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June 20, 2016 1:26 pm

Israeli Party Leader Yair Lapid: UN Spends American Money, Resources on Propaganda Campaign for Annihilation of Jewish State

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Yesh Atid chairman MK Yair Lapid at the Shurat HaDin conference in Jerusalem. Photo: Facebook.

Yesh Atid chairman MK Yair Lapid at the Shurat HaDin conference in Jerusalem. Photo: Facebook.

The United Nations takes American money, resources and support and uses them for a propaganda campaign to further the annihilation of the Jewish state, an Israeli parliamentarian said on Monday, the Hebrew news site nrg reported.

MK Yair Lapid, chairman of the centrist Yesh Atid party, made this statement at the second annual “Towards a New Law of War” conference in Jerusalem, sponsored by Shurat HaDin-The Israel Law Center.

Calling for a halt in the flow of money into the international body, Lapid said, “The United States funds 22 percent of the UN’s budget. In fact, six countries – the US, Japan, France, the UK, Italy and Germany – fund more than 65% of the organization’s budget.”

According to Lapid, “The UN has lost it where Israel is concerned. It has lost its credibility, its healthy logic and its most important asset – integrity.”

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The UN Human Rights Council’s attitude towards Israel, he said, long ago left legitimate criticism behind and entered the realm of “disturbing obsession.” Over the past 10 years, he added, “the UNHRC passed 61 resolutions condemning human rights abuses across the entire world, and 67 resolutions condemning Israel alone.”

This, he claimed, “is not a mistake. Instead of defending freedom, democracy, liberal values and world peace, some of the UN’s branches do the exact opposite. They have become abetters of Islamic fundamentalism and agents of terrorist organizations, like Hamas and Hezbollah.”

There is no reason, he argued, “for the US and other democratic countries to agree to finance this. During my last visit to Washington, I spoke about this with members of the Senate and House, both Democrats and Republicans, and all agreed that the situation is intolerable. The American taxpayer must refuse to spend his money on such things. It is not for this that he works so hard and pays taxes. When I talked to a top American diplomat at the UN, however, he claimed that it is preferable to exact change from within.”

Lapid then turned his attention to Iran, saying that it is “the only member of the UN that openly declares that its goal is to completely wipe out another member state, Israel. It goes without saying that the UN never demanded that Iran retract this statement.”

Nor, he added, “has anybody spoken about Israel’s being a flourishing democracy that represents the values on which the UN was established. Israel’s enemies, on the other hand, hang members of the LGBT community from telephone poles, believe that women are the property of their husbands and it is pretty clear that they don’t believe in organizations like the UN.”

Lapid also attacked other UN bodies, such as the World Health Organization and UNRWA, and concluded his lecture by addressing the leaders of the free world.

“We have missed the deadline,” he said. “Israel’s haters and the haters of democracy have beat us to the finish line and have changed the UN from within. The organization that preached justice and equality has fallen prey to a hostile takeover. If democratic countries abandon Israel, they will be the next in line.”

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  • The UN must go; They must move their headquarters to an Arab country, because that’s who is running the UN now!! All money going to the UN must stop!!!

  • jakob wasi

    Further proof that the Zionist elite has gone bonkers. They’re on the defensive as the Israeli ship of state lists to the ultra right and ultra nationalism. They rant and rave and the more they do the less the ‘cry wolf’ works.

  • nat cheiman

    Under Trump, the UN and Nato will get substantially less funding, if any at all.

  • Nina Diesendruck

    Kol Hakavod to Yair Lapid!
    This argument should become a constant in our discussions, with a highlight on the fact that a member state can openly, repeatedly and unabashedly threaten with total extinction, “wiping out”, another sovereign member state!
    This goes against the very constitution of the U.N. and yet no one seems to take the slightest notice of it, let alone condemn it in the strongest terms possible.
    Imagine if the opposite would happen: Israel threatening a member state….

  • Reform School

    Between the United Nations’ subversion to a war advocate, and Mars being the god of war, what could be more just than shipping the United Nations, embassies and staffs to Mars?

  • Could Lapid be moving to the right – sounds like something those who care about the future of Israel would say

  • Jeffrey Zucker

    I agree with the Ambassador from the US that we have to remain a member as we have vetoing power in the Security Council; however, we don’t have to fund 25% of the totality of the UN. A fair amount would be to take the average amount that all of the members give less that from the big givers and use that as the figure for our contribution.

    Most of them don’t share our values and we can fund only those agencies that we feel are doing good works. No need to fund UNRWA or UNHRC or any other agency that discriminates against Israel or the USA.

  • Francis Figliola

    If the president didn’t support this tack, the $$ would be cut off!

  • Yaakov

    According to the United Nations Committee on Contributions (, the United States has not yet paid its full assessment for 2016, which was due February 7, 2016.

    Israel was not one of the 27 Member States that did so by the due date, but it did do so subsequently.

  • manley kiefer

    few people are aware of these sad, tragic facts and it is important that these truths are made known to the tax paying public. It’s up to all of us to seek justice and put an end to this perverted funding of radical Islamic factions whose primary goal is the destruction of Israel and Jews.

  • Lia

    Mr Lapid and Shurat HaDin, thank you, in behalf of the rest of the world, for what you do for Israel!

  • Messianic Psychopathic Jews , Accept the Arab Peace Plan of 2002 or change your name to Masada .

    Or the World Will move you lock Stock and Barrel to Madagascar of Uganda or Namibia when you can call yourselves AFRO- JEWS

    Actually that wouldn’t be a bad deal all these years.

  • Defund the united nations project, this experiment is ultimately against freedom and for dictatorship no un in the united states

    Defund the united nations project, this experiment is ultimately against freedom and for dictatorship no un in the united states