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October 30, 2016 6:31 am

Former Israeli Lawmaker: Anti-Zionism on Campus Is ‘Socially Respectable’ Cover for Antisemitism

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Dr. Einat Wilf. Photo: Twitter.

Dr. Einat Wilf. Photo: Twitter.

Jew-hatred is rising on campuses around the world while giving itself the “socially respectable” cloak of anti-Zionism, a former Israeli lawmaker told the student newspaper the Kenyon Collegian.

In an interview on Thursday, Dr. Einat Wilf, a member of Israel’s Knesset from 2010 to 2013 — who received a BA from Harvard, an MBA from INSEAD in France and a PhD from Cambridge — said that this is not how she experienced college 20 years ago, when there was “literally” no antisemitism.

Today, however, she said, the situation is different, though “no one will admit to hating Jews. I know a lot of people emphatically reject the notion that their views are antisemitic.”

When asked why college students feel so strongly about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Wilf said, “It’s the biggest question I ask myself. I go and I speak and I see the strong emotions everywhere in the world. It’s about a remote place where many people have no connection and have never been, and they have such serious opinions and emotions and have such deeply-held views… I don’t have an answer about why so many people are obsessed. It’s clear why I care about it, but why does anyone else care?”

Wilf’s comments come as universities around the world face intense scrutiny for antisemitic and anti-Zionist activity on their campuses.

As reported by The Algemeiner, according to a recent report conducted by Brandeis, 20 percent of Jewish students at American universities identified as “hotbeds” of antisemitism and anti-Zionism said they were “blamed for Israel’s actions because they are Jewish,” while approximately one-third reported witnessing antisemitic harassment, often related to Israel.

In the UK, as The Algemeiner reported, a recent parliamentary report on the state of antisemitism slammed the head of the country’s largest student union for undermining efforts to combat Jew-hatred on campus.

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  • renest

    It is actually obvious to anyone that isn’t wearing blinders, they bring it upon themselves, if one is not a Jew, then the Jews hate them, because they look to play the victim themselves. They have been raised into it, and they have been trained all along to think that they are the most victimized people in the world, while they victimize others, and they work to separate all other peoples. Looking at the history of their invasion of Palestine, and what they have done since they have been there, what else is the world to think about them, they have had trouble assimilating in every country they have ever been in, it doesn’t have to be that way!

  • RandallPoopenmeyer

    You are disgusting. Do you know who else wanted to conquer a land for his own people? Hitler!! You are trash, just because people don’t believe that a specific group should be able to hog a country for themselves doesn’t mean they are racist.
    You are the racist ones!!! Whites would have to go back to Europe, blacks to Africa, Latinos to Spain and south America, etc. Grow up.

    • Uncle Herbie

      If Hitler simply wanted a historic homeland for his own people, he would have just been satisfied with Germany. But he wanted to conquer the rest of the world to impose his own demented view globally. That sort of ‘trashes’ your point. Jews are content with their small piece of historic homeland and aren’t out trying to take over the mideast. That would be the Muslims, who are infuriated they can’t annihilate the several million Jews living in the midst of the billion-plus Muslims and make the whole region (if not the whole world) an Islamic caliphate.

      • RandallPoopenmeyer

        You don’t get to claim a land as your own. Sorry.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Jew haters can only be met with violence. Sorry but that’s reality.

  • Paul Grad

    The Muslim Brotherhood’s war against the Jews has found a convenient shelter on taxpayer-financed universities. Cut off all public funds to those universities.