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September 21, 2016 11:07 am

New Iranian Threat to Israel: ‘We Will Turn Tel Aviv and Haifa Into Dust’

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The military parade in Tehran on Wednesday. Photo: YouTube.

The military parade in Tehran on Wednesday. Photo: YouTube screenshot.

Iran demonstrated once again on Wednesday that its animus toward Israel has not abated in the wake of the nuclear agreement it reached last year with six world powers.

Reuters reported that a banner on the side of a truck carrying a new long-range Iranian ballistic missile — the Zolfaqar — in a military parade in Tehran issued a direct threat to the Jewish state. “If the leaders of the Zionist regime make a mistake then the Islamic Republic will turn Tel Aviv and Haifa into dust,” it said.

The parade — held to mark the 36th anniversary of the September 1980 Iraqi invasion of the Islamic Republic — also featured displays of other weapons systems — including the advanced Russian-made S-300 aerial defense system.

As reported by The Algemeiner, Iran recently deployed the S-300 at the Fordo nuclear facility south of Tehran.

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At Wednesday’s parade, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, called on the US to withdraw its military forces from the Persian Gulf region.

“We tell the Americans that it’s better that the capital and wealth of the American people should not be wasted on their inappropriate and detrimental presence in the Persian Gulf,” he was quoted as saying.

Furthermore, the Iranian regime-aligned news agency Tasnim reported that Jafari mocked America, saying, “If they want to extend their reach and engage in adventurism they should go to the Bay of Pigs.” This was a nod to a failed US-sponsored invasion of Cuba in April 1961 that was intended to topple Fidel Castro’s communist regime.

As reported by The Algemeiner, a slew of top Iranian officials have recently spoken out against the US military presence in the Persian Gulf. Last week, Ali Shamkhani — the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council — called the US military presence in the region “unwelcome and illegal.”

Also last week, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy, Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, warned that US military forces must leave the Persian Gulf region “before any problem arises.”

As previously reported, a US Navy coastal patrol ship was forced to change course recently after a Revolutionary Guards Corps fast-attack craft came within 100 yards of it in the Persian Gulf. This marked the fourth such incident within a month.

And a week and a half ago, Iran threatened to shoot down two US Navy surveillance planes that were flying over the Persian Gulf close to Iranian airspace.

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  • Brooklyn Ave.

    “If the leaders of the Zionist regime make a mistake then the Islamic Republic will turn Tel Aviv and Haifa into dust,”?????
    TALK IS CHEAP………Bring it on Baby….and IRAN will disappear completely!!!!

  • d marino

    Where is the proof of the sign on the truck? Where is the proof of anything that America reports? Words on paper don’t make something factual especially when the lying thugs are in charge of the nation and the press.

  • Ted Crawford

    The strategy is to make the US back down bit by bit, until we’ve backed down a lot. Unacceptable.

  • harry abram

    Thanks to $1.6 billion from Obama which Hillary agrees wholeheartedly. We should make her the next president to be sure that Israel disappears!

  • David Hersch

    Maybe, but before they can whisper “peace be upon him”, they, their thuggish Ayatollahs and evil medieval henchmen and all will disappear from this planet and when that dust settles, the planet will be a cleaner place.

  • Peter Joffe

    This is of course very very bad. But Israel will in return obliterate Iran and send all their people to hell. Not to paradise because Islam Paradise is a pipe dream. If Muslims realize that life is now and not in the ‘hereafter’ they may think twice about sacrificing their lives and country on the alter of a false god ‘allah’. Well done Mullah Obama and the Democrats you will start a middle east nuclear war and the USA will not be left untouched. Obama book your virgins now as you may need them but I doubt that they exist anyway. BY the way can someone please tell me of one, just one good deed performed by their moon god of death?

  • squeakywheel3


    “Iran recently deployed the S-300 at the Fordo nuclear facility south of Tehran.”

    Well now, there’s a little story that folks need to know about the S-300. Learned it a while ago from Evelyn Gordon in a Commentary post, and it concerns the tri-lateral summit among the leaders of Israel, Greece, and Cyprus.

    When Israel’s former friend (sorta friend), the Turkish govt, under the leadership of its now-increasingly judeopathic president, Mr Erdoğan, turned nasty on the Jewish state, Israel’s PREVIOUSLY chilly relationships w/ Greece & Cyprus THAWED (since all 3 countries now had a common enemy.

    Now, that might seem a poor strategic bargain, right? After all, Greece & Cyprus have weaker militaries than Turkey; they have smaller markets; and they provide no diplomatic entrée to the Muslim world, true?

    Yup — but HERE’s the kicker:

    It just so happens that Cyprus — which maintains cordial relations with the Russian Bear (which provides those S-300’s) — bought an S-300 air defense system of her OWN in 1997. And Cyprus transferred that system to Greece.

    And since Greece, Cyprus, and Israel now conduct JOINT military exercises, Greece has been letting the IAF practice against her S-300 in order to devise ways of defeating it. Now aint that nice?

    So, say “thank you!” to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for enabling the IAF to get the training it will need to do what it has to do when the time comes to take out the trash at Fordo.

    Couldn’t have happened without his help.

  • CJohn Zammit

    Israel should show them how it’s done.

  • Thought is Free

    Time to expel these thugs from the community of nations. They are just as bad as, if not worse than, North Korea. Instead of offering them a deal on their nuclear program and plane loads of funds, they need to be cut off completely before their insane threats turn into a disaster of global proportions.

  • Patricia Cheron

    I daresay that Rear Admiral Fadavi has never come up against 12-year-old Catholic girls. That is a face-off I would pay to see.

  • Citizenstat

    The Iranians may be fanatics, but I don’t think they’re irrational or stupid. They surely know that if they make an existentially threatening move against Israel, that whatever part of their country is not already desert will be rendered so in short order. As far as the U.S. is concerned, I pray Iran doesn’t repeat the mistake made by pre-WWII Japan and “awaken the sleeping giant.”