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June 30, 2016 1:41 pm

Israeli, British-Jewish Leaders In Uproar After UK Labour Leader Compares Jewish State to ISIS on Heels of Antisemitism Inquiry

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UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: Twitter.

UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: Twitter.

Israeli and UK Jewish leaders expressed outrage on Thursday after the head of Britain’s Labour Party drew a parallel between the Jewish state and the bloodthirsty terror group ISIS.

During a conference announcing the results of Labour’s investigation — headed by the controversial Shami Chakrabarti  — into allegations of antisemitism and racism within his party, leader Jeremy Corbyn said, “Our Jewish friends are no more responsible for the actions of Israel or the Netanyahu government than our Muslim friends are for those of various self-styled Islamic states or organizations.”

Yesh Atid Party leader Yair Lapid was the first Israeli official to issue a condemnation of Corbyn’s comparison, describing such rhetoric as intolerable, especially in the face of Thursday’s terror attack, in which a 13-year-old girl from the town of Kiryat Arba was murdered in her bed by a Palestinian terrorist.

“It is unacceptable that on such a difficult day for the state of Israel, when an innocent young girl was murdered in a terror attack by an evil terrorist just because she was a Jew, the leader of the opposition in the UK compares Israel and ISIS, made worse by being at the launch of a report on antisemitism in his own party,” Lapid said in a released statement.

It is an infuriating comparison which is evidence of his ignorance. It is pure antisemitism. The state of Israel is governed by democratic values, morality and justice and fights every day against terror organizations which are sworn to the murder of innocents,” he continued. “I call upon the Labor Party in Israel to cut all ties with their counterpart in the UK until the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, is replaced.”

Knesset Member Issac Herzog, head of the Israeli Labor Party, was quick to slam Corbyn on Twitter:

Britain’s former chief rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks, said in a statement that Corbyn’s remarks are yet another instance of his “demonization of the highest order,” which he called “an outrage and unacceptable.”

“That this occurred at the launch of his report into the Labour Party’s recent troubles with antisemitism shows how deep the sickness is in parts of left British politics today,” Sacks said.

Calling Israel a “democratic state with an independent judiciary, a free press and a diverse population of many cultures, religions and creeds,” Sacks said ISIS, in comparison, “is a terrorist entity whose barbarities have been condemned by all those who value our common humanity.”

“In the current political climate, when hate crimes are rising and political rhetoric is increasingly divisive, this is all the more shocking,” Sacks stated.

The Chakrabarti inquiry concluded that while there is an “occasionally toxic atmosphere” within the party, it is “not overrun by antisemitism, Islamophobia, or other forms of racism.” The investigation made 20 recommendations, but did not approve lifetime bans for party members who engage in antisemitic or racist behavior.

In his remarks supporting the inquiry’s findings, Corbyn called on Labour members to stop using Holocaust references. “Can we please leave Hitler and Nazi metaphors alone (especially in the context of Israel). Why? Because the Shoah [Holocaust] is still in people’s family experience,” he said.

During the conference, Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth was verbally attacked by a member of the left-wing organization Momentum — who accused her of “colluding” with the right-wing media — immediately after Chakrabarti herself announced that any claims that Jewish people were “part of some kind of media conspiracy…is just wrong,” the Independent reported.

Smeeth, who left the event “in tears,” told the newspaper, “It is beyond belief that someone could come to the launch of a report on antisemitism in the Labour Party and espouse such vile conspiracy theories about Jewish people, which were ironically highlighted as such in Ms. Chakrabarti’s report, while the leader of my own party stood by and did absolutely nothing.”

The Labour MP called on Corbyn to resign after he failed to intervene. “Until today I had made no public comment about Jeremy’s ability to lead our party, but the fact that he failed to intervene is final proof for me that he is unfit to lead, and that a Labour Party under his stewardship cannot be a safe space for British Jews.”

On Tuesday, the Labour Party passed a non-binding no-confidence motion in Corbyn in a 172-40 vote.

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  • Thank you Britain for the Brexit, people like the mini Goebbels Mr.Corbyn are not only not welcome in Europe but are relegated back to the back pages of history where he belongs, on an island that is. Please be sure to keep him there. If you idiots want him,keep him and will ruin ye all.

  • In the past 24 hours 3 Israelis have been murdered and at least 6 injured severely by hammas terrorists. Not a word on the media from the U.K.
    Jeremy Corbyn is a through and through anti-semite, anti Israel politician, When Jo Cox was murdered he was the only politician to drag in the Palestinians in his Eulogy!
    I am a member of the Israeli Labor party, do not support Netanyahu, but to compare Israelis to ISIS is so horrific. He was actually applauded by the audience, when he said this. Also Corbyn’s non intervention when JUne Smeeth was verbally abused was abysmal. All Jews should leave the labor party, and stop supporting them financially!!

  • Real Jew

    Just like in the US, the real anti-semitism is coming from the Left.

  • fred

    Jeremy Corbyn could well change the name of the British Labor Party to its equivalent from the 1930 in Germany the British National Socialist Labor Party the platform is that its supports anti Semitism of the most virulent kind.

  • nat cheiman

    Corbyn may well be mentally disturbed

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    Corbyn is a pig-headed ignoramus who just doesn’t realise that anti-Zionism is the “respectable” face of modern anti-semitism.And making such a comparison between Israel and ISIS at an event to discuss a report on anti-semitism in the Labour Party is really beyond the pale! His remark referring to “our Jewish friends” reminds me very much of the anti-semites’ declaration that “some of my best friends are Jews”.The report in question was just another wishy-washy whitewash of Labour anti-semitism – which is not surprising in a political party filled with rabid anti-Israel Muslims and low-class British Jew-haters of the Ernest Bevin variety.By the latest accounts Corbyn is the most unpopular Labour leader for many decades – but he refuses to go.Hopefully he will be forced out sooner rather than later and be replaced by a leader not given to continual pandering to his anti-Israel Muslim constituency and anti-semitic members.

  • David

    This and other like developments are excellent. With a new leadership coming up in Labour, the members have a clear, stark choice: will they be the Antisemitic Party, or not? (Unfortunately, I think I know the answer to that question.)

    • David

      leadership ELECTION

  • stevenl

    Promoting antisemitism the only way he knows: IGNORANCE and the use of the old communist MO!
    Labour = Socialism = antisemitism.

  • Menahem

    This old goat is so embedded with his antisemetic friends, it is high time to abandon these types of bigots, both here and in USA as the Democratic Party there is full of human excrements in that party. Wait until their convention.

    Time to leave Britain but also this racist Labour Party. Join the UKIP or better still CONSERVATIVE PARTY.

    British Jews do not have any spine.

  • Ephraim

    The Labor Party needs to succumb to truth in advertising and change its name to the German-British Bund.

  • enufizenuf

    What Jews, British and otherwise, fail to understand is that Jew-haters, particularly smug little leftists, get a thrill up their leg by saying things which upset Jews.
    It’s the reaction of the Jews that they want because they have a slight sadistic streak and because they want the attention. A better way to handle them than responding with great outrage would be to mock and deride them for the nasty little buggers they are.

  • resign swine

    resign swine

  • Mario D.

    He knows how to word the incremental genocide of the Jews, that the far left has always been violent for, perfectly. A great new book about the antisemitism of the Stasi has been released recently, called Undeclared Wars. West German leftists are just ex Nazis, they have been teying this genocicde fervently too.

    Britain has always had a severely antisemitic environment. They can make even tolerence into an antisemitic obsession.