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July 14, 2016 9:02 pm

Eyewitness Describes Scene of Nice Truck Attack: ‘We Started to See Bodies All Over the Place’

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Dead bodies at the scene of the attack in Nice. Photo: Twitter.

Dead bodies at the scene of the attack in Nice. Photo: Twitter.

An eyewitness at the scene of the truck attack in the south of France on Thursday night described the carnage in an interview with The Algemeiner.

“We were coming back from a restaurant with a few friends just in front of the place of the attack,” the witness, who did not wish to be named, said. After seeing people running and understanding that something significant had taken place, he rushed to the scene of the attack with some family members.

“As soon as we reached the place we started to see bodies all over the place,” the eyewitness said. “Both my parents are doctors so we went out to help the injured people… the three of us stayed on the scene for an hour or so until the military arrived to the area and started to evacuate all the bodies.”

We “tried to console a little bit the people who were there,” he added, noting that people were standing by the corpses of their loved ones who had been killed in the attack.

“We lived in Israel during the second Intifada… so they [his parents] know a little bit about how to handle it… It is quite awful and you try to help and you think later.”

The eyewitness said his family now lives near the scene of the attack. His parents rushed home to bring any available medical equipment to the scene, however, he said, “it was very minimalistic.”

“I was not really thinking about safety issues,” he added, when asked if he feared for his life during the aftermath of the incident.

According to multiple media reports, over 77 people were killed in the attack and hundreds more may have been injured. The attacker plowed his large truck into a crowd of people watching Bastille Day fireworks in the French Riviera city.

Local official Christian Estrosi told a French TV station that the attacker then descended from the truck and opened fire on the crowd. He also said that weapons and grenades were found inside the truck after he was shot dead by police.

According to Reuters, “Vehicle attacks have been used by isolated members of militant groups in recent years, notably in Israel, as well as in Europe, though never to such devastating effect.”

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  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    The hypocrisy of the Western media is breathtaking! The Muslim murderers in France are called terrorists but the Muslim murderers in Israel are called “militants”.

  • Álvaro Malhão

    This is unthinkable in the XXI century. We (Europeans) do not have the tools and the will to deal with such situations. The European Governments were asked for help and advice to the State Of Israel. Unfortunately this nation knows how to deal with these issues better than anyone. With terrorists do not negotiate, or use diplomacy!

  • nat cheiman

    Israel experiences this type of attack frequently. Perhaps Angela Merkel and her European counterparts are beginning to understand the dangers of allowing migrants in unchecked.
    Britain will not have such a problem because of their ability to contain radical Islamists.
    Europe cannot say that it never expected this type of attack.
    Germany has been suppressing rape and sex attack claims by Germans, in order to placate the migrants.
    Clearly, Europe’s leaders are to blame for these tragedies that occur.

  • shoshana

    Europe, and particularly France start only now to realize the danger of islamism. I mean and I insist, islamism is the extremist face of islam. But, just the same, please, do not let them dominate you, the multi culturalim is a mortal danger to the french and European traditions and cultures. The official aim of islamism is to dominate Europe and destroy morally and physiqually Europe’s culture. Please don’t let it happen

  • robert davis

    For the french governments those who kill frenchmen are terrorists but those who kill Israelis are…freedom fighters! However those terrorists are EXACTLY THE SAME BOTH ARE EX ECONOMIC MIGRANTS.Those from Israel are early 20th C. migrants those from France are late 20th C. migrants who do not yet claim french territories but they will soon. Hopefully. So we can call them freedom fighters too.

  • Kris Kristian

    Once again, the Muslim religion of peace (or is it the religion of blowing up innocent people into pieces?)
    has struck in France.
    When will the Christian world wake up and support Israel against those bastard savage Muslims?
    They must never forget what the Muslims have been saying for years
    “first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people”

    And France wants take in thousands more Muslims.
    Trump is right.
    Deport all those illegal migrants.

    The Christian world is helping the Muslims to spread their religion by taking in millions of Muslims, who, in about 10 year will be the majority.
    The Muslim world must be so happy to have the Christian world do their dirty work for them, which would take maybe 100 years to over populate the world with Muslims.

    We must all BEG G-D to destroy Islam and bring peace to the world.

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    This is the reward France gets for desperately trying to curry favour with the Muslim world and it’s own highly-radicalised Muslim population. At every opportunity France votes against Israel in the forums of the world. And all this pro-Muslim activity has not helped it one iota to evade the evil intent of Islamic terrorism. It does not matter if it supports or does not support Israel – France will still become a victim of these Islamic savages.The moral of this story is that if you sup with the devil you not only have to have a very long spoon but that moreover there is also a very heavy price to pay. Watch what happens now : Muslim leaders and leftist apologists for Islam are going to crawl out of the woodwork and exclaim that this act of brutal Islamic terrorism HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM! Wake up world before it is too late. I am sure that if these Muslim murderers get their hands on a nuclear weapon they will use it against a Western target. Imagine the frightful carnage such an attack would cause in a city like Paris or London or,God forbid,Tel Aviv.

  • Dr Musitha

    Only global cooperation will help deal with this senseless killings. The destruction of states by powerful countries contributes massively to this situations. Destruction of Iraq; Afghanistan; Libya; Syria has left citizens scrambling all over and becoming refugees. The United Nations should compare itself with its predecessor The League of Nations and see if it is operating differently. It is unbelievable that so many innocent can be annihilated within minutes like this. European Union should stop isolating Russia and adopt a collective effort to bring universal peace the UN was formed to promote.

  • Dawn Yonah

    Reuters claims these attacks are done by “isolated members of militant groups”??!!! NO. Why do you not report the truth? Please rather quote me: “The concept and practice of vehicle attacks – using one’s car, van, bus, or truck to plow into random innocent people on sidewalks with the intent of killing the maximum number of people – was conjured up by Palestinian Arabs in Israel. Encouraged by Islamic imams and Palestinian Authority leaders, jihadists are constantly incited to kill as many infidels as possible using any means available. Islamic jihadism does not proscribe any barbarity nor is it constrained by any rule of war.”

  • richard sherwin

    yes islam is a religion of love

    • Yen oey

      Love to kill perhaps

  • These attacks will continue to happen as long as the world pursues its current course of hipocrisy: to shun the irrestricted coming of Arab immigrants or to say anything against Islam brands you as an Islamophobic person. So what? Yes, I am Islamophobic because I am tired of this religion of hate, destruction and world control. I am an Argentinean and in a few days we shall remember the attack on our Jewish welfare institution (welfare for ALL Argentineans, regardless of race and religion) that has not been solved in more than twenty years. Obviouly, because all of these attacks have been carried out againt Jews or Israelis, or both, nobody cared. Now they are paying for their biased attitude, that only cried when Israel hit back at terrorists.

  • Teaneck to Boca

    Another day, another Muslim terrorist act somewhere in the world. Aren’t we, together, the civilized world, going to stop this scourge in our midst? It’s us or them, period. Or will it have to wait until Jan 20 2017?

  • Brian Richard Allen

    islam is a manifestation of evil – a metastasizing cancer in the body of and absolutely unassimilable into the body of Mankind. We shall either cut it out — or it will kill us.

  • Paul ackerman

    Barely a mention of this in the radio news here in New England tonight. Odd.
    what do we know about the attacker?
    No mention of any motive or claim of responsibility by any group?
    Obama is likely to claim it football hooliganism.

  • Mati

    Our hearts go out to the survivors and families of victims of the Nice terror attack. I live in Israel, coping with frequent attacks, so it is uncommon for a tear to trickle down my cheek… but it did this morning. May the Almighty bring consolation- and punishment to perpetrators.

  • captADK’er

    can you say- “marine lepen, president de france”?

  • Dr William Smith Bey

    This Hate must stop now! Everywhere.Peace.

  • sabine wolf gilbert

    the mayor of Paris Mrs Hidalgo ,makes every year a big celebration to end the Ramadan in the City Hall.
    and her heart shows so much goodness to all these arabs who a few weeks later will go and try to kill as many as possible because their celebration doesn’t suit them.
    THis morning the French Press keeps on talking about big bus and a possible terrorist atack. The rest of the world already knows that there were multiple wapons in the truck,that the men is franco-tunisian and the Arab leaders IN FRANCE already said that they condemn this act.SO they know but the french authorities still doubt???

  • Jonah

    What can you expect it seems the only response when terroists strike is for the government to open the gate wider and let more in…’s sad.