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September 9, 2016 10:38 am

Israeli Prime Minister: Ethnic Cleansing for Peace Is Absurd, Settlements Are Not Obstacle to Agreement With Palestinians (VIDEO)

avatar by Barney Breen-Portnoy

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: YouTube screenshot.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: YouTube screenshot.

Settlements in the West Bank are not preventing peace with the Palestinians, Israel’s prime minister said on Friday

In a video published on his Facebook page, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the main obstacle to peace was the “outrageous” demand of Palestinian leaders for the “ethnic cleansing” of Jews from the West Bank.

The prime minister said he has always been “perplexed” by the assertion that peace was not possible because of the presence of Jews in the West Bank “because no one would seriously claim that the nearly two million Arabs living inside Israel — that they’re an obstacle to peace. That’s because they aren’t.”

Netanyahu went on to say, “Israel’s diversity shows its openness and readiness for peace. Yet the Palestinian leadership actually demands a Palestinian state with one pre-condition: No Jews. There’s a phrase for that: It’s called ethnic cleansing.”

Turning to the international community, the prime minister said, “It’s even more outrageous that the world doesn’t find this outrageous. Some otherwise enlightened countries even promote this outrage. Ask yourself this: Would you accept ethnic cleansing in your state? A territory without Jews, without Hispanics, without blacks? Since when is bigotry a foundation for peace?”

Furthermore, Netanyahu said, “I think what makes peace impossible is intolerance of others. Societies that respect all people are the ones that pursue peace. Societies that demand ethnic cleansing don’t pursue peace. I envision a Middle East where young Arabs and young Jews learn together, work together, live together side by side in peace. Our region needs more tolerance, not less.”

In conclusion, the prime minister declared, “Ethnic cleansing for peace is absurd. It’s about time somebody said it. I just did.”

Over the years, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has demanded that no Jews be allowed to remain in areas of the West Bank that become part of a future Palestinian state. Netanyahu, on the other hand, has said no Jews will be uprooted from their homes within the framework of a peace agreement with the Palestinians and that Jews should be allowed to live in a Palestinian state.

Watch the video of Netanyahu’s remarks below:

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  • nat cheiman

    Chase the palestinians out of Judea and Sumarea for peace

  • Yale

    Anyone actually paying attention to what’s going next door in Syria would know two things:

    1. If Netanyahu is right, then none of the factions in Syria wants peace.

    2. If Muslims cannot live in peace with other Muslims, what hope is there that they can live in peace with Jews and Christians, never mind Yazidis, Bahai’is, etc.

  • I have always said this.
    I emigrated to Israel in 1976 and have been working a Service Engineer for Medical and Laboratory equipment.
    In the 60’s I worked in Ramallah, East Jerusalem Bethlehem just as I worked in Haifa Tel Aviv and Beersheva.
    But all this stopped after the first “Intefada” – “no jews in palestine!”

    But here in Western Israel I still work for everyone: Jew, Arabs Christians whatever.
    There is room here for all good men and woman.
    I applaud our wise leader and his sensible video!!!

  • Netanyahu has finally spoken the obvious and then been shafted by the US. the PLO, PA, Fatah, Hamas etc have always made it abundantly clear that no Jews will be allowed to own land or live in their proposed state. So, good for the PM for finally stating what we already know.

  • Why has it taken our government so long to tell the truth?

  • Miriam C.q

    BB & his cronies in that corrupt organization some refer to as a government practice their own ethnic cleansing of Jews in the Land of Israel, among other crimes and human rights violations against the Jewish people. Yet they object(in words only) to others following their practice. Look what the Nuttenyahoo governments have done, not what the head mouth piece spews to the media.

  • I would not want to live in a Palestinian state. Bibi You’re off your rocker for thinking any of us would be prepared to do so.

  • Bertha

    Netanyahu is a lunatic, a dangerous crazy.

  • Excellent! Bibi is finally doing what he should have done years ago – state the obvious! The State Department has absolutely no real arguments do counter Bibi’s message, except to say that Muslims should for some reason be excluded from the norms applied to everyone else.

    Bibi should make more videos. One based on the 5 +1 question quiz on the Middle East would be educational

    A mini 5 + 1 question quiz for Secretary Kerry

  • Ron Lindsey

    Can we get Netanyahu back to America when Israeli gets thru with him? We need a Presidental candidate that tells the whole truth!

  • The Prime Minister’s remarks were 100 percent correct. The settlement issue is just another attempt to vilify Israel. Arab aggression was happening even before there were any “settlements”. Let’s also remember that any concession of land was the result of unprovoked wars against Israel. If the Palestinians are so concerned about land, don’t start wars. Israel should not agree to any further negotiations until the Palestinians get a normal government. You can’t negotiate with terrorists.

  • Bill Keys

    Bibi is right on. Peace with national suicide is what the palestinans want.

  • Truer words have never been spoken, once again Netanyahu gives the facts as they are!!!

  • Aisha

    Since when?

    This is what the insanity of antisemitism does to the mind of the Jew and the ‘fair minded’ people. Ethnic cleansing of Jews has always been valid.

    Trillions of ways to prove. One: there was not a newspaper on the planet calling it an occupation when Jordan controlled it, nor did anyone use the term ‘palestine’ for them then. Jordan killled every Jew from its area, there isn’t a history book that even records it.

    It is the norm to twist things against the Jews, or not report them at all. and Jews will help.

  • Of curse there is no sense in anything Abbas has to say as it is all hate driven, totally illogical and last but note least drastically racist.The worlds leader of racism and Apartheid is ISLAM. Abbas is not even a leader of a valid state.

  • Pat Carmeli

    Good try Bibi. But the rest of the world is seeing you for what you are. We are not stupid. Well, we have been stupid, but we’re wising up. You are not a man of peace. The Jews of the US and the rest of the world are turning their backs on you. finally.

  • Yaakov

    Whenever someone uses social media to express a viewpoint, one should be suspicious. This time is no exception.

    Netanyahu decries the refusal of the PA to allow Jews in a Palestinian state. It is true there are many Israeli Arabs. However, when the state was formed, many fled, some voluntarily but some under duress. Their real estate property was considered abandoned and was confiscated. They were not allowed to return, which admittedly would have been impractical in many cases, but, for the most part, they were never even compensated for their losses. This is one of the issues behind the current grievances. Thus, Israel is not totally blameless in this respect.

    During the campaigning for the last election, Netanyahu asserted that he would never reach an agreement with the Palestinian regime. This told the world his intentions. After the election, however, he backtracked, thus casting an unfavorable light on his credibility. One would think that this kind of two-faced behavior would make none of the other parties want to deal with him afterward. Yet, after he won, most sought to negotiate with him for positions in the government. This is the true face of Israel: lying and deception are accepted as a way for politicians to achieve their ends. Whenever “Jewish values” are mentioned, it’s only to gain some edge; they are not practiced as they should be — as if it weren’t already self-evident as to what a “Jewish state” really means to them.

    Yes, the refusal of the PA to allow Jews in a future state of theirs is contemptible, but it is hardly unexpected. The current dilemma regarding the future of the settlers only highlights the ill-conceived nature of the establishment of these settlements to begin with. Had Israel chosen to go with a one-state solution, that would be one thing; it could have annexed the land. But it didn’t want the Arab residents there to become citizens and upset the demographic balance, so that idea was largely rejected.

    We’re not living any more in the time of Yehoshua when the conquest of the land occurred. The world is a different reality now, and Israel is stuck with a problem even Shlomo Hamelech would have trouble solving if he were alive today.

  • zadimel

    Exclusion of the Jews from any part of their ancient homeland by a semitic people and state is still known as ANTI-SEMITISM. The term “Arab” was usually used by the non-Jewish Palestinians until the Jewish Palestinians formed their own state in 1948. The term “Palestinian” was generally used by the Jewish population of the British Mandate. When the independent Jewish state of Israel was created in the ancient homeland of the Jews, the term “Palestinian” was discontinued, since they became known as”Israelis.” This is Israel 001.

  • The definition of ethnic cleansing is “a well-defined policy of a particular group of persons to systematically eliminate another group from a given territory.” By this definition, only one type of ethnic cleansing has occurred in the Arab-Israeli conflict – that of the Jews of The Middle East, Asia and North Africa. Whereas before 1948 there were over one million Jewish families living in Arab lands, by 2001 only 6,100 remained. The property of the expelled Jewish families from Arab countries was confiscated; which included; personal assets, businesses, homes and over 120,000 sq. km of Jewish owned land and is valued in the trillions of dollars.
    THOSE WHO falsely claim Israel carried out ethnic cleansing of Arabs can point to no official command to that effect. Jewish ethnic cleansing from Arab lands, on the other hand, was official state policy enforced by terror and violence.
    Jews were formally expelled from all the areas in the Arab world. The Arab League released a statement urging Arab governments to facilitate the exit of Jews from Arab countries, a resolution which was carried out through a series of punitive measures and discriminatory decrees that made it untenable for Jews to remain in their native lands of over 2,600 years.
    On May 16, 1948, The New York Times recorded a series of measures taken by the Arab League to marginalize and persecute the Jewish residents of Arab League member states. It reported on the “text of a law drafted by the Political Committee of the Arab League, which was intended to govern the legal status of Jewish residents of Arab League countries. It provides that, beginning on an unspecified date, all Jews except citizens of non-Arab states would be considered ‘members of the Jewish minority state of Palestine.’ Their bank accounts would be frozen and used to finance resistance to ‘Zionist ambitions in Palestine.’ Jews believed to be active Zionists would be interned and their assets confiscated.”
    IN 1951, the Iraqi government passed legislation that made affiliation with Zionism a felony and ordered “the expulsion of Jews who refused to sign a statement of anti-Zionism.” This pushed tens of thousands of Jews to leave Iraq, while all of their property was confiscated by the state and many Jews were killed and women raped.
    Algeria has no Jews whatsoever. In 1870, the French government granted the Jews French citizenship, under the décrets Crémieux of 1870. (For this reason, they are sometimes lumped together with the pieds-noirs.) This decision was due largely to pressures from prominent members of the French Jewish community. Within a generation, most Algerian Jews had come to speak French rather than Arabic or Ladino, and embraced many aspects of French culture.
    When Algeria attained independence in 1962, legislation granted Algerian citizenship only to those residents whose father or paternal grandfather were Muslims. Moreover, the Supreme Court of Justice of Algeria declared that the Jews were no longer under the protection of the law. The great majority of Algeria’s 170,000 Jews were forced to leave the country for France together with the pied-noirs.

    In 1967, many Egyptian Jews were detained, tortured, imprisoned, killed and Jewish homes confiscated. In Libya that year, the government “urged the Jews to leave the country,” while permitting each to take one suitcase and the equivalent of $50.
    In 1970, the Libyan government issued new laws confiscating all the assets of Libya’s Jews. No compensation was paid. Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi justified this on the grounds that “the alignment of the Jews with Israel, the Arab nations’ enemy, has forfeited their right to compensation.”
    According to tradition, Syria’s Jewish community had its origin during the reign of King David. At that time, David’s general, Yoav, controlled the region of Aram-Zobah when he defeated both the Arameans and the Ammonites (2 Sam. 10).
    While rabbinic tradition identifies this area as Aleppo, the largest city in modern Syria, the settlement likely existed in the southern part of the country. By the time the Romans established their kingdom in the region, both Aleppo and Damascus had sizeable Jewish communities.
    Although Syria still had over 35,000 Jewish residents in 1948, when Israel declared its independence, today only about twenty elderly Jewish people remain in Damascus. The severe persecution and terror forced the entire Jewish population out of the country and many were relocated to Israel.
    Despite being forced from their homeland, the worldwide Syrian Jewish population has reached 200,000.
    These are just a few examples of what would became common measures throughout the Arab world – not to mention the pogroms and attacks on Jews and their institutions that drove a major part of the forced Jewish exodus.
    THE ECONOMIC suffering on the part of the two refugee populations was equally lopsided.
    According to the newly released study “The Palestinian Refugee Issue: Rhetoric vs. Reality” by former CIA and State Department Treasury official Sidney Zabludoff in the Jewish Political Studies Review, the value of assets lost by both refugee populations is strikingly uneven.
    Zabludoff uses data from John Measham Berncastle, who in the early 1950s, under the aegis of the newly formed United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine (UNCCP), undertook the task of calculating the assets of the Palestinian refugees. Zabludoff calculates that their assets were worth $3.9 billion in today’s currency.
    The over a million Jewish refugees, being greater in number and more urban, had assets worth in the trillions of dollars in today’s currency.
    On top of this equation, it must be taken into account that Israel returned over 90 percent of blocked bank accounts, safe deposit boxes and other items belonging to Arab/Palestinian refugees during the 1950s. This considerably diminishes the UNCCP calculations.
    THESE FACTS are intentionally conveniently forgotten and not publicized, leaving the way open for Israel-bashers like Exeter University history Prof. Ilan Pappe to omit any mention of the Middle East’s greatest ethnic cleansing of the Jews. The Arab/Muslim ethnic cleansing continues until today with millions of Christians and other religions forced to leave the Arab/Muslim countries.
    However, a few recent events are clearing the world community’s perception of this history. On April 1, the US Congress adopted Resolution 185, which for the first time recognizes Jewish refugees from Arab countries. It urges that the president and US officials participating in Middle East discussions ensure that any reference to Arab/Palestinian refugees “also include a similarly explicit reference to the resolution of the issue of Jewish refugees from Arab countries.”
    Just as importantly, the first-ever hearing in the British parliament on the subject of Jewish refugees from Arab countries took place in the House of Lords. It was convened by Labor MP John Mann and Lord Anderson of Swansea, a joint briefing organized by Justice for Jews from Arab Countries (JJAC) in association with the Board of Deputies of British Jews.
    Greater recognition of the refugee issue and the ethnic cleansing of over a million Jewish families who’s majority now lives in Israel, formerly expelled from the wider Arab world will bring clearer definition of the area’s history to a greater number of people.
    A people like the Arabs in Greater Israel cannot be said to have been “ethnically cleansed” from an area in which it has grown at double the rate of its geographic neighbors. On the other hand, a people, like the Jews that lost more than 190 times its number from an area over the course of a few decades makes a very strong case for Jews having undergone ethnic cleansing by the Arab countries.

    There are no Jews permitted to live in Jordan and there are no Jews permitted to live in Arab/Palestinian controlled territory in the West Bank or Gaza.

  • Yaakov

    The problem is that the continued building of settlements in the territories sends the message that Israel wants to take the land the Palestinian Arabs want for their own state.

  • The Arabs do not belong in Greater Israel. They have over 12 million sq. km. they received after WWI, they have Jordan which is Jewish territory and they have the homes and over 120,000 sq. km. of land the Arab countries confiscated when they terrorized and expelled over a million Jewish families who now reside in Israel. When you practice hate, terror and violence, I do not want you near me. Arabs get out now out of Israel, that includes the silent majority, that by not objecting they become complicit to the violence.
    Any Jew that thinks all the land of Israel does not belongs to the Jews has a choice to leave Israel. Is it not enough that the Arabs/Muhammad killed and raped the Jews in Medina which was a Jewish city going back thousands of years, and the Arab countries terrorized and expelled over a million Jewish families and confiscated all their assets including homes and over 75,000 sq. mi. of Jewish owned land for thousands of years. Those expelled Jewish families and their children now live in Greater Israel. Death to all terrorists is a must, no mercy. The Arabs also have Jordan which is Jewish territory established as the new Arab state for the Arabs in Palestine.
    The Oslo Accords are null and void as Stated by Abbas at the UN in the summer of 2015. The Arab/Palestinians never abided by its terms and never intended to abide by its terms. It was a deceptive way to get control of the territory as a prelude to commit terror and take over the rest of Israel. The best example you have is the terrorist state in Gaza and the increased terror and violence from the Arabs in Judea and Samaria aka The West Bank. The Arab/Palestinian state was created in Jordan which is on Jewish territory. All the territory west of the Jordan River must be taken back under Israeli control. That includes Gush Katif and all the Jewish communities in the Gaza Strip vacated by Israel Ariel Sharon in 2005. The Arab PA must be dismantled.
    YJ Draiman

  • The government of Israel; must stop doing what’s it thinks is politically correct and perform the right action to defend our people with zero tolerance, to eradicate terror and expel the Arabs. There are no innocents. The silent Arab majority is complicit by not objecting to terror and violence. The nations of the world throughout history stood idle while Jews were persecuted and killed. The Arabs terrorized and expelled over a million Jewish families and confiscated all their assets.
    When is the Israeli government stopping in deluding itself that the Arab/Palestinians want peace? It is time to face reality and stop wasting time on a façade in the illusion of peace. The Arabs behavior and actions speak volumes, that they do not want peace. When you teach your children to commit terror and violence, honor terrorists and suicide bombers, these are demonic and destructive people look around the world and the terror and violence they are causing; there is no one to talk to.
    Once the Israeli government decides to face reality that there is no second Arab/Palestinian state and that the Arabs do not seek peace, only Israel’s demise. Then you must proceed with a new approach and take care of the people in Israel without appeasing or concessions to the Arabs or the world at large. When you defend your citizens at all costs, eventually the world might respect you. Past response by the Arabs was and is detrimental to Israel’s and its people.

    As long as you have Arabs living in Greater Israel, terror and violence will never stop. It is in their blood and in their culture. Just look around in the world and see how terror and violence is promoted in the Muslim countries and in the Muslim communities in Europe and elsewhere. They are killing each other by the tens of thousands. When is the world at large going to wake up and face the harsh reality? That terror and violence must be eliminated at all costs like a cancer or we are doomed to extinction. Death to all terrorists must be applied, no exception. When the Arabs Muslims; are teaching their children from infancy to commit terror and violence. There is no alternative but elimination of the terrorists and those who promote and incite the masses to commit terror and violence. The Arabs have an Arab/Palestinian state in Jordan which is over 80% Arab Palestinians. The territory of Jordan is Jewish territory. The Arabs also have the 12 million sq. km. received after WWI, the homes and the over 120,000 sq. km. The Arabs confiscated from the over a million Jewish families terrorized and expelled from Arab countries that lived there for over 2600 years.

    It is time for Israel to go in with the Army and start taking over Hebron, the second holiest city for Jews. Every terror attack another section of Hebron will be retaken by Israel the rightful owners. Since the 1920’s Hebron has and is a hotbed of terror. It is time to take some serious actions. Arab terror in Hebron against the Jews started in 1517.
    Israel must take back Gush Katif and all the Jewish communities vacated in 2005 by PM Ariel Sharon.

    When you the Arabs teach and train your children to hate and commit terror and violence. There is no one to talk to. The only solution is to expel all the Arabs to Jordan which is Jewish territory or to the homes and 75.000 sq. mi. of territory the Arab countries confiscated when they terrorized and expelled over a million Jewish families from the Arab countries or to the 12 million sq. km the Arabs received after WWI, which excluded Palestine aka “The Land of Israel”. Jews who have lived in those Arab countries for over 2600 years and now live in Israel. On January 1919 King Faisal and Chaim Weizman signed an Agreement that recognized Palestine as the Land of Israel. The Arabs do not belong in Israel. The past has shown that they know only terror and violence. They are killing their own people by the thousands. The Arabs/Muslims killed the Jews in Medina about 1400 years ago, which was a Jewish city going back over 2600 years and took over the city. To date nothing has changed. They want to take over the whole world. Look at what they doing in Syria, Europe and Sweden raping women.

    “In Israel; We have to undue and reverse the decades of nonsense that the peace industry has fermented, which led us to the position where the world thinks we the Jews are occupiers in our own ancestral land. If something is false and it is repeated enough times it becomes sort of common wisdom. We have to undo that.”

    Yj Draiman