teachings of their wrong headed past. Tiny Israel wants nothing more than to live as an equal and mutually respectful and helpful member of the neighborhood. Instead, both sides must spend vast resources killing and destroying instead of helping each other. It’s a shame those in power among Palestinians will accept nothing but the elimination of Israel. How can anyone work worth that?

  • Jonathan Mishkin

    What a biased story from the Algemeiner. You devote seven paragraphs to Trump’s response to the terrorist attacks before you dedicate a slim two paragraphs to Hilary Clinton’s almost identical comments. And Trump is the one who wants America to take a balanced position on the Israel/Palestinian matter.

    Clinton’s comments are more important both because she has more experience in the region and, at least now, is favored to win the presidency.

    If the New York Times had written this story, your anti-NYT correspondent, Ira Stoll, would have rightly excoriated them.

  • Elliott Alhadeff

    Finally! Someone who has access to the media exposes the savagery of the Palestinian culture merely by referring to their own savage actions. The news worthy significance of this is not so much that the Palestinians celebrating the murders of innocents as that they are finally being exposed for their savagery. Thank you, Mr. Trump!


    Did you notice Obama’s reply?

    The silence was deafening!!!

  • Wendy

    Hmmmn, if that’s true why did Hillary call Israel an Apartheid State and Israelis, “occupiers”.
    Any Jew who votes for Hillary is a partner to the violence that occurred in Tel Aviv, her loyalties lie elsewhere.
    Thank you for your support Mr Trump.

  • Good to see Donald Trump is taking a firm anti-terrorism and pro-Israel line here. Also good to see that he is taking the Palestinians to task for their hate-mongering.

    Both those positions are encouraging.

    As for Hillary Clinton’s comments, her statements are just election sloganeering.

    She has taken a leading role in the most anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian administration in US history. The last eight years cannot be wiped clean with her claims of “solidarity with the Israeli people….”


    This is one of the two reasons I have left the Democratic Party (the other is Planned Parenthood selling baby parts—I don’t know how else to say it). It’s about damn time someone said what Trump has just said. I’m so sick of “political correctness” replacing truth and justice.

  • Diane B.

    Hillary…Huma Mahmood Abedin…don’t YOU have anything to say about this???…I didn’t think so.

  • If terrorism is the targeting of civilians, then this act of killing the 4 civilians and 20 others injured is surely an act of terrorism. Also, killing the more than 200 Palestinians since October 2015 is also an act of terrorism and disproportionate as well. However this Tel-Aviv action gathers attention and the Palestinian ones do not?

  • citizenstat

    Mr. Trump’s comments are right on target! He and his advisors clearly understand the anti-Semitic/anti-Israel venom that continuously spews from the Palestinian media, schools, and mosques with the blessing of the Palestinian “government” as well as all Muslim countries in the Middle East. Mrs. Clinton does too, I think.

    As long as this situation persists, the Israelis truly have no partner in any peace process. Further concessions will simply be a path to national suicide.

  • For the moment, the politicians and wannabes talk about the possibilities of peace, with everybody ignoring the elephant in the room. The fact is, there is no prospect for peace as long as some people feel they are “occupied.” Israel has always been the home of the Jewish people, and now, these recent migrants are claiming legitimacy.
    Most Arabs are very conscious of class. In Arab countries, it is very clear who has money and power, as opposed to those who don’t. This disparity is even more evident in “refugee camps” where people are not allowed to assimilate into mainstream society. At least, in Israel, they can become doctors, lawyers, politicians, and teachers.
    But, the Arabs living in Israel have a subsidy from others in rich countries who do not want them to give up their “struggle.” It is easier to send money and keep the disturbance going than it is to embrace their brothers.
    Mr. Trump will know, as does every other politician, that there will be no peace. There never is, and some tribulation occurs daily, somewhere, in this world. For now, this is just a matter of lip service. Everybody wants to butt in, just to make political noise. But, the only people who could do something, are restrained by the politicians, who are standing on the sidelines.

  • norm_t

    Thank you Mr Trump.

    Hillary, didn’t you hear about these murders?

  • Charles Martel

    He may not have been a Secretary of State, but as a business man he sure knows the heart of men. And Palestinians’ hearts have been rotten by undiluted hatred for decades.

    May God protect us all. What’s coming is certainly not pretty.

  • It is a despicable crime fomented against civilians once again by the Palestinian Muslims from Gaza.
    The world should recognize that the victims of terrorism are not the Palestinians but the Jews. The Jews are the builders of the real democracy with the greatest technologies in the World. Muslim Islamists are the destroyers of human life, democracy, happiness, believing more in death than life.

  • I am still awaiting a response from the president of the U.S. for this horrific deed.

  • enufizenuf

    “Israel’s security must remain non-negotiable -at least until I get in office, then they’re pretty much screwed, bigtime!” So sayeth Hillary Clinton when the public can’t hear her.

  • dan ehrlich

    Sad that a gentile, not Bernie, feels this way.

  • Shepherd

    President Donald Trump knows!
    USA MUST put him in the white house – the sooner the better

  • Barry

    More 2-faced BS from BHO’ASSistant. She is responsible for these murders by coddling the TERRORISTS. democRATS. F-them, they do nothing for Jews.