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October 20, 2016 3:03 pm

Brooklyn College, Northwestern, U of California Among Top ‘Hotspots’ of Campus Jew-Hatred, New Study Finds

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Brooklyn College campus. Photo: Brooklyn College.

Brooklyn College campus. Photo: Brooklyn College.

Brooklyn College, Northwestern University and many schools in the University of California system are hotbeds of antisemitism and anti-Zionism, according to a new report conducted at Brandeis.

The report, titled “Hotspots of Antisemitism and Anti-Israel Sentiment on US Campuses,” found that most Jewish students at the schools in question “perceive a hostile environment towards Israel, and over one quarter perceive a general environment of hostility towards Jews on their campus.”

Over 20 percent of students surveyed said they were “blamed for Israel’s actions because they are Jewish,” while approximately one-third reported witnessing antisemitic harassment, often related to Israel. Three out of four students claimed to have heard hostile rhetoric used in relation to the Jewish state. 

The report also found that hostility to and harassment of Jewish students at the University of Wisconsin, Rutgers and Illinois University are “relatively high,” but do “not seem to be highly connected to criticism of Israel.”

“At these schools, more traditional antisemitic stereotypes and tropes, rather than criticism of Israel’s politics, seem to be driving the perceived hostility towards Jews,” the report stated.

Another finding of the report — a follow-up to a study conducted last year — was that “one of the strongest predictors of perceiving a hostile climate towards Israel and Jews is the presence of an active Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) group on campus.”

Out of the 50 schools included in the Brandeis study — conducted by the Steinhardt Social Research Institute at the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies and representing some 150,000 American Jewish undergrads — 34 have an active SJP chapter. Jewish students’ “discomfort talking about Israel,” the report said, is “closely related to the presence of an SJP…suggesting that the rhetoric deployed by such groups often causes students to withdraw from discussions.”

In response to the release of the study, a spokesperson from the University of California Office of the President told The Algemeiner:

While we have not had time to review the report…a quick look shows that it features a large number of American colleges and universities. The University of California takes incidents of antisemitism very seriously and in fact, earlier this year the UC Regents adopted the Principles Against Intolerance, which clearly states that we have no tolerance for antisemitism nor other forms of bias or racial/ethnic prejudice.

Brooklyn College and Northwestern did not respond to The Algemeiner’s request for comment by press time.

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  • Art Frank

    You’re correct about occurred over the years, but it’s sad that so many of the newcomers are vile Jew haters. Many are so-called minorities and aliens from third world countries. I despise them.

    • John

      Because they make life for the Jewish students there a living hell? I know it’s disgraceful and represents yet another set of double standards at these centers for largely pathetic education.

  • Dani

    I was at Brandeis 20 years ago and back then the only antisemitism in discussion was absolutely marginal. Of course, there were phanthoms of the past, like the KKK or Farrakhan from the oposite side but antisemitism was not main stream in the US. Is that the future?

  • Richard e. Sherwin

    so thats where you go for ‘comfortable spaces’ to hate jews in, and feel safe, among your jewhating equals, pocs, blms, bds’s, and other ‘freedom of speechers’. charge your facebook and twitter batteries and suck up an InHumanitiesBA to protest your joblessness with. just how many IHBAs can these hotspots hire or support on some Saudi dole? how very very technocutesy! postpostmodmod PPMM? the latest fashion in moronology. BA certified too.

  • Peter Joffe

    CLOSE THEM DOWN AS THEY ARE A SUPPORT MECHANISM FOR ISLAM. Islam is a sexually transmitted disease for which there are no retro viral drugs available.

  • PhillipNagle

    I find the report less than believable, at least as it concerns Northwestern, from which I am a Jewish Alumnus. Besides Northwestern having a Jewish president, being in contact with many current Jewish students and active Jewish alumni, I have not heard of any widespread anti-Semitic or anti Israel incidents. Nor have I read of any such incidents in any Chicago area newspapers or Chicago area Jewish newspapers. Of course this report was put out by Brandeis which gained infamy by withdrawing a speech invitation and honorary degree award to a Somali feminist who was critical of the way Muslims treated women. This disgraceful kowtowing to Muslims has really eliminated any serious consideration of anything produced by Brandeis.

    • scottrose

      StandWithUs Condemns Northwestern Student Government for narrowly passing anti-Israel divestment

      StandWithUs condemns the Associated Student Government (ASG) Senate at Northwestern University for passing an anti-Israel divestment resolution on February 18th, 2015. The vote count was 24 in favor, 22 against, and 3 abstaining. In making this decision, ASG endorsed misinformation and bigotry against Israel, and aligned itself with the anti-peace, anti-justice, anti-human rights agenda of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement against Israel.

      As students made clear during public comment, the ultimate goal of divestment and the larger BDS Movement is not to address human rights issues but to eliminate Israel and violate Jewish rights to self-determination. It degrades and dehumanizes Israelis while doing nothing tangible to improve the lives of Palestinians. The Northwestern student government became complicit in a bigoted agenda by passing divestment.

      We hope that pro-Israel, pro-justice students at Northwestern will emerge from this setback with renewed purpose, and reverse the damage done by the anti-Israel BDS Movement on campus.

    • scottrose

      “During last week’s commencement ceremony at Northwestern University in Chicago, Rabbi Dov Klein publicly discussed the anger being directed towards the Jewish community, specifically a recent anti-Semitic attack, the third time such an incident occurred on campus this year.
      Construction workers reported graffiti on the windows of Ryan Field on campus, the vandalism consisting of swastikas and other anti-Semitic symbols.”

  • Efram Paul

    Oh yes, California universities take antisemitism very seriously! I mean, why else would they have an academic course based SOLEY on antisemitism? Teaching lies and slanders as history are not only welcome at these ‘institutes of higher learning,’ but are part of the curriculum. As for Brooklyn college, it has been demonstrating blatant antisemitism for quite a while now. Remember that incident with the two Jewish students manhandled and evicted for asking questions of one of the Nazis? The president ‘looked into it,’ and that is all that happened. With a president openly hostile to Jews, what do you expect?

    It is nice to know, though, that, as always, hating Jews is an equal opportunity vocation. In some places it is the ‘modern’ Nazis, who call themselves progressive, and in others the traditional Nazis. That so many universities in New York are full of dedicated antisemitism is depressing, to say the least.

    • scottrose

      At San Francisco State University there is a Muslim professor, Rabab Abdulhadi, who calls for the violent overthrow of Israel. She has edited journals with articles that call female suicide bombers who murder Jews “feminists.”

      She once told her school that she needed $7K to attend a scholarly conference in Beirut. She took the (American tax payer) money, but instead of going to Beirut she met with HAMAS IN THE WEST BANK.


    “Illinois University”? Did the writer mean University of Illinois?