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September 28, 2016 1:22 pm

George Soros’ Israel-Hatred Spills Out Into the Open

avatar by Armstrong Williams /

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George Soros. Photo: wiki commons.

George Soros. Photo: wiki commons. – Billionaire George Soros generally does not hide the fact that he uses the considerable funds at his disposal to support his extremist, leftist ideals.

So when he does hide something, it should raise some serious questions. A series of leaked documents recently revealed that Soros’ philanthropy network, the Open Society Foundations, has been giving money to a number of anti-Israel organizations with the goal of smearing the Israeli government and undercutting its relationship with the United States.

The list of organizations is a veritable who’s who of hostile, anti-Israel actors. One of the leaked documents shows that between 2001 and 2015, Soros funneled over $9.5 million into a range of groups including Adalah, the Al-Tufula Center, the Arab Association for Human Rights, Baladna, The Galilee Society, Molad, the New Israel Fund and others.

Even worse, these documents showed that while the Soros network was systematically and methodically doling out its funds to these controversial groups, it was also working extremely hard to keep its donations and advocacy work quiet.

According to the private documents, which have now been published online, Soros and his network are engaging in these subversive tactics in an effort to “hold Israel accountable” for its supposed violations of international law. In truth, it seems more fitting that Soros be held accountable for his inscrutable policies. His so-called Open Society Foundations certainly don’t appear to be so open after all.

By secretly dispersing his money to influence politicians and the media, Soros hopes to drive a wedge between America and Israel without anyone noticing. This approach is wrongheaded and shameful. And it’s not new.

A similar strategy was employed by some of those same liberal groups to help the Obama Administration sell the catastrophic Iran nuclear deal. Top Obama advisor Ben Rhodes bragged openly to the media about how the administration created an “echo chamber” by coordinating with front groups lined up to praise and support the Iran deal despite its devastating drawbacks.

And here’s a piece of information that should surprise no one: one such organization that was working closely with the White House to champion the Iran deal asked the Open Society Foundations for some cash to help them spread their misinformation.

The American people on the whole were not fooled, but it ended up not mattering since Obama and his allies used parliamentary tricks to jam the Iran deal through Congress without it even receiving a vote.

Now, having played America for the fool, an emboldened Iran is growing more dangerous and menacing by the day, with no signs of slowing down its nuclear program or moderating its aggressive behavior. The deal was not negotiated for the benefit of the American people or our national security, but for Obama’s desire for a foreign policy legacy.

A similar pattern is emerging with regards to this smear campaign against the Jewish state. By attempting to undermine the government of the only democracy in the Middle East, Soros is also undermining American national security. It’s simple. Pro-Israel policies are pro-American policies and a strong Israel makes for a stronger America. But Soros misses that point entirely.

Unlike its undemocratic, authoritarian neighbors, Israel has a free press. It’s a bit ironic to consider this point, given that Soros is now spending an inordinate amount of time, money and effort trying to influence our own free press.

If you want to hold a government between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean accountable for violating human rights, then you certainly don’t have to look far. The leaders of the terror group Hamas in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority, that controls Palestinian areas in the West Bank, aren’t exactly known for respecting the sanctity of life or promoting democratic ideals.

The implications of exposing Soros’ dirty little secret are huge, but you wouldn’t know it from the remarkable lack of attention it has received so far in the mainstream media. Where’s the indignation? Where are the Bernie Sanders supporters who decried use of dark money during the primaries, but are nowhere to be seen now?

Americans should be outraged. People need to wake up and counter this campaign to attack Israel. The American-Israel relationship has been harmed enough by Obama’s policies. Our citizens should not allow radical billionaires to have a further detrimental effect upon this crucial alliance.

Israel is our strongest ally and closest friend. We must make that clear, and we must stand strong together. As Israel’s enemies skulk around in the dark and attempt to cloak their insidious campaigns attacking the Jewish state, those of us who love America and value our vital relationship with Israel should be proclaiming the many ways it makes us safer and declaring our ongoing support for Israel openly with pride.

Armstrong Williams, author of the book Reawakening Virtues, can be heard on his radio talk show on Sirius/XM UrbanView 126.

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  • Billy Singleton

    It’s called funding for controlled opposition. It has been a trick of the antichrists to do this for a long time. They have been caught even leading in such groups as the KKK. They do this to maintain the perpetual “victim” card. He’s no more the enemy of the world antichrist empire than the man in the moon.

  • A.S.F.

    George Soros will spend the rest of his life trying to justify his own personal history of cooperating and actively collaborating with the Nazis as a youth by doubling-down and supporting Anti-Semitic and Anti-Zionist organizations. That’s what Narcissists do: They are incapable of admitting a mistake, let alone apologizing for one…They double-down on them–proudly and defiantly.

  • ZioFascist

    At the world zionist congress in the early 1900s one of the elders of zion said himself that most of the anti-semitism would come from its own people.

    He was right. Young libtard degenerate scum (jews) on college campuses are boycotting Israel and trying to befriend Arab terrorists. George Soros is paying Black Lives Matter and these groups to undermine Israel.

    Im proud to be a ashkenazi and a right-wing conservative. It just sucks having not many people of my own ilk to talk too … =(

  • kalpal

    So who among sentient humanity supports extremist RW ideals? Why its Armstrong Williams and such addlepated silly Americans like Dr. Ben Carson who is as abysmally ignorant as Donald Trump.

  • Bill Pearlman

    the sooner Soros is rotting in his grave the better

  • Debra Campbell

    DON’T buy that premise… Sorry what is does proves it…

  • AbuAbuka

    Ever heard about Quisling ? By the way “he was executed by firing squad at Akershus Fortress, Oslo, on 24 October 1945”.

    • kalpal

      So a little kid is the equivalent of Quisling? Are you by any chance under the misimpression that you not as ignorant as you appear to be?

  • UR

    Good image to illustrate the rotten core of places like the LSE, which Soros presumably helps keep afloat, along with the other racist enterprises he funds, places which pander to mass murderers & human rights violators (in the LSE’s case, amongst other things, by handing out a fake PhD to Gaddafi Jr.) all while talking big about human rights & equality.

    • kalpal

      If there is anything the RW abhors its human rights & equality. Those are evil concepts as far as the RW is concerned.

      How does anyone hand out a PhD without being an educational institution?

      Can it be that your PhD is in BS and was given to you by your family?

      • UR

        What? The London SCHOOL of Economics handed out the PhD to Gaddafi Jr. although HIS family did indeed give him the PhD effectively by donating tons of dosh to the LSE which has form of course: one of its governors at the time, Lady “Whitewash” Chakrabarti, performs favors for a peerage, in this case giving the go-ahead for yet more antisemitism in Labour, as indeed happened after she basically gave the all-clear, around the time she was, surprise, surprise, ennobled by the very same antisemite she’d sterlized.

  • Chris Emeka

    SAD that a Jew should stoop so low!

    • kalpal

      Every RW Jew stoops so low and insists that all others are every bit as low.

      • Branko Butković

        Except Soros is not a RW Jew. Neither is he a LW Jew. He is an apatrid non-denominational megalomaniac.

  • Ricky Tikki Tavi

    Soros should to be put on the #1 position of Mossad’s “needs to be neutralized” list. It would be one of the greatest favors that Israel has ever given to the entire world.


    I think it is more likely he is trying to make people of color look prejudice against Jews in order to get American Jews to vote Republican.

    • shloime

      that’s the most convoluted nonsense i’ve read all day!

      “american jews” make up a whole 2% of the american electorate – there are more left-handed lesbian baptists than jews in america.

      and soros is a leftist, who has no reason to support the republican party.

      otherwise, right on!

  • TMay

    Leon Butler He is a complicated man. His father had him accompany a Nazi who was confiscating Jewish property. Soros as a child remembers it as the happiest time of his life, I read. Soros’ father saved his son’s life. I think the association was not good for the boy. Occasionally it helped Jews because the boy could tell his father of Nazi plans who could tell the Jews. He has never said whether he has had therapy. Why he has so little gratitude for the USA I don’t know. He is as against the US as he is against Israel. He hurt the UK when he “broke the bank” in England and made a fortune. He is one of the bankrollers of Obama, and of Hillary, and gets to give input on policy in return. He spoke Esperanto as a child which gives you some insight into the politically radical house he was raised in.

    • kalpal

      Speaking Esperanto means that you are politically radical? My but you are an ignorant nincompoop.

  • Kuner1

    He does the same with Russia and even China. I woner why FSB or Mossad haven’t done anything about this guy yet…

    • shloime

      where do you think these “leaks” are coming from?

      • Kuner1

        Well yes, but it’s not really effective. They could just put a bullet in his head.

  • Leon Butler

    Why is Soros, a Hungarian born Jew, doing things against Israel???

    • Frank Lee Speaking

      Why? He was a Nazi collaborator. He was paid money by them for giving up names and hiding places of Jews. He is a self-loathing Jew. He is the worst sort of person and he has been ever since. Why isn’t this well-known about him?

      • kalpal

        Because its a typical RW piece of BS?

      • ZioFascist

        The (((media))) and him are on the same page.

    • Moshiach770

      He was raised badly…..Soros real name is György Schwartz. His father was anassimalationist….

    • YKB

      He confuses cunning with wisdom. He thinks that power conveys moral authority. He is not immoral,he is amoral,

      He is trying to make the world in his image but his self image is distorted.

      He works in the shadows and is causing chaos wherever he invests his efforts.

      Self hating Jew archetype.

    • Madhvi

      One theory : its known that as a young man in Hungary , Soros collaborated with Hungarian Nazis in exposing hidden Jews to be sent to their deaths. At the time , he may have done it to save his own life , but if one doesn’t address ones guilt and shame and experience remorse, then one doubles down and begins to resent the people one has harmed; their existence is a constant reminder of the evil deeds he is trying to run from. This it becomes important to demonize ones victims , absolve the perpetrators and justify the atrocities to assuage ones guilt -and also seek to destroy the victims , .
      Israel rose out of the ashes of the Holocaust- an amazing nation – a constant prick to Soros’s ( name changed from Schwartz) conscience