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June 29, 2016 5:53 am

‘Jewish Voice for Peace’ Could Rival Hamas and the KKK

avatar by Abraham H. Miller

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A demonstration in Seattle by the anti-Israel group Jewish Voice for Peace. Photo: Joe Mabel via Wikimedia Commons.

A demonstration in Seattle by the anti-Israel group Jewish Voice for Peace. Photo: Joe Mabel via Wikimedia Commons.

“I’m Jewish, and I want people to boycott Israel,” pens Rebecca Vilkomerson, in the Washington “Post Everything” column of the WaPo on June 24. Vilkomerson is the executive director of Jewish Voice for Peace, an organization that is neither a voice for peace nor Jewish, except when Jewish traditions can be manipulated to support the Palestinian cause.

JVP refers to itself as the “Jewish arm” of the Palestinian solidarity movement. If you want to know how Jewish and how much of a voice for peace Vilkomerson is, ask her what boundaries she would accept for a Jewish state in a diplomatic settlement resulting in two states, one Arab, one Jewish, living side by side in peace and neighborly tranquility. If she is honest, she will answer none.

For JVP does not accept the idea of a two-state solution, but seeks a unitary state overrun with four generations of Palestinian “refugees” that will obliterate the Jewish character of Israel and fulfill the Palestinians’ professed goal of pushing the Jews into the sea.

How is it possible for someone who is nominally Jewish to pursue such a goal? The same way it was possible for a young George Soros to find absolute elation in helping the Nazis hunt down his fellow Jews for extermination. The same way it was possible for Vidkun Quisling to sell out his country to the Nazis. History is littered with the self-haters whose personal quest for destruction is projected onto their own kind.

Like most proponents of the anti-Israel and antisemitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, Vilkomerson invokes the common false history of its origins that the “non-violent effort began in 2005” by a broad coalition of Palestinian organizations.

The reality is that BDS began in 2001 at an NGO forum held in parallel with the UN’s Durban, South Africa Conference Against Racism.

Why hide the origins of BDS? Because the NGO activists in their denigration of Israel expressed vitriolic and naked antisemitism! The irony of a UN conference attacking racism, while producing a mendacious hatred of its own, was lost on no one, least of all the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, who roundly condemned the NGO activists.

The NGO’s final document vilified Israel as a “racist, apartheid state,” resurrecting the old Soviet libel of Zionism as racism.

BDS is a program of demonization, vilification and delegitimization of Israel, characterizing it as an apartheid state – an accusation belied by a trip to the beach in Tel Aviv, riding an Egged Bus, or walking through the Hadassah Medical Center where Arab and Jewish doctors routinely treat both Arab and Jewish patients.

The purpose of BDS is to deny Israel’s right to exist, to legitimize terror, and to cheer-on the coming of a second Holocaust.

Sound extreme? JVP co-sponsors and participates in symposia and rallies where there is vocal support for groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, whose unequivocal intentions to destroy Israel are shamelessly part of their reasons for existence. On campus, JVP partners with Students for Justice in Palestine, a group known for its antisemitism. It routinely deprives pro-Israel and sometimes simply Jewish speakers of their right to speak on campus. It has attempted to prevent Jewish students from running for student senate because they are Jewish. SJP’s anti-Zionist and antisemitic programs have spurred outbreaks of antisemitic incidents that have raised concerns for the safety of Jewish students.

The rank antisemitism of Rebecca Vilkomerson oozes from her essay. Israel’s incursion in Gaza is depicted as part of a continual, nefarious siege, without a simple mention of the more than ten thousand rockets and missiles launched from Gaza that have rained death, trauma, and destruction on Israel’s southern cities. Palestinian terror and illegal arms shipments necessitated the blockade of Gaza and the security barrier on the West Bank, but this is unworthy of her concern.

The random murder of Israeli civilians is justified as a “horrifying symptom of occupation and repression.” In her mind, the Palestinians have a just cause. A just cause legitimizes the murder of civilians. Protecting your children from random death is not legitimate, not if you are a Jew.

Vilkomerson gave several mutual-admiration interviews to American Free Press, a conspiracy-oriented, antisemitic newspaper that traffics in Holocaust denial and  publishes in its book selections conspiracy theories ranging from 9/11 Truthers to “Man did not go to the Moon…Paul McCartney was replaced after his death in 1966, and that the official narrative of the Holocaust cannot be sustained.”

In her 2012 AFP interview, Vilkomerson repeated another JVP fiction that MSCI had dropped Caterpillar from its social choice portfolio because of JVP. But the reality is that MSCI dropped Caterpillar because of a lockout during a London, Ontario labor dispute.  Here is MSCI’s statement on the issue: “In February 2012, Caterpillar’s ESG rating was downgraded by MSCI ESG Research due to declining ESG performance associated with the management of its Employees & Supply Chain challenges.”

Vilkomerson and the AFP deserve each other. Whether the readers of the WaPo should be exposed to her hatred is another question entirely.

Abraham H. Miller is an emeritus professor of political science, University of Cincinnati, and a distinguished fellow with the Haym Salomon Center @salomoncenter. This article was originally published by The Daily Caller. 

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  • adam

    As bad as this group is I don’t see how they “could compete” with Hamas and KKK nor does this article provide evidence of this.

    I find it ironic that this same paper whitewashes Trump when asked about David Duke and the KKK and yet calls others competition for the KKK and if that is so terrible why aren’t they disturbed at Trump pandering to the KKK.

    It almost like deflection from their own weakness of ignoring a current Presidential candidate demurring when asked about David Duke and white supremacy.

  • Only Jews have people who hate themselves.

    Obama can interact with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farraka and Ben Carson. Only Jews can’t interact with each and often hate each other.

    How do we produce Bernie Sanders, Bobby Fischer, Max Blumenthal, all the Jews who went on that Turkish boat trying to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza and so many others.

    We have no religious identity, ask Mark Zuckerberg or Jim Cramer, no national identity nor any religious pride.

    Wehve become wealthy and dysfunctional and die for others before we protect our own.

    This Rebecca should be taken out and horsewhipped and anyone who follows her should be treated the same.

    When do you stop hating yourselves?

  • yale

    Much as groups like the Commintern was able to create and control front groups that supported its goals, we should not be surprised that the Muslim Brotherhood, Islam’s Commintern, can do likewise. To use Lenin’s term for them, these people are “useful idiots.”

  • Holy Shirt

    Roses are reddish and violets are bluish.

    Are circumcised brains the new mark of the Jewish?

  • nat cheiman

    They are self hating Jews. Traitors

  • Mary Shelley

    JVP are the Frankensteins of the UJA-Jewish Federation’s Radical Left ideology and indoctrination of our children.

  • jack webb

    We are dealing with a low life mentality of ignorant and naive people, every one is under the age of 35.
    that is the new generation we prefacing today

  • Paul

    ” Mary Robinson, who roundly condemned the NGO activists” – no!

    She only criticised the excesses of the openly anti-Jewish NGO activists when unfavourable publicity about the UN’s complicity became too embarrassing.

    Since then she has been mostly silent about open manifestations of anti-Semitism – including in France.

    See my article and numerous analyses by Anne Bayefsky, for example.

  • Ani

    And the WAPO just loves the like of Vilkomerson. The NYT would as well I’m sure. The leftist liberal Pali loving rags never tire of parading so-called Jews who wish to denigrate Israel on their pages. Truly sad as far too many who are ignorant of the situation believe they are “getting the facts” from media such as the WAPO. As for Vilkomerson, whatever she might be, I’d suggest that she convert to some other religion as she obviously despises all things Jewish. “Jews” like her we don’t need.

  • Vilkomerson is not alone and has plenty of allies in the UK, including well-known personalities such as Stephen Fry (whose mother was ashamed of being Jewish) and Miryam Margolyes, the actress, who has a severe personality disorder. That is what two thousand years of persecution does to some people, it is an extreme manifestation of the Stockholm Syndrome.

  • Leslie Benjamini

    This woman is a disgrace to humanity. Absolute truth written here.

  • al talena

    Time to call the vermin what she is: TRAITOR

  • a yid

    i would like to see what a chabad rabbi would say about such a person. they are experts at outreach and finding the good points in people. this case, however, seems quite extreme and i would really like to know what a rav would say

  • SteveHC

    Dr. Miller has hit the nail squarely on its head. An excellent piece. “JVP” must be widely and publicly decried and described as the a-religious, deceitfully non-credible, antisemitic and anti-Israel organization that it is.

  • stevenl

    For deliberately ignoring the real purpose of BDS, RV is by definition an antisemite.

  • walt kovacs

    bds is an extension and rebranding of the arab boycott, which originated in 1948.

    it is just one more attempt to change the narrative from arab vs jew to palestine vs israel. and it has largely succeeded in doing that.

    as for wapo, they are now no better than the online jew hating rag, veterans today.

  • manley kiefer

    I can only imagine that in the deep recesses of her mind and other anti Israel Jews who belong to these traitorous organizations, something very negative occurred leaving them with very distorted images in these matters.

    I don’t know if there is any remedy for many of these lost souls.

  • enufizenuf

    As she and her friends love the violence-prone palestinians so much, one cannot help but wonder if she’d understand if she were silenced in the same manner they silence their own dissenters.


    The fact remains, an increasing number of young American Jews are embarrassed by Israel’s blatant ongoing theft of Arab land and resources in the West Bank. It seems that Mr. Miller prefers to see this embarrassment, and its attendant activism, as antisemitism; rather than recognize a very Jewish longing for justice. If he doesn’t want them to boycott, then what does he want them to do? Shut up? They’re Jews, so that’s unlikely. It’s hard for Zionists to comprehend that there can be radical Judaism without Jewish nationalism. But the Diaspora has more than one variety of children.

    • len

      josh lets face it the fact remains that most of these anti-Israel jews would only enter a synagogue by accident,they have minimal understanding of what it means to be an observant jew and will in one or maybe two generations have progeny that have no connection to Judaism what so ever.That is a good thing.As Abraham seperated from Lot so should it be with those that call themselves Jews only when it becomes a tool to condemn Israel.We all know of the radical Judaism that you speak of it’s called Communism,the Bund etcetera,there is nothing hard to comprehend here.But with the birth of the modern state of Israel every Jew who practices real Judaism can say justice has finally come to Am Yisroel.Yes as you say the Diaspora has more than one variety of children.We read about it every Passover in every generation.

    • Theft of Arab land??? In 1948 the UN members voted to create Israel, honouring Britain’s Balfour Declaration,and ending the British Mandate for Palestine. The Arabs refused,they believed their leaders who told them that an attack would put a quick end to Israel. Ben Gurion’s speech immediately after the vote creating Israel, was to ask the Arabs living in the new state to stay and help build the country. Instead the majority chose to flee.(Those who didn’t now make up 20 % of the Israeli population.) The Arabs lost, as they have every war they have started. They are mostly angry because they feel shamed by being losers.So why don’t their leaders just tell the UN that they accept the land offered to them in the Disputed Territories and then they have their state. But after becoming Palestinians in 1964 ( only Jews were called that prior to this), the leaders realized they held a power over the people they don’t want to give up. Now that is facts. Israel stole nothing, stop buying into the made up story that ‘we waz robbed”.

  • Yaakov

    When what passes for a Jewish community continues to use an ethnic definition of a Jew, it reaps what it sows.

  • They need the Torah, meshumadim

    They need the Torah, meshumadim

  • Mario D.

    Great article.

    These are like the fake Jews the Vatican used to completely destroy Jewish communities in the middle ages.