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August 30, 2016 12:41 pm

UN Middle East Envoy ‘Distorting History,’ Netanyahu Says

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United Nations envoy to the Middle East Nikolay Mladenov. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

United Nations envoy to the Middle East Nikolay Mladenov. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rebuked the United Nations envoy to the Middle East for his remarks on Tuesday harshly criticizing Israeli building in Judea and Samaria.

Nickolay Mladenov’s comments to the UN Security Council “distort history and international law and push peace farther away,” Netanyahu said in a statement.

“Jews have been in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria for thousands of years and their presence there is not an obstacle to peace,” Netanyahu said. “The obstacle to peace is the unending attempt to deny the Jewish People’s connection to parts of their historic land and the obdurate refusal to recognize that they are not foreigners there.”

Mladenov briefed the UN Security Council about working toward a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, emphasizing that all building in eastern Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria is considered illegal and “undermine[s] an already precarious situation.”

Netanyahu said Mladenov’s assertion is “as absurd as the claim that American construction in Washington or French construction in Paris is illegal. The Palestinian demand that a future Palestinian state be ethnically cleansed of Jews is outrageous, and the UN must condemn it instead of adopting it.”

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  • Dani

    The international starting point for peace negotiations and what they understand as the international law to be applied in this conflict is wrong. The pre-1969 Six Day War borders are as artificial as any other starting point for negociations. But talking about a “Iudenrein” land for the arabs is not only wrong is racist.

  • SE Florida

    Anti-semitism metastasizes across the planet. Latest stop, UN envoy to the Middle East. Israel must find the proper way to ignore these malicious diktats and continue to build and strengthen Israel in Judea and Samaria. Now. Forever. B”H

  • Jonah

    It will only get worse. Europe has rebuilt the tower of babble and Mladenovs statements are the beginning of a tsunami of antisemitic psycho babble. Europe is referred to in scripture as the ten horns and Obama is the little horn spoken of by Danial. Their sole destiny and purpose on this planet is to obliterate Israel. Their will be no peace but everything Europe and Obama do will be in the name of peace. They will grease the wheels for Israelis destruction in the name of peace that’s why Obama is referred to as the rider on the white horse in revelation. You know A Christian delimma has always been… the anti christ Islamic and are the ten horns Islamic country’s? I mean this has created quite the stir amongst church’s, why? Now we know why, the ten European horns were European but are now Islamic and the anti christ is is Islamic posing as an American. The age old mystery has been solved. America and Europe as they develope into their finale sriptural roles it may be dangerous for Netanyahu to travel in those areas. They know if they can assassinate Netanyahu it will be much easier to lead the Israelis to their slaughter. You know desperate people do desperate things. Obama is desperate, Merkle is desperate, holland is desperate, the liberal democrats have been infected with Obamas lunacy. America and Europe are like the land of the living dead. God is soon going to rid Israel of those who persecute her and as world circumstances lead up to armeggedon He will be taking them out on a case by case basis….a process of elimination depending on how they feel in their hearts about Israel and how they interact with Her. But one thing you can be sure of in approximately seven years give or take their will not be a Europe or an America….. Both of those country’s have passed the point of no return with God.

  • another point: according to Wikipedia, the weasel worked for the soros-engine, “Open Society Foundations,” for two years. while this weasel’s c.v. shows that he has a certain independence of mind, his mind is closed when it comes to Jewish rights in the Jewish homeland. when it comes to that, he displays an automatic bias against the Jews and in favor of their enemies.

  • dante

    mladenov is an ignorant weasel. he has no patience with any challenge to his unassailable conviction that Israeli communities in Judea & Samaria, part of the ancient Jewish patrimony, are illegal. he just knows that they’re illegal. what is his proof? well, everybody, the e.u., the u.n., everybody, knows that they’re illegal. that’s the beginning and the end of his legal insight. but, for the hateful fools with whom he associates, that suffices.

  • Art

    The un has adopted the muslim lie that Jews have no connection to Jerusalem or Israel, this would mean an incredible conspiracy involving ancient egyptians, hittites, Assyrians,Persians,Greeks and Romans faking history . More recently Mark Twain wrote of his trip to the Holyland and related the presence of Jews throughout the land and especially in Jerusalem. In the 1930’s the Brits did a census and sure enough there was a Jewish MAJORITY in Jerusalem. Israel MUST assert its claims to Jewish property in Arab lands and in Yesha, including land purchased under Ottoman and British rule

  • Ted U.

    The entire UN is a sham, much like the Palestinian people. They have managed to erase Jordanians as the indigenous people of Jordan and now they are trying to do it to Israel. Again, much like Muslims are trying to do all over the world.