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September 15, 2016 12:00 pm

Expert: World Scout Organization Misled by Terrorist-Glorifying Palestinian Member

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Banner hanging at the June ceremony celebrating the full membership of the Palestinian Scout Association (PSA) in the WOSM shows Jerusalem Scout Commission is part of the same group. Photo: Screenshot / PMW.

Banner hanging at the June ceremony celebrating the full membership of the Palestinian Scout Association (PSA) in the WOSM. Photo: Screenshot / PMW.

The Palestinian branch of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) misled the international parent body when it denied ties to a group that offered a leadership-training course named after a terrorist, an Israel-based research organization reported Thursday.

According to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), the Jerusalem Scout Commission — the group that dedicated a class to Baha Alyah, who murdered three Israelis in October 2015 — is a branch of the WOSM-recognized Palestinian Scouts and Guides Association (PSA).

According to PMW, three of the instructors of the class, officially titled “Martyr Leader Baha Alyah,” were present at an official meeting of PSA scout course teachers, which included the WOSM-recognized PSA Secretary General Tawfeeq. The report also stated that a “senior WOSM official participated in an event organized and led by the Jerusalem Scout Commission.”

In addition, the research institute uncovered video footage — from the June ceremony at which the PSA received full WOSM membership — showing that attendees included both WOSM-recognized leaders and members of the Jerusalem Scout Commission.

PMW concluded: “These facts prove without a doubt that the Jerusalem Scout Commission is a branch of the same single organization, known…as the Palestinian Scouts and Guides Association (PSA), which is a member of WOSM.”

As The Algemeiner previously reported, Itamar Marcus, director of PMW, notified the WOSM that the PSA was offering a class glorifying a terrorist. In response, the WOSM issued a press release rejecting PMW’s charge, saying that, after seeking clarifications from the PSA, it concluded the class was led by a different, unaffiliated Palestinian scout organization.

In October, as The Algemeiner reported, the three people murdered by Baha Alyah — one of the terrorists who boarded a bus in Jerusalem’s Armon Hanatziv neighborhood and shot and stabbed passengers — were Haviv Haim, Alon Govberg and Richard Lakin, an American immigrant to Israel. Shortly before Lakin died of his wounds, his wife Keren sent out a message urging the Jewish and Israeli people to spurn revenge and hate.

Watch the video of the ceremony for the PSA’s membership in the WOSM below:

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    Peace and coexistence between Israel and its Arab neighbors would be a dream come true!
    I do not think that anyone could comprehend what a true peace and coexistence would bring to Israel and the Middle East.
    As long as the Arab-Palestinians incite the masses to terrorize and commit violence against Israel and each other, peace and coexistence will stay a dream.
    The Arab Palestinians must start by educating their children and the masses that violence begets violence and that the only way to improve their lives is to pursue peace and coexistence.
    Stop celebrating and rewarding terrorists and those who commit violence and destruction. If the Arab-Palestinians truly want peace they must practice it. The leaders the Imams and anyone who has influence on the masses.
    Both sides will have to be careful not to let the extremists jeopardize this approach and direction. There will always be someone who will try to sabotage any conciliatory coexistence. Both sides will have to set up a joint working group to address safety and security. Plan and implement the economic future of all the people. It is not going to be easy after a century of hostilities, but if there is a will there is a way and it can be done.
    Both sides must learn to respect each other. It will help greatly in bridging the differences and bringing about the tranquility that is so greatly desired.
    It must start by taking small steps and confidence building between the Israelis and the Arab-Palestinians. As the confidence building steps are accomplished, the flow of cooperation will increase, the animosity will decrease and the friendship and cooperation will increase. These will bring an economic prosperity and monumental surge in the standard of living.
    Funds and resources that were used for advancing the conflict will be diverted to the economy and the advancement in the quality of life for all the inhabitants in the region.
    A true peace will bring a tremendous economic prosperity to the region, which all the people in the region will benefit from.
    YJ Draiman