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January 6, 2017 3:12 am

‘No Jews Allowed’ Accompanies Swastika-Like Symbols Found in Stanford Campus Area

avatar by Lea Speyer

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Stanford University campus. Photo: Stanford University.

Stanford University campus. Photo: Stanford University.

Swastika-like symbols were discovered at five separate locations on the Stanford University campus, San Francisco news website The Mercury News reported.

According to the report, graffiti was part of a spate of a total of 10 cases of antisemitic vandalism in the vicinity of the school, including in residential areas. 

Police concluded that though the symbols were drawn incorrectly — with the lines turning in the wrong direction — they were intended to mimic the Nazi insignia, because one of them was accompanied by the words: “No Jews allowed.”

Bill Larson, public information officer for Stanford’s Department of Public Safety, told Mercury News that the first reports of the swastikas were received late last week, though the exact date is not clear — “since the university [was] on winter break closure [from] December 21st until [Wednesday].” 

The anti-Jewish graffiti at Stanford is part of a wider phenomenon.

Following the conclusion of 2016’s tumultuous US presidential elections, campuses across the country have been witness to what campus watchdog groups called an “unprecedented” spate of antisemitic vandalism. In the month of November alone, some 40 cases of swastika and other anti-Jewish graffiti were recorded.

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  • Thorne Peters

    yup all the lefty campuses seem to reek of anti semitism. how could that be? jews are lefties yet they politically sleep with the anti semites of this country.

  • Warren

    Except when he is their President (who admittedly isn’t a vandal, per se, but has definitely encouraged this behaviour).

  • Michael Lumish

    Right. That makes all the difference.

  • Michael Lumish

    The Democratic party is trending anti-Zionist and simply does not represent an allied political party to either the Jewish people or the Jewish state. For example, Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt even while they called for the conquest of Jerusalem which, if carried out, would result in genocide.


    You claim people are inbred and anti-Semitic without any proof of who the perpetrators were, and even if they were Jewish like all the other hoaxes, you’d still call people inbred anti-Semites. That’s where the problem lies within you, not others.


    They don’t even exist. Jews are doing them.

    • Pearl Belkowitz

      😆😆😆 so gullible!

  • Not surprising considering that Stanford is a democrat stronghold.


      How about we get some proof that these crimes weren’t committed by the people they were perpetrated against?

      Have you even seen the list of hate crime hoaxes?

  • Pearl Belkowitz

    Guess the snakes are slithering out from under their rocks. It’s time for Jews in America to recognize that antisemitism has always been in the background but now the antisemites feel empowered and I unembarrased to come out of the closet! Their hatred shows no boundaries!
    The question is, is America safe for Jews?


      Or maybe a Jew did it like all of the other ones.

      Nice try, Jews!


      All these swastikas and crimes blamed on white people have turned out to be hoaxes or not done by white people at all.


    • mackykam

      Dear Stupid Person ( and I mean it in the most concerned way):

      How are the anti semites in America emboldened by Trump’s election? You mean to tell us Obama has no hand in it? Are you telling us Trump wants his grandchildren dead. along with his daughter and daughter-in law?

      Yes, it is time for Jews ( and I’m talking real Jews, not erzatz Reform Jews who intermarry) to leave while they can, on our terms. Islam is coming to America big time. It will destroy America because Americans are out to destroy each other over differences of opinion.

      • Pearl Belkowitz

        Genius, you are beyond ridiculous!