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July 31, 2016 12:33 pm

Report: Human Rights Organizations Refuse to Comment on Video of Palestinian Father Calling on Israeli Border Police to Shoot Toddler (VIDEO)

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A Palestinian father pushing his toddler son to provoke Israeli Border Police into shooting him. Photo: Screenshot.

A Palestinian father pushing his toddler son to provoke Israeli Border Police into shooting him. Photo: Screenshot.

Human rights organizations have refused to comment on footage of a Palestinian father pushing his young child to provoke Israeli Border Police into shooting him, Israeli Channel 1’s English news reported on Sunday.

According to IBA News, the video clip of a weekly Palestinian protest at Nilin in the West Bank, originally uploaded to YouTube, has received more than 100,000 views on the Facebook wall of IDF foreign press spokesman Peter Lerner since Saturday. It shows the flag-waving toddler approaching the armed policemen, one of whom responds with a high five. The father then urges the boy to pelt the officers with stones.

According to IBA anchor Eylon Aslan-Levy, Amnesty International told the media outlet that it was “unable to comment,” and Human Rights Watch failed to respond to repeated requests for a statement.

Lerner’s tweet of the clip reads:

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  • Everyone commenting here is right. But all are missing something. The Arab father is TEACHING his son not to be afraid of the soldiers and to hate the Jews. So when the time is right in another 5 years or so, he can send his son on a mission as a suicide bomber.

  • Bindon Blood

    And these are the people that the EU and the OIC ,the UN and various other groups spawned by this unholy alliance want to replace Israel? These people are wicked beyond belief. The EU and UN and all the other Islamophile dhimmis are the most despicable of people in their monstrous demonizing of Israel when they know what the outcome would be if Israel lets her guard down. The OIC is beyond contempt ;but what can anyone expect from a grotesque grouping of anti semitic Islamists.
    These organisations are carrying on the work of the German National Socialists in their obsession with destroying Israel and reducing the Jewish people to dhimmi status or worse.Obama has joined forces with these monsters of irrationality.
    These evil people must not win.God will protect Israel even if all others fail.

  • Joel

    Those soldiers should have lovingly knocked the front teeth of that father right down his filthy throat.

    • Retaliating is exactly what the father wants. The soldiers did the right thing by standing there and watching. It frustrated the father and the rest of the palestinians. Kol Hakavod IDF.

  • diane

    cowards, they are all a bunch of cowards hiding behind their children and woman. But yet they all try to blame the Jews for defending their borders and people and the rest of the world blame the jews. Well I do not see the jews do this to their children it’s very antisemitic. what a sad world we live in.

    • Edward Paul Campbell

      The IRA did the same thing in 1970 in Belfast: Ardoyne, Turf Lodge. An IRA ‘solder’ hid behind a barrier while throwing lit pipe bombs to a boy standing in the middle of the road, who then threw the pipe bombs at riot police being backed up by British soldiers – until one pipe bomb prematurely detonated, blowing off the 9 year old boy’s hand… The IRA, ‘Ulster IRA President’ Martin McGuinness, and UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, all support Hamas and Hezbollah and their methods.

  • Bernard T. Resnick

    Often the security people are faced with a dilemna as in this case. Specifically, can the security people tell whether or not the father has also dressed the child with explosives and thus willing to further sacrifice his child?
    By the squad leaders actions is he saving the lives of his squad or placing the lives of his squad in jeopardy?
    Meanwhile the father is unwilling to jeopardize his own life. What kind of human being is this father who cares less for his child than for himself? He should be confined to a facility for the mentally ill.

  • Yadja

    Sent this to an Israeli hater and Islamic lover. She is arguing that it is Israel killing and behind all attacks throughout the world. So sad so sad. How sweet that innocent child and how evil that father.

    They truly do hate the Jews more than they love their children.

  • If the situation was reversed that child would be lying in the dirt with 100 bullets in him.

    That is the difference between being taught to love and being taught to hate.

    That father has been indoctrinated to hate as his child is being indoctrinated now.

    The soldiers should have picked him up and been nice to him although the father could have put a homicide, not suicide, vest on him.

    In Arab lands as in the ME life is cheap and there will never be peace until they are in absolute fear of the Jews and Israel.

    Being nice hasn’t worked since the 1920’s.

    • A.

      “absolute fear of the Jews and Israel”?! How IS that ever going to happen with Israeli soldiers acting like Kindergarten cops like that?! That Palestinian child and that Israeli soldier/cop are too cute, and I am in “absolute fear” of them both!

  • nat cheiman

    When the palestinians love their kids more than they hate Jews………………..

    • Edward Paul Campbell

      Or learn to love life, for humanity’s sake, more than they love death for Allah.

  • Reform School

    AI and HRW do not expose their agent-provocateurs’ tactics.

  • Ephraim

    Oh do these savages love their children!

    • Bindon Blood

      In a just world the father would have been shot and the child taken into Israeli care.This is not a just world.

  • Rachel Cohen

    The author should have listed the so called human rights organizations, which have made no statement–without this information, this article is incomplete.

    • Michael

      He did. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International

  • Joy D. Brower

    I guess we all know that these Pali nut jobs are all off their rocker with hated and ill-will. Enough of that SHOULD kill the one who carries such a burden on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it only passes to his once innocent and lovely child – possibly ruining him for life and, indeed, probably shortening the life of his child – not his own! What a waste of life!! Hashem is not only angry, but, indeed, very sad. May the child somehow escape the horrible life his father has in store for him!

    • Edward Paul Campbell

      The first line of defence for all these ‘nut jobs’ is The Muslim Insanity Plea. You may obtain a copy of The Official Muslim Insanity Plea worksheet from any international Muslim Lawyers Association.

  • Palestinian fatherly love & education and the “humanist” enablers of child abuse keep their silence. Shameful.

  • SteveHC

    CLEARLY these so-called “human rights organizations” are in fact nothing of the sort, but rather in their deluberate silence are complicit in such barbaric, terrorist monstrosities as was pictured in this video (and often much worse activities). They are absolutely disgusting.

  • To paraphrase Golda Meir’s famous statement: “When they start loving their children more than they hate ours, things will change…” Sad.

  • I would like to see sub-tiles of the father,s shouts.

    • Michael

      The “father” tells Israelis to shoot the boy. As simple as that

  • I would like to s eye sub-titles of the father’s voice.

  • Brigitte Youngworth

    Wow! The Palestinians and the so called ‘human rights groups’ are really evil. . That’s one of their lowest attempts to exacerbate the hypocrisy of Anti-Israel perception yet.

    • Bindon Blood

      The facts are that this imbecile knows the Israeli soldiers will not harm a baby. In this way they make liars of themselves and prove that the hysterical ranting about “evil Jews” is obviously false,and they know it is false.

      • Everyone commenting here is right. But all are missing something. The Arab father is TEACHING his son not to be afraid of the soldiers and to hate the Jews. So when the time is right in another 5 years or so, he can send his son on a mission as a suicide bomber.

  • This illustrates the EXACT reason turmoil exists between Arabs and Jews in the Middle East. STOP TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN TO HATE!!

    • Edward Paul Campbell

      In Northern Ireland where I originate, 90% of Catholics still go to exclusively Catholic schools paid for by British taxpayers, and in Belfast they live behind 20km of Peace Walls, also paid for by British taxpayers. 20 years after The Troubles have ended and Ulster was handed over to the IRA, 70% of 1000 interviewed youth aged between 18 and 25 either side of the Peace Walls said “If you take down those Peace Walls we’ll just start killing each other again”. The politics of IRA ‘progress’.

  • Ma Sands

    That child is so precious! : )
    The soldier gives him a high-five. : )
    Lord, will You claim that child for Yourself, please? Amen.

  • David

    One other point that I want to make The “Human Rights” organizations are complicit in these acts, as long as they continue to support any acts, however dastardly, done by Palestinian terrorists and condemn any acts done by Israel. Their anti-Israel and anti-Semitic bias continues to show no bounds, which is why I stopped giving any financial support to these groups.

  • David

    And they call Jews subhumans???!!! While I will not respond in kind, what kind of person and what kind of culture would consider intentionally letting one of their babies get killed in order to score political points? I don’t know how one should respond to a culture of death, except maybe giving them (adults, not little children) what they’re asking for? This is not a declaration, simply a question. How do you give independence to a people who will not stop at that, but continue to murder Jews, even after they are given an independent state. But, then they will be free to carry out their acts within a secure border and will be able to obtain more advanced weapons freely, from international arms dealers from Iraq and even Russia. As Golda Meir once said, “there will only be peace when they learn to love their children more than they hate us”. The same still holds true today.

  • Yaakov

    Unfortunately, many people who view this will feel sympathy for the “underdog” and will view it as a praiseworthy act of civil disobedience. The father’s putting his son’s life in danger will just get lost in it all.

    Frankly, I think all social media is a deception, and I couldn’t care less how many views, likes, hates, or anything else something gets. The legitimacy of one’s position should be based on the cogency of one’s arguments, which in turn should be as factual and evenhanded as possible.